Picamilon Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Avoid Addiction

//Picamilon Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Avoid Addiction

Picamilon Withdrawal, And How You can Properly Use Picamilon to Avoid Addiction

Picamilon is a smart drug, or Nootropic. It is classed as a cognitive enhancer which improves cognitive functioning such as creativity, memory and motivation. It is a supplement in the USA but must be prescribed in other countries. Although it is useful to boost brain function it can also be calming and relaxing reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. It was originally developed in Russian in the late 1960’s as part of their research into performance enhancing substances which could be used by athletes. Picamilon withdrawal, the major subject of this article, usually does not occur very often in those users that use the drug properly and responsibily.

With this in mind however, if taken in very high dosages, or on a regular basis, a kind of withdrawal can start from Picamilon, so it is important to get on top of the issue quickly and to educate yourself on the topic as much as possible. For more information on this and similar related nootropics issues, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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What is Picamilon Withdrawal, And How Bad Is It?

It is on prescription only in Russia and is used mainly to help with a range of disorders, such as, depression, neuroinfections, migraines, glaucoma amongst others. In the USA, it is not regulated and is marketed as a dietary supplement. In laymen’s terms, the combination of two essential nutrients, Gaba or gamma-amimobutyric acid and niacin both of which play an important role in the health of the brain, work in different ways and have unique benefits to the user. Picamilon withdrawal is the barrage of negative effects that typically occur alongside addiction, and that will cause a user to have pain, inability to sleep, upset stomach, loss of appetite, and a host of other related problems until the withdrawal symptoms cease.

How Long Does Picamilon Withdrawal Last, and How Does Picamilon Work in the Brain?

The main advantage is the way niacin can cross the blood-brain barrier and can take the Gaba element with it. The Gaba is a powerful neurotransmitter, but it cannot cross the blood brain barrier alone. Once it has crossed it enters the central nervous system to be used throughout the body and the brain. Picamilon is so effective because it is water-soluble and therefore absorbed quickly reaching optimum bioavailability within an hour of taking it. Picamilon will typically last around 6 to 8 hours on a single dosage, and with regards to how long Picamilon withdrawal is going to last in full, here is a small timeline of what you can expect once you try to withdrawal from the drug.

1-30 days-The acute withdrawal phase, symptoms of Picamilon Withdrawal are going to be strongest here, and can include sweating, shivers, and difficulty sleeping.

1-3 months-At this stage, the last remnants of the acute withdrawal sydrome’s phase is going to be getting out of your system, and you’ll start the next stage of the process, which is PAWS, or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. In this stage of the addiction, you’ll feel normal at times, and others will go back into almost full blown depression and anxiety. Do not start up on the drug again if this occurs with you, as you’ll start to kick yourself back into the acute withdrawal portion of the withdrawal stage, just ride it out and it’ll be over in no time.

3 to 9 months-Depending on how long you have been taking the drug for, this is the stage of PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome,) in which the symptoms will start to wrap up, and where you’ll start to feel almost up to 100% again.

9 months to 24 months-PAWS should usually be long gone by this stage of withdrawal, however it may take this long in some severe cases of Picamilon withdrawal and addiction to nootropics.

Tips to Get Over Picamilon Withdrawal Quickly

Once the blood-brain barrier is crossed the two elements split. They become niacin or nicotinic acid and Gaba. Niacin acting as a vasodilator and therefore increasing blood flow in the brain. Picamilon’s main advantage is that it increases the efficiency of blood circulation and absorption of oxygen. It therefore increases the availability of other nutrients such as glucose which in turn increases focus, motivation and alertness. It is also thought to play a significant role in breaking down and removing toxins.

In turn, Picamilon increases the levels of Gaba which reduces feelings of anxiety and stress and bringing about a general feeling of being mildly sedated. In those that are dealing with Picamilon withdrawal, many of them have previously stacked the drug with a host of other related Smart Drugs and nootropics, which can lengthen the overall withdrawal symptoms, and make them not only stronger but more unpleasant as well. Among the most common nootropics that are commonly stacked with Picamilon in order to further increase the drug’s already very powerful effects include:








Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside


St. John’s Wort





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What is the Best Dosage of Picamilon To Take to Avoid Picamilon Withdrawal Symptoms and Addiction?


This depends largely on the effects required. Dosages between 50-400mg per day is the usual levels and most users find somewhere between 100-200mg split over two or three doses.


If you want the benefits of enhanced cognitive functioning and mood stabilization lower doses may be more usual. For those wanting increased energy levels they can increase the dosage over time.

Picamilon is quite fast acting and has a long half-life so users report a noticeable change within an hour of taking it which can last for 4-6 hours.


As it is water soluble it can be taken as a capsule or in powder form and is best taken before a meal.


Side Effects


Some people like to alternate with other nootropics but there is no research to say taking it daily has any adverse effects.


It is considered safe and is well-tolerated but there are side effects as with any product like this. The main side-effects reported are hypotension (low blood pressure). If you also have a pre-existing condition you should consult your doctor before taking Picamilon.

Skin rashes have been reported but do not seem to be a common side effect. Other users have experienced headaches, dizziness, light-headedness and sometimes nausea. Niacin is known to produce reddening or flushing of the skin but this is not harmful in any way.


Long-Term Use of Picamilon, And Does it Increase the Overall Risk of Picamilon Addiction, Picamilon Overdose, and Picamilon Withdrawal?


Tolerance is built up to Picamilon very quickly but it is advised to only take it a couple of times a week when needed. However, it is most effective if used over longer periods if used for anxiety and as a mood stabilizer. Users report a Picamilon Withdrawalreduction in stress and anxiety if used for a long time.

How to Use Picamilon Properly and Avoid Picamilon Withdrawal


Stacking is common for users. It is known to be safe if used this way and research has shown using it this way may increase the effects or other supplements such as Piracetam and herbs such as Valerian and Kava. Other nootropics and herbal brain supplements that are very frequently compared to Picamilon are Phenibut, Tianeptine, Ashwagandha, and Kratom, as these all have very similar effects to Picamilon once they kick and and cross the blood brain barrier. Tolerance can build up so it is advised for some users to cycle use of other supplements rather than just rely on Picamilon. A typical cycle could be to use Picamilon on 3 or 4 days and off for 2 days. On those days use something like Phenibut.


Reviews of Picamilon from Online forums Regarding Picamilon Withdrawal

On forums, the consensus appears to be that using Picamilon regularly has had a positive outcome for many.

Some did report that it had no noticeable effect at all but this is uncommon. Most seem to experience increased energy without the need for other stimulants such as coffee. It has given them clarity of thought and can induce a slight feeling of euphoria. Overall the experience of using Picamilion has been positive.


Conclusion on The Proper Use of Picamilon, And How to Get Over and Stop Picamilon Withdrawal In Its Tracks Rapidly

The relative low cost and ease of use of this product along with the reported positive effects makes it a quality product which is safe to try. If it doesn’t work for you there are no grave side-effects. It is useful to manage stress and anxiety and increase cognitive clarity. Picamilon is one of the better nootropics and is a unique product which is easily available over the counter in the USA.


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