Nootropics Website, How to Start Your Own Nootropics Blog

//Nootropics Website, How to Start Your Own Nootropics Blog

Nootropics Website, How to Start Your Own Nootropics Blog and Live Off Of It

Ever hear that ancient adage “fail fast and fail often,” well I think I can speak from experience that that phrase is complete and utter bullshit, with maybe a touch of truth at the summit. Throughout the duration of this guide, I’m going to try and make this book as straight forward and blunt as possible, and to cut through all the noise that most self-help author’s and millionaire online “guru’s,” try to sell potential new business owners, through the use of both my own personal experiences on failure, on making hundreds of thousands of dollars and losing all of it inside of a year, and on finally building what is now a sustainable, seven figure a year, online business. The following blog post is my own personal experience of how you can start a Nootropics website, how Nootropics Websiteyou can grow it, and how you can scale it to

I understand exactly how it is when you first try to start your own business, you have no idea where to start, finding direction is incredibly difficult, and sometimes no matter how hard you work on building up your ideas and your dreams and goals, it can seem like progress is next to impossible. Well I can say that I’ve been there, and I’ve been there more times than I can remember. In fact, at the time of writing this book, I have been hustling and running my own online business, for nearly seven years, with only about the last year and a half yielding me any real success or results, and making me feel like this was all “worth it.” In honesty, the previous five, while they were full of the major highs and lows that come with starting, growing and running your own successful online business, were nothing short of complete and utter hell, and consisted mostly of making terrible mistakes, having what sometimes seemed like the worst luck imaginable, and finding ways to take myself back to square one, even after I had conquered what most people would consider something of mainstream success from a business!

My New Book Excerpt, How to Start Your Own Nootropics Website

I am writing this book so that you can both learn from my mistakes regarding what you should and should not do when starting an online business, as well as to inform you as to when you should put the reading and introspection about how and when you’re going to start your online business aside, and simply get your head in the game, learning by trial and error, the only real way to accumulate a solid business acumen, let alone a fortune (that being said, I urge you to at least read the book while building up your business, as it can give you a big leg up than without having done so.) Anyways, I don’t want to spoil the whole book in the prologue, I’ll save that for the ending, enjoy the book and good luck!

Part One

Chapter 1, An Inspired High School Student Gets His First Taste of Building a Business, and How To Start a Nootropics Website The Exact Same Way

    As a broke and naïve seventeen-year-old kid, I had always dreamed of two things, becoming a best-selling author, or at least something close to it, and being the CEO of a large company, making millions of dollars. I am glad to say that I at least could accomplish one of those goals, with the other (since I highly doubt that this book will become a bestseller,) phasing out as something that is not quite as important anymore, and besides, most bestselling authors don’t make as much money as me with anything near as much consistency anyways!

Why You May Not Want to Start Your Own Nootropics Website

Given these two slightly outlandish dreams, my mindset at the business program was one of enthusiasm, as I sat down day after day of the six-week program, listening to countless entrepreneurs, start-up incubator wannabees, and think tanks that had gone from literally drowning in debt, to having more money than they knew how to spend, in what was seemingly a matter of years. While since I was only seventeen, and had little business experience, it is very possible that a lot of this was overblown hype, and that maybe some of these entrepreneurs that I had had the liberty of listening to for hours at a time, weren’t really as successful as they had made themselves out to be, regardless, their monologues and motivational speeches stuck in my mind, and as soon as I returned home for summer after the six weeks away from my parents, I instantly got online, and began to lay the foundations for what would later become a successful, profitable, and sustainable online business, with a market cap of likely close to eight figures as a whole.

What Is a Nootropics Website and How You Can effectively Start One?

While all of this inspiration jargon may not seem like a whole lot, there’s a story behind it that started the chain to get me to where I am today, and it all started with two pretty basic, pretty ridiculous things that I believed would take me to wealth, these being a Twitter account and a novel in the works, and while I can look back and laugh at this humble beginning now, it is amazing to see the path that such a simple, innocent decision would put me on, and of how with nothing but simple persistence, will power, and determination, step by step, these moves created a fortune.

Now why did I choose Twitter and a novel, out of all things that I could possibly start with? Well when you’re seventeen years old, loved to write stories in your youth, and were recently watching movies about characters who wrote a book from scratch, the idea seems rather, well, fun. Especially when all your high school friends are out partying, having sex, smoking pot, drinking while their parents aren’t home, getting their driver’s licenses, worrying about who they’re going to take to the prom, and the like of all the other ridiculous stuff that won’t matter in just a few short years, while you’re pretty much over your high school friends and ready to move on to college. The Twitter account came when I was Googling “how to write a book,” and “how to promote a book before it is released,” and a host of other related topics that I hoped would give me some direction, with most of the blogs saying to promote your novel via social media.

What are the Best Nootropics Website Blogs to Read

At this stage, I had never had a Twitter account before, much less knew what to really do with it or how to expand it. I had used Facebook previously for solely personal reasons, and this was basically the extent of my internet marketing knowledge at the time. After a few short weeks however, I realized how fun and addicting it was, to follow a hundred, or several hundred, or a thousand-random people on Twitter, and within minutes, to have your following start to gradually increase, slowly growing up day by day. Just off this simple, repetitive task, I learned a fundamental rule of running and building your own business, and that’s that every little thing you do adds up, and that with regular, hard work over a proven method, given a long enough period of time, that you can scale just about anything to a truly sizeable degree.

While all this Twitter nonsense was going on, I took the liberty of using my extra free time, while I waited for people to follow me back, to get started on my first real novel, about a high school student who struggles with the SAT, and uses a combination of hard work, energy drinks and SAT prep classes, to raise his score by about five hundred points (what a great book topic right?). Considering the SAT score only went from about a 1200 to a 1700, this was not exactly the most thrilling topic that one could read about, but what I would eventually learn after ten months of grinding on this book for almost six hours every single night after school, pounding down huge pots of black coffee in gigantic proportions in the process, was that with a little bit of perseverance, you can learn or do just about anything that you absolutely set your mind to.

What is a Nootropics Website Blogs?

During the ten months that I had spent writing this junk memoir about what was essentially the life of an average High School Student, I was also consistently promoting and growing the following on my Twitter account, and had even come across software that allowed me to mass follow people in a matter of minutes, giving me a large amount of scaling power, a decent sized online audience with around fifteen thousand followers, and a constant, engaging audience that actually listened to and read the content that I was putting out on the internet. Through all this I had even managed to make my first couple of sales through Twitter, signing up for a website where online business owners would pay you anywhere from one to five dollars at a time, via Paypal, to tweet their message to your following. At this point, I was making around seven to ten dollars a month on the internet, and was starting to learn the basics of the ins and outs of how entrepreneurs make money online, with traffic and size, rather than brand recognition and targeted marketing, the usual stuff that most online business owners say makes them the bulk of their money.

Fast forward around a month or two past this, and suddenly, my book’s first draft has been completed, I have printed out the entire two-hundred-page manuscript and edited every single word, comma and character by hand, and have subsequently re-written the entire draft into the final copy of the finished manuscript. Super excited and waiting to blast this to all my real friends on my Facebook page, and to my large following on Twitter, I am utterly shocked and disappointed when after nearly a month of promotion, the only sale I managed to grab was from a friend of mine who had his mom’s credit card, not exactly the best-selling author start that I had hoped for. At this point in time, I had taken a huge amount of focus away from my senior year of high school, nearly losing my admission to a formidable state college, not to mention a full ride paid for by a combination of my parents and a twenty percent scholarship in the process, and had absolutely nothing to show for it except for a crud manuscript that was posted as a cheap e-book on Amazon, and a Twitter account making about ten dollars a month.

Starting My first Nootropics Website

Angered, disappointed, on the verge of giving up my dreams of being an entrepreneur, and stuck at home with my younger sibling, (who had developed an extreme liking for computer programming over the past year or so,) for the next three months on summer vacation before heading off to University, an idea hit me out of what was literally nothing but extreme boredom. As a kid, my younger brother and I, whenever we would have a large stretch of free time at home, when we were off from school, would always try to start a project that was nothing short of extraordinary, and would follow it through right up until the summer ended and we were swamped by school once again, abandoning whatever ridiculous project it was (usually handmade and forgotten about,) and repeating the cycle again the following year. This time however, was a little bit different, and with one year of business experience, I began to Google search “how to market an E-book.” What came up were scores of blogs and websites that said the same thing nearly every single time, “start a blog, and sell your book on the blog to your readers and your audience.” Now at this point, I had heard the term “blog,” before on social media and television ads, and had thought that it was just something where lonely, stay at home moms in their pajamas who didn’t work, could write about their cat, their kids, and what they were making for dinner that night, as nothing but a simple hobby.

Where to Get The Best Blogging Platform for a Nootropics Website

Bored out of my mind however, and with a sibling that had previously dedicated as much time to computer programming as I had to writing my novel over the past year or so, I pitched the idea to start a website to my brother, and that day, the two of us had set up a free blogging platform with about five, brand new blog posts. To try to illustrate just how bad I was when I first got started, the name of my first blog was, looking at that URL right now, I laugh at the idea that a potential customer or email subscriber could possibly remember a title that long to enter in the website on Google, let alone come over and buy something from the website!

Nootropics Website Laws and Regulations

Soon however, my brother and I became addicted, we would sit at my desk literally all day and night, sometimes working for twelve to fourteen hours in a single day, trying everything we possibly could to both grow our newfound gem of a website, to make money off it, and to try and sell my memoir. By the end of the summer, we had realized that by combining both the Twitter account, and the blog, as well as by adding a consistent amount of blog posts (without even any SEO or fancy design or computer work done to the blog posts,) that we could get a sizeable amount of traffic to our blog every single day. We knew that we would never really make any money off it, at least not anytime soon, and instead were simply satisfied by watching the site stats consistently increase day after day, spending hours a day staring at the traffic of our website, admiring at all of the hard work that we had done to get to this point (something I still do to this day, although I’m getting better at managing it and aren’t quite as obsessed with it, it’s just a computer screen after all.)

In a matter of months were getting hundreds of hits every single day on our blog, and with all of our newfound free time for the summer, my brother and I would spend all day coming up with new schemes to increase traffic, whether it was striving to add a hundred blog posts by the end of the summer, finding an auto tweeting software  to tweet literally every five minutes of the day, whether we were sleeping or not (that’s about 288 tweets every single day to an audience of over 15,000 people with our blog link on it, you can bet we were definitely getting some traffic off of that,) we would spam Reddit with our blog link (something I don’t recommend but that did get us a lot of traffic initially,) getting us hundreds of views a day, and had finally found a way to open our website page about a hundred times an hour, tricking the advertising network that we had up on our blog into paying us for fake, spam traffic (usually just a few dimes here and there in revenue.)

It was a perfect partnership, and literally any idea that I came up with, or any scheme or business plan where I couldn’t execute something that would come up, my brother would be able to fill in the missing holes, and together, by the time I had left for college at the end of the summer, we had created a website that was getting a consistent, yet less than profitable, sum of traffic every single day, something that I still marvel at today considering we were just seventeen and fifteen years old.

Eventually however, desire and stress began to kick in, and kick in hard, and we both began to have something of a craving to make some actual money on the internet. I realize now that this is in many ways a pivotal moment that delayed our gratification, as we ended up focusing so much on the money, that we lost site of the main goal, traffic and growth, but more on that later. In closing this first chapter, I just want to add that if you’re looking for a step by step guide for how to make a fortune on the internet, don’t worry, this is still the guide for you, and that after the first part of the book where I tell you my story in full, showing you exactly what your journey to success as an entrepreneur is going to look like, I will literally give you the second half of the book as an ABC, step by step plan for exactly how to make your first sales online. My goal is to take something of a holistic approach on teaching you entrepreneurship, giving you what the experience is going to look like first, and the exact plan to ride the wave to success for the second and closing half of the book.

Chapter 2, A College Freshman, A Fraternity Drunk, and The Makings of a Real Entrepreneur

Now I know what you’re thinking by that chapter title, what the heck does a fraternity have to do with making money on the internet? Well by giving you the entirety of my journey of the seven years that it took to turn me into an internet millionaire, you’ll get a better perspective as to exactly what you’re in for when you begin your “journey,” and you’ll be better prepared for the ups and downs, and to try and handle the delicate balance between skill, persistence, and blind luck, the essential potion that leads anyone to business success.

Once my final High School summer before my first day at University ended, gradually more important things began to take place ahead of the website, as you can imagine that as a freshman in college worrying about grades, women, and with a friend convincing him to join a fraternity, an online business would likely be the last thing on my mind. Still, even between all of this, I would still find time to check my computer at the end of every single night, to delegate tasks to my brother who now still had two years left with an easy High School schedule, and to continuously tweet, add blog posts, and promote my book as much as time possibly allowed.

In hindsight, joining a fraternity was something of a mistake since the fraternity ended up being one of the most violent, hard partying, least attractive to women, and lowest GPA fraternities in the entire school, and I think at one point we had the lowest grades on the entire campus, nearly getting our chapter thrown off the University quarters due to a cumulative 1.9 grade point average. For the entire first four months of my college career, I essentially was a complete wimp, and was the bitch to a group of about fifty older college gentlemen, doing everything from drinking huge amounts of liquor to the point that you get sick, to making out with fourteen women in one night at a Halloween party (dressed as the Devil might I add,) to being hazed to the point of ridiculousness even in violation of the school’s strict “anti-hazing policy,” something that was laughable to the entirety of the fraternity. Among the worst hazing events that we as “pledges,” endured while going through the fraternity, were several “standing ceremonies,” over the course of around four months, with one lasting two hours, one lasting five hours, and one lasting nearly sixteen hours, for our final initiation into the fraternity.

Just to put these standing ceremonies into some perspective, they basically give each person blind folds, before we are walked into the living room of the fraternity house (with trash bags over the windows so no one can see what’s going on from the outside,) with creepy, monk chanting music playing incredibly loud on the speaker, and you just stand there, that’s it. While it may not sound like a lot, or if you think it’s not that bad, put on a blind fold, and put on headphones with a creepy chanting music on repeat for just a few minutes, once you look at your stopwatch and take the blindfold off, it feels like at least five times the amount of time has passed, that has, and after a while, it starts to get incredibly painful. Five hours was horrible, two hours wasn’t great but it was no walk in the park, and the final standing ceremony that was around sixteen hours, from four o’clock in the afternoon, until around ten o’clock in the morning the next day when we took our blindfolds off, was something that was on the borderline of pure physical and psychological torture, and to this day, with the amount of exhaustion that I felt while undergoing this ceremony, I still cannot fathom why I didn’t remove my blindfold and quit the fraternity, damn eighteen year old underdeveloped brain at its finest I guess.

To state the obvious, after enduring this much hazing, followed by obtaining around a 1.9 GPA for my first semesters average due to skipping every single class, sleeping in all day, working on my online business, getting drunk all the time, and pledging a fraternity, I didn’t have much of a desire to go back to the fraternity for the next semester, and I was on academic warning with the school, on threat of being kicked out if I didn’t get my grades up and pull myself together. Back to reality, and being a man with some free time once again, I began to do a tad better in school, though still not that great, and put all my spare time into my online business once again, needing something to obsess over after having the majority of my so called “friends,” alienate me after being unable to pay the $1,000 dues for the Spring semester.

I took to Twitter as my renewed starting point for growing my online business, as this is what seemed the most promising and was getting the most traffic, increasing the frequency that I was tweeting and getting the software working once again that allowed us to post hundreds of times a day, entirely on automatic. It was an ordinary day at around the end of January in the year 2014, when I got a Twitter message that would pull me into an internet marketing reality that I had never known existed, giving me a taste of what exactly was possible with regards to making money on the internet first hand. I’ll never forget the response that I got to one of my tweets about some up and coming brain supplements, known as “nootropics,” that were sweeping the internet. Running a health and self-improvement blog, I had heard about these quite a lot, had written several articles about them, and had even gone as far as to try a bottle or two of these that I had bought from some vendors on the internet (spoiler alert, they aren’t that great, but they’re not totally bad either.)

The tweet came in at around noon on a regular weekday while I was at a friend of mines playing video games. One of the automatic tweets that I had scheduled read, “Can Nootropics really make you smarter?” followed by a picture of a brain. A young entrepreneur around the age of 25 (I was still just 18 years old at this point,) responded to my tweet, saying “yep, start writing articles for me and I’ll give them to you for free.” I was ecstatic, nearly eighteen months had gone by with literally zero to no movement on my online business, and I wanted to continue taking these cognitive enhancing supplements to work harder on my blog, however they were nothing short of about fifty dollars a bottle, something that a broke college student cannot regularly afford!

I instantly responded to the proud entrepreneur, named Peter, and let him know that I was interested through the Twitter direct message center. Within minutes, we had exchanged phone numbers and hopped on a phone call together, something that at the time was entirely unheard of, and is something that I had never done before.



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