Snorting Preworkout Dangers, Benefits, and My Experience

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Snorting Preworkout Dangers, Benefits, and My Experience

Snorting Preworkout Dangers, Benefits, and My Own Personal Experience With Using The Drug This Way

Preworkout is typically used by athletes of all kinds, mostly weightlifters, in order to get a boost of energy before a workout. It is taken before so that the athlete can have a better experience lifting and lift more weight than they normally would or lift more reps depending on what they’d like to do. It is fairly safe, with the same chemicals and substances in a cup of coffee and a multivitamin in order to give that extra energy. It is normally taken as a supplement for those who find themselves fatigued after a day of work, or those who do not get enough carbohydrates in their diet. However, there is a special group of people who are supplementing preworkout through nasal inhalation, or snorting, among them include myself for a few brief days, and you’ll find out why it was only for that long and not indefinitely. Hopefully through reading this article you will find out the dangers behind snorting preworkout and why my recommendation is what it is. Snorting preworkout is something that is literally always going to be incredibly dangerous and is something that should never be attempted by any users, even if you’re looking to get an additional high, as oral use can be just as potent, and much less dangerous. For more information on pre workout, and a host of other similar and related nootropics and Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.
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Dangers of Snorting Preworkout Long-Term

Preworkout advises on the back of its label that it should be taken orally, mixed with water or a sports drink of some kind. This is to diffuse the powder into the liquid so it tastes better, and isn’t taken in too high of a dose. Because it is still caffeine, although it is in a small quantity, it can still cause heart palpitations if too much is taken. The danger of the supplement when taken correctly is not what we are here to discuss today though, today we are discussing what happens when you snort preworkout. It has been reported that when snorting preworkout the effects are much more potent than those you would see when taking it the intended way. Most bottles include a warning label that this should be taken in the intended oral way, this is for a reason. Preworkout is designed to mix with moisture and dissolve, so it seems like the perfect substance for snorting since your lungs have tiny amounts of fluid in them. However, you should never under any circumstances snort anything that is not intended to be snorted.

Preworkout is no exception to this rule of thumb. It is best to prevent the situation where you are coughing up particles of preworkout altogether rather than trying to fix the problem now. For those users that are snorting preworkout, they are putting their tolerance to the drug, not to mention their nostrils, in serious danger, and right after you snort preworkout, it becomes readily apparent that this never should have been done for the sole reason of the instant amount of pain that this causes the user in question!

When you snort Preworkout, speaking from experience here, the drug is going to burn like crazy, and unlike snorting Adderall or snorting Ritalin, where the drug’s burning sensation is going to drip down into your throat and usually dissapate within an hour at the most, this is not the case with preworkout, and I personally can say that when SWIM snorted preworkout for the first time, the burning sensation in the nose as well as the sore throat that came about after snorting the product, the burn lasted for quite literally over three hours! I didn’t feel relief until after I woke up the next day, don’t snort preworkout, it is very stupid and not worth it at all, and the powerful burning sensation usually occurs as a result of the heavy amount of sugar and other vitamins and preservatives that are found within the product, things that our bodies were not meant by nature to snort or inhale through the nose through insufflation!

Why Snorting Preworkout Is Incredibly Dangerous, Stupid and Risky, and My Experience With Doing This Risky Act!

Now, as I’ve touched on this a little bit in the previous paragraph up above, I will now start on the full story of when I first snorted preworkout for the first time, and of what snorting preworkout felt like the first time I did it. I remember the day as crisp and clear as if it were yesterday, I was in a fraternity brother’s apartment that I had become close friends with over the past several months, alongside my big in the fraternity, and a few other pledge brothers of whom I was very close with, and fueled by a drunken binge, alongside what were likely some other stupid choices made that night, a tub of preworkout soon caught the attention of my big, whose name I won’t reveal in this article for obvious reasons. Before I knew it, the man is face down in a pile of bright red, sugary powder, inhaling and snorting preworkout until he is red in the face, given the amount of powder he had snorted and the amount of times that he went down for more and more hits, I can only imagine how screwed up the dude’s nose was, and not to mention how much pain he was in with regards to the burn in his nose.
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Anyhow, as you’ve probably guessed by now, due to peer pressure and what was both a combination of wanting to feel cool, have loads of false friends, and experiment with taking a huge risk for very little reward, alongside having the under developed brain of a college student, I chose to also snort the preworkout powder, and man did I regret it almost immediately after! All of a suddent, it was like I had inhaled fire, my nose was burning and burning and burning, I felt stuffed up, and each and every single time that I took a breath, the drug would literally fall further back into my nose, causing a painful swallowing of the preworkout, not exactly the most pleasant scenario to be in, and even water didn’t help. The only thing that finally made it go away was time and sleep, of which after getting a full nights rest I was finally able to have my nose be fire free, so trust me, if you’re thinking of snorting preworkout, take my advice and just walk away, oral use lasts a lot longer anyways!

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Why Do Users Snort Preworkout to Get a Rush and Get High?

Snorting preworkout however does cause a bit of a high however, and I’m saying this speaking from my first experience of when I snorted preworkout, because I did feel rather high, almost like I had taken a low dosage of Adderall or had taken a few or snorted NoDoz Caffeine pills in a very low dosage, although that almost certainly wasn’t the case. The reason for this high is that when you snort a drug that was supposed to be ingested orally, you literally increase the potency of the drug’s effects, and shorten the duration, making the high much stronger but a lot shorter acting as well.

You are essentially squeezing out the drug’s time release mechanism, causing it to enter your bloodstream near immediately, rather than simply taking an hour to digest and break down in your stomach like usual. Because of this, when you snort preworkout, you’ll get a stronger effect, causing a type of euphoric, stimulating high, that many users are going to really like, and that may even cause some to continue doing the behavior through positive reinforcement due to the dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain, which can cause even more problems over the long term down the road, don’t snort preworkout, stick to oral use of the drug and you’ll be fine with infrequent use in appropriate dosages.

Is Snorting Preworkout Similar to Snorting Caffeine or Snorting Adderall, And Can It Get Users Super High?

While snorting preworkout may have a similar effect to if you had snorted caffeine or had snorted Adderall, generally speaking, the drug won’t be quite this powerful, and will burn a lot harder and a lot longer. The reason for this is primarily in the high sugar content that most preworkout powders are going to have in their preworkout complex, a primary way that supplement salesmen make the supplement taste bearable and add to their potency, due to the increased sugar rush that the user in question also gets. When you snort preworkout, for this reason, the sugar, red dye powder, and additional amino acids, significantly burns your nose and causes additional side effects.

How Does Snorting Preworkout Work In The Brain and How Does It Affect The Body?

In the brain, when a user snorts preworkout, the drug crosses the blood brain barrier, or BBB, much more quickly then it would have if you had taken the drug orally, kicking in almost immediately, rather than slowly over the course of an hour after it was intended. For this reason, in my own personal experience with snorting preworkout powders, you will get a head rush, a type of psycho active euphoric high due to all of the caffeine and other drugs in the product, and you will usually feel a bit more up beat and energetic than if you had taken the drug orally. Snorting pre workout supplement powders can be addictive over time, and a mild withdrawal can set in if continuous, regular use of snorting this drug is continued, but this is nothing in comparison to the extreme damage that it can do the linings of your nasal cavities in your nose, but more on that in the next sub heading paragraph.

Here’s What Snorting Preworkout Is Going to Do To Your Nose and Nostrils

When you snort preworkout, due to the high sugar content, caffeine and red dye food colorings in the product, I think of which is called Red 40, it’s going to burn man, and it’s going to burn like crazy for at least a few hours if we’re really getting down to brass tacks here. Preworkout is an over the counter weight lifting supplement, and just like with if you had snorted caffeine, snorted coffee, snorted protein powder, or had snorted any other weight lifting powder supplement, side effects are going to occur, it may be stronger initially but it will quickly crash from the high and you’ll feel worse than before, and finally, you’ll start to do some serious damage to your nose over time, the thing that should really worry you the most.
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When your nose burns after snorting or insufflating any type of supplement or drug, that should cause your mind to maybe take a step back from it, re-assess what the heck you’re exactly doing, and finally, to have a desire to improve your health and not be in pain, as the human mind and body just naturally want to be at a state of homeostasis in most cases. With regards to snorting this drug, after a few times, there won’t be any real damage to the nostrils, but continue to do it regularly over a certain amount of weeks or months, and you’ll quickly realize that you are getting sick more often or are getting more sinus infections, that you have a runny nose or are constantly sniffling, or that you’re getting nosebleeds occasionally, keep going and you’ll soon need a surgery to help with the deviated septum that you’re eventually going to get, or worse yet, you’ll have permanent damage to the nasal cavities of your nose, don’t snort preworkout powders, and avoid at all costs unless you’re using the drug orally as it was intended.

Why Do College Students and Fraternity Boys Filled With Testosterone Start Snorting Preworkout to Look Cool?

For some reason, and I’m speaking from personal experience here and not necessarily research studies or even blogs that I’ve read online, Frat boys in college, as well as workout guru’s have begun to pick up the habit of snorting or railing preworkout in order to get a better high off of the drug, either for working out, for lifting more weight, for Snorting Preworkoutpartying, or for a host of other similar and related recreational activities, and in spite of the dangers of what the snorting of preworkout can do to the user, it is still a growing phenomenon on the internet, and the search traffic behind this term has become as high as 2000 searches every single month, something that is absolutely crazy with regards to the growing trend of snorting preworkout supplements, don’t be a statistic, and only take preworkout as it was intended to be taken, dissolved in water through the mouth.

What Does Snorting Preworkout Before Going to The Gym Feel Like?

Snorting workout before going to the gym is one of the major reasons why this has become such a popular and mainstream phenomenon on the internet, as if you search on Youtube the “snorting preworkout” keyword, you’ll likely find dozens of huge bodybuilders that are railing the powder before having a huge workout. I know for a fact that in my old fraternity in college, that some of the guys in the frat house would literally rail some preworkout powders off of the dirty kitchen table right before going out for a workout, and then they would go over to the gym, lift barbells, and squat for hours on end. Now granted they were also all on steroids, smoked copius amounts of marijuana and drank alcohol like it was their job, but the snorting preworkout was also a strange delicacy that I though fit enough to mention on my blog, as it is in-fact relevant to the conversation of this blog post.

Final Thoughts On Snorting Preworkout, Why This Is Incredibly Dangerous, and Why No One Should Ever Attempt This!

With regards to preworkout powders in general, you should never start snorting preworkout, or even snort preworkout once, as this can have some serious side effects, can lead to nosebleeds, sinus issues and the destruction of your nasal passageways, and can leave a burning sensation in your nose that lasts for hours on end, and take it from me, the high from the drug isn’t even that good. Preworkout can be a very effective supplement when the drug is taken as it was intended to be used, as an oral, energy enhancement supplement, first dissolved in water or a protein shake, and then given an hour to digest properly before working out. For more information on preworkout, snorting preworkout, and a whole host of information with regards to other similar and related nootropics and Smart Drug topics on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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