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Smart Drugs Review of Smart Drugs vs Nootropics Long-Term

This article will be about twelve drugs that are known as nootropics or “smart drugs.” They are designed to improve attention, motivation and other mental functions. Note that several of these have alternate market names. It will feature a full Smart Drugs review of the main twelve Smart Drugs.


Sunifram is a drug of the piperazine group, an organic compound consisting of rings with nitrogen at either end. How safe it is in humans is not yet known, but Sunifiram capsules are a thousand times as strong as Piracetam, discussed later in this review. You can buy Sunifiram in bottles of ninety ten-milligram capsules. The drug is among the rarest and most sought-after nootropic medications.


This drug is prescribed as a peptide in Russia and nearby countries and marketed in the United States as a dietary supplementary. One can buy Noopept in either thirty- or ninety-count bottles. Noopept capsules are… According to certain Noopept reviews (e. g. that given on, this is the best nootropic drug of all — it is at once both the safest and the most potent, and it helps improve memory and glucose and oxygen uptake.

Adrafinil, Our Smart Drugs Review Continued

Adrafinil is used specifically to treat excessive inattention and drowsiness. The consumer can buy Adrafinil in bottles of 30, 60 or 90 pills. The Adrafinil capsule may be either 200 or 300 mg, and the bottle contains.
Adrafinil reviews by users have on the whole been positive; one user did have bad side effects, but only because he had not regarded the warnings given b his pain doctor; they have since subsided. The drug is not yet regulated by the FDA, and the equivalent government body in France withdrew it from the market in September 2011 owing to cases of unpleasant reactions thereto and the low risk-to-benefit ratio of the medication, which had previously been marketed there under the trade name of Olmifon. It is possible to buy Adrafinil without the prescription of a physician.


As its name indicates, Phenylpiracetam is Pirecetam (discussed below) in phenylated form, making it sixty times Smart Drugs Reviewmore powerful than the older drug. (Phenyl rings have the basic formula C6H5.) Phenylpiracetam capsules are not widely available; instead, consumers buy Phenylpiracetam in a ten-milligram or one-gram powder tub. The drug has been outlawed in sports by the World Anti-Doping Agency, a foundation created to help battle the use of drugs in sports; it is known to increase both the stamina and the cold weather tolerance of athletes.

CDP choline

CDP choline, or citicoline, is commonly used to treat memory disorders and vision problems such as amblyopia and glaucoma, and to reduce the chances of impairment or death after an ischemic stroke. It is also prescribed to reduce cocaine cravings. You can buy CDP choline in bottles that contain either 60 or 120 250-mg CDP choline capsules.

Our Smart Drugs Review of Relaxant Nootropics


Phenibut, a depressive of the central nervous system, has been a standard element of the kits of Soviet cosmonauts since 1975. In addition to Phenibut capsules — which can be bought in bottles of ninety — one can buy Phenibut powder in large or small pouches. It relieves stress and sleep disorders.

A Continued Smart Drugs Review of Picamilon Long-Term


First developed in 1969 in the Soviet Union, Picamilon is sold as a prescription drug there and as a dietary supplement in the United States. Picamilon capsules may be either 90- or 150-mg, and you can buy Picamilon in the form of a 1.41-oz. sodium salt that helps the user relax and sleep better.


Piracetam, developed as a prescription drug in the Soviet Union in 1983, is similar to Sunifram but much less potent. It is not legally sold as a dietary supplement in the United States, nor does it have FDA approval. You therefore cannot get Piracetam capsules; however, it is possible to buy Piracetam powder (250 g) from such places as Nootropics Depot.

Our Smart Drugs Review of Racetam Capsules


A prescription drug in Europe, Aniracetam has not yet received FDA approval. Most Aniracetam reviews, however, have not reported any unusual side effects, and you can buy Aniracetam capsules or bulk powder from stores like Smart Powders (60 750 mg capsules or 30 g respectively).


Smart Drugs ReviewOxiracetam, a mild stimulant, has no FDA approval, nor do pharmacologists really know its mechanism of action. This does not make it illegal, though; consumers can buy Oxiracetam capsules in bottles of 100 600-mg pieces from Nootriment and some other manufacturers. Our Smart Drugs Review continues with a group of even more powerful nootropics and Smart Drugs for the brain.

Smart Drugs Review of the Two Most Powerful Smart Drugs


Neither the FDA nor the European Medicines Agency has approved of Pramiracetam, which may someday get such approval as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. One can buy Pramiracetam capsules (thirty or ninety) or powder at Powder City. It is known to improve memory recall and “fluid intelligence.”


Unlike many of the nootropics discussed here, Modafinil does have FDA approval. It is a wakefulness-promoting agent that increases alertness, though it can have rashes or other side effects. The effects of the drug in counteracting ADHD in children has also been researched. You can buy Modafinil tablets (100 or 200) at almost any drugstore.



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