Nootropics for Sex, What Nootropics are Best for Sexual Performance Enhancement

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Nootropics for Sex, What Nootropics are Best For Bedroom Performance Enhancement

Nootropics for sex can be somewhat hard to find (no pun intended) but lemme tell ya, when these babies work, they work, and they work pretty damn good. Among the top nootropics that are used for sex, are popular prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and the popular over the counter sex drug Extenze, and nootropics, such as choline, Phenylpiracetam and others. Common natural nootropics that are used for sex are things like D-Aspartic Acid, Bacopa Monnieri, Yohimbe root extract, and a host of other natural herbs (things like caffeine, ginseng and even Maca Root can also increase and improve sexual performance). This article will go into the top ten nootropic drugs for sexual enhancement, and will look into how each of these effects both the mind and the body in the bedroom. These drugs shouldn’t really be stacked with other nootropics, such as Piracetam, Adrafinil, Noopept or Aniracetam.
Sexual Transmutation

What is a Nootropic?

A nootropic is any drug, whether supplement, prescription or illicit, that causes a beneficial cognitive effect that is not addictive and does not have excess side effects. Therefore a nootropic for sex is a drug that improves sex not only Nootropics for Sexfor the body, but the MIND! It has been said that the mind is the most powerful sex organ, and whoever has coined the phrase is 100% right, not just for the simple fact that the mind is what turns you on and gets sex started in the first place, but also because sex happens…at a biological level, in the brain (among other places;). Let’s get started, so what exactly are are the best performing nootropics for sex?

The Top Ten Nootropics for Sex

This list will encompass both natural and synthetic nootropics, as well as prescription and over the counter drugs. The top ten nootropics for sex, in my opinion are

      1. Cialis-The King of Sexual Drugs, Cialis for men gives you a rock hard erection that is going to be unlike anything else you’ve ever felt, it is truly an amazing drug with regards to lasting longer in bed, strength of the erection and being able to get ready to go on demand. Cialis also…wait for it…lasts for 4 to 6 days! Yeah that’s right, when you take a Cialis, it lasts for over 4 days, you’ll have four days of enhanced sex, which is crazy good enough to put this drug at number one on my list.
        1. Viagra-Viagra is basicaly Cialis just it doesn’t last quite as long, but with the same potency. If you’re looking for 4-6 hours, or about one night of multiple rounds of really great sex, take Viagra, and not Cialis.
        2. Extenze-Extenze is a natural alternative to prescription ED pill medications like Viagra and Cialis, and I can honestly say that its very close in potency, having taken Extenze myself. Extenze can last for around a week, so be prepared to either have a lot of alone time or to have a partner nearby you.
        3. Yohimbe Extract-Yohimble root extract is a completely natural plant that is specifically used for sexual enhancement. It improves testosterone levels and also reacts with a whole bunch of other hormones and receptors that are made specifically for sex-highly recommend.

      Sexual Transmutation

      1. Phenylpiracetam-Phenylpiracetam is a powerful nootropic stimulant drug that is typically used to improve energy, mood, focus and physical strength and endurance. The endurance part will seriously help your sex life, as improved endurance and energy levels can translate to significantly improved performance in the bedroom.
      2. Adderall-When most people think of Adderall, sex is the last thing that comes to mind, and while I don’t advocating taking a dangerous amphetamine that college students use to cram for exams, just to have some really great sex..I can’t deny that it works wonders in this side of the business. Because Adderall and amphetamines in general are the strongest dopamine releasing drugs that their is (except for maybe sex), and sex drive and good sex is generally related entirely to dopamine, Adderall can really get the wheels turning to having sex, and having great sex at that. Adderall can make sex last for hours in men and can get women so turned on that multiple orgams are a normal phenomenon, Adderall and sex can make for an extremely wild night!
      3. D-Aspartic Acid-DAA is basically baby testosterone, as it is a testosterone booster, it will give more energy as well as erectile strength and overall sex charisma in bed. Testosterone=amazing sex!
      4. Alpha GPC Choline-Choline, while not like Adderall or taking testosterone for sex, can help keep your mind and body rejuvinated, which can lead to better feelings, and more strength and energy in the bedroom.

Sexual Transmutation

    1. Caffeine-Ever have a redbull then get your frisky on? It’s awesome that’s for sure, the caffeine not only increases energy levels (more thrusting power, you can hump like a rabbit!) but also makes you last longer during sex (as do all stimulants with men) and makes you more turned on for women, this makes for an amazing combination in the bedroom, and this coupled with more energy overall, can make for some great fun!
    2. Nicotine-Ever see those movies where the main character is always having a cigarette after sex, ever wonder why that is? It’s because nicotine is a fantastic drug for stimulating multiple regions of the brain related to focus and sexual energy, so when they’re lighting up their cigarettes before, after or during sex, it’s to enhance the euphoria that sex is already giving them. After is probably the best, and though I don’t recommend smoking, something like nitocine gum might make for an awesome post-sex buzz for both you and your partner.
    3. Bonus*Rhino 7 Pills (found online or at most gas stations)-Some reviews have said that Rhino7 pills are just like Viagra, and Cialis, just legal and more natural.

Sexual Transmutation

Testosterone and Sex, Nootropics for Sex that Raise Testosterone

The main nootropics for sex that raise testosterone are D-Aspartic Acid, Yohimbe, and Believe it or not the upgraded version of Extenze (which is all the natural sex compounds extenze usually has with an added testosterone kick, it’s Nootropics for Sex and Energy Levelsgood stuff that’s for sure!) The best testosterone boosting nootropics are Yohimbe, DAA, Extenze, and if you want to really get into it, SARMS or prohormones such as LGD-4033 or Ostarine, although I don’t recommend these if you’re just looking to have great sex, too risky not worth it at all.

The Best Nootropics for Sex and Where to Buy Them

You can buy most of these nootropics either over the counter at the drugstore like CVS or Walmart (in the case of Extenze), from your doctor or Pharmacy (for Viagra and Cialis) at many stores online (Yohimbe) and in nootropic outlets, Amazon and Ebay.

Comparision of Sex Drugs, Viagra vs Cialis vs DAA vs Yohimbe Root Extract

Viagra and Cialis are obviously the cram of the crop, but for natural enhanced sex, drugs like Extenze (basically just a combination of natural herbs and herbal nootropic supplement compounds) Yohimbe and D-Aspartic Acid make a close second.

Final Thoughts on the Top Ten Nootropics for Sex and Sexual Enhancement

So there you have it, the top ten nootropic drugs for great sex, erection and stamina improvement, and for jacking up (jacking off?…sorry:( energy levels in the bedroom. Sex is a beautiful and amazing thing, make it even more so with nootropics and supplements that are catered directly to making your night in the bedroom wild. Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00, and comment down below with any questions about all things Smart Drugs and nootropics.




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