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Tianeptine Memory Benefits, Effects and Long-Term Use

Tianeptine is one of the drugs that is classified as being a “Smart Drug.” Smart Drugs make up a select group of medications that are being tested and are already on the market. They are called nootropic. Tianeptine is used mainly for the treatment of major depressive disorder. It can also be used to treat both asthma or irritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short. Tianeptine memory benefits occur mainly at low dosages. As it is a downer, Tianeptine should not be stacked with stimulants like Adrafinil, caffeine or Fladrafinil.


Dosage for Best Tianeptine Memory Benefits


The dosage of Tianeptine that is given to each patient is based on certain factors. However, the recommended dosage for this nootropic is this. It is usually 12 to 36 mg per day. It is taken at 12mg individual dosages. The number of dosages is three times each day. Once in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one pill in the evening hours. The substance is sold in powder, tablet, and capsule form.


Tianeptine Memory Side Effects


Tianeptine is very unlike other forms of anti-depressant drugs. It doesn’t have a history of having negative side effects. However, the side effects that are possible are those, which are minor and tolerable in description. Some of these side effects do include drowsiness, dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, dizziness, and bouts with low blood pressure happening. Some patients are also said to have vivid dreams as well. Using Tianepitne for memory boosting effects can have some mild side effects.


Tianeptine Memory Uses


The uses for this nootropic can be to treat certain medical conditions. Some of them have been mentioned herein. Nonetheless, it Tianeptine Memoryis mainly used to treat major depressive disorder condition, for which it has shown great promise as a treatment plan and as a good/non-addictive type of anti-depressant medication.


Tianeptine Memory Long-Term Use


Because of the fact that Tianeptine is very unlike other anti-depressant drugs, and doesn’t promote an additive nature, and it doesn’t have a long list of serious side effects that can hurt the patient as other antidepressants do have on the average. The long term use of this nootropic look promising and that is because of its overall effectiveness of reducing stress on the brain both mentally and physically. It also is able to produce improved learning, brain cognition, and memory. Tianeptine long-term memory enhancement is not recommended.


addictive potential


This drug doesn’t have any sort of addictiveness attached to it at all. It’s addictive potential is next to nothing and that nothing is a good thing. It can produce well being , mood brightening effects, and optimizes and improves mental clarity.


overdose symptoms


Too much of anything can be just as bad as, too little of anything, as well. However, this doesn’t mean that this drug should not be taken at all, outside of a professional’s care or any sort of recreational type of usage.


How to use Tianeptine


Tianeptine is a fine nootropic, and has shown some very good treatment results, as far as major depressive order does go. Nonetheless, how to use this medicine should be in the same manner, as you would carefully use any other form of prescribed drug from a doctor or medical professional. It’s as simple as that.


What is Tianeptine used for


Tianeptine is used to treat different medical conditions. However, as was previously stated here, and will be again. It is used mainly as treatment for major depressive disorder.



The reviews on Tianeptine do seem to be very good. Nonetheless, all medications do have their good reviews and bad reviews, it is a fact of the reviewing world.


Conclusion on the Main Tianeptine Memory Benefits


Tianeptine is a multi-tasking drug in every way. Because of this fact, it is every inch, a drug that has a lot of definite uses in medicine and in many other areas as well.



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