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What Nootropics are Like NZT48 From the Movie Limitless?

What nootropics are like NZT48 that are legal and safe to buy online for super cheap prices? One of the big problems today is the fact that the world is moving too fast and it requires a fast mind to grasp the complexities of the changes that are occurring every day in the business and your job landscape.

Recently you may have read about colleges banning the so-called brain bills that make you smarter and that can give you an edge when it comes to taking exams.

You might think this is all a bunch of hype!

What Nootropics are Just Like NZT48 From the Movie Limitless?However, you would be wrong and executives, University students, as well as people just like you are turning to these smart pills or Nootropics that can give you a leg up on the competition, when it comes to problem solving, memory, and raw thinking power.

That’s what you learn about today in this article.

What are Nootropics anyway?
Well if you watch the movie Limitless, you will see a movie that was made about one of these pills. (NZT)

Stock market analysts are already taking these types of pills and you can see the ads on the net or late night TV infomercials where hear and read phrases like, those similar to “What nootropics are like NZT48”

-Buy Sunifiram
-Buy Noopept
-Buy Adrafinil
-Buy Phenylpiracetam
-Buy CDP Choline
-Buy Phenibut
-Buy Picamilon
-Buy Piracetam
-Buy Aniracetam
-Buy Oxiracetam
-Buy Pramiracetam
Buy Modafinil

What nootropics are like NZT48?

You probably never heard of these products before and coming up we’ll give you a quick once over on what each one does.

Which pill does what?
Here is a list of the most common Nootropic Pills currently available today:

Modafinil Tablets – Improves your wakefulness and alertness. Sometimes used in the military in combat situations where being alert is a matter of life or death.

Sunifiram Capsules – Boosts Memory, Attention, Cognition, and performance

Noopept Capsules – One of the early Brain boosters that works in a similar manner to the Sunifiram, though perhaps not as powerful according to some studies done

Adrafinil Capsules – Another of the Smart Drugs for college as it is known as due to its popularity on campuses all over the US.

Phenylpiracetam Capsules – One of the most powerful of the Mind Enhancers

What Nootropics are like NZT48 Without the Withdrawal Symptoms?

CDP Choline Capsules – Choline has been for years now to boost mental performance and nowadays it is available in capsules, which gives the right amount you need to get the edge you want to win in today’s highly competitive world.

Phenibut Capsules – Ensure you have to rest you need in order to excel. Used in combination with other drugs it enhances memory and mental acuity.

What Nootropics are Like NZT48 From Limitless?Picamilon Capsules – Cognitive (Mental) Energy & Focus, Relaxation, Mood Enhancement, Stress & Anxiety reduction and is one of the most used NooTropics.

Piracetam Capsules – This is the most popular Nootropic in use today and will boost you cognitive faculties to their maximum potential along with that your memory is being souped-up at the same time.

Aniracetam Capsules – Achieves the same effect as Piracetam it triggers your brain’s glutamate AMPA receptors and this is now considered at the forefront of enhanced cognitive function.

Oxiracetam Capsules – 5X more powerful than Pircetam. It is an able successor to Pircetam.

Pramiracetam Capsules – In the 70’s Piracetam was developed and now we have a worthy substitute that is 8-10 times more effective.

Some of the Top Nootropics that are Similar to NZT48 From the Movie Limitless

3 of the top rated drugs that can make you smarter are Adrefinil, Noopept, and Aniracetam you can get them online and OTC suppliers.

Adrafinil reviews, Noopept reviews, and Aniracetam reviews give these Nootropics 4 to 5 Star ratings on average and are bestsellers due to the fact they work and have few side effects.

This almost puts them in the same category as NZT the mythical drug used in the movie “Limitless” from the book “Dark Fields” Written by Alan Glynn, which also rates in at 4 Star on Amazon.

With Nootropics, your mind can be boosted to make you an Einstein and they enhances your chances for promotion and advancement in your chosen career. If you are a student, it can take you from being a mediocre to a straight A Winner.

All it takes is just one pill. You could be bringing home that big paycheck or have grades that you could only dream about getting.

What are you waiting for just click on the website below and start your career onto the fast-track or go to the head of the class at school.


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