Tianeptine GNC Laws, Regulations and Side Effects

//Tianeptine GNC Laws, Regulations and Side Effects

Tianeptine GNC Laws, Regulations and Legal Status

Tianeptine is a drug mainly used in the treatment of serious depression and anxiety. It is also can be used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome or asthma. Tianeptine is reported to produce sensations of wellbeing and promoting mental clarity. The drug is known to have mood improving effects as well as reducing anxiety. Tianeptine GNC laws are fairly straightforward, and while the drug is available to import in the US, it is not sold at GNC. Tianeptine should not be stacked with stimulants, such as Adrafinil or Fladrafinil, as it can cause an adverse reaction.


Dosage of Tianeptine GNC


Tianeptine capsules recommended dosage is between 12-36 mg per day, taken in 12mg capsules. Take one in the morning and one in the afternoon and one before bed. Tianeptine can be purchased tablet and powder form.


Side Effects of Tianeptine GNC


This drug is known to be very safe well-tolerated in adults. If you are suffering from depression, first consult with your doctor.


Side effects include:


Vivid dreams


Low blood pressure




Dry mouth




Tianeptine GNCTianeptine is claimed to have benefits in regard to memory and learning abilities. This is achieved by reducing the effects of serotonin in the limbic system. Tianeptine is also a treatment for resistant depression in conjuncture with analgesic and anti-convulsant qualities. It is also used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome or asthma in some patients.


Long-Term Use of Tianeptine GNC


Tianeptine has a few long term side effects in some patients. This is mainly in the form of irritability, drowsiness, and gastrointestinal disturbances. No evidence of tolerance or withdrawal symptoms has been seen after the medication was stopped. The drug is considered very safe to use.


Addictive potential


There is no evidence of any additive potential when patients have stopped taking Tianeptine.


Overdose symptoms


No severe toxicity has been observed. Most side effects slowly disappear in time, despite continued and even escalating use of the drug.




Many patients have reported favorable results when taking Tianeptine and there are few reports of patients claiming Tianeptine has been of no benefit to them.




The general consensus of opinion is Tianeptine is a safe drug to use with good results in adults. The side effects are negligible in people who have used the drug long term. It is, however, advised if you suffer from severe depression to consult your doctor first before taking Tianeptine.


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