Powder City Shutdown Lawsuit, AwakeBrain FDA Raid and Nootrostop Closing Rumors

//Powder City Shutdown Lawsuit, AwakeBrain FDA Raid and Nootrostop Closing Rumors

Powder City Shutdown Lawsuit, AwakeBrain FDA Raid and Nootrostop Closing Rumors

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely that you’ve heard that Powder city shutdown blogs and reviews are all true, and that it is in-fact really happening, and one of the best nootropics and supplement companies on the market..if not the best overall..is now out of business. It’s likely that this occured due to a recently pending lawsuit, and that in-fact the company was forced into bankruptcy due to what is likely to be a huge settlement verdict. The company will likely have to pay millions of dollars in their lawsuit overall, and it is most likely that they shut down their company because they wanted to avoid further risk in what is quickly becoming a somewhat dead industry. My advice to users is to stock up on your products now as fast as possible, since it doesn’t look like nootropics are likely to be legal in the United States for much longer. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars and comment down below with any questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you within one business day. Similar products that Powder City had are Piracetam, Aniracetam and Noopept.
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What Products did Powder City Sell, and Why did Powdercity have to Shut Down?

Powder City sold a wide range of products, and actually had sold over a hundred different variations of products, they were likely the best nootropic supplement company currently on the market, and it is very possible that they were the “Walmart of nootropics,” just as many vendors, forums and bloggers said they were, due to their extremely cheap bulk prices on products. With regards to why the company had to shut down, they are currently at litigation for the death of a high school student due to him overdosing on Tianeptine, a potent nootropic supplement. Tianeptine is an anti-depressant and opiate like nootropic, and is very potent and addictive when taken regularly. Among the products that Powder City Previously sold are:












Preworkout supplements

Rhodiola Rosea

Caffeine and L-Theanine Supplements

Milk Thistle Extract

Grape Seed Extract

Huperzine A
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Powder City Shutdown LawsuitAs well as many other sexual products and similar brain supplements.

The Powder City Shutdown Reasons and the Lawsuit They’re Undergoing

They’re undergoing a lawsuit for the death of a young boy due to improperlabeling for one of their products, Tianeptine and are currently in litigation for that reason. They likely shut down to avoid further risk.

Powder City Reviews Online from Customers and blogs

They had many reviews on tons of forums, you can get more information about them right here from their website:


The Powder City Shutdown and Why the Future of Nootropics in the US Looks Bleak

As a nootropics company owner and one that recently started to actually sell physical nootropic products, via Hydrafinil, on his website, this shutdown is worrisome to me. It is also frightening because Powder City is not the only company to have shut down, and in-fact their are 2 other companies that have recently done this. Awake Brain was recently raided by the FDA and the website is now down, and nootrostop has also stopped selling products. It looks like the rush of brain supplements and the search for the “Limitless Pill” in the US may be coming to a close, my advice is to stock up on everything you want or need right now so that you can have your supply ready to go before the United States makes it impossible to sell these, and therefore almost impossible to import them.

United States Laws and Why Bankruptcy and the FDA Likely Contributed to the Powder City Shutdown

The United States laws are getting more stingy around nootropics, and several supplements have in fact been banned ever since the last few years when the Senate has created a more stingent FDA ban surrounding brain supplement drugs. In other countries, like the United Kingdom, nootropics and other similar psychoactive substances have already been banned in their entirety.

Similar Companies that Have Powder City’s Product Selection

Powder City had the best overall product selection by far, however there are several other nootropic supplements with a very similar product selection, these include

Absorb your Health and Absorb your Health review websites


Modafinil Cat

Smart Drugs for College

Nootropics University

Related Products

More Information


Nootropic Nation

Nootropics Universe

Nootropics Mexico
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Nootropics Town


Supplement Police

and What Used to be Health Supplement Wholesalers or Powder City. Amazon and Ebay also frequently carry huge varieties of these products.

Why The AwakeBrain Company was Raided by the FDA and Why Nootrostop is Closing Down

Nootrostop, despite my fears, realistically looks like it’s simply closing down because their payment processing went down, which is what is also forcing a lot of nootropic companies into bankruptcy. AwakeBrain was selling sketchy anti-anxiety products and other illegal nootropics, which is why they were raided by the Food and Drug Administration. Atop all this is the Powder City Shutdown, in which the company was forced into a lawsuit of epic proportions, and will likely have to pay a multi-million dollar settlement that will bankrupt the company and respective owners.

Final Thoughts on the Powder City Shutdown, and Why the Future of Nootropics Looks Scary in the United States

All in all, the future of nootropics in the United States looks pretty bleak and looks to be heading in the same direction as that of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and many other countries. Subscribe for pending updates on what is happening in the nootropics market, and until next time I’ll keep you posted on all things revolving the nootropics market!


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