Picamilon Capsules, Proper Use, Stores to Buy, Reviews and Benefits

//Picamilon Capsules, Proper Use, Stores to Buy, Reviews and Benefits

Picamilon Capsules, Proper Use, Where to Buy, Benefits and Reviews

Picamilon capsules are among the strongest in nootropic supplements, and if taken in the short term and long, can have tremendous effects on overall relaxation and mood/focus. It is often stacked to take the edge off of stimulant nootropics, such as Adrafinil and Fladrafinil.


Picamilon is a drug or a nootropic formed by a mixed combination or neurotransmitter of GABA which is bound to vitamin B3 and Niacin. It combines into a molecule which crosses blood brain barriers by breaking it down thus releasing its entire payload. Picamilon was first developed by Vladimir Putin but later was enhanced by the former Soviet Union in 1969. Its company was known as all union vitamin scientific research institute which is now owned and run by the Russia Pharma NPK ECHO. Picamilon is a drug prescribed and is mainly used to treat patients with high blood flow problems involving the brain. It does this by releasing excess neural activities that may lead one to fell very anxious, stressful and have negative thoughts. It generally quiets the always worrying and busy mind.


Picamilon can also be referred to as Nicotinoyl- GABA and is widely used in the world.


GABA is a scientifically amino acidic drug which plays an important part as a neurotransmitter in the main central nervous by helping to reduce high levels of neurotransmitted activities.


Niacin can be defined as an organic compound that is necessary for a human body to function. It helps to protect body neurons against blood flow loss. It also makes sure it is possible for GABA to easily pass the blood-brain barriers.












There are many benefits of Picamilon drug to human beings. Some of these benefits are




Increase blood flow within the brain- by the use of GABA and Niacin it ensures that there is sufficient blood flow in the brain which promotes a healthy living


Reduces migraines- Picamilon helps to reduce any stress relieving works or things that can lead one to have bad migraines. It Picamilon Capsulesgives the brain ample time to do its functions.


Helps prevent gland glaucoma (promoting eye health) – Picamilon will assist users in having glaucoma by ensuring they have open gland glaucoma which means it is as wide as it should be.


Prevents one to get the Alzheimer’s disease- this is a mental progressive disorder that is caused by the degeneralisation of the brain cells due to premature senility. Picamilon helps prevent this as it boosts the brain cells thus generating them to be very healthy and efficient.


Prevent depression disorder- helps relax the brain from anything or anyone that can cause a person to be stressed.


Reduce anxiety- helps relieve the muscles in the body after being overworked giving you time to relax and to be very active.

DOSAGE of Picamilon Capsules


Picamilon is an independent of food in form of capsules and tablets. So in order for one to take Picamilon, there must be a very good reason for it. The most or average dose of taking picamilon for a person taking it during the day is about 0.05g. There are conditions which may result to a person to take a higher or large dose of picamilon up to 0.06g per day in a period of time. Adults are allowed to take maximum 0.05g while children are only allowed to take the drug at a maximum of 0.02g which is highly recommended for kids.


There can be many different reasons that can result to a person taking picamilon to take doses for a week, a month or even more than one month. Overdoing it can cause very serious side effects.




SIDE EFFECTS of Picamilon Capsules




Picamilon when taking regularly, overdosed or misused can lead to a series of very harmful side effects in the body. Some of these side effects are:




Lack of sleep


Migraines of bad headaches


Drowsiness and nausea


Can cause addictiveness if used for a long time


Can cause stroke if misused






RESEARCH on Picamilon Capsules




Researchers proved that picamilon is a sodium salt of N-nicotinoyl-gamma- aminobutyric acid which was seen to be an important tool when it comes to the increase of celebrial blood flow in the body. It was found inhabiting neurogenic spams of blood vessels which were then followed by suppressing a ton of activities and reflectory discharges found in the sympathetic nerves. It then led to the re emergence or restoration of the current condition if celebrial hemodynamics which was being disturbed by the previous administration and evaluation of serotonin.


The final result in clinical study concerning picamilon drug proved the drug was a brain booster, mind relaxer, stress reliever but very harmful to the body if over done or abused. The analysis showed that in investigation of 16 psychiatrics and neurologics clinics, 984 patients were had successful usage of the drug and very minimal side effects were seen. Researcher also noted that the picamilon was a very rare and unique drug as it has very minimal side effects, it did not cause addictions and cravings after usage, it boosted vision clarity after the opening of the gland glaucoma. It was approved by the USSR for public use all over the world.




LEGAL STATUS of Picamilon Capsules




Picamilon is legal is almost all countries in the world except in the United Kingdom. In United Kingdom or UK picamilon is regarded as a supplementary drug and is considered to be harmful and addictive. So the only way you can purchase picamilon drug in United Kingdom is by ensuring you get legal doctors prescription. It is only sold to those with urgent medical needs of the drug. In other countries the drug is sold at the normal counter at clinics or hospitals.




MEGADOSING Picamilon Capsules




Megadosing can be defined as the art of taking many doses of a drug that the normal or initial dose. There are very many people who practice Megadosing of picamilon drug with different reasons. Others believe in order to achieve the effect of the drug in your system and enable it to work; they need to take more doses of the drug. This may be true to some point due to different body reactions but it may also be very harmful to megadose picamilon in your body. Some of the benefits of Megadosing picamilon is attentiveness will be enhanced, cheerfulness and brain power booster. Some of the side effects of Megadosing will include nausea and drowsiness due to excess GABA compound in your body. These are the most common ones.


Picamilon Capsules


SUBLINGUAL USE of Picamilon Capsules




This is the administration of a drug in the mouth using two different ways. It can either by inserting the pills between your gum and cheek wait for it to dissolve and swallow or just swallowing directly.


What is mainly required when taking picamilon drug using sublingual way is simply to place dew drops depending on your dosage level underneath your tongue. You then stay in an upright sitting position while tilting your head back slightly while lifting your tongue. Try limiting disturbing your tongue by moving it around. You should also hold your breath for a few seconds while the supplement is busy evaporating and ensure you do not drink anything until the material has completely been absorbed. Then you can rinse your mouth with water.






THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOLINE with Picamilon Capsules




It can be defined as a neurotransmitter which is very vital to muscle and nerve function and it is a component of lecithin which is a crucial tool that affect normal liver function metabolism. The importance of choline in picamilon is:




It form DNA and well formed cell structures- it helps the body to gain and absorb more fat used to form structures and cell membranes.


Supports main or central nervous system- it helps to form tissues within the brain the main nervous systems in the body which plays the key role in growth and development of the body.


Ensures and Maintain Healthy liver normal functions- it ensures that the liver is clean when transporting fat from the liver cells in the body. It does not allow fat to accumulate in the liver because it may be very harmful to the liver.


Help to prevent loss of brain function and memory loss- it ensures that your mind is mentally sharp and prepared by ensuring it boosts nerve signaling which boosts brain functions and prevent memory loss.


Help with muscle functions activities- can help improve mental muscle ability which are one of the main physical attributes one should have before doing a muscle related activity.










The main reason why picamilon was considered for ADHD that is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is that its GABA action on neurotransmitters receivers in the brain are inhibitoried. The chemical forms a combination of Niacin and GABA in one molecule which then allows Niacin to ensure GABA enters the brain.








These drugs are commonly compared to each other because they perform mostly the same functions. The only difference is there chemical structure. Their similarities include:




Both reduce anxiety and stress


They help improve sociability


Brings out a sense of calmness


Both show some or few Nootropic effects


Improves sleeplessness.




Their differences include:




Difference In chemical structures


Dosage differences


Different inputs methods








These drugs mostly are taken using the sublingual use method which is more efficient and is used by almost all Nootropic drugs.








It takes around 1 to 3 minutes to completely and efficiently take the drug as prescribed by the doctor.


DANGERS of Picamilon Capsules




The main dangers of this methods is when applied incorrectly can lead to harmful damages as Megadosing will be introduced which will then increase the amount of chemicals in the body. This will start to cause different side effects like nausea and drowsiness.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Picamilon Capsules

Picamilon drug combined with other different Nootropic drugs have shown to be very significant over the past years to today. It has help human beings with different medical issues to be able to be well and live a healthy life.


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