My Smart Drugs for College Review, Warning, Extremely Biased**!!!!

//My Smart Drugs for College Review, Warning, Extremely Biased**!!!!

My Smart Drugs for College Review, Warning, Extremely Biased**!!

My Smart Drugs for College Review is going to consist of my extremely and totally biased opinion about how the website is one of the best online supplement companies on the web. Why is this Smart Drugs Review biased for me? Well it’s pretty simple actually, I’m the owner of the company, or at least the previous owner! This blog post will describe why the company is awesome, how they purity test each one of their (our;) products, and what I learned on my 2 year journey of running the company before I sold it for $100,000.00! This is a very personal blog post to me, so it’ll be filled with loads of passion and good content, enjoy!

What is Smart Drugs for My Smart Drugs for College Review is a nootropics company in a long line of nootropics websites that is definitely in the top ten nootropics companies out there. I didn’t realize what a brand it was until I mentioned to all of my competitors Smart Drugs for College Reviewthat I was thinking about selling it. Practically overnight I had more offers than I knew what to do with, and my long raised baby had been gobbled up by my ruthless competitors (thanks again guys, got me out of a tight spot financially:). Anyhow, some of the other companies we competed against were




Absorb Your Health

Powder City

and a host of other companies that also sold nootropics and herbal supplements that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

What Made Smart Drugs for College so Great?

Aside from being built by yours truly, the thing that a lot of people liked about the company was THE NAME! People loved the name so much, it just sounded so catchy! It’s ironic in a way because when I came up with the company, I always thought the name was a little bit too high risk, however it really caught on! We didn’t like specifically market to college students or anything, it’s just the name, that’s what was so cool about it. I also thought that our slogan wa pretty cool, it read “When society demands perfection, give it to them.” It works since we’re selling brain supplements that make you smarter, and it’s a hell of a lot better than our old slogan “leave Adderall to the undergrads.” Although that one’s not too bad either, since we were pitching alternatives to it and other similar drugs.

Overall, we had a selection of over 30 products that included

-Milk Thistle









CDP Choline



Hydrafinil…#1 Product, hence the image at the top of the blog post! Margins were so amazing on it!

We also had powerful and natural nootropic herbs such as


Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract 3% Salidroside

Gynostemma-The most powerful Adaptogen known to manSmart Drugs for College Review

Related Products

More Information




Magnesium Citrate

Alpha GPC Choline



and a host of other nootropics. We also had almost 600 blog posts, 10,000 + Users on the website, social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers, and thousands of hits a day on our blog. I got so obsessed with building the website, and spent probably $100,000.00+ of my own money building and growing it. We had an annual revenue of almost $500,000.00 per year, and I was profiting about $10,000.00 a month off the website. Honestly the only reason that we had to sell out was because of payment processing, something that is also causing the death of about a dozen other companies in the nootropics industry.

Payment Processing and Smart Drugs for College, Why We had to Sell Out

Smart Drugs for College was sold 90% due to payment processing, the remaining 10% is because when someone offers you $100,000 all at once, trust me it’s very tempting to take the money. Ah, the day that escrow wire transfer finally came in, nothing but pure orgasm let me tell ya.

Anyhow, so payment processing deemed out website too high risk, and basically all supplement websites for that matter, with every single card processor that I called telling me (we don’t take supplement companies anymore.) After our main payment processor got shut down, we had no way of accepting payments, other than Paypal and Bitcoin, which don’t convert nearly as well, and we also had debt on the company. The best way out seemed to sell it to someone with millions of dollars who can afford to take that kind of a risk, and to cash out and cut our losses, so that’s what we did.

Our Marketing Strategy and How much Cash we Were Spending On It

Our Marketing strategy for my Smart Drugs for College Review was basically the same thing that we’re doing for this website, add as much good content as possible, collect as many emails as possible…which reminds me subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! As well as to hit it with as much organic Search Engine Optimization as humanly possible, which we did by spending upwards of $2 to $5,000.00 per month…yeah you read that right…on Search Engine Optimization, and by spending probably like $1000 on content. In hind sight, we should have focused more on collecting emails from the beginning, and focused that 5000 a month on content creation rather than the nootropics market is extremely competitive…but as they say, hindsight is always 20/20.

I still look back at the days before the sale and see how I could easily have walked away from Smart Drugs for College with Millions of dollars in my bank account…it really sucks to get so close and then have to start from what is basically scratch. I also found out that I could have sold SDFC on for close to $500,000.00 rather than my $100,000, based on their formula for purchasing websites. I remember eating breakfast the day I realized that, about 2 days after the money had been deposited in my bank account and thinking to myself “I’m going to be sick.” But time passes and I realized that a six figure payday for something that I built from the ground up isnt too bad. Plus, as Ray Kroc likes to say “Persistence and Determination are all powerful” with that in mind I’m confident that this website you’re reading right now.…will be worth $1,000,000.00+ inside of a few years! I know because I’m going to make it happen, and I won’t stop until it’s done!

Final Thoughts on My Smart Drugs for College Review of Why SDFC is an Amazing Company Overall!

Hope you enjoyed hearing my success and failure story in my Smart Drugs for College Review on my new website. Subscribe and get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Plus you can see how this new website scales on my journey to $1,000,000.00! All of our products are purity tested to 99.9% purity, and we have over 30 products available in stock, subscribe for more information! Smart Drugs for College is a really great nootropics supplement company that has been around for over 3 years and that should be alive and well for decades to come. At the point of me writing this blog post, we have tens of thousands of happy users and customers and we don’t plan on stopping until we are a multi-million dollar online e-commerce brand! Comment down below with any questions, and sign-up for our newsletter for more info on my journey to 7 figures, as well as information on all things nootropics!



PS. Any comments will be answered within 24 hours, I hope you enjoyed my little memoir blog post here, most aren’t so personal and are more research-and review oriented related to specific Smart Drugs. Until next time, you heard it here first at Nootropics University!



*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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