Picamilon Dosage, Benefits, Review, and UK Legal Status, FDA Laws

//Picamilon Dosage, Benefits, Review, and UK Legal Status, FDA Laws

Picamilon Dosage, Review and Benefits

What is picamilon? And what is the best Picamilon Dosage?

Picamilon is a drug which is synthetic chemical compound of GABA and Niacin. It is also called pycamilon, nicotinoyl or pikamilon. The drug evolved in 1969 in Soviet Union and was later learned in Japan and Russia. It is widely known because of its cognitive role of improving mental energy and reduces stress and anxiety. The best Picamilon dosage is typically 250-500 milligrams per day.

Picamilon Benefits

The benefits of picamilon are several; the drug improves mental energy, lifts cognitive performance and helps reduce anxiety and stress to manageable level. The GABA contained in picamilon assists to improve sleep and reduce body fats. GABA also helps to facilitate the production of human growth hormone. The other component of picamilon known as niacin promotes the circulation of blood to reach the brain thus it helps to treat headaches and the brain receives oxygen faster to produce the energy needed by the body organs to perform its tasks. The users also have high attention and concentration which make them recall past events and activities effectively. In addition, it helps to remove poisons and toxins which accumulate in brain cells. It also helps to prevent diabetes and hypokinesia, a condition which comes as a result of reduced number of GABA receptors.

Picamilon Dosage

Picamilon Dosage

For users to enjoy the significance of picamilon, the recommended dosage range from 50mg to 400mg per day but the general rule from health gurus recommended a dosage that range from 100mg to 200mg daily. For individuals who take picamilon as energy and mood booster, they are required to take a range of 50mg to 100mg per day but those who want to reduce stress and anxiety are recommended to take a bit more, say 200mg per day.

The side effects of an improper Picamilon Dosage

The compound is considered to be useful when used daily only for those who can endure. However, seldom cases of skin rashes and allergies have been associated with the drug. Other side effects may include nausea, low blood pressure, headaches and soft headedness. In fact, you are supposed to begin with the lowest dosage possible and increase as time goes while gauging its impact on your body.

Research on the best Picamilon Dosage

There is much research carried out on picamilon especially on its effects. Eksp kiln farmokol 2009.researched on the effects of picamilon, fenibur and aminalon on cerebral hemodynamics for swimmers and found that you administer 0.25g of aminalon, 0.25g of fenibut and 0.1g of picamilon for four weeks in swimmers in order for them to recover from disadaptation syndrome helped them to optimize biological status and circulation of cerebral for 20 minutes after the warm up. Research has shown that the best Picamilon dosage is 400 mg per day.

Eksp kiln farmokol 2005, looked at the role of GABA in noticing the impact of picamilon and afobazole on cerebral circulation for rats and it is realized that cerebrovascular impact of afobazole reduces on GABAreceptor’s background. Therefore, the cerebrovascular impact of picamilon cannot be affected by blocking of receptor with bicucullin.

Legal status

The chemical compound is thought to be good if it is taken properly. However, several people in UK whether it is legal or not. In other countries, the drug is sold as prescribed medicine therefore there is a feeling that people can obtain it from UK if the doctor advised you to take. It is also hard to find picamilon in local health centres or from online. Therefore, many people up to now are still wondering if picamilon has been legalized or not. Common stack drugs are Fladrafinil and Noopept.


Megadosing is a dosing more than recommended amount. If one takes more than recommended amount of picamilon, it is dangerous because one experiences stronger effects which may be fatal such as extremely high blood flow to the extent that blood cells and tissues may be damaged. Megadosing is only recommended when performing an experiment on the drug either to test stronger effects of the drug or find out other components of the drug. An example is phenylpiracetam which is highly stimulating higher doses are taken but it can facilitate muscle strength and help the brain have peripheral connections.

Sublingual use

Sublingual means that instead of swallowing the dose you put it under the tongue. Sublingual administration of picamilon is very easy process and the drug dissolves very easily and the body can absorb the compound easily. If the picamilon is highly concentrated then it is recommended to take it sublingually for it to be effective. For this to be easy, you should be in an upright sitting positon nd tilt the head slightly then lift the tongue. Sublingual administration is more effective because the supplement is instantly absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and immediately transported to the blood. Therefore the process is very faster and the effects of the supplement will be recorded quickly. The supplement bypasses the liver and the stomach thus avoiding any damage to this crucial organs. The importance is the supplement is taken to the targeted region within the shortest time possible.



Importance of choline

Choline is considered as a macro nutrient which is essential for liver function, nerve function, muscle development and movement, boosting energy levels, normal brain functioning and development and sustaining a normal metabolism. Choline is a nutrient that is soluble in water and it is related to vitamins like folate and vitamin B complex. It is also is helpful in methiation, a substance used to make DNA. It is also significant in nerve signaling and detoxification. It also assists nerves communicate with each other thus corrective action will be done quickly. The nutrient also plays a role of anti-aging neurotransmitter.


Picamilon for ADHD

As children grow, the rate of diagnosing ADHD keeps on growing and therefore there is high desire to look for efficient Adderall options. Adderall is efficient in the short run in lessening hyperactivity and increasing attentiveness but there is high risk of abuse and negative effects. Picamilon is known to be a brain supplement and recently people thought to have replaced Adderall in improving attention and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Picamilon improves attention and focus and enhances one to be on mood which can worsen ADD or ADHD. Picamilon is normally obtained from GABA and niacin. It is not addictive and has less side effects and it doesn’t need a prescription in United states of America.

Picamilon vs. phenibut

Both picamilon and phenibut are often compared drugs with same effects and promotes the working of the brain in the same capacity. Both reduce signs of anxiety and stress, improving cognitive performance. In addition, both of the drugs are GABAergics. However, the compounds are different in their chemical structure and composition and also in their importance.


Proper usage

Picamilon can be properly used in many ways. The users can take it alone every day, combine with early supplements or cycle it with other early supplements. It can also be taken in a stack containing pramiracetam or piracetam to enhance its cognitive properties. When it is combined with ampakine racetam, picamilons can quickly boost energy and focus which in turn increases alertness and attentiveness because ampakine is a strong stimulant. You can also mix picamilon with a supplement called kava to increase your energy production qualities. If you mix with valerian, a relaxant supplement it will strengthen your calming properties.



How long does this last at a 500mg Picamilon Dosage

If a patient has acute cerebrovascular disorders then improvements will be recorded in 4th or 5th day and the signs of neurodegenerative will be reduced. If it is administered to patients who suffer from signs of cerebrovascular disorders then the effectiveness of picamilon will be effective in 2nd or 3rd day after the treatment. For patients suffering from acute brain brain disorder, the effect of picamilon will be effective in 2nd or 3rd day after the treatment. For half life, the impact of picamilon is highly rapid and its effectiveness will be realized even within an hour.

Dangers of an improper Picamilon Dosage

There are several issues associated with picamilon. One issue it that, it in inhibits enzymatic action since it is a light monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Picamilon may also be hazardous when in interacts with some foodstuffs and other drugs therefore it is vital to know these risks and try to adjust your applications accordingly. If foodstuffs having tryptophan are taken with excess picamilon, a setotonin syndrome may happen which potentially threatens your life. In addition, if you take foods containing tyramine, you may suffer from hypertension. Again, if picamilon is taken along with other strong drugs, one may suffer from negative effects such as skin rashes, severe headache, eczema, all of which are life threatening.

Final thoughts on the best Picamilon Dosage

It is important to note that picamilon is a common nootropic and with its great importance. The side effects associated with the drug are few and if functions properly with many supplements. It is also soluble in water. It can improve the alertness and attention of the users. It is affordable and its availability is not questionable although its legal status are not yet determined. Therefore for those who wants to increase their moods and achieve cognitive function in times of stress and anxiety, picamilon provides the best ways to manage all these situations and it is irreplaceable.


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