Nootropics Dangers and The Dangers of Nootropics Overdoses

//Nootropics Dangers and The Dangers of Nootropics Overdoses

Nootropics Dangers and The Dangers of a Nootropics Overdose From Long-Term Use

Nootropics dangers are actually almost non-existent, and nootropics are a very safe supplement to take overall. Nootropics are supplements that are taken for their effects on the brain. They are neurologically active chemical compounds that enhance cognition, alertness, learning capacity, focus, reflexes, and sometimes have a mild stimulant effect. Noortropics are commonly used among people who want to increase memory, lift fatigue, or simply be able to focus on work or study-time. They are often refered to as “Smart Drugs”, due to their cognitive enhancement effects. In order to choose a Nootropic drug, it is best to review the common effects of some favorites, to see which one bests suits you. Three commonly used Noortropics are Phenylpiracetam, Adrafinil, and Noopept.

The Nootropics Dangers of Phenylpiracetam Pills

Phenylpiracetam, also known by brand names Phenotropil or Carphedon, is a Noortropic in a class called “racetams”. For those familiar with racetams, Phsenylpiracetam is a derivative of Piracetam that has an addition chemical group added. Most people prefer taking Phenylpiracetam in pill form, as it has an unpleasant taste.
This is a strong drug with sizable popularity and many cognitive benefits. For more information on all things nootropics, be sure to subscribe for a free sample of Smart Drugs worth over fifty dollars! Also comment down below with any questions and we’ll answer them within 24 hours!

Euphoria is common, with a greatly increased sense of well-being very soon after taking Phenylpiracetam . In fact, Phenylpiracetam pills are noted for their fast absorption. Increased motivation and concentration are common effects. This isn’t the kind of increased motivation that you would feel from a stimulant medication. Rather, it is more about actually enjoying and wanting to complete your tasks or assignments.Quicker learning and ability to Nootropics Dangersretain information through increased memory is common. In many cases you may experience reduced stress.

Due to the fact that it increases motor skills, physical endurance, and tolerance to the cold, Phenylpiracetam has actually been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (the group that monitors and enforces drug usage at the Olympics).
Phenylpiracetam pills aren’t completely without side effects, however mild. You can build a tolerance to the drug, so it may not be suitable for daily use over a long period of time. Occasionally, the psycho-stimulant effects may cause trouble sleeping. This might be an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to benefit from a strong and effective racetam, but isn’t going to use it in a way that tolerance will be an issue.

The Nootropics Dangers of Adrafinil Pills

Adrafinil, also called Olmifon, is a eugeroic Noortropic. Eugeroics have cognitive benefits, but also act as stimulants. Modafinil is a similar drug, and Adrafinil pills actually become processed and converted into Modafinil in the liver.
Benefits of Adrafinil include better wakefulness and focus, allowing for the ability to get projects accomplished. It elevates mood, energy, and reaction times. In addition to being linked to analytic thinking and better memory retention, it also lifts alertness and perception. Adrafinil pills are very popular as an alternative to Adderall for people with ADD/ADHD. Some use it as a legal alternative to Modafinil to lift fatigue.

Adrafinil pills are generally safe, but those who have liver or heart conditions should avoid Adrafinil. Not only is it processed by the liver, but the stimulant effects after it is converted to the active chemical in Modafinil, raise blood pressure and increase heart rate. So, you would want to keep that in mind when selecting the right Noortropic for you.

The Nootropics Dangers of Noopept Pills

Noopept is rapidly gaining popularity among Smart Drug fans. This drug is estimated to be 1000X more effective than Piracetam at the same dose. Therefore, Noopept pills can come at a much smaller dosage than other Noortropics, and be very effective. The benefits found from Noopept use are quite extensive. Noopept is reported to have neuroprotective properties. It is a powerful antioxidant. Long term use shows promise of relieving and possibly reversing brain damage in the elderly and those with some types of cognitive disorders.

Developed in Russia specifically as a cognitive enhancer to combat cognitive loss from alcohol and drug abuse, Noopept pills boost memory, concentration, energy, and focus. Because Noopept stimulates proteins that boost Nerve Growth Factor, which helps create new neurons, it has been linked to neuroplasticity. This helps with learning and retaining new information. While there are some mild psychostimulant effects, it seems that the actual “Smart Boost” comes directly from how the chemical acts in the brain, as opposed to as a result of the stimulant effect.

Final Thoughts on the Top Risks and Nootropics Dangers Overall

There is less of an occurrence of headaches, nausea, or upset stomach with Noopept pills than racetams. This may be due the smaller effective dose. Like Adrafinil, it should be avoided by those with heart conditions due to the mild stimulant effect. Tolerance may also build for Noopept, and therefore users of the drug should take breaks to reduce the risk of tolerance building. Some people report irritability as the effects are waning.

As with any drugs, you should watch for signs of allergic reactions. Smart drugs are legal, effective, and safe for most people when used at the recommended doses.



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