Sexual Transmutation, How to Do it, Benefits, and Think and Grow Rich

//Sexual Transmutation, How to Do it, Benefits, and Think and Grow Rich

Sexual Transmutation, Benefits, How to do it, and Think and Grow Rich

Sexual Transmutation, as described by the late great Napolean Hill in his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich,” describes the phenomenon by which one’s sex drive can be channeled into creative pursuits if it is not dissipated and is instead allowed to build up in the body. Sex is by far the most powerful of all human desires, and by delaying gratification for long periods of time, whether it be days, weeks, months or even as long as years depending on what your creative or Financial goals are, you can channel the increased energy and intelligence into something of far greater reward than just simple sex. This blog post will serve to talk about chapter 11 of Think and Grow Rich, called “the Art of Sexual Tranmsutation,” it will serve to educate you on how to perform sexual transmutation properly, and will show you how every single successful person ever has used both Sexual Transmutation and persistence in conjunction with one another in order to achieve their overall goals and become successful. Are you a self-improvement junkie looking for the next great way to become successful? Subscribe to our blog and get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00 when you become a reader! We have the best nootropics as far as Fladrafinil, Piracetam, Adrafinil and Noopept, and we’ll let you try them all!
Sexual Transmutation

What is Sexual Transmutation, and What does Sex Have to do with a Smart Drugs Blog?

Well, this isn’t just a Smart Drugs blog, it’s an herbal supplement, beauty and self-enhancement blog that specializes in improving one’s own mental and physical health and pushing readers to their absolute limits. For those who are truly looking to get a type of “Limitless” like effect from any kind of Smart Drug, one should study, understand and cultivate the art of mastering one’s sexual energy.

How it Started for me, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

I had a Mixed Martial Arts Coach “Thanks Coach George, I owe ya one!” who was upset with our lackluster performance in class. The fall semester of high school was just starting, and our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game was progressively getting worse as our coach could tell the combination of both school and martial arts was taking a serious toll on us. When I think of this now it was kind’ve…random that he’d be lecturing a bunch of 15 year old kids about getting rich or whatever while he was just a martial arts instructor….anyways that’s not the point. That day after he mentioned the name of the book, I went home and googled the name, and it wasn’t long before I started reading.

I remember at the age of fifteen I didn’t really grasp the concept of what Napolean Hill was exactly saying, and I think I took too much of the book literally (there’s some nonsense in their about like the subconscious or something….some of it gets pretty…out there.) Once I got to the chapters on sexual transmutation and persistence however, which basically just say that success is made by chanelling your sexual energy into your work, and through never giving up no matter how much crap you have to go through to reach your goals, I started to take a little more of an interest in the book.
Sexual Transmutation
Now, you should definitely read the whole book, but if anything just read the chapters on persistence and sexual transmutation, and you’ll be pretty solid. The guy had some good ideas but he was actually a Quack in practice, he was broke for most of his entire life, he took a job with Andrew Carnegie for absolutely no pay whatsoever running around and interviewing rich people to put together some “secret of success,” log, and didn’t have any decent amount of money until he was like almost 80 years old. He also seemed to believe that instead of hard work creating results, hard work will make you more lucky, which isn’t totally inaccurate but is also kind’ve a strange way of looking at things.

Anyhow, in the chapter on sexual transmutation, it can be somewhat complex as he kind’ve beats around the bush a lot. To sum it up, he basically says to forget about sex entirely, don’t focus on it, just ignore sex for like weeks or months, and use the built up sexual tension and energy towards your work and goals. For men, you may want to checkout nofap, as pornography has recently become a serious crutch that society struggles with, as it drains men of Sexual Transmutationtheir most powerful asset. For women I assume it’s the same thing, although I also know women with healthy pornography habits of who are like mechanical engineering majors in college and that are way smarter than me…so like…I think it only works for guys. Anyhow, Nofap is a fantastic forum for this…just don’t go on there too much, there’s a lot of weirdos who post stuff like “nofap makes you more attractive to women” and other stuff that is just pure crap. Take everything with a grain of salt on there, and in-case you don’t believe me, here’s some of the ridiculous posts I found on there:

I actually stopped going on there because of these, some of them you just shake your head and go “come on guys.” A lot of them are pretty good though, some real hard-core “fapstronauts” as they call themselves, don’t have any sexual release for like 6 months-2 years….which seriously deserves like a medal or something. I think my record has been around forty days, I’d imagine that at 2 years you’d become some sort of super-human or something.

What Sexual Transmutation Feels Like

Okay so at first when you do this, it’s very uncomfortable, but take note of how much more clear, focused and determined your mental state is than after you’ve just ejaculated or had an orgasm. Sexual energy gives the kind of fighting, warrior energy that one needs in order to excel at life, in your career, and even in the bedroom. In the subreddit of nofap, seekers of this sort of lifestyle note much improved confidence at work and in life, many of the guys on there had even talked about increased success with women (with some of the guys on there having had quite the horrible track record with women and pornography, and with some having porn addiction that reached like dozens of times per day…bless their hearts) and turning their life entirely around. Now, will Sexual Transmutation make you a genius overnight? No. But it will make you a lot smarter and a lot more focused that’s for sure!

How to Control Sexual Energy

Sexual transmutation in simple terms, basically just means the transferring of the energy of sex from the means of the physical, to that of your work. Think about how you feel when you’re about to have sex, your body shakes and twitches, you bounce around in a type of euphoria, and all your mind can do is attack and fight for the only thing it wants, the main thing that you were put on this planet to do, and that’s to HAVE SEX AND REPRODUCE! Now imagine if you took this powerful drive for sex, and took that same creativity, clarity of thought and physical energy, and instantly hopped on your computer and thought about all the money you’re going to make with that new tech start-up, or with that new novel? I’m sure the work you get done would be absolutely insane right? Well this is what Sexual Transmutation means! Basically, hold onto and maintain that fighting drive for sexual intercourse, and use it instead towards your goals, ambitions and dreams. In the words of a former business partner and mentor of mine, “Fuck the world not your girl,” speaking about attacking the world and your ambitions with that energy, rather than chasing women.
Sexual Transmutation
-Napolean Hill also talks about the ten mind stimuli in the book, and goes into great detail on how Love is also another hugely important part of the process of success (meaning romantic love with your partner.) He talks about the blending process of Love and sex, and discusses how sex energy without love with absolutely get you to success, but that when it is blended with Love, it is a euphoric, natural potion that makes you work in a bliss of extreme happiness and energy. So while maintaining and using your sexual energy is the most important way to improve the power of your mind and productivity at work, Romantic Love is a damn close second.

Introducing the Subreddit Nofap, a Generation of “Limitless,” Mindset Seekers looking for a Boost

In the subreddit Nofap, users try and get a “streak” that lasts for as long as they can hold back their sexual urges. Why would anyone do this, and doesn’t this sound like pure torture? I mean isn’t sex supposed to be a great way for stress relief and a better mood? Well yes….sex absolutely is. However, masturbation can do the opposite (at least in my own and I think that of most mens experience.” When a man depletes his seed on a very regular basis, women can absolutely tell, he loses the kind of personal magnetism that one’s sexual energy can give, and his drive and fight for both life and his woman is all but dead. When men go online and watch porn for hours and hours on end, they are depleting their dopamine circuits in their brain, and are also weakening their overall sex drive.

Sex gives to men a type of personal magnetism, as well as creativity and much increased energy. For men reading this right now, who are thinking that I am full of fucking shit, try it for a week. Just go seven days, and don’t touch your dick at all, and try not to think of sex (or at least as little as humanly possible.) Instead, every single time you think about jerking off or watching porn, get in front of your computer and write that next blog post, or start that Sexual Transmutation and How to Do Itnext chapter of your book, or do your Accounting homework, or prep for that speech at work, or read that history book you’ve been meaning to dig into, whatever it is that you desire, start your creative pursuit under the influence of sexual energy! Don’t waste your seed, it could be worth Millions!

Why No Orgasm Increases Intelligence and Productivity

In the book Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill talks about sexual energy and intelligence/ideas. While it may seem crazy that something as simple as not jacking off can improve your intelligence (since you’re on a nootropics blog here, maybe its not totally crazy to a lot of you) nature has created Sex for the purpose of three main things

-The procreation of Mankind
Sexual Transmutation
-The Maintence of health (It can relax you when stressed, and keep you energized when needed. It is also a fantastic immune system booster because of its combination of zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals.)

-Turning ideas into Genius through the transmutation of Sexual Energy

But just how does Sexual Energy make one into what some might call a “genius.” Well, nature created sex, and the extreme energy that comes with it. A good definition for Intelligence, can also be called “the mind’s energy, or how stimulated your mind is.” I think anyone reading this can attest to the fact that the more awake you are, whether it’s via coffee or some other kind of stimulant, the more work you can get done, and the faster and more free-flowing your ideas are! Sexual Energy is the most powerful of all human desires! And when driven by this extremely powerful and natural energy, men develop clarity of thought, unbreakable will-power, persistence, and keenness of imagination. Amazing inventors, entrepreneurs, Boxers, Fighters, Presidents, Businessmen, and successful Individuals in all careers (don’t forget about authors) have all admitted to using Sexual Transmutation as a way to propel their career to the next level!

Let’s take a look at some examples

-Finance: In the Pursuit of Happiness, Chris Gardner, Will Smith’s Character, goes without sex for the 6 month duration of his internship after his wife leaves him, and he wins the position!

-There was a famous best-selling author who said he made a deal with his wife that he wouldn’t ejaculate until he made $250,000.00 (which at the time was really a lot of money to them). He said it took him 30 days!

-Dave Asprey, Prolific blogger, entrepreneur and tech executive has a fantasitic talk about this subject, you can watch this video below
Sexual Transmutation

-Boxers-Mike Tyson is quoted as saying that he didn’t have sex for 5 entire years during the peak of his boxing career. He is arguably the most dominant boxer of all time.

-Thomas Edison-Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, lightbulb, electric chair, and compressed electricity (he also stole it from Thomas Edison.)

-Nikola Tesla-Tesla was arguably the most prolific transmuter of all time, and created nearly every cool invention you can imagine. Its said he never ejaculated his entire life.

-Stephen King-Aside from admittedly doing so much Cocaine that he would have cotton balls in his nose while he ws working at the type-writer (not even kidding, check it out: he also admitted to going long periods of time without sex while writing his novels.

What the Rich and the Powerful Have that You Don’t, Stored Sexual Energy and Personal Magnetism

The 1%, and those of who are wealthy, are successful because they keep their sexual energy stored up and use it, backed by faith and persistence, until their desires become a reality!

Final Thoughts on the Amazing Benefits of Sexual Transmutation

So what did you think about Sexual Transmutation? If you have anything to add, comment down below and we’ll get back to you super quickly! Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00!





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