Snorting MDMA, And The Extreme Risks, Dangers and Side Effects of Doing So

/, Snorting/Snorting MDMA, And The Extreme Risks, Dangers and Side Effects of Doing So

Snorting MDMA, And The Extreme Risks, Dangers and Side Effects of Doing So

This blog post on snorting MDMA is something that I have been wanting to write about for a long long time, not for any personal reasons, but quite frankly because of the huge surge in popularity that I have seen on the internet, and of the amount of traction that it is gaining. Not only am I writing this blog post in order to cash in on all of this online Google search engine traffic, but also am I writing this blog post in an effort to persuade users not to snort Molly or MDMA under any circumstances whatsoever, as it can be entirely life threatening, dangerous as hell, can quickly lead to overdose, upset stomach, overheating of the body and a whole entire host of other very serious and life threatening difficulties, and in general is very dangerous to the mind and body and can really destroy the linings of the nose and put too much excess strain on the heart. Overall, MDMA should never be used as it is a schedule I and illitic drug in the United States and in the United Kingdom, however it absolutely should never be snorted, as it is incredibly danerous in the short term and especially so in the long term. For more information on this and other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drugs on the internet, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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Why Snorting MDMA and Snorting Molly May Be Just About the Most High Risk And Stupid Thing A Guy Could Do

Snorting MDMA, snorting ecstasy, E, X, Molly, or whatever the heck you want to call it, is extremely dangerous, for the simple fact that you are snorting a drug that is already incredibly dangerous with regards to how it affects the brain and the body, and that by snorting it you are even further affecting how the drug reacts in the body. Typically speaking, and there is no exception in the case of MDMA, or Methylndioxymethamphetamine for the exact term of the drug, when you snort a drug it is much stronger, it kicks in a lot faster (usually almost immediately,) and the drug has huge amounts of excess side effects.

If you want to look at MDMA experience logs on the web with regards to the snorting of MDMA, Molly, X, Ecstasy, or whatever it is that you want to call it, you will see tons of reviews and user experiences of those that have been brash enough to actually go through and snort MDMA, something that is absolutely one of the most dangerous drugs, and route of administration, that you can use with regards to a drug, with the exception of a select few schedule I substances. Molly, also known as MDMA or ecstasy, has recently caught fire and become considerably more popular among college aged students in the rave scene, as well as among young working class adults who are looking to really dig into the party scene and have as much fun as they want.

The problem with this however, is that aside from the fact that you really never know what you’re getting when you buy “MDMA” from wherever the heck it is, MDMA is not an approved drug for any purpose and has no research behind it, and even the pure chemical itself is extremely potent, addictive and dangerous for all that use the drug, do not use MDMA, be sure to consult a rehab center immediately if you or a loved one feel that you are addicted to MDMA, and be sure to subscribe or comment with your questions on this topic, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

Snorting MDMA, What Happens Immediately After, Does This Get Users High Faster, and Why Do Users Do This?

Here’s what essentially happens verbatum when you start snorting MDMA, or even if you just snort the drug a single time. While I personally have never done this, I have had friends that have done it or have been around it while someone was railing MDMA off the table, so I think that I am well equipped enough to give my own two cents on this subject. MDMA is typically a yellowish, reddish, whitish brownish, or pink powder that will typically be drawn out into lines, either with your ID card, key, credit card, or something similar to this in order to draw up the powder into lines so that the user in question can snort the drug. Given the nature of the drug itself, as well as for the fact of the matter that in most instances there is already going to be a certain degree of risk and a rather potent high, when you snort Molly, or MDMA, you may actually get too much of a high to feel pleasant, as when you take the drug orally it is already going to be a very effective trip and powerful experience. When snorting the drug, it can be overly euphoric, cause you to speed too hard, can very easily put too much of a strain on your overall heart rate, and very generally speaking is going to be quite dangerous.

Snorting MDMA

How Snorting MDMA Is Among The Most Dangerous of Schedule I Drugs On The Planet, With Hundreds of Overdoses Every Single Years In The United States Alone

MDMA is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet when it is not used properly, and there are literally hundreds of overdoses on the drug every single year from people in raves, and I personally have actually witnessed this first hand for myself. I was at a popular rave party somewhere in the East Coast of the United States, a friend of mine was doing something known as candy flipping, in which the user in question combines both Acid and MDMA,and he quickly began to hop around and dance very fast. While I was rather drunk at this part and had actually never heard of either of these drugs at the time, I could tell that he was rather pale, and that he was definitely having heart palipitations as an adverse effect of this drug. The paramedics were called, and while I do not know whether or not he was snorting MDMA or taking the drug orally alongside his LSD, it was very readily apparent that he was ill, and a stretcher soon carried him away into an ambulance truck to escort him to the hospital, never to be seen again. Just kidding, we saw him a few days later after he got out of the hospital, however his parents were really pissed off and the kid was rather shook up and scared after that, as I imagine anyone would be, so be sure to either use responsibly or to not use at all, and to never snort MDMA or Molly, even if it is so called “pure MDMA Molly.”

Why Do Users at Raves Start Snorting MDMA, and What Does Snorting MDMA Do To The User?

The users that are snorting MDMA at parties and raves are typically going to be the hard core drug users, and these are often times the same people that will mix alcohol and MDMA together, something that is extremely dangerous, and are in the same group of people that will typically use drugs improperly in any instance in order to feel like a badass. While Molly or MDMA in general, and the taking of it for partying it typically a very huge risk with very subtle rewards at the end of the rainbow, snorting MDMA is something that is way way riskier than if you take the drug in an appropriate dosage, which is usually around 100 to 130 milligrams at a time, normally what Molly users call a “point one,” referring to .1 grams of Molly or MDMA.

While I’m not 100% sure if in this instance the user in question was snorting MDMA or Molly, I know for a fact that he was at least taking it and this type of situation occured. In those friends that I have personally seen that had snorted MDMA, it actually was not before a rave or a party, and I instead had physically seen someone snort the drug off of a table right outside the library at about 4 o’clock in the morning right around the time in which I was just starting out my studies at University.

Why the heck the guy was doing this is beyond me, as in SWIM’s own personal experience, when I had previously used the drug in the past, it became very readily apparent that reading or test taking was out, not just because I was literally in love with every single person around me, but also because I couldn’t shut up, and because my eyes were so freaking dilated that I couldn’t read anything that I put in front of me. Because Molly dilates your eyes to such a serious degree, it’s almost like if you had just went to the eye doctor and have to wear sunglasses until it wears off, MDMA does the same exact thing to your eyes, and it is impossible to read study or focus, the kid did not look good after snorting his MDMA supply, and I was certainly glad that I wasn’t him at that moment in time!

How Long Does Snorting MDMA Last, and How You Can Take Precautions If You’re Dumb Enough to Do This…

Here’s how long Snorting MDMA lasts, in comparison to if you were using the drug orally. In my own personal experience and in the experience of most of my friends that have done the exact same thing, it lasts about 4 to 7 hours depending on how much of the drug you take, how long you have been using the drug for, and of what other types of amphetamines that you have used in the past. Orally, this is generally the case, and if you do it right, sometimes it can be very long lasting and smooth in low dosages, and while this is still very very dangerous and should not be done, snorting MDMA is way, way worse, by leaps and bounds, and it also lasts a lot shorter, burns out more quickly and has an even more hellish crash than MDMA would have otherwise had if you had used the drug Snorting MDMAorally as it was intended to be used (if you can even say that it was intended to be used at all.)

What happens when you snort a type of drug is that it kicks in super quickly, crossing the Blood Brain Barrier of the brain almost immediately because the drug does not have to take an hour to digest like it would if it was used orally. It therefore hits the nose, kicks in immediately, gives you a powerful burning sensation in your nasal passageways, and then quickly kicks in, creating its effect in the brain, and usually crashing a few hours past this. When you’re snorting or railing Molly or MDMA as well, you are also much more likely to become addicted to MDMA or to have a withdrawal syndrome from regular use of the drug, as it is far more addictive this way and is much more likely to cause both physical and mental addiction and dependence on the addictive substance.

How Much Does MDMA Powder Typically Cost, and Do People Usually Start Snorting MDMA At Raves?

While I cannot give you an exact pricing estimate of exactly how much MDMA or Molly powder is going to cost at a rave, what I can tell you is that the drug is super expensive compared to a lot of other pills that you may buy, and that typically this is in the range of $20 to $40.00 per capsule, with price typically depending entirely on the person in question and on the amount of the drug bought etc. I got this entirely from my own personal research on the internet and from personal experiences of friends and SWIM’s with regards to this subject.

What Is Snorting MDMA Like At a Rave, In Comparison to Using Molly or MDMA Orally?

Snorting MDMA is a wildly different experience than if you were to take the drug orally for two reasons, potency and time! When you take MDMA orally, especially if you eat normal and sleep normal and are a healthy person of an average bodyweight, then it is usually going to take around an hour to an hour and a half to fully kick in, will typically kick in somewhat gradually, and will past this, usually last for quite awhile, meaning that it has types of drug bounces, moves up and down in which the drug is going to fluctuate in how hard it is functioning in your brain and body, helping the drug to not burn out its entire mechanism of action all at once.

With regards to when a user is snorting MDMA, this is hardly the case, as it kicks in almost immediately, wears off in just a few short hours, leaves the user incredibly dehydrated and with a host of nasty side effects and a burning nose for hours on end and crashes really, really hard. Snorting MDMA should never be attempted, whether in a rave setting as mentioned here or outside the library in order to focus or study, like whatever the heck that kid I met back in college was doing, MDMA is just not worth it, and your health and well being are far more important than one interesting night of partying, take my word for it!

How Long Do Super Hot and Sexy MDMA Rave Parties Usually Last?

In my personal experience with the traditional rave scene type party, the one with tons of hot girls that are almost entirely naked aside from a sweaty string bikini, the type that looks like this:

Then the asnwer is that these types of parties can last from four to six hours, or all day and night, literally lasting from 12 hours to 2 whole days, 48 hours, in the cases of the types of outdoor festivals that are listed above! This, my friends, is typically the kind of rave party that you’re going to find where people are rolling on MDMA the hardest, and of where literally every single person is tripping on acid, rolling on Molly or MDMA, drunk and stoned, or doing other types of crazy drugs, this is usually the gist of what you’re going to find at rave parties, that and the hot naked, drunk, drugged up and horny loads of women that are usually looking for fun, partying, dancing, drugs and strange.

Final Thoughts on Snorting MDMA and the Extreme Dangers and Risks of Doing So

Overall, snorting MDMA is extremely risky and dangerous to your health, is extremely dangerous legally speaking and overall is something that should not be attempted by anyone under any circumstances, even if it means not having it for when you go to that next super popular rave party. Rave drugs are not to be played with, they are extremely dangerous especially in the cases of LSD, Magic Mushrooms and MDMA or Molly, as well as other party drugs, and Marijuana or standard alcohol is typcially the better choice for these types of events, as it is much safer and less dangerous, not to mention legal (Marijuana depending on what state you live in.) For more information on Molly, MDMA and a whole host of other similar and related party drug articles, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, on how to get popular party drug alternatives, and to comment down below with your opinions and we’ll get back to you within one business day. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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