Snorting Tianeptine, Dangers, Addiction, Overdose and Tolerance Risks

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Snorting Tianeptine, and the Dangers, Addiction, Overdose and Tolerance Risks of Doing So

Snorting Tianeptine is something that has become unfortunately, almost mainstream, and that is now as prevalent if not more as the use of Phentermine, diet pills and amphetamine abuse. Tianeptine, while entirely different from these drugs in both structure and in the way that the drug affects the brain, is also a drug of high abuse and addiction potential, and I personally know even owners of Nootropics companies who are hooked on, or who regularly take Tianeptine due to tolerance and dependence on the product over years of what they thought would be irregular use. I’m not saying not to take Tianeptine, but just to use the drug responsibly, to never snort Tianeptine and to only take the drug orally, and to take the drug as little as possible and at the minimum effective dosage for you to feel an effect, which is typically around 12mg to 24 milligrams once per day in the morning, and this should only be done on rare occasions, once per week tops. For more information on this and other similar and related Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the blog post and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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Why Do Users Move to Snorting Tianeptine?

Snorting Tianeptine is something that many of the hardcore nootropics and Tianeptine users will do in order to increase the type of high that Phenibut gives them, as snorting Tianeptine is typically going to be much stronger, will give more euphoria, and will kick in almost instantaneously, as opposed to oral ingestion of Tianeptine, which can typically take as long as a few hours to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB,) in the user, and thus create a noticeable effect. Snorting nootropics is typically a sign of abuse of Smart Drugs, and with Tianeptine, snorting, abuse and addiction is not something that you want to mess around with, especially due to its overall molecular structure that is very much similar to that of opiates and other “downer,” type drugs, and that can rapidly cause addiction, and have a lengthy, hellish withdrawal syndrome that is truly a nightmare to get off of. Tianeptine withdrawal symptoms and what Tianeptine addiction can generally look like, will be discussed in greater detail later in this article.

I should mention, with much remorse for this in my heart, that many of the users on the web that take Tianeptine, an already very powerful drug, also will freuqently stack the drug with a host of other very powerful nootropics, and while this is not recommended by any means at all, except in the case of a privileged few of these nootropics like CDP Choline and Ashwagandha, I would be remiss if I did not at least mention that people do frequently stack nootropics. Among these nootropics and powerful Smart Drug supplements are as follows:

Piracetam-Piracetam is the original nootropic Smart Drug, and was the first effective cognitive enhancing drug ever created. Developed in the 1960’s by a Russian scientist looking for a stable and safe memory enhancement drug, since Piracetam’s inception dozens of other similar and related nootropics have been spawned off in its image, creating an entire legion of nootropics that now comprises the nootropics market.

Aniracetam-Five times more powerful than Piracetam generally speaking, has a very potent anti anxiety effect to it, and much like Piracetam, Oxiracetam and the other Racetam’s, Aniracetam is generally non-addictive and requires a choline source in order for it to function properly, lest the user get a dull headache due to a lack of choline.

Oxiracetam-Fifteen times stronger than Piracetam, deemed the speedy Racetam due to its potent benefits regarding focus and energy levels in the user, for best use take with CDP or Alpha GPC Choline and use as infrequently as possible to minimize the build-up of tolerance.

Pramiracetam-Thirty times stronger than Piracetam, the strongest natural Racetam, and something that is very well known for what are mainly its memory effects.

Phenylpiracetam-Used primarily by athletes and by those looking for a significant boost in mental endurance, focus and energy levels, Phenylpiracetam has been banned by WADA after it was found that professional sprinters were using the drug to help them win Silver medals, however if you’re just a private citizen and aren’t looking to join the olympics anytime soon, then Phenylpiracetam is both an effective and 100% legal nootropic drug that you can use long term and short.

CDP Choline-The most popular and standard form of CDP Choline currently available on the online market, albeit not the strongest. CDP Choline is slightly weaker than Alpha GPC Choline or Alpha Brain, however it is super cheap and still very effective as both a nootropic and a choline source, making it one of the general top selling nootropics currently on the market.

Alpha GPC Choline-The strongest form of choline currently available on the market, taken frequently by Racetam users, college students looking to study for tests, coders that need to crank out a lot of java, and finally, Body builders who are looking to have a good workout, make fast, lean muscle gains, and recover very quickly, found in most nootropic stacks, and used very frequently by top nootropics celebrities like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris.

Centrophenoxine-A unique form of CDP Choline with an added DMAE extract, great for overall memory, clarity of thought and skin health, and usually has a very reasonable price tag on it.

Noopept-One thousand times more powerful than Piracetam, I have personally written a ton of articles about Noopept because I think that it is one of the safest, most effective Smart Drugs on the market when it comes to boosting mood, memory focus, clarity of thought, intelligence, and overall brain function. With this in mind however, I do not recommend the use of Noopept with Tianeptine, as it can easily cause an adverse reaction.

Uridine Monophosphate-An extended release form of CDP Choline that while it is slightly weaker, lasts much longer than the original and most popular choline source on the market.

Ashwagandha-One of the strongest, safest and most credible herbal supplements on the market for lowering overall stress levels and anxiety, it is also an adaptogen nootropics with a wide range of “brothers,” in the same family, if you will.

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside-Twice as strong as Ashwagandha regarding its overall strength in reducing stress and anxiety, Rhodiola Rosea is very popular as well and is found online and in stores like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Target.

Gynostemma-The most powerful adaptogen nootropic on the market, Gynostemma is said to be ten times more powerful than Ashwagandha and twice as powerful as Rhodiola Rosea with regards to its stress relieving, anti-anxiety, and general cognitive enhancement properties.

Bacopa Monnieri-Bacopa Monneiri is one of the most powerful memory enhancement herbal supplements currently on the market, is very popular among nootropics users, and can be used to improve mood, memory and focus, all with a good degree of safety since it is an entirely natural herbal plant extract supplement.Snorting Tianeptine

Fasoracetam-Said to be around one hundred times more powerful than Piracetam, Fasoracetam is hard to find on the web these days, however it is also extremely potent as a nootropic when you get your hands on it. Among its most common and powerful effects are on improving mood, memory, focus and energy levels, as well as on giving users who take the drug a significant amount of euphoria that other Racetam’s can’t match.

Coluracetam-Around five hundred times stronger than Piracetam, Coluracetam is unique to other Racetam’s in that it does not require a choline source (and though choline will always provide a benefit when taking this nootropic,) the word on the street is that Coluracetam has an added choline mechanism already built in, meaning that as it burns up acetylcholine in your brain, it will also replenish it with choline just as fast. Whether or not this is true is definitely cause for speculation, but I personally think that any drug that claims such a feat is certainly worth a risk with regards to at least a one time use.

Nefiracetam-750 times stronger than Piracetam, Nefiracetam proves to be a lot more stimulating than many of the other obscure Racetam’s on this list, however aside from this, not much is known about the drug in its totality.

Fish Oil-If you’re reading a Smart Drugs blog I think that it’s fairly safe to say that you’ve heard of fish oil before, however what a lot of nootropics users don’t know is that the drug has a wide assortment of ingredients in it that can function as something of an effective choline source while using Racetams and other nootropics.

Vitamin B12-I’ve written a post about the Adderall and Vitamin B12 stack on this blog, and have talked about how it is great for improving immune system function, and for increasing the ability of the user to recover faster from stimulants.

Multi Vitamins-The have actually been debunked to not be as worthwhile as most users say they are, however in my experience, if you’re going to be taking stimulants or other nootropics for long periods of time, a little multi vitamin never hurt anyone.

Krill Oil-Basically the same thing as general fish oil, just with a few added ingredients here and there depending on the company that is supplying the product to customers.

Essential and Nonessential Oils-These include things like peppermint extract oil, and a host of other essential oils, most of these are fairly weak and only really help with skin health.

Creatine-Creatine is one of the more common supplements on this list that I think just about everyone has heard of. While it is frequently used by Bodybuilders and those looking to get a boost in the gym via additional ATP synthesis and water weight retention in the muscles due to the loading phase of Creatine, it can also be an effective nootropic in those users that don’t eat much meat and in whose bodies are lacking in the compound.

And a host of other similar and related Smart Drugs and herbal supplements on the web, subscribe or comment down below for further details!

Why Snorting Tianeptine is Extremely Dangerous and Why Users Should Never Attempt This

Snorting Tianeptine, while it is extremely dangerous, also actually has much more of a downside than an upside regarding the overall potency of the drug. Tianeptine, when taken orally, gives a type of mellow, euphoric, Tianeptine high, that is very much unique to each individual user, but that is going to last as long as six to eight hours on a single dosage. Tianeptine, while it is very effective as an oral dose, should still be taken very sparingly, as with regular use the drug can develop tolerance, dependence and addiction. When a user begins to snort Tianeptine however, they often times will have a lesser duration of action than they otherwise would when they take the drug orally, and this occurs two fold, due to a decreased dosage of the drug, as well as via the faster and more rapid onset of the drug. While the effects are surely going to be more potent in nasal insufflation of Tianeptine as opposed to the use of the drug when it is taken orally, they are short lived, rapidly increase your overall tolerance to the Tianeptine drug, and are much more dangerous to both your body and mind. If you’re reading this article currently and are debating whether or not snorting Tianeptine, I urge you, no, I plead with you, do not do it, it can have extremely bad side effects and health effects!

Is Snorting Tianeptine Legal?

While snorting Tianeptine is technically legal, seeing as if Tianeptine in itself is a legal drug, snorting the drug is never recommended due to its high risk and dangerous nature, and not in a good way, this is a high risk, no reward, high loss type of deal! Snorting Tianeptine is akin to betting $5000 on 25 red at a roulette table, and the 25 has been replaced with a 97, there’s no winning when snorting nootropics, and it is honestly incredibly dangerous. There are scores of both research studies and clinical trial reviews on the web that show the dangers that snorting a drug, as opposed to taking the drug orally, and most of these are from fairly credible sources, below, you can find links about this and other similar and related topics, as well as what happens when you take Tianeptine in this manner.

The Long Term Addiction Risks of Snorting Tianeptine

Snorting this drug, a powerful “downer” type Smart Drug that has effects that mirror those of many painkiller drugs and anti depressants, is always a huge risk, and one that is likely to drag you down the path of addiction to Tianeptine and ohter related types of drugs, or at the very least tolerance, dependence and withdrawal. When you take Tianeptine orally, you are using the drug exactly how it was intended to be used, and as such are minimizing your tolerance to Tianeptine in the most effective and safe manner possible. When you snort Tianeptine, aside from all the horribly dangerous side effects regarding the destruction of your nasal cavities, not to mention brain damage and further cravings for Tianeptine later down the road, you increase your tolerance to the drug rapidly by using a more potent route of administration. Not only will the speed up the time to withdrawal when using Tianeptine, but also will it pose a serious risk to the user with regards to addiction and tolerance, the drug will also not work as well when it is once again taken orally.

The Research and Forum Reviews Surrounding  Snorting Tianeptine, and Why It Leads to Addiction, Withdrawal and Dependence on Tianeptine

There are many forum and research reviews on the web that look into users snorting Tianeptine, and talking about the many problems that it can cause regarding not only users having nosebleeds and other sinus problems, but also regarding addiction, dependence, brain damage, opiate like withdrawals, and addiction. I personally know a few people who run nootropics websites themselves, that are Tianeptine addicts, and I have heard that the withdrawal is no picnic, comparable instead to either painkiller or SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor,) withdrawal. Snorting TianeptineTypical Tianeptine withdrawal symptoms include headaches, shaking, nausea, loss of sex drive, loss of appetite, chronic insomnia, restless leg syndrome, increased thirst, inability to hold down food, and a whole host of other really nasty side effects. Put quite simply, Tianeptine withdrawal is something straight out of hell, and most research on the compound shows that the use of it, through either snorting or regular use, can quickly contribute to nasal problems, and rapid addiction.

Why Oral Use of Tianeptine is a Much Safer Alternative Overall Than Snorting Tianeptine Is

When you take the drug orally, it is typically taken by capsule form and as a result dissolved via a veggie capsule in your stomach, an organ of your body that was made for digesting and breaking down food, and something that in most people, does this quite well. When you are talking about snorting Tianeptine however, you are literally inhaling a foreign substance that was not meant to be administered in this route, and you are putting your nasal passages and your nose in general, at risk for a variety of health problems. Our nose was meant to inhale air, something that is pure and clean, with the exception of maybe water, which is generally harmless, and saline nose spray solutions that are taken either over the counter or via RX prescription from your doctor, it was not meant to inhale large quantities of powder on a very regular or even infrequent basis, and as a result of this, as with anything that goes against nature, damage and side effects can and will occur.

Final Thoughts on Snorting Tianeptine, and Why You May Want to Reconsider Before You Do This

This entire article has had the tone of a warning article, trying to dissuade potential nootropics users from snorting Tianeptine, and to instead either take the drug orally, or use a different nootropic that is much safer. While I don’t want to scare readers away from taking Tianeptine entirely, as it can be a really fun and effective nootropic drug for a wide variety of uses when it is used orally, infrequently and in proper dosages, I do want to be sure that those readers that are considering snorting Tianeptine do not go through with it, and instead think carefully before using nootropics in this manner. Be sure to use Tianeptine at a dosage of 12 to 24 milligrams for oral use, and never to use in any manner other than this, since this is a very potent, downer nootropic drug, and misuse can contribute to both harsh side effects and addiction. For more information on this and other similar and related nootropics and Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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