Taking Adderall for the SAT’s, Risks and Rewards

//Taking Adderall for the SAT’s, Risks and Rewards

Taking Adderall for the SATs, Risks and Rewards on Testing Confidence

Taking Adderall for the SATs is a bold move full of many risks and rewards, this article will go into detail as to what exactly might happen should you decide to do this.Adderall can be defined a drug or compound which has two combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine which contain salts that are stimulants for the central nervous systems. They affect the chemicals contained in the nerves and the brains which contribute to impulsive control and hyperactivity. It can also be used in other ways like treating deficit brain disorder, cognitive, narcolepsy enhancement and performance enhancer for athletics, recreational as a euphoriant and aphrodisiac. In salt content, the main active ingredients contained in Adderall are 75% of dextroamphetamine and 25% of levoamphetamine. Adderall is commonly compared to other Smart Drugs of similar potency, such as Adrafinil and Fladrafinil.
How Long Does Adderall Last
Generally Adderall is used to treat people suffering from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It can be a very helpful drug to those in urgent medical needs but can be very dangerous to those who take it without medical prescriptions. The most known effect of misuse is being addicted to the drug which is very harmful to ones health.




Taking Adderall for the SATs BENEFITS




There are many benefits that Adderall give to people. The primary main benefits of Adderal drug are;




Promotes wakefulness- this enables on e to be able to be very active during the day


Help one gain extra energy- it enhances body muscles such as nootropics giving them extra energy in the body.


Helps open gland glaucoma- this is advantageous because it enhances vision in the eyes clarity.


Mood elevation – it enables users to be able to be in good moods almost all the time


Help one to have long term memory- this is because it grows some parts of the brain cell enabling the brain to be able to remember things and be sharp.
How Long Does Adderall Last
Increase appetites- this is mostly to those whose appetites have been suppressed. It boosts the level of food consumption by increasing ones appetite.








Adderall drug can be dosed in different ways in








Tablets – they take about 10mg of the drug daily once they wake up. The dosage can also be increased by 10mg increments weekly intervals until it reaches 60mg daily in two to three doses that are divided.
How Long Does Adderall Last













From 6 to 12years the initial dose should be around 5mg daily when they wake up. Maintenance dose can be raised in small increments of 5mg in a weekly interval until noticeable response is noted. About 60mg of the same drug weekly in intervals of four to 6 hours per day.


If possible drug administration should not be disturbed or interrupted occasionally in order for the drug to take its effect when working. They should be administered and taken according to the doctor’s instructions and prescriptions.




SIDE EFFECTS of Taking Adderall for the SATs, Don’t do it If you don’t have to!




Adderall drug has a number of side effects both long term and short term when overdosed or misused by a user. It is advisable that a user of the drug should cautiously follow the doctors’ prescription. Taking Adderall for the SATs is incredibly risky and can be somewhat stupid, and while I know some people that have done it, there are LEGAL nootropic alternatives, such as Noopept and Phenylpiracetam that are much safer. Some of these effects caused by the drug are:




Chest pains and trouble of breathing




Numbness, wounds which are unexpected and skin colour change


Muscle twitchs
How Long Does Adderall Last
Changes in vision or eye clarity


Stomach pain and appetite loss


Weight loss


Taking Adderall for the SATsFast change of mood and high nervous feeling


A fast heart beat rate


10.) Drowsiness or dizziness


11.) Migraines and headaches


12.) Lack of sleep


13). Dry mouth


14.) Nausea


15.) Diarrhoea


16.) Fever






Research has shown that Adderall drug is a very stimulating drug which is very addictive especially among students. Mostly it has proven to be very effective when it comes to treating patients suffering for ADHD syndrome. The only problem that was seen was it has many side effects those regular stimulants in the market. So this proved that if it is overused it is bad for ones health. Scientists dealing with Adderal drug also proved that Dextroamphetamine compound in Adderal is more of a potent of the CNS stimulants than levoamphetamine which is slightly a strong cardiovascular peripheral effect and a more time before it elimination half-life. It has been proven and reported to be able to improve treatment responses in some people relating to dextroamphetamine alone. But in todays era many scientists and doctors are trying to modify the Adderal drug to reduce it many side effects and its addictiveness.








Most countries in the world has allowed Adderall drug to be legal but with very many precautions. They have realized that Adderal drug is being abused mostly by college students since it is easy to get the drug from a friend, local drug dealer and also it is easy to forge prescription documents or bribe doctors to give you fake prescriptions. A law was passed which cautioned anyone who attained the drugs illegally should serve a sentence of not more than 14 years. Here are some of the countries legal status;




– In Canada, the compound amphetamines in Adderall which are in schedule one in the controlled drug and substance act must only be obtained or acquired by a prescription.


– In japan, the import, use and production of Adderal drug is illegal.


– In South Korea, any drug containing amphetamines are very illegal and prohibited.


– In Thai-land Adderal drug is very legal but with the use of doctors prescription.


– In United Kingdom Adderal drug is put in schedule II drug prescriptions and is classified as on of CNS stimulants making it legal. Unauthorized persons who practice illegal supply face 14 years jail imprisonment combined with unlimited heavy fine.


How Long Does Adderall Last
Basically there is no country in the world that allows all stimulating drugs to very legal without certain limitations.








Adderal drug normally falls under schedule II drug compounds. Schedule II compounds are compounds or drugs with a very high potential or substance or abuse. They potentially lead to severe physical or psychological dependency. Some other examples of schedule II drugs are; Cocaine, Vicodin, methamphetamine, Dilaudid, methadone, meperidine, oxycodone fentanyl, Demerol Dexedrine, Ritalin and Adderall. They are considered to be very complicated drug and if used inappropriately or falls in the wrong hand can lead to damages occurring.










The most common effects of using Adderall drug for a long time is that


Can cause high blood pressure


Can cause tachycardia which is when the heart is behaving irregularly.
How Long Does Adderall Last
It may cause impromptu cardiac death


It can cause heart diseases


Can cause ADHD that is attention deficit hyperactivity deficit




Depression when failure to use the drug


Weight loss


Loss of appetite


10.) Nausea


11.) Drowsiness

12.) Constant Diarrhoea


13.) Fatigue


14.) Increased irritability


15.) Closed gland glaucoma.








It was founded by the Richwood Pharmaceuticals which later on joined forced with Shire pharmaceuticals. It was branded in 1996 as the first quick instant-release drug. The shire company agreed to sell their rights to owning a share in the Adderall name to Duramed Pharmaceuticals. The first known generic and better version of Adderal drug was first introduced to the world market in 2002. In 2009 Barr and Shire merged together and became the rightful owners of the Adderall drug in April. They signed the agreement which is still valid up to date.








Many college students nowadays are taking Adderall drug because of many reasons that they believe to help them. Adderal drug is prescribed to enhance and treat ADHD- attention deficit hyperactivity deficit. It has been proven that atleast 25% of college students in the world take Adderal as stimulating drug because Adderal drug alters or messes with the brain chemistry in a way that the users of the drug will experience an increase in:














Good vision


Good memory recaps


Good mood and calmness.




STACKING ADDERALL AND VITAMIN B12 when Taking Adderall for the SATs

How Long Does Adderall Last
Usually vitamin B12 drug is usually used to potentiate Adderall’s drug amazing effects on a human brain. By taking vitamin B12 after taking an Adderal drug, it will boost the brain functions even more improving its cognition. With its added advantage it will help improve clarity of the brain thoughts and completely extreme focus in the brain cells. It has no difference when it comes to stimulating effects; the only difference is their chemical structures and formulas.If you’re going to be taking Adderall for the SATs, whether you have a valid RX script or not, know the risks of using the drug, and also know that there can be complications, and that B12 may help to make the drug safer.






The main difference between Adderall and Nootropics are Adderall drug chemical compounds are very strong and can be used to substitute nootropics drugs. Their main similarity is that both are very good stimulating drugs. Nootropics are a great alternative to taking Adderall for the SATs, taking something like Phenylpiracetam or Noopept is quite frankly a much, much better alternative.








Excessive usage of addiction can be very dangerous to the human body as it can cause


Lack of appetite


Rapid loss of weight


Dry mouths




Irregular heartbeat


High body temperature


High increase in blood pressure




Mood changes


10.) Irritability


11.) Paranoia Feelings


12.) Hostility


13.) Lack of sleep.








Adderal drug abuse is on the rise mostly to students because it is easily accessibility factor. Nowadays students can forge prescription documents, bribe doctors to give them prescriptions or buy it from a local drug dealer or a friend. One you start taking the drug and you are addicted to it, it becomes hard for you to abstain from the drug abuse.
How Long Does Adderall Last












Adderal drug is prescribed for the treatment of Narcolepsy and ADHD- attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


How Long Does Adderall Last




It is proven that Adderall drug is very efficient when it comes to treating ADHD syndrome. It has proven 95% that the drug works and has fewer side effects.

Generally Adderall drug is considered as a highly drug that is effective in short- term uses. It is advisable to seek medical attention before taking the drug. Otherwise it is a very good stimulating drug which has its benefits and also disadvantages.


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