Snorting Adderall, Why Snorting Adderall Is Incredibly Dangerous and Addictive

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Snorting Adderall, Why Snorting Adderall Is Incredibly Dangerous and Addictive, and Why It Should Never Be Attempted!

Snorting Adderall is something that is incredibly dangerous, that is actually becoming more popular among college students, people who abuse their ADHD medication and prescriptions, and among those who are trying to get ahead or work harder and faster in school, on a project, and the like. The fact that some individuals are actually resorting to snorting Adderall in order to get a quick edge, or just to get high, is quite disturbing, and for this reason, this article is one that I have been wanting to write about for a long time.

Throughout this blog post, I will go into the dangers of snorting this amphetamine based drug, and I will also show you exactly what it feels like when you snort Adderall, the euphoric high that you’ll experience, how your nose will burn after snorting Adderall (and often times your throat too from the drip,) and of why oral use of Adderall is always generally going to be the better choice. We’ll also look at the crash that Adderall has, both when the drug is snorted, where the crash is extremely ugly and rapid, versus that of when the drug is taken orally how the drug was intended to be used, and of how these differ significantly. For more information on this and other similar and related nootropics and Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.
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Here’s What Happens When You Start Snorting Adderall Over Both the Short and Long Term

The first time you snort Adderall will likely be something that you’ll remember for a long long time, as it is very powerful, incredibly euphoric, and puts you in a mental state that not a lot of drugs on this planet can match with regards to feeling so damn good, heck I would even go as far as to say that it can sometimes trump sex for the time it lasts. In any context, while snorting Adderall is extremely dangerous, there’s no doubt that it works, and that it works very well indeed. The first time you snort an Adderall pill, whether it is an XR or an IR, either will produce similar effects, as it is chemically the same exact drug and both are likely to be crushed anyways, though the Adderall IR is the much more commonly abused of the two. In order to fully illustrate exactly what it’s like when you snort Adderall, consider the following scenario, and the Reddit and related forum reviews that follow.

You’re a college student about to give his senior year a run for its money, you’re looking to maybe try for your masters degree, and to get your hands on that “MBA,” that every single school professor, not to mention your parents, friends and classmates, have been talking about and drilling into your head for literally years on end. With a Grade Point Average right on the border of what it might take to get into any sort of reputable masters degree program, for the next three semesters in a row, totaling over ten classes with difficult math, ruthless college professors, and little to no room for error, you turn to a shiny new bottle of pills that your doctor has given you that will supposedly “help you with your ADD and ADHD,” known simply as “Adderall,” or “Dextroamphetamine Sulfate,” if you want to get right down to the specifics of what it says on your prescription bottle.

Now, let’s pretend that you’ve been using Adderall almost daily for the past year, and have gotten a 4.0 GPA in 2 out of the 3 semesters of college in which you needed in order to graduate with honors and take your shot at a reputable Masters degree program. All is riding on this one last semester, and having built up a tolerance to Adderall over the last 9 months or so from your daily usage, you’re a little bit rough around the edges, and are starting to think about snorting your Adderall prescription occasionally in order to power up the drug’s effects a little bit on days where you need to really be on your A-game, like test days, big speeches for your senior project, studying for final exams, and the like of all the possible situations that you might come across while in college.

While this may sound like a harmless trick in order to get ahead, you soon realize that after working like a charm the initial few times, when you go back to using the drug orally, as it was intended to be taken, that your tolerance has absolutely skyrocketed, and the drug does not do for you what it used to! You’re now in something of a trap, a horrible circumstance overall, and are looking at pushing through either a long road of addiction, withdrawal and chaos in order to meet the demands of life, or trying to find a middle ground and balance everything before it collapses!
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Why Long Term, Snorting Adderall Is a Really Bad Idea, For your Fortune and Your Health!

You can see now from my long and detailed account of an Adderall user’s anecdote, that I’ve likely met a few SWIMS in my time that are either in this exact scenario now, who will be in this scenario in the future, or who have had to ride through this exact thing in the past. When you start snorting Adderall, your tolerance to the drug, not to mention cravings, physical and psychological addiction risks, and the increase of more intense Adderall crashes and Adderall withdrawal symptoms, all shoot up significantly. Think of it like this, when taking Adderall orally, the drug usually will take around an hour to properly cross the Blood Brain Barrier, not to mention to be digested, have the capsule or tablet properly broken down in your intestines, and finally, to create an effect in the brain. It is slow, spread out, calculating, and medically the safest way to use the drug.

When snorting the drug however, the drug is literally going to kick in almost instantaneously, and this will usually cause an immediate rush of euphoria, a burning sensation in your nostrils, and a spike in your initial heart rate due to the stimulant hitting your blood stream. While oral use of the drug is usually only going to kick in after around an hour of ingesting the substance, snorting Adderall will literally kick in within about what is usually 60 seconds, making this incredibly addictive mentally, not to mention terrible for your tolerance level.

When you snort Adderall, because the drug kicks in so fast and hard, only to quickly wear off, Adderall is usually going to be ingested over and over again in order to function properly, which gets very habit forming, and will ruin your tolerance level, skyrocketing it so that oral use of the drug will no longer work as it was intended to, as well as causing you to mentally crave the drug constantly, and for you to have issues with depression, anxiety and sluggishness due to the withdrawal and comedown effects of the drug beginning to start. Oral use of Adderall, with a legitamate prescription from your doctor and under proper supervision, is the only way that this drug was intended to be or should be used.

Despite these warnings and possible addiction risks, many users take to stacking Nootropics atop their Adderall prescription, and while I don’t recommend this generally speaking, on days in which you don’t take the drug, this can really be a beneficial alternative to Adderall, since the drug does not have as many side effects as Adderall does. With this in mind, the following are the most commonly stacked nootropic drugs with Adderall:

Piracetam-The original nootropic drug, Piracetam is commonly used to improve mood, memory, focus and overall energy levels in the user, is very safe and has over fifty years of research to back up its effectiveness.
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Aniracetam-Five times more powerful than Piracetam, and with an added anti anxiety effect that Piracetam lacks, making it hugely popular among those individuals that are always really stressed out, like those that are in high pressure careers.

Oxiracetam-Fifteen times stronger than Piracetam, and called the speedy Racetam for how it can significantly jack up energy levels and productivity in the user in question that is taking the Racetam.

Pramiracetam-Pramiracetam is the strongest of the Racetams, aside from the crazy obscure ones that are either super expensive or hard to find, and is generally said to be around thirty times stronger than Piracetam, known widely for its great benefits on improving a users memory.

Noopept-One thousand times more powerful than Piracetam, is very potent at jacking up your senses and visual perception to your environment, basically just an enhanced Piracetam that is still going to require a useful choline source, like Alpha GPC or CDP Choline, and that is also classified as an Ampakine and Peptide based nootropic drug.

Nefiracetam-Around one hundred times more powerful than Piracetam, and with some obscure benefits and side effects that Piracetam does not have, making it one of the most risky and unknown nootropic drugs on this list.

Fasoracetam-Fasoracetam is one of the most unknown Racetams currently available, and is currently only sold at I believe Smart Drugs for and Smart Drugs for, with both online shops charging very high prices for the drug. Said to be around five hundred times more powerful than Piracetam overall.

Coluracetam-Coluracetam is around 750 times more powerful than Piracetam, and is unique from most of the other Racetams on this list in that it has a built in choline mechanism to its molecular structure, or though the saying goes on the internet, and generally does not require as much choline as some of the other Racetams, like Piracetam or Aniracetam does. With this in mind, taking a choline source with this Racetam is still recommended just for the sake of caution.

Alpha Brain-A powerful and hugely popular nootropics stack created by Onnit labs, a combination of over 13 different herbal supplement nootropics all blended neatly into one capsule.

The Ciltep Nootropics Stack Compound-A unique nootropic stack made and developed by Onnit labs, Ciltep is a combination of Forskolin and Artichoke extract, and generally will work to create an effect in the brain similar to that of Modafinil, however it is not quite as powerful as this, yet still very much effective.Snorting Adderall

CDP Choline-The most popular choline source on the market, CDP Choline should be and usually is taken with most all Racetam nootropics.

Alpha GPC Choline-The most powerful from of choline currently on the market, albeit for some reason not necessarily the most popular. Alpha GPC Choline is around five times more powerful than CDP Choline, and is found in top nootropics stacks like Ciltep and Alpha Brain.

Uridine Monophosphate-An extended release form of CDP Choline, Uridine Monophosphate is somewhat weaker than CDP Choline, yet also lasts a lot longer than the drug.

Centrophenoxine-A unique form of CDP Choline with an added DMAE extract to the mix of it, very useful as a choline source as well as as a nootropic all on its own.

Ashwagandha-Powerful adaptogen used for anxiety relief.

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside-Said to be five times stronger than Ashwagandha.
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Gynostemma-Ten times stronger than Ashwagandha, and generally speaking the most powerful adaptogen currently available for sale in the online market.

Saint John’s Wort-Useful among bodybuilders and for those looking to lower general levels of anxiety, can also have a profound nootropic effect on those users where it significantly helps them in this matter.

Fish Oil-Fish oil isn’t really a nootopic per se, but it can actually prove very beneficial in those users that are taking Adderall, as the drug can often times cause problems with nutrient deficiencies, and this can make sure that patients that are taking the drug have an adequate supply of omega 3 fatty acids.

Krill Oil-Basically the exact same thing as fish oil just with a different name, and normally sold at a somewhat pricier bargain as well.

And a host of other similar and related nootropic drugs, subscribe or read on for more information.

My Fear of Why Snorting Adderall Is So Dangerous, The Stress On Your Heart Rate!

My main fear of users who snort Adderall, and why this is so dangerous, aside from the crazy dangerous effects that it has on the additive potential on a users brain, is the physical effects that it can have on a users heart rate, as Adderall has been frequently known for decades now to put added stress on the heart and to possibly even cause heart palipitations in extreme cases! Adderall, as an amphetamine, influences the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine (adrenaline,) histamine to a small degree, and a host of other similar and related neurotransmitters in the brain.

When these stimulant neurotransmitters are excited in the brain (often times called simply excitatory neurotransmitters,) they not only ramp up the functions of the brain that contribute to focus, mood, memory and motivation, the areas that are having troubles in those patients that are dealing with ADD and ADHD, but they also are going to usually cause physical effects on the body.

The brain and body are not seperate, and are instead each a very large part of one, interconnected organism, and one does not function without the other. In order for Adderall to properly exert its effect on users, and to really make them have an effect in the brain that is really going to affect their focus and energy levels so that they can learn and study more effectively, heart rate, physical energy, and the actual energy of your physical body, is going to need to be elevated as well, and this usually is going to occur as a by-product of the increased mental energy. Now why is this dangerous you might ask? Well it’s not under the right conditions, these being in those patients that actually have ADD and ADHD, or who take the drug orally under a doctor’s supervision.

However for those patients that are snorting Adderall day after day, or even on an infrequent basis, they are making the drug much more potent not only for the mind, but also for the body and the heart. The snorting of Adderall can usually lead to a rapidly increased heart rate, and while this does not always cause heart palitipations, it is definitely something that should not be overlooked when deciding whether or not to snort Adderall, as a high risk, nuts for thrills Adderall user.

Don’t snort Adderall, as it’s not worth the risk for a temporary high that is going to quite literally last 25% as long as it would if you had taken the drug orally, espeically when the risk if heart palipitations, sweating, increased body temperature, having a bady body odor and breath as Adderall can sometimes cause, as well as a host of other symptoms, stick to oral use of Adderall as the drug was intended to be taken and when using ADHD psychostimulant, amphetamine or methylphenidate based medication, always be sure to never take more than the recommended amount, as this can be the fast track to addiction and withdrawal.

Snorting Adderall Instant Release Tablets Dose By Dose, and Why This is the Go To of Most Adderall Users

For users that are going to be snorting Adderall, whether over the short term or on a regular basis, unfortunately Adderall Instant Release (Adderall IR,) is the go to pill, as it is the easiest to crush and snort, and not to mention is the fastest acting of the two types of Adderall currently on the market, these being instant release and extended release Adderall. When you snort Adderall XR, it is actually incredibly difficult, not to mention a lot more work and a lot more dangerous for your nose, because it is a lot harder to crush into a fine powder that you can snort, whereas this is not necessarily the case with the Instant Release tablets.
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Adderall XR usually comes in a capsule, filled with little yellow, red or orange beads, depending on whether or not you’re using Adderall generic brands, or the name brand prescriptions which are usually a lot more expensive. Because Adderall XR comes in a capsule, it is generally the more difficult of the two to insufflate, and this is because when doing this, you actually need to break open the capsule, crush up all the little yellow beads, and then do what you’re going to do, a few extra steps that does not come with the Adderall IR tablets.

Snorting Adderall Extended Release Tablets (Adderall XR,) Why This is much more Difficult, and How You Can Dissolve the XR Beads of the Drug In Water In Order to More Easily Spread Out the Dosage of the Drug

Snorting Adderall Extended Release capsules, Adderall XR, as stated in the former paragraph, is usually going to be much more difficult than just crushing up and snorting an Adderall instant release tablet. When users snort an Adderall XR, they are forced to literally, step by step, open up the capsule slowly and carefully without letting the little yellow beads fly everywhere, find something, like a mortar and pestle or a cooking ware piece, or whatever the heck it is to crush up the beads into powder, and then use either something to snort Adderall or just dive into the pile, all of which carries huge risks, is very time consuming, and is pretty downright stupid. I get that sometimes Adderall XR capsules can some in a high dosage, and sometimes something that is too high for comfort, however there is another way than snorting the drug to ensure that you can break up your dosage safely.

One of two ways you can do this is by dissolving your Adderall XR beads in water, which is very much safer than snorting the drug as long as you stick to the normal recommended dosage or below it. Because the time release of the beads will usually be killed, the time release of the drug will be stopped, and you will essentially have a disgusting tasting bottle of Adderall water that you can use to break up your Adderall dosage, rather than taking it all at once in the capsule.

The water tastes disgusting, does not last quite as long, and you can’t really store the bottle of Adderall water for very long. I’m giving you this as a sort of last resort option to try and deter you from snorting Adderall, as this can be extremely dangerous, and while I don’t necessarily recommend dissolving your Adderall XR in water either, as this is not usually the standard practice when taking ADHD medication that is prescribed by your doctor, however if you’re reading a blog post online about snorting the drug, this may be a better option than doing that. Another thing that you can do is put the beads on something like yogurt or pudding, and swallow them whole atop the food, as this can help you to break up the dosage a lot more effectively than most other methods.

What Dosages Do Adderall Users Typically Start Snorting, In Comparison To What They Would Typically Take Orally?

Usually when users are snorting Adderall, the only thing that is somewhat tolerable about it, is that the drug is usually ingested in much smaller dosages than if the drug were taken orally, which is good, as otherwise there would be quite rampant overdoses of the drug present on the market, which would be scary indeed. The snorting of Adderall and Adderall abuse in general should not be taken lightly however, as it is very true that it can quickly spiral out of control, leading to addiction, dependence, withdrawal, and a host of other nasty risks and side effects that can seriously affect the user in negative ways.

When snorting this drug, if you are going to do so and the fear mongering statements present in this article haven’t deterred you from doing so yet, it is absolutely imperative that you take the lowest dosage absolutely possible, which is usually one tenth to one eigth of what you would usually take by mouth, if you use the same amount nasally thatSnorting Adderall you would take orally, you will get an extremely bad reaction to the drug, your heart rate will spike to a place that does not feel comfortable at all, and you will generally feel uneasy for at least several hours until the drug wears off.
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Now again please don’t do this, blahblahblah, but if you’re set on doing it anyways, often times a blog post isn’t going to stop you (for some of you readers out there that is, I’d like to think that I have at least turned off some of my readers from railing Adderall and Adderall use and abuse in general, for whatever number of reasons that I have listed in this extensive blog post,) and in this case, be sure to always take the lowest dosage humanly possible. Be sure to start off with a dosage that is about the size of a pea, and to only move up from there after this wears off, as this is imperative to avoid extreme side effects and the excess risk of overdose from Adderall.

Here Is What the High of Snorting Adderall Feels Like

Now here’s to the scary part of the article, and that is the fact that snorting Adderall can absolutely get you high, as goes with abusing any powerful prescription medication, and especially in the cases of amphetamine based ADHD psychostimulant medications. When you snort an Adderall, the drug quickly passes the Blood Brain Barrier, within a matter of minutes, and as such will kick in very quickly, you will feel an instant jolt of energy, and will feel very talkative, moody, upbeat and euphoric, and productive and focused.

Unlike when you take an Adderall orally however, where the mood boosting euphoria and focusing effects of the drug are somewhat controlled in their release and mechanism of action, when you snort an Adderall, the time release is broken down fully, the drug kicks in almost instantly, you are ingesting the drug in a way that is much more powerful than if you had taken it by mouth, and as such your brain usually crashes from the drug very fast, and it crashes hard too.

The Adderall crash from snorting the amphetamine based prescription drug can rapidly turn into something depressing and exhausting within just hours after the initial dosage of Adderall is snorted, and while it can sometimes be a lot longer, as much as several hours, it still falls a lot harder and faster than if you had used Adderall oral, the way that the drug was intended to be used. If you’re going to take Adderall IR or Adderall XR, my advice to you is to be safe, get a legitamate doctor’s prescription and only take the drug under the proper supervision under a licensed health care professional, and only with a legitamate reason for ADD or ADHD, under their actual dosing guidelines as suggested.

How Does Snorting Adderall Impact Your Sex Drive? Depending on the Person, It Either Skyrockets, Or Stops Completely!

I’ll touch on this topic just a little bit here, in as much as I have written an entire other 3000 word+ blog post on the topic of this already in another article under the “Adderall,” category on the right hand side of this blog. Adderall in general, and especially in the cases of which users are snorting Adderall, can really wreak havoc on your sex drive, causing it to either fizzle out completely, giving you near erectyle dysfunction until the drug’s effects wear off, or making your sex drive sky rocket, distracting you from your work until you get some type of sexual release, a rather annoying tick that the drug causes, and the category that many people that I know who take the drug are in.

Whether you see this as an unintended benefit and use it to get extra frisky during “me time,” with yourself, or use it for better sex with your significant other, whether you’re sad about having temporary Erectyle dysfunction while taking the drug, or whether you find it as something of a relief so that you can finally focus on the work at hand, your overall perspective about how Adderall affects your sex drive is going to dictate how it affects your mental ability to focus and work.

Now before we wrap up this quick little snippet on Adderall, sex, orgasms on Adderall, and why Adderall can sometimes make people more inclined to use pornography, it is important to realize that the enhancement of sex drive for those users that are taking Adderall is not necessarily something that is male centered by any means, and in fact I have friends who are females who every single time they take the drug, they mastrubate to orgasm as it makes them incredibly horny. There are also tons of movies that talk about the wife or girlfriend getting super sexually active once they’re on Dexedrine and giving their significant others the rides of their life! But why does Adderall boost sex drive, after all its supposed to enhance my focus, memory and motivation right?
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Well, yes and no, Adderall is by no means a drug that is meant to enhance sex drive, however while it is prescribed for use as a focus enhancement drug for those dealing with ADHD and ADD, there’s no specific “focusing circuit,” in the brain that Adderall acts on directly. Instead it improves mood boosting and energy enhancement neurotransmitters of the brain, which increase pleasure, energy and motivation overall, not just when you’re at work or when you’re studying for that math test, the motivation and drive from the extra dopamine flowing around in your brain can also apply to sex, making you much more “motivated,” and inclined to either rub one out or try and have sex with your partner all day long. Be aware however, that whether snorting or taking Adderall by mouth, this drug can boost sex drive to the extreme in some instances, leading you to masturbate to pornography, or have sex with your partner for hours and hours on end, something to keep in mind if you really need to study for your math test or get that project done for work on a moments notice.

The Research on Snorting Adderall and Why It’s Incredibly Dangerous

Now, there isn’t a whole lot of research on snorting Adderall directly, as they don’t usually do clinical trials on people who are railing prescription amphetamines, however there is plenty of research on the side effects, abuse, misuse, overdoses, withdrawal and addiction that Adderall can cause, which is more than enough for us to do a very thorough analysis of users that are snorting Adderall, and what is likely to happen to them over the short and long term. I’ve also included some studies on what happens to your nose when you snort stuff that you’re not supposed to snort, like drugs, and of what this does to the lining of your nostrils, and of how this can cause chronic nosebleeds, nasal pain and burning, itchy nostrils, and screwed up sinuses that will last for years after you’ve been snorting the drug, obviously to the extreme this only happens in those that really snort the drug for long periods of time.

To read more on this topic, checkout the following research links below:

Read on for more research in the next paragraph.

The Online Reviews of Snorting Adderall, And Why It Doesn’t Look Like a Good Idea At All

Snorting Adderall, and the reviews about this on popular drug and nootropics forums like Reddit, Bluelight, Erowid and a host of other similar and related forums, are actually all very scary, as they make snorting Adderall to look very dangerous and addictive from their general testimonials and expriences. I’ll spare you the details of what specifically they say in favor of actually showing you the user reviews right here, enjoy!

Now who the heck wants to take the risk of having to go through all of that just so they can start snorting some Adderall? Now me I’ll tell you that before, heed both my and this noble Redditors advice, don’t snort Adderall, the risks outweigh any possible rewards.

Why Does Snorting Adderall Make You Feel Such a Powerful Adderall Euphoria? The Mystery of the Adderall Dopamine Reaction in the Brain, As Well as Other Related Receptors

Why do people start snorting Adderall, and why does the rush of Adderall euphoria that this drug causes seems so potent compared to users that take the drug orally? Well aside from kicking in almost immediately, the reason is that Adderall triggers a huge rush of dopamine in the brain, that is incredibly strong when the drug is snorted or Snorting Adderallinsufflated, and when you snort the drug, because it kicks in a lot faster, it feels like the high is a lot stronger due to a little something called instnat gratification. With this in mind however, the high is short lived, and for spreading out your Adderall dosage as much as possible, and for trying to make the drug really last throughout the day, oral use is always the obvious winner with regards to this idea.

To be clear also, snorting Adderall isn’t the only ADHD psychostimulant medication that creates this effect and in fact when users do this same exact thing with other Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD,) medications, such as in cases of those users snorting Dexedrine, snorting Ritalin, snorting Focalin, snorting Dexedrine, snorting Concerta, and a host of other ADHD medications, the same exact effect occurs, and sometimes in a way that is even more powerful than Adderall. Now let’s wrap this blog post up a little bit, as I’m getting tired, this post is running to over 5500 words already, and I can’t really think about anything else related to snorting Adderall that’s intereting enough to write about, and so without further ado, onto the final conclusion paragraph.

Final Thoughts on Snorting Adderall, Why Some Users Do It, and Why This is Something That You Should Absolutely Stay Away From!

To sum up this rather definitive and lengthy blog post at this time, I’ll say this much about snorting Adderall, each and every single time you do it, you are putting yourself at a greater and greater risk. In all honesty, you might very well get away with doing it the first time, the first two times, or even the first three or four times without any real bad side effects or feelings of addictiveness, however eventually, whether its that fifth time, the sixth, or even the tenth time, you’re going to get hooked, you’re going to start feeling like crap if you don’t have your fix of snorted Adderall for that day, and you’re going to start to sweat, have a significantly increased body temperature, develop side effects that you never thought Adderall could cause, and have a whole host of other additional problems on your body, your mind and brain, and on your nose due to the excess snorting of Adderall.

My best advice to you in this respect, is to not even start and to only stick to oral use of the drug when it’s prescribed by a licensed, legitamate M.D. doctor, and when you actually have ADD or ADHD. For more information on this and other similar and related drugs, supplements, nootropics and Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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