Snorting Noopept, Why Inhaling Noopept Is Dangerous, Noopept Safety Concerns and User Reviews

/, Snorting/Snorting Noopept, Why Inhaling Noopept Is Dangerous, Noopept Safety Concerns and User Reviews

Snorting Noopept, Dangers of Inhaling Noopept, Overdose Symptoms and Noopept Safety Concerns and Uses

How Long Does Kratom Last?
Snorting Noopept may sound absolutely nuts, especially if you’re an experienced nootropics user that’s reading this blog post, but make no mistake about it, this isn’t a topic that I made up, people all across the nootropics industry are actually doing this, and I had to write this blog post just to express my opinion of exactly how dangerous and unsafe this really is. Noopept, while harmless when taken orally, with choline, in absence of other drugs, and at recommended dosages of 10-20 milligrams at a time, can cause significant harm to the brain, nervous system and nasal passages if it is snorted.

You are taking a huge risk with your health each and every time you choose to snort Noopept. This blog post will serve to elaborate on exactly what Snorting Noopept is, what will happen if you snort it, the benefits that some users may derive from doing this, and why you definitely shouldn’t do this. As always, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Enjoy the article guys.

What is Snorting Noopept? What does Noopept Long-Term Do

Snorting, Insufflating, Nasally administering, are all terms that describe taking the drug through the nostrils, rather than orally as it was intended. Now, why would anyone in their right mind do this? Well it’s similar to snorting other supplements, and is done because snorting can typically cause a faster onset than if the drug is taken orally…almost instantaneous, and is around ten times more powerful than if the drug is simply taken orally.

Aside from the increased nootropic effects and mental energy, it also gives a significant euphoria and mood boost, and gives an amazing type of “Noopept High” which is why so many users do it. Noopept, contrary to these poor souls popular belief, is not designed to surpass the blood-brain barrier in this manner, and can have some extremely serious side effects if this method of ingestion is used.

Why do Users Snort Noopept, What does Snorting Noopept Do?

How Long Does Kratom Last?
Now why exactly would anyone snort Noopept, surely there must be something to this if there are people that do it right? You’re absolutely right, snorting Noopept, just like when you snort any other drug, whether it be pre-workout, Snorting Noopepta supplement, another drug, etc. gives a faster onset, an intense euphoric high, and a kind of rush that is similar to that of other drugs. With all these good drug benefits however, also comes many added side effects. Noopept, when snorted, can cause nosebleeds, it can cause the inside of your nasal cavities to become damaged, it can burn your nose and give you a sore throat, and in high amounts, can even cause overdose, addiction and withdrawal.[recent_products per_page=”1″ columns=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”] One of Noopept’s main side effects that is heavily advertised on the web is that if you take too much Noopept, whether it is 50 or 100 milligrams of Noopept at a time, that you will fall asleep as soon as it kicks in. Noopept is meant to have something of a mild nootropic stimulant effect, and at low dosages, actually causes euphoria, improved memory, and much improved focus to occur-things that users would be looking for in a Cognitive Enhancing Smart Drug that is reported to be over 1000 times stronger than the base nootropic drug, being Piracetam.

When snorting Noopept however, improper dosing can occur, and you would need less of a dose to get the same effect, so a 10 milligram dosage orally may not be the same as a snorted 10 milligram dosage, and as such snorting the drug would be much stronger. This only adds to the increased risk of side effects, overdose and health problems. Avoid snorting Noopept at all costs, your health and your sanity may just depend on it.

Does Snorting Noopept Burn? Side Effects of Noopept

Yes, absolutely, user reports on popular supplement forums like Longecity and Reddit say that snorting Noopept burns like a fire from hell. Noopept is not meant to be snorted, as it is a Smart Drug and peptide-based supplement. The chemicals in the Noopept as well as error for dosing can cause a serious burn that can have severe detrimental effects on the body and mind. We always recommend users that they exercise caution when taking any nootropic, to always take choline, take it only as recommended, take frequent drug holidays (time off from regular use of the drug) and follow the advised dosing guidelines.
How Long Does Kratom Last?
If you’re snorting Noopept, there’s no recommended dosage for it, since manufaturers of the supplement do not put together capsules and packaging for that reason of use, they do it for oral administration only. By snorting Noopept, you’re taking a huge and unecessary risk, for what will simply be diminished rewards in the long-term future. Avoid at all costs, and always do your own research before taking any Smart Drugs.

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Why You Should Never Snort Noopept or Any Nootropics

Nootropics are meant to be taken orally, whether via a capsule, a scoop of powder, or via powder dissolved in some type of drink, whether it be water, juice, soda etc. Mixing nootropics in general as well as taking them with other substances or alcohol is dangerous on its own, but snorting nootropics is in a level of this that is far worse than just stacking. With Noopept expecially, the drug is peptide-based and can easily destroy the lining of your nose, causing you to have breathing difficulties and a significantly decreased sense of smell. Snorting drugs in general is one of the main ways that a Deviated Septum occurs in people, and should be avoided at all costs as it is a very huge health risk.

Companies that Sell Noopept Include the Following: Where to Buy Noopept Online Cheap

Smart drugs for



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These are just a few of the many top companies that sell this product online on the web.

Other Supplements that Improve Cognition that People Commonly Use Are, Typically in Nootropic Capsules Form

Other supplements that are either commonly used or stacked alongside Noopept in the similar nootropics category are




Aniracetam[recent_products per_page=”1″ columns=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”] Pramiracetam














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St. John’s Wort

Rhodiola Rosea

Green Coffee Bean Extract[recent_products per_page=”1″ columns=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”] Dandelien Root Extract
How Long Does Kratom Last?
And a host of other potent, safe, natural and synthetic nootropic brain drugs. As said in the former, snorting Noopept is absolutely never recommended, and is never to be done, especially when stacking it with other Smart Drugs.

Research on Noopept Capsules, Pills and Tablets

Noopept actually has quite an extensive amount of research on it, and since it was founded in the 1960’s, has over a half a century of clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. While the claim that it is “1000 to 5000 times stronger than Piracetam” is honestly more of a marketing gimic than anything, there is sufficient enough evidence to show that it is an effective Smart Drug that is leaps and bounds ahead of Piracetam. You can read up on more research about the drug at the following .gov, clinical trial URLs.

Hopefully that’s research intenstive enough for you:)

Forums About Snorting Noopept Capsules or Noopept Powder

There are many available forums online on the web that talk about snorting Noopept. Many of them have had good benefits with the drug, many more have had harsh side effects or symptoms resembling that of a full-blown overdose. Almost every single forum review so far has said that snorting Noopept absolutely burns like hell, so definitely best to stay away.

Here are the links where you can read up about this on:

Videos About Snorting Noopept

This video is one of the top videos that I’ve seen on Youtube with regards to a proper Noopept review. Enjoy!

How Long Does Kratom Last?

Snorting Noopept Overdose Symptoms

Snorting Noopept can have some overdose symptoms that are actually pretty severe. On some forum reviews like Reddit and Longecit, many users of Noopept have stated heart palipitations, headache and sweating, alongside nosebleeds and regular, extrme tiredness.

Why Snorting Noopept is Bad for Your Nostrils, and Leads to Side Effects

If you’ve ever been bored out of your mind and have gone ahead and Googled stuff like what happens to your nose when you snort something like Pre-workout, or Adderall..or harder drugs, etc. Then you know that when you snort drugs, it literally tears the lining of your nasal cavities apart literally from the inside out. Long-term, this can cause persistent nosebleeds, and other pretty serious medical problems. Avoid at all costs.

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Tiredness from Snorting Noopept

Because high dosages of Noopept can make you extremely tired, something like Noopept snorting can actually make you incredibly tired and can have a negative effect, some reviews of it online have shown users needing a nap right after administration of Noopept via insufflation through the nasal passage ways.

Why Snorting Noopept is Always a Bad Idea

Dangerous, side effects, overdose symptoms, extremely bad reviews….just don’t do it, it’s really not worth it. There’s plenty of power to Noopept when you take the drug orally, just like it was intended for.

Final Thoughts on Snorting Noopept

Overall, Noopept is a really fantastic Nootropic drug when it’s not abused or snorted, and when it’s taken in low dosages orally as intended. Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00!

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