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Piracetam Megadose Review Logs and How to do it Properly

The motivation that was behind the scientists and pharmacists who created this drug was to make it be a smart drug and truly they managed to make be a smart drug. Since the day it was discovered and made, it has been used as a nootrpic agent that helps enhance memory in people who have memory losses. The feature that makes this nootrpic to be an excellent and exceptional drug is because it has low insolubility levels and contagiousness. Since the 1960s when it was first made and manufactured, it has managed to remain a very effective nootrpic drug. A Piracetam megadose is when a huge amount of this drug is taken all at once in order to increase its effects, usually around 5 to 10 grams at a time.


Benefits of the Piracetam Megadose


The obvious benefit of these nootrpic drug is that it helps the user to be able to remember easily hence reducing cases of dementia. Not only is it exceptional in reducing cases and problems of dementia but also it helps a person relax by reducing anxiety and depression. This in the end helps the person be able to increase his or her memory due to him or her being relaxed. Some of the other magnificent benefits of these nootrpic drug include being an excellent nootrpic drug that can cure sickle cell anaemia, dyslexia and vertigo. It can also help kids who are suffering from autism. The main benefits of a Piracetam megadose are that the drug builds up in the users system a lot faster, and that the effects are significantly stronger, a typical Piracetam Megadose dosage is 5 to 10 grams at once.


Dosage of a Piracetam Megadose


Just like aby other drug or medicine that is bought, the application of Piracetam as a drug is different to different people but the standard dosage on any person is about 1600 mg and it should be used thrice a day. If the user of the medicine is a child, then the dosage will definitely vary. The dosage of Piracetam ranges from 1.6-9.6 grams daily and that is between 2 to 12 pills depending of the reason for its usage. If you are a person who wants better and faster results, you can use 1-2 pills per hour and that is for 4 hours. Typical Piracetam megadose dosages are from 5 to 10 grams, or 5000 to 10,000 milligrams.


Side Effects of Using a Piracetam Megadose

The side effects of these drug tend to be more positive than negative because it was made to be an excellent and effective drug. The short term effects of these drug include boosting of intelligence, memorization and learning capacities. The long term effects is that it helps in the reduction of symptoms and problems that are associated with age related decline in a person’s cognitive skills. By doing this, Piracetam makes the user experience improvement in the overall cognition longevity. The downside of these drug is that it will make the user experience nervousness, headaches, shakiness, sleepiness, hyperkinesia and overweightness. Side effects of a Piracetam Megadose can include headache, if not enough choline is used, upset stomach, jitters or tiredness. Best to stick with a typical dosage of about 8-2400 milligrams to avoid side effects.


Research on the Piracetam Megadose


Research is underway on how Piracetam can be used to improve the communication between the 2 hemispheres of the brain. The researchers have found that Piracetam helps to increase the activity of the corpus callosum. This research is being undertaken because the left hemisphere of the brain is the one concerned with analytical intelligence of a person and the improvement of these hemisphere of the brain by using Piracetam can help improve the intelligence of a person. The right hemisphere is concerned with artistry and the improvement of this hemisphere by the use of Piracetam can help improve the artistry of the user. Current Piracetam megadose research is right now showing that it may be dangerous to do this when using Piracetam.


Legal Status


Piracetam MegadoseYou might think that because this excellent and exceptional drug has to be legal in all countries of the world but that isn’t the case. In most countries of Europe, South America and Asia, Piracetam is a legal drug but in the USA, it isn’t a legal drug as it isn’t approved by the USA food and drug administration. It isn’t legal in America to be used as a medicinal drug or as a dietary supplement. It the United Kingdom a person can import it and use it for personal use because it is legal in the United Kingdom.


The Piracetam Megadose


If you plan to use Piracetam as a medicinal drug, make sure that you don’t the following ailments or you are in the following condition:


You have a problem with taking thyroid hormones


You have a problem with your liver or kidney.


You have a blood clotting ailment.


You are breast feeding, having a baby or pregnant.


You have an allergic reaction to the Piracetam.


If you have a surgery that is causing bleeding, make sure you mega dose on this drug.


You have a problem with taking salt.


You have a haemorrhage.


Sublingual use


If you have a problem with your receptors and transmitters, use Piracetam because it will help you improve the functioning of these receptors and transmitters. For you to fully enjoy these advantages of Piracetam, you must use it as a sublingual drug. Take the drug, crush it and then apply it under your tongue so as to feel the full advantageous effects of these magnificent and exceptional drug. It will help increase the production of Acetylcholine and choline hence improve the functioning of your body receptors and transmitters.


The importance of Choline with Piracetam


For a person to experienced increased memory and intelligence, the transmitters and receptors of the brain must be functioning at their optimum best and for this to happen choline and acetylcholine must be present in your body. Piracetam and choline work hand in hand in the user’s body so as to help improve the functioning of the brain transmitters and receptors. Choline helps the body produce acetylcholine that is essential in the proper functioning of the brain receptors and transmitters. Acetylcholine is important for a person to have high intelligence and memory.


Piracetam for ADHD


ADHD is a condition whereby a person can’t fully concentrate on one activity for a very long time and hence gets distracted easily because of other things he or she would want to do. Piracetam can be used to cure and treat this condition because one of the uses of Piracetam is to make a person relax hence he or she will be able to concentrate on task. Piracetam will also help the person increase his or her memory hence reduce case of impulsivity and hyperactivity. The major reason why Piracetam can be used by a person suffering from ADHD is because it will help the person relax.


Piracetam vs Modafinil


It depends on want you to use Modafinil or Piracetam for because the two drugs are used for different uses or ailments. Piracetam is used by people who are suffering from memory loses, poor intelligence and ADHD. Modafinil is used by people who have problems such as excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep disorders, shift work, narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. This just shows that the two drugs are used for different purposes depending on the need of the user, problem and ailment. An ailing person must first know his or her problem before choosing which drug to use. Don’t under any circumstances use a Piracetam megadose with any stimulant, as overdose can occur.


Piracetam vs Adderall


Piracetam and Adderall can both be used to cure and treat patients suffering from ADHD but only Piracetam ca be used to treat dementia and deficiencies in intelligence. If a person is suffering from ADHD he or she can use either Piracetam or Adderall but Adderall is much more preferred in such cases compared to Piracetam. For cases of dementia and poor intelligence, only Piracetam can be used to help and assist such a patient. For patients in USA where Piracetam is illegal, buy Adderall because it is legal in America. Do not megadose Piracetam if stacked with Adderall.


How to use properly


It is always advisable for any drug which isn’t bought over the counter that the buyer and user uses it a prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist. Piracetam is no different, this is because it is a drug that can’t be found unless bought from a hospital pharmacy under the prescription of a qualified and certified doctor. When the doctor and pharmacist tell you how to use it, make sure that you use it as per the instructions and prescriptions of the doctor. The doctor and pharmacist are always right and there advice is to be followed to latter.


How long does this last

Piracetam Megadose Review of Dosages

The timeline for Piracetam depends on the prescription and instructions from the doctor. If your condition is severe, the likelihood of you using the drug for a very long time is very likely but if your condition isn’t severe then you won’t use the drug for a very long time. Most of the time Piracetam is usually used for a very long time because it used by patients who are at advance stages of their ailments. A doctor will advise you how long you will use Piracetam.


Dangers of the Piracetam Megadose


The dangers of Piracetam are not many but in most cases, its dangers occur when a person or a patient abuses the drug. Some of the most cases that occur when someone abuses Piracetam include nervousness, headaches, shakiness, sleepiness, hyperkinesia and overweightness. If a person wants to avoid this dangers, make sure that he or she doesn’t abuse or misuse Piracetam. A number of dangerous side effects can occur if a Piracetam megadose is used.


Final Thoughts on the Piracetam Megadose


Piracetam is an exceptional and excellent nootrpic drug that can be used by anyone whether sick or not. This is because it will help any person improve his or her intelligence and memory. It will also help the person be treated from ADHD but make you use it under the guidance of a doctor or a pharmacist.


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