Oxiracetam vs Piracetam, Benefits, Prices, Dose, Legal Status in UK and India

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Oxiracetam vs Piracetam, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and UK India Laws

In the subject of Oxiracetam vs Piracetam, both are very useful and potent Smart Drugs, and each are very popular in the realm of nootropics. Oxiracetam is an analogue of the original Smart Drug “Piracetam,” is as much as 15 times stronger than the original drug, and while Piracetam is know as ‘the original Smart Drug,” Oxiracetam is often times called “the speedy racetam.” Both drugs have well-researched safety profiles, have been around for nearly 60 years, and have nearly half a century of effective, clinical trial research to back their effectiveness.
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Oxiracetam and Piracetam both need choline stacked with them in order to function properly, as well as have the longest time of effects at the lowest dosage, and have the lowest amount of side effects possible. This article will look at the much heated nootropic debate of Oxiracetam vs Piracetam, and will look into the pros and cons of each drug. Oxiracetam and Piracetam are very often stacked with other powerful stimulants like Adrafinil. There are also loads of reviews about this comparison between racetams on popular nootropic sub forums, such as Reddit and longecity-this blog post on Nootropics University will look at the full scope of these reviews.

Piracetam vs Oxiracetam Benefits

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam, with regards to overall potency, is an easy question, as Oxiracetam takes the cake by about a factor of fifteen. The drug also has more dopamine enhancing and “speedy,” energy boosting effects, which makes it a more potent overall Smart Drug for things like productivity, mood, energy, focus and learning. While this is generally the case, there are some effects that the basic grandaddy of nootropics, Piracetam has, that Oxiracetam lacks. Among these are

-Better Visual Perception

-Lasts slightly longer

-Better cumulative effects (benefits get stronger the more you take it)

-Is more syergystic with choline

-Less Side Effects

-More of the drug can be taken without risk of overdose

-You can take more risks with Stacking stimulants with Piracetam compared to something like Oxiracetam

While these effects may seem mild compared to the ways that Oxiracetam is stronger than Piracetam, they are significant enough to deter some users towards the use of one drug versus the other, it all just depends on the individual and their own preferences and decision making processes. If you’re unsure of which Smart Drug to take, I urge you to subscribe for our mailing list, as we give you weekly updates on all things nootropics that can help to better your judgement with regards to your choice of Smart Drugs.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam Overall

Overall, Oxiracetam is simply the better and stronger drug than Piracetam. With regards to Oxiracetam, it is used typically for the purpose of off-label cognitive enhancement by otherwise healthy individuals. College students, start-up tech guys, and those in high pressure sales jobs as well as Wall-Street bankers, are among some of the major population of users of nootropics, and especially nootropic stimulant type drugs such as Oxiracetam. Oxiracetam, because of its potent mechanism of action, has even frequently been classified as an Ampakine nootropic drug (it is also very molecularly similar, considering that Ampakines were originally derived from Racetam drugs.)
Oxiracetam Capsules
It also has some similar mechanisms of action to Ampakines like improved memory, energy levels, mood and focus. Oxiracetam vs PiracetamWhile Oxiracetam is considered one of the more mild Ampakine drugs, it is still in the same class as Aniracetam, CX-717, Sunifiram, Unifiram and Noopept (even though Noopept is technically more of a peptide based nootropic, it is very often times grouped in the Ampakine nootropic category due to its vast similarities to Sunifiram and Unifiram.) So there you have it, generally, Oxiracetam is going to be a better and more potent Smart Drug when compared to just simple Piracetam, based on mood, memory, focus, energy levels, and overall cognitive enhancements. Keep reading on for more details on why I still recommend Piracetam for some individuals, and why I actually prefer Piracetam myself, even though the general consencus on Reddit and longecity is on Oxiracetam being a more powerful drug.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam Effects

The effects of Oxiracetam and Piracetam are actually very similar, with a few noticeable differences that make Oxiracetam somewhat of a stronger nootropic. Unlike Piracetam, which overall is more subtle in nature, Oxiracetam has a speedy sort of effect to it that has actually been researched quite extensively..though with no conclusive evidence as to why this occurs. It is believed that the racetam influences types of stimulant neurotransmitters to a greater extent than does Piracetam, Aniracetam or Pramiracetam, contributing to its energy, mood boosting, and productivity improvement effects.

In general however, all racetam supplements are going to be very similar, and Oxiracetam’s main mechanism of action does not differ from that of Piracetam and others by a large margin. Like the others, Oxiracetam influences acetylcholine and the cholinergic systems of the brain, requires choline in order to function properly on a long-term, regular basis, and has also been shown to touch lesser known receptors, like Glutamate and Norepinephrine. Oxiracetam is a great and realistic nootropic that has shown promising effects on its users overall, with great stimulting, focus and memory effects to look forward to should you decide to use the drug.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam DosageOxiracetam vs Piracetam vs Noopept

With regards to Oxiracetam vs Piracetam dosages, the dosages are IDENTICAL. Normally when you take Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam or Pramiracetam, the dosages are somewhat higher or lower depending on your
nootropic of choice. Piracetam and Oxiracetam however luckily have the exact same dosages.
Oxiracetam Capsules
The minimum effective dosage of each drug is 800 milligrams, with a ceiling per day of what is usually 2400 milligrams. Sublingual use makes both drugs stronger, provided that enough choline is consumed alongside the drug to match up with the dosage of the racetam, and megadoses for both drugs typically range from 5 to 10 grams at a time.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam Long-Term Use

Long-term use is honestly not recommended for any nootropic, however with racetams, you can get away with it. Oxiracetam vs Piracetam with regards to long-term use will have virtually identical benefits, side effects and cumulative effects on strength and potency of the drugs.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam Side Effects

Side Effects are similar as well, with typical side effects being headache, jitters, tiredness, insomnia, and slight mania if a megadose is taken (not recommended.) If you are experiencing side effects with either of these drugs, be sure to lower the dosage and increase your choline intake, this usually increases the benefits while reducing the downsides of the drug.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam, which drug is a Better fit for a Nootropic User?

For beginner nootropic users, Piracetam is a better fit generally in my opinion, however both drugs are so similar that it really won’t matter. Take 800 to 2400 milligrams as a starting dosage to see how the drug affects you, and be sure to take around 500 to 1000 milligrams of CDP Choline with your racetams.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam on Reddit

Reddit reviews say that Oxiracetam is a significantly more potent Smart Drug than Piracetam is, however from personal experience I can attest that they are very similar in effects. While yes Oxiracetam is stronger, you may only notice the diffrences between these two Smart Drugs if and when you take higher dosages, ranging from 3 to 5 grams at a time.
Oxiracetam Capsules
This is also taking into account that you took enough choline with you racetam for it to function properly. On Reddit, reviews are rather stellar for Oxiracetam, comparing it to sometimes prescription stimulants as well as Modafinil. The good thing about taking milder nootropics like Piracetam and Oxiracetam is that you can stack these drugs with other potent Smart Drugs, such as Aniracetam, Adrafinil, Modafinil, Armodafinil, and a host of other potent stacks. Racetams are often used as stacks with stronger nootropics, in order to help the stimulating effects feel a lot cleaner and smoother by comparison.

Final Thoughts on What Drug is Better, Oxiracetam or Piracetam

Overall, Oxiracetam is the stronger nootropic, so I’d recommend this one if you’re searching for which drug is going to help your brain perform better. Be sure to always do your own research before taking any supplements, comment down below if you have any nootropic related questions, and subcscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00!


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