Snorting Kratom, Kratom Addiction Dangers and Overdose Risks

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Snorting Kratom, Kratom Addiction Dangers and Overdose Risks

Snorting Kratom, and the Kratom Addiction Dangers, Kratom Withdrawal and Kratom Overdose Risks Associated With Insufflating Kratom

Snorting Kratom is an article that I have been wanting to write for awhile, not merely because it is an interesting topic, but also because I have seen the popularity of this process rising in online forum reviews, and would like to try and inform the public of why insufflation of Kratom is particularly dangeorous, and of why it can typically lead to addiction, withdrawal, a high risk of overdose, and a whole host of other particularly nasty downsides. Kratom is actually a very effective drug when it is used properly, orally, boiled in tea or used in a similar manner, and when it is taken in a low dosage and on an infrequent basis. When Kratom is snorted, it can quicky and easily lead to addiction, overdose and withdrawal, something that is very difficult to get out of once you slip into a Kratom addiction. For more information on this and other similar and related nootropics and Smart Drugs, be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the artilce, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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Snorting Kratom, and Why It Can Lead to An Excess Risk of Kratom Addiction

Before we get into the dangers of going around and snorting Kratom, and of why this is definitely not responsible use of the drug, let’s take a quick history lesson about the discovery of Kratom, and exactly how Kratom first became mainstream. Kratom is a 100% natural plant found here on the planet earth that comes from the Mitragyna speciosa plant, a similar plant to a number of other natural herbal supplements that is found in the coffee family. Given its natural background, it makes sense that some strands of Kratom in low dosages, are actually going to be incredibly stimulating, while in high dosages, very euphoric and sedating.

Kratom was first founded in the southern region of Asia, and used extensively in Chinese medicine, as well as by painkiller addicts here in the states in order to stave off the withdrawals, as it is said to do very effectively. Overall, when the drug is used orally and in low dosages, and proper precautions are taken not take the drug too often for too long of a period of time, Kratom can actually be a very safe and effective nootropic herbal strain, however it is frequently snorted, abused, and taken in ways that it shouldn’t be used, the next paragraph will look into the dark side of Kratom, and of why proper, effective use of the drug is always a must when using this drug.

When users snort Kratom, they put themselves at a moderate to high risk for a number of ailments, including nose bleeds and other nasal obstructions, headaches, excess side effects from the drug, a very large risk of addiction, increased tolerance when you go back to using the drug orally, the start of withdrawal symptoms, insomnia, hypersomnia, and a host of other similar and related Smart Drugs. In my humble opinion, Kratom should be treated no different than if you were smoking Marijuana, or taking painkillers after a surgery, meaning that you should use the drug as directed, cycle off of it for a time and do not just continue using it day after day incessantly, and should not abuse or misuse the drug, instead only using it as the directions on the packing state.

Kratom, as a similar drug to many of those in the nootropics community, including Tianeptine, Phenibut, Picamilon and Ashwagandha, is also commonly stacked with a host of other Smart Drugs and online nootropics, and while I don’t necessarily recommend this by users, the full list of these is as follows:

Piracetam-The original nootropic Smart Drug, Piracetam was made in the 1960’s, and is very well known for improving memory, mood and focus in the brain, stacked with Kratom as it can usually enhance the drugs effects.

Aniracetam-An anti anxiety Racetam that is known to be as much as five times more powerful than Piracetam overall, I actually do not recommend stacking Aniracetam with Kratom, as two anti-anxiety drugs stacked together can often times lead to excess side effects.

Oxiracetam-Fifteen times stronger than Piracetam, known as the speedy Racetam by those in the nootropics industry.

Pramiracetam-Thirty times more powerful than Piracetam, Pramiracetam is the strongest natural Racetam on the market, meaning without any added isomers or molecules, and is most well-known for its benefits on increasing the human memory via its very strong Racetamic effects.

Phenylpiracetam-Forty times more powerful than Piracetam, and with an added stimulant effect via a Phenyl isomer, meaning that it has a very strong stimulant effect due to an increase in the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain.

Noopept-One thousand times more powerful than Piracetam, one of the most powerful nootropics generally speaking, if you’ve ever taken Piracetam before, just think of this as a significantly cleaner and more enhanced version of Piracetam, that still of course requires a choline source in order to function properly.

CDP Choline-Most popular source of choline currently available for sale, found in top retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and others.

Alpha GPC Choline-The strongest nootropic currently on the market, albeit not the most popular due to its price, found in popular nootropic supplement stacks like Ciltep and Alpha Brain by Onnit labs.

The Ciltep Nootropic Stack-The Ciltep nootropic stack, and the company behind the drug, Natural, has quickly grown to become one of the most powerful nootropic companies in the game, their stack is very effective and has been endorsed by notable entrepreneur’s in the biohacking space like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris.

Alpha Brain-Created by Onnit labs, contains a combination of over thirteen different herbal supplements and nootropics packed into one, lab tested, vegetarian drug capsule, making it an A+ in my book, even if it is a little bit on the pricy side.

Centrophenoxine-A unique form of CDP Choline with an added DMAE extract added to its mix, Centrophenoxine can be used as a memory boosting choline source all on its own, rather than just as a simple choline source.

Uridine Monophosphate-A slightly weaker extended release version of CDP Choline, it also lasts much longer than the hugely popular choline source.

Saint John’s Wort-Frequently used by Body Builders, helps to lower stress and anxiety levels.

Maca Root Extract-Can boost muscle recovery and overall quality of sleep.

Ashwagandha-A powerful adaptogen drug that is very effective at lowering stress and anxiety levels.Snorting Kratom

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside-Twice as powerful as Ashwagandha overall.

Gynostemma-Ten times more powerful than Ashwagandha and five times stronger than Rhodiola Rosea.

Pyritinol-This drug is also known commonly as Encephabol, and has been used in Europe for centuries as a general cognitive enhancement drug.

Dandelion Root Extract-Helps to improve memory and overall clarity of thought.

D-Aspartic Acid-Powerful testosterone boosting supplement, frequently taken as a sexual enhancement drug and by weight lifters who are looking to make faster gains.

Milk Thistle Extract-Said to be able to open up the lungs allowing you to breathe better and healthier, though I couldn’t find any actual conclusive research to attest to this fact.

Liposomal Resveratrol-Liposomal resveratrol is one of the more interesting drugs on this list, in that it allows the user to recover faster from other drugs. If you’re reading an article about snorting Kratom, you may want to consider adding this to your nootropics stack.

And a host of other similar and related nootropics compounds, read on or subscribe for additional details.

Snorting Kratom, and The Ensuing Crash and Withdrawal Symptoms That Will Soon Follow

Snorting Kratom, no matter how high your tolerance to the drug already is, or how experienced you are with taking Kratom and Nootropics in general, is going to have a huge crash once it wears off. It’s not going to be like a large caffeine or energy drink crash, as Kratom isn’t anything like these drugs, and is instead entirely different. The crash of Kratom will be the opposite of the amazing effects that you feel from the drug when you typically take it, and will usually result in an increase in anxiety, headaches, pain around your body, your receptors that control your endorphins and your response to pain will be somewhat more sensiitve, and it will likely be difficult for you to sleep, this is true for those users that snort Kratom, and not necessarily for those that take the drug orally.

Oral use is a lot more predictable and mild than in users who snort Kratom, and this is because the drug was intended to be used orally, when snorting drugs, the crash is usually going to be a lot harder, and is going to take a lot more of a toll on the users mind and body than oral use ever would. This is especially true for Kratom, in which taking the drug by mouth will lead to a subtle, clean comedown from Kratom, whereas snorting the drug will put you in a world of pain after it wears off, it also burns like crazy, take it by mouth, snorting Kratom just isn’t worth it!

Why Snorting Kratom Over The Long Term Can Put Your Nose, Your Brain, Your Mind and Your Body In a World of Pain

Snorting Kratom even once, and especially if you’re going to be doing it on a very regular and long term basis, is going to have some very detrimental effects on your mind body and nose. When you snort Kratom, initially it is going to burn your nose like crazy, as the powder was not really intended to be snorted and although people do this, it is very high risk and dangerous. Aside from this, it makes the drug a lot more addictive, as the effects and the high that you’re going to get from Kratom when you snort the drug, is going to be much more pronounced than if you had taken the drug orally, this will make the drug more addictive both physically and psychologically, and will also cause a myriad of side effects that would not have otherwise occured while using the drug. For further research on this, you can checkout the .gov research studies right here at the URLs below, these are clinical trials that have extensively been done on Kratom.

Is It Even Legal to Be Snorting Kratom In My Own Home If I Am in a State Like Florida, Where Kratom Florida Laws, or Arizona Kratom Laws, Put The Drug as Legal?

Legally speaking, it is technically legal to snort Kratom, if it is in a state where the drug is legal, such as Florida or Arizona, if I remember correctly, and you are in the privacy of your own home doing it, and not doing it out in the open off of a like a park bench or something. The law does not discriminate, usually, about the route of administration of which a drug is being used, and while I wouldn’t go around bragging about your snorting Kratom to all your neighbors, legally speaking, if it is legal to purchase, then it is legal to purchase as long as you do so in the sancitity of your own dwelling. If the land lord catches you doing this however and you’re in the sanctitiy of your own apartment, since it is technically his building, he may evict you or ask you to revoke your lease, just my two cents worth of experience with things that I have read online.

Does Snorting Kratom Burn, and How Can You Get the Burn To Go Away After You’ve Already Done This and Can’t Take It Back?

Yes, snorting Kratom absolutely burns like a bat out of heck. When you snort Kratom, you introduce a foreign substance into the nasal passages of your nose, which are prone to rupturing, and as such will cause pain in your nostrils, as well as likely a sore throat since the drip from Kratom will be swallowed after you snort the drug, and will not necessarily feel very comfortable in the back of your throat. The burn from Kratom will likely burn similar to that of if you were snorting preworkout, and may be more or less as painful depending on both the strain used, and the person that is ingesting the substance, as each person’s biology is different.

It is likely going to burn for between one and two hours, and a way that you can get the burn to let up a bit more Snorting Kratomquickly is to put water of your nose, to blow your nose, and to possibly use some type of a pure saltwater saleine solution or a netti pot, something that will drain out your sinuses. This will likely help to wash out any residual powder that is still stuck in there that is causing the burn, however the best way to stop the burn from happening is to prevent it, which means no snorting of foreign substances or powders!

Why Snorting Kratom Is Always a Bad Idea, and Why No Individual Should Ever Do This

I can think of about ten reasons off of the top of my head for why snorting Kratom is not exactly the smartest idea in the book, including a burning sensation immediately after, a debilitating crash, the increased risk of addiction and side effects, and the fact that the drug is going to last about half as long than if you had taken the drug orally! If you’re thinking of snorting Kratom, you may want to consider instead simply using the drug orally, even at a slightly higher dosage than you are used to taking, as it will significantly improve the safety and lower the possible addictiveness of the drug. Oral use of Kratom however, is not something that I want to advise against taking, and is instead something that I would highly recommend for occasional and proper use, as it can really lower anxiety levels, give you a good nootropic and euphoric effect, Kratom is also very safe for oral use, and can often help those dealing with opiate addiction to get over their withdrawal symptoms.

Snorting Kratom, and the Kratom Euphoria That This Can Cause While The Drug Is Working

When you snort Kratom, I’ll be totally honest, the ensuing euphoria is going to be rather grand, and you are going to feel good, nice, high, and almost like you had ingested a painkiller. With this in mind however, the effects of this are generally going to be short lived, and when the drug wears off, a crash that can include depression, headaches, and sweats will occur, while none of this is going to happen with oral use. Snorting Kratom is also typically going to skyrocket your tolerance to the drug, meaning that you are going to need to rapidly increase your dosage, and that when you go back to taking the drug orally, you’ll have to take a much much higher amount of the drug, and as such it will also not last nearly as long, stick to oral use if you want to keep your Kratom tolerance low for years and years to come.

Here Is the Gist of What Snorting Kratom Is Going to Feel Like, and Of What Your Experience Is Likely Going to Be Should You Decide to Snort Kratom

When you draw out a line of powder to snort Kratom, assuming you have never done this before, your heart beat will likely start to gradually increase, partially in anticipation and excitement, but also in anxiety about what you are about to do. Should this not serve as as much of a warning sign to you to back down now and take the drug orally instead, you will be greeted by a very unpleasant burning sensation once you rail that first line of the drug, and if you use the dollar bill trick, where you roll up a dollar bill and snort the powder that way, you will have a much stronger burning sensation than if you just plug one nostril with your finger and snort the drug this way, as it will hit the back of your nose much harder.

After this, for around one to three hours, depending on the dosage you’ve ingested and how high your previous tolerance to the drug is, you will feel a very calming, yet also energetic euphoric high that is going to last for around one to three hours, before the debilitating crash sets in. You will feel uneasy, quite possibly nauseaous, the burning sensation may still be lingering around if you haven’t used a saline solution or netti pot in order to rinse it out, and you will have difficulty sleeping, will be more sensitive to pain, and will likely feel a sort of chill.

With oral use, these crash effects are not as pronounced, so just for the sake of safety, be sure to always take the drug by mouth as it was intended. For more fear mongering articles relating to the snorting of other related Nootropics and Smart Drugs, including Piracetam, Aniracetam, Adrafinil, Modafinil and Adderall, checkout the categories on the right hand side of this page and go to our “snorting,” category for more details. Snorting Kratom is among the highest risk drugs of the entire list, and I would not snort Kratom if you paid me to, along with Tianeptine, Phenibut, and a few other nootropics, so be sure to really think hard before you make high risk choices like this with nootropics and Smart Drugs.

Final Thoughts on Snorting Kratom, and Why You Should Always Take the Drug Orally Rather Than Resorting to Insufflation of Kratom

Well, there you have it, my full, definitive, 3000 word+ guide to snorting Kratom, why it is incredibly dangerous, and why you always stick to oral use of the drug instead. If you or a friend is considering snorting Kratom, read up on or show your friend this article, as it may talk him out of a potentially seriously high risk decision, you or your friend however, should be entirely fine with the use of a low dosage of Kratom if it is instead taken orally as it was intended to be used. For more information on Kratom and a whole host of other similar and related Smart Drugs and Nootropics, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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