PRL-8-53, Buy PRL-8-53 for Extreme Risks and Rewards, Dosage and Review

//PRL-8-53, Buy PRL-8-53 for Extreme Risks and Rewards, Dosage and Review

PRL-8-53, Buy for Extreme Risks and Rewards, Dosage and Dangers

PRL-8-53 is an extremely powerful nootropic and research chemical that has amazing and profound effects on the users memory, mood, and focus levels, but mainly on one’s memory. It is unprecedented in the nootropics world as what is quite possibly the most powerful memory boosting Smart Drug in existence. There are a number of online shops where you can buy PRL-8-53 online at a very cheap over-the counter price, however, a word to the wise, this may be a nootropic that you want to tread lightly with, as it is relatively untested, is something of a Research Chemical rather than a nootropic, and can have pretty intense side effects if your body doesn’t react to it well or you mess up your dosing. There are plenty of other, well-researched and much more mild nootropics that create similar effects, including Fladrafinil, Adrafinil, Noopept, Sunifiram, Choline, Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam and Alpha GPC Choline, in my opinion it’s much better to try out one of these, or a version of a stack of these nootropics, before diving into an “extreme nootropic” drug like PRL-8-53. Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Try before you buy….and now without further ado…here’s PRL-8-53, where to buy and everything you could ever want to know about the drug.

What is PRL-8-53?

PRL-8-53 is a potent memory enhancement drug that is not much talked about in the online realm of nootropics, and you really have to dig deep just to find out what this drug is, let alone how it affects the brain in humans, or where you can buy it. If you’re currently reading this blog article, I can only imagine that if you Googled this and stumbled upon us that way, that you read a review on Erowid, Reddit or Longecity, and are now seeking an informative research article on the drug, if this is your intention, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking to buy the drug, I’ll show you how you can do that too, with just a simple click of a button.

PRL-8-53 is an extreme nootropic drug and Research chemical, there’s just not tip-toeing around that, it is very potent and nearly untested in humans, but with all its immense risks, it can come with some pretty stellar rewards (coming from secondhand sources here like Longecity and Reddit reviews, this is one nootropic that I personally have not been daring enough to try even in the slightest…and I’m the owner of a nootropics company…so you know, use at your own risk and discretion) should you find the sweet spot with your dosage, and find a way to use it properly.

Dosage of PRL-8-53

PRL-8-53, contrary to popular belief, is in my opinion actually not worth experimenting with. There’s plenty of other more legitamite, well-researched, reviewed nootropics such as Modafinil, Armodafinil, Adrafinil, Phenylpiracetam and Piracetam, that are very very effective without the risk. With this in-mind however, PRL-8-53 is somewhat of an extreme nootropic…so it does have the potential for potent effects that other Smart Drugs, like Modafinil or Piracetam, don’t have. If you do decide to seek out and take this nootropic drug, be sure to do your own research, and know the risks and rewards that you may get while taking the drug.

Now…on to the possible dosages of the drug. PRL-8-53 has a dosage range of 2.5 to 5 milligrams per day. 2.5 mg is the minimum effective dosage, and 5 milligrams functions as the main, average dosage that a user is going to one to take in order to get the idea effects from the supplement. Keep in mind if you choose to buy the product, that it is sold only in powder form, so you need to be very careful with dosing. It should usually come with a 5 milligram scoop so that you can dose accurately.

Online shops where you can buy this drug at include


And believe it or not….Amazon. Yeah you read that correctly, there’s a high risk drug available for sale on Amazon….I actually can’t believe it either.

Side Effects of PRL-8-53

Ahh the side effects, and the major reason that I advise readers to steer clear of this drug if possible, and to instead seek out other, safer alternatives. PRL-8-53 is not a very well-researched nootropic, and as such can have some annoying side effects if too much of the drug is taken, or if it’s taken on too frequent of a basis.

These include:


-Upset Stomach


-Dilated Eyes


-Runny Nose



-A desire to work incessantly

These side effects, contrary to my recommendation not to take this nootropic and to instead use other supplements, normally do not occur in users, and the benefits of the drug actually significantly outweigh any potential downsides that you may experience.

Benefits of PRL-8-53

And as for the benefits of PRL-8-53, this is something I haven’t touched on much at all. PRL-8-53 is actually chalk full of benefits, which include


-Greatly heightened focus


-Increased mood, memory and energy levels

-An insatiable desire to work and ability to focus, learn and work on creative outlets

*PRL-8-53 has some truly amazing effects that are unprecedented when compared to most other nootropics. Even drugs like Adrafinil, Modafinil, Armodafinil, Hydrafinil and other potent stimulating nootropics, fail in comparison to PRL-8-53 with regards to memory, mood, focus and energy levels. PRL-8-53, with all of its dangers, has tons of amazing benefits that are unique to most other nootropics, that much I can’t deny. So if you’re a risk-taker, it may be just the nootropic drug for you!

Reviews on Reddit Regarding PRL-8-53

Does PRL-8-53 have a lot of reviews on Reddit? Absolutely, reviews on Reddit are quoted as saying this about the PRL-8-53drug:

“On PRL-8-53 (10-20mg), my working memory is both massively improved and effortless.”

“Any lack of human trials holds me back” not a bad accusation.

“I received incredible quantifiable results from my makeshift nasal spray” Don’t do this…some people in noots are crazy especially on Reddit.

PRL-8-53 Reviews on Longecity

PRL-8-53 is also very heavily reviewed on Longecity, with review logs even showing some clinical trial surgery. One was a clinical trial log that said:

“Subjects were given 12-item word lists to memorize as part of the trial. While initial word acquisition performance on PRL-8-53 was only 107.46% of baseline, subjects recalled words at 132.5-142.7% of the baseline rate 24 hours after testing, and at 145.2-146.2% after a week. Stronger effects were noted in the bottom 60% of subjects (who recalled 6 or fewer words on placebo at 24h), with 24 hour retention improved to 187.5-191% of baseline, and one week retention to 200-205%. Subjects over 30 displayed even more substantial results, with improvements to 208-222% and 236-252% of baseline performance at one day and one week respectively.”

Other reviews on Longecity have mixed feelings about both the short and long-term use of the drug, while it can be dangerous, it also has great benefits. Be sure to do your own research before taking any nootropics, and take note that PRL-8-53 has actually not been tested in humans.

Does anyone sell PRL-8-53?

Yes, you can purchase PRL-8-53 at

Buy PRL-8-53 at the Best Dosage Online Legally for Sale

Common PRL-8-53 Stacks

PRL-8-53 should NOT be stacked with ANY of these compounds under any circumstances. If you’re going to try one, maybe do CDP Choline…as it’s basically just fish oil so should not cause much if any harm. The rest of these are powerful nootropics and stimulants just on their own, so

Piracetam-Piracetam is an extremely potent nootropic and is also the original nootropic drug, it is one of a kind and has a dosage that is typically 8-2400 milligrams at a time. It was the first nootropic ever created.

Aniracetam-Aniracetam is 5 to 10 times more powerful than Piracetam.

Adrafinil-Adrafinil should DEFINITELY not be stacked with PRL-8-53, as they are both stimulants, and can cause some pretty serious adverse side effects. Adrafinil is a pro-drug of Modafinil, and is very strong on its own.

Phenylpiracetam-Phenylpiracetam is actually similar in effects to that of Adrafinil, yet Adrafinil is slightly more potent.

Alpha GPC Choline-Alpha GPC Choline is the strongest choline source currently known to man on the planet earth. It is commonly featured heavily in other potent Smart Drug stacks such as Alpha Brain and other potent stacks sold on Amazon. In my former website, we promoted the drug very heavily because of just exactly how powerful it was as a choline supplement when stacked with other nootropics.

CDP Choline-A slightly weaker form of choline than Alpha GPC. May have less side effects than Alpha GPC Choline as a result of this.

Centrophenoxine-Centrophenoxine is one of the more interesting forms of choline available, and is also made from DMAE, a combination of DMAE and CDP Choline, it is a more unique form of choline than the other’s, with the same degree of potency.

Oxiracetam-Oxiracetam is somewhere around 15 times stronger than Piracetam, and is also commonly referred to as the speedy racetam for how it can significantly improve memory, mood, focus and overall cognition in the brain. Oxiracetam typically has the same dosages as Piracetam does, also has cumulative effects (reverse tolerance) and can last for between twelve and fifteen hours.

Pramiracetam-Pramiracetam is the strongest Racetam on the market, and is around thirty times stronger than Piracetam. A much stronger base Racetam, Pramiracetam benefits the user by


It is not recommended that you mix ANY of these nootropic drugs with PRL-8-53, with the acceptance of maybe CDP Choline, as these can all have dire side effects and can cause serious damage. Avoid stacking at all costs if you are going to take this drug at all. These are just a handful of some of the many potent nootropics that are most popular with combined PRL-8-53 use. Again, this is absolutely not recommended, as it can cause some serious side effects. If you’re going to take PRL-8-53 at all, it’s best to take this drug entirely on its own. Rather than stacking nootropics with PRL-8-53, it’s best to use them after, as drugs like CDP Choline and Ashwagandha can significantly help users to have less of a crash after the drug has already worn off. So for the next day’s “crash,” from PRL-8-53, it’s best to use Ashwagandha and CDP or Alpha GPC Choline in order to lessen symptoms of tiredness and lethargy, but best to take PRL on its own.

PRL-8-53, Research Chemical Nootropic Comparisons

There are a lot of similar drugs to this compound in the Research Chemical nootropics category, these include










These are all nootropic research chemical compounds that have similar effects to PRL (though some are sleep-aid and anti-anxiety nootropics with vastly different chemical structures and overall effects.)

How to Use PRL-8-53 Properly

If you do decide to take this nootropic, take it only once in a blue moon and on as much of an irregular basis as possible. Also be sure to get a proper dosage scoop with your powder and to only take 5 to 10 milligrams at a time, with ten milligrams serving as the ceiling dosage, and with 5 milligrams acting as the dosage of which is the smallest possible to feel noticeable nootropic effects.

Why you Shouldn’t Use PRL-8-53, and Should Seek out Nootropic Alternatives Instead

The only reason that I do not recommend PRL-8-53 for regular or long-term use, is because it is not researched in humans, and with all of its benefits, has some pretty nasty side effects as per my own personal research with reviews on Reddit and Longecity, two very popular and reliable nootropics forums. There are many safer nootropics out there that also improve memory, mood and focus without all the nasty side effects and risks that this nootropic has, but if you’re going to do it anyways (heck as a nootropics guru I’ve taken some nootropics with no research on them…pretty stupid or nootroponaut? It worked out so was it really so bad?)

Final Thoughts on PRL-8-53, Buy Online, Research, Uses and Dangers

Overall, PRL is a very unique and powerful nootropic supplement, that can have very high risks and very high rewards. For more information on nootropics, subscribe to our email list and get a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, try before you buy!





*Disclaimer: Statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician if you are unsure about taking a new supplement. Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any cardiovascular issues. Scientific studies cited are not conclusive and have limitations, due to of their closed environment nature. Referenced studies will not necessarily determine your experience with a supplement, since there are many unaccounted variables, which fall outside the scope of the studies. All refunds must be brought to our attention within 7 days of delivery in order to be considered for reimbursement

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