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Stacking Adderall and Piracetam Long-Term, Benefits, Dangers and Side Effects

Stacking Adderall and Piracetam, especially on a long-term and regular basis, can have both tons of amazing risks, and lots of possible downsides and side effects. Still, I can vouch that the supplement combination absolutely potentiate each other, and that overall it is actually a pretty good nootropic stack overall. The dangers however, aren’t without traction. The drug’s benefits come from the fact that it basically pushes an overload of nootropic supplements that work together in unison, pushing a cockhail of neurotransmitters into one’s frontal lobes and creating a multi-drug effect.

The reported benefits are increased memory, mood, focus and energy, as well as a significant euphoria, especially in irregular users. Other common nootropics to do this with include Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam and Noopept. Subscribe for a free sample of these nootropics worth over fifty dollars, try before you buy!
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Why Stacking Adderall and Piracetam Can have Amazing Benefits

The two in conjunction with each other have an effect that is extremely synergistic, and have even been called “the real Limitless pill.” This is because when Adderall and Piracetam are stacked together, one gets the effects of Adderall, which are extermely good with regards to dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and great for causing mania, euphoria, productivity to the extremes, and those of Piracetam, which is great for a clear, mellow and focused brain boost. When the two are combined, provided that Piracetam is also used atop CDP Choline, which is a necessary part of its functioning, they complement each other’s neurotransmitters, and can create a significant euphoric effect that aids cognition and productivity.

In my own personal experience, which for the most part I’ll save for a later paragraph, I’ve also found that Piracetam even lowers tolerance to Adderall. Any previous amphetamine tolerance that I had to Adderall seemed to be mitigated significantly when I added Piracetam and Alpha GPC Choline to my Adderall dosage. Not to say that this combination is necessarily 100% safe, because put quite simply it’s not, and can actually have some big risks to it. But if you’re a risk taker, I can guarantee you that the stack works, and that it works damn good that’s for sure. If you’ve ever gone on Youtube and watched the trailers for the movie “Limitless,” or you’ve spent a decent amount of time on Longecity, or you’ve

Why Stacking Adderall and Piracetam Can lead to Dangerous Side Effects

And now to the realities of the drug stack, and of all the dangers that combining these two Smart Drugs can cause. While yes, in my own personal experience as well as on many user reviews  on popular nootropics forums, such as Reddit and Longecity, the stack can lower tolerance to Adderall and create extremely potent euphoric and motivational effects on the user, the side effects can also be quite nasty.
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For one, exitotoxicity can occur, which is basically when your neurotransmitters are overloaded because of a mix of drugs. This can cause something of a crash after the drug combination wears off. It can also lead to a tolerance to Adderall vs Piracetam vs Aniracetam for Brain Effectsboth Adderall and Piracetam at the same time. Overall however, the side effects of this drug combination is likely not something of extreme worry, and in all honesty if you stick to a low, recommended dosage, of something like Adderall 30mg and Piracetam 800mg, you can make the benefits outweigh the side effects. Always be sure to do your own research, and to use CDP or Alpha GPC Choline any time you use Piracetam or other related Racetams.

My Own Personal Experience with Stacking Adderall and Piracetam

The first time I did this it was my sophomore year of college, and I had done a fair amount of experimenting with all things Smart Drugs as I had particularly hard math classes and could really use all the brain boost I could get my hands on. I took Piracetam with a 30 milligram Adderall IR pill that I was prescribed, and I have to say that wow, it was like my tolerance was immediately cut in half. I’ve taken other drugs before alongside Adderall in an effort to try and mitigate overall tolerance, a number among these being L-Dopa, L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and even DXM (which is found in Robotussin cough syrup, is extremely dangerous, and of which I would not recommend even in the slightest.)
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Piracetam takes the cake as the best drug when compared to all of these for this ability. The 30 milligram Adderall dosage had an amazing euphoric high, lasted much longer, and was much more stable than usual. What I noticed however is that when combining the two, after awhile, you’ll need both drugs to keep the same effect. Meaning when you just go back to plain Adderall or plain Piracetam, most of the magic is gone, this will increase tolerance to both overtime, and this stack is very similar to those who combine Adderall and Caffeine together for an increased high, which again is something that I absolutely do not recommend.

Stacking Adderall and Aniracetam and How to Do It Properly

If you do decide that you want to try this potent nootropic stack, here are a few things to keep in mind. When stacking Adderall and Piracetam together, always be sure to use choline with the drugs, and be sure to keep the dosage of each supplement as low as possible, this will keep the benefits always kicking and the side effects at a very minimal level. The higher dosage you take, the more risk you’re putting on yourself and your future tolerance level of the drug, you’re also burning out the euphoria each time you take a high dosage, so think of your future self and keep the Adderall and Piracetam stack potency for times when you really need to be on your A-game!

What Online Stores Sell Piracetam thStacking Adderall and Piracetam for long-term useat you can Stack On Top of Adderall?

An entire host of online shops sell Piracetam, which by the way is not a scheduled drug in anywhere except the United Kingdom, and that is entirely legal to buy and sell online. Among the stores that sell Piracetam include


-Smart Drugs for

Absorb your


Nootropic Nation


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Other online stores also sell Piracetam, but these are the one’s I could think of off the top of my head. These are in no particular order, and you’ll have to try for yourself in order to see who has the best product quality overall. Don’t forget to subscribe and you’ll get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Try before you buy!

Other Popular Nootropics to Stack with Piracetam and Adderall

Aniracetam- Five times more powerful than Piracetam, but with anti anxiety effects as well.

Oxiracetam-Called the speedy racetam for its stimulant effects.

Pramiracetam-Thirty times more powerful than Piracetam overall.

Noopept-One thousand times more powerful than that of Piracetam, the base nootropic drug.

CDP Choline-A potent choline source.

Centrophenoxine-Choline with an added DMAE compound.

Alpha GPC Choline-The most powerful form of choline currently on the open nootropics market. If you can find something stronger, please comment down below so I can debunk it!

Gynostemma-The strongest adaptogen nootropic on the market.

Ashwagandha-The most popular adaptogen.

Coluracetam-A racetam that increases your choline intake.
piracetam capsules
Rhodiola Rosea-A more mellow adaptogen with effects very similar to that of Ashwagandha.

Final Thoughts on Stacking Adderall and Piracetam,and the Amazing Benefits and Risks that the Drugs can Have

Overall, stacking Adderall and Piracetam can have some very potent benefits and effects, and quite honestly this many blow away any other nootropic stack you’re going to find online. A prescription stimulant plus a very well-researched nootropic drug with over a half century of research behind it, plus the drugs synergystic effects with each other make this a damn powerful nootropics combination, and if you’re a risk taker, I’d highly recommend it! Don’t forget that you can Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics. Mitigate the risk, try nootropics for free to see how they affect you and if you like them, before using your hard earned money on a buy!

Until next time my loyal readers, Comment down below with any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!





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