Tianeptine Tolerance, How to Avoid It and Why It Usually Leads to Addiction and Withdrawal

//Tianeptine Tolerance, How to Avoid It and Why It Usually Leads to Addiction and Withdrawal

Tianeptine Tolerance, and How You Can Take Steps to Avoid Such an Inherently Nasty Addiction and Withdrawal

Tianeptine tolerance, addiction and withdrawal is something that absolutely should not be taken lightly, even if it is just a legal Nootropic Smart Drug that you can buy online, as Tianeptine is one of the most addictive and hard to kick substances out there, right up the list with Kratom, Phenibut, Adderall, Ritalin, and a host of other drugs. Tianeptine however can be fine if you use the drug sparingly, if you do not abuse or misuse the drug in any way, and if you are sure to always take the minimum effective dosage and only to take the drug once in a blue moon. Tianeptine can absolutely be managed and taken appropriately, it just is a matter of discipline, research and proper knowledge about the drug, and using a little bit of good old fashioned will power. For more information on Tianeptine and a host of other similar and related Smart Drugs and Nootropics online, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.
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Tianeptine Headache
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What is Tianeptine Tolerance, and Why Does Tolerance Build to The Drug?

Tolerance is really going to build to any drug regardless of what type or brand of the drug, and in fact with Tianeptine it is actually one of the strongest and most widely used drugs to build up a rapid tolerance due to the overall nature of the substance. As Tianeptine is one of the more powerful supplements on the market, and since it has many anti anxiety and potent euphoric and pain killer like effects to it, it should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is a very powerful drug indeed, and that there will be something of an intense rebound type of an effect due to the potent, euphoric and addictive nature of the drug. As such, Tianeptine tolerance, in my own personal experience with the drug and with the loads of research and reviews that I have seen online with regards to Tianeptine addiction and tolerance, really can build up quite rapidly in the brain, the body, and in the persons psychology, roping the user in quickly with their overall liking of the drug. Tianeptine however does not have to be misused or abused this way, and in fact the drug can be taken irregularly and at low dosages with some success as long as the user is very cautious with how he or she uses the drug, as will be discussed in the following paragraph, checkout the Youtube video below for more research and information on Tianeptine addiction.

Does Tianeptine Tolerance Lead to Addiction and Overdose?

Not always, and for the most part only in those that are misusing or abusing the drug. If we are looking at those users that are snorting Tianeptine, smoking Tianeptine, injecting Tianeptine, insufflating Tianeptine, parachuting Tianeptine, plugging Tianeptine, or abusing Tianeptine or mixing it with alcohol and other various methods of abuse, then yes, Tianeptine tolerance and addiction is almost always going to occur, however, this is not the norm of most of the Tianeptine users on the market, and in fact these individuals are going to make up a very small sub category of those that use Tianeptine. The reason that this is still a drug that you can legally buy online, and the reason why there are still like a dozen vendors on the web that you can find that carry 99% purity tested, high quality Tianeptine, is that the bulk of the users take the drug responsibly, otherwise this would be a public health concern and it would rapidly get banned just like all of the other illicit substances out there.

How Long Does Tianeptine Tolerance Last?

Tianeptine Headache
Tolerance to Tianeptine typically lasts a really long time and is very difficult to get rid of. For instance if you are addicted to Tianeptine and you have been taking Tianeptine every day for the last 6 months, then all of a sudden you decide to take 3 days off of the drug, first off you are going to have withdrawal symptoms from hell, and aside from that, the 3 days is barely going to make a marginal difference in the level of tolerance that you have built up from the drug, and while it will still help a little bit, comparatively it is not enough. At this level of Tianeptine usage and abuse, the best course of action is going to be something closer to taking a 3 week to 2 months tolerance break, something that will really start to reverse the cycle of addiction and tolerance.

How to Lower Your Tianeptine Tolerance

By taking tolerance breaks from the drug and by taking the drug as little as possible, you can actually lower your tolerance to Tianeptine pretty rapidly, and can easily get on the road o addiction recovery and to reversing your overall tolerance to Tianeptine. My recommendation to those readers of mine that may be trying to get off of Tianeptine entirely for whatever reason, maybe due to an addiction that is making their life a lot tougher than they would like it to be, is to take as much time off from the drug as possible, even if it means working less, using your sick days or vacation time as much as possible, or asking your boss for a momentary leave of absence, which I would not necessarily recommend unless the case is totally extreme. You should never snort, smoke, plug or abuse Tianeptine in any of these manners, and instead only use the drug orally in the lowest dosage possible, and be sure to take tolerance breaks from the drug as much as possible.
Tianeptine Headache

Final Thoughts On Avoiding Tianeptine Tolerance, Addiction and Withdrawal, and How to Stop This Before It Gets Out Of Hand

All in all, Tianeptine tolerance, withdrawal and addiction is something that absolutely can be beaten and maintained, so be sure to use Tianeptine appropriately and to always take the lowest dosage possible as infrequently as possible, and this goes for other highly addictive Nootropics like Phenibut, Kratom and Kava as well. For more information on Tianeptine and a host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drugs on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.



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