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Today’s blog post is on, which is in my personal opinion, hands down the best website to get Modafinil for personal use off of on the web. Modup sells Modafinil as brand names of Modvigil and Modalert in tablet form, and gets it from a very reliable supplier, with the same pure quality Modafinil as you’d get from HAB pharmaceuticals. If you checkout you’ll get literally hundreds to thousands of reviews raving about and the service that they provide. Modup has very cheap prices, great quality and 100% pure, prescription grade, tablet Modafinil, and it comes in very discreet packaging! Because the packaging is discreet, it can easily get through customs, and even if it doesn’t, you’ll never be at any risk when you order, this is why I feel Modup is the best company, for this service specifically, they provide total safety and anonymity at a level that is unprecedented compared to other online vendors of Modafinil. The safety and security that you get when buying from is just at an entirely different level of caution! This Review will go over everything you need to know about the company! Review Review, What is Modafinil and What is the Price at

If you haven’t heard of Modafinil yet, it also goes by the names Provigil, Modalert and Modvigil, and these are all sold on the website. While Modafinil is on paper technically a narcolepsy and chronic obstructive sleep apnea drug, it has created a silent market of cognitive enhancement users looking for a boost because of how it can significantly increase wakefulness, mood, memory and focus. The market has grown up so big, that Modafinil now gets literally hundreds of thousands of searches in Google, and basically any forum, even popular nootropics one’s such as Reddit and longecity, is going to give amazing reviews about the powerful effects that the drug Modafinil can have on the human brain. When you take Modafinil, you’re basically going to just have loads of mental endurance and motivation, it’s honestly a bit like Adderall just cleaner. By far the strongest Smart Drug currently available on the online market. is in my opinion the best vendor of Modafinil, and they even have their own subreddit and forum, which ads to their brand and legitamacy. This Review wouldn’t be complete without explaining how you can checkout their awesome forum and reddit pages, URLs below! Review
You can checkout their forum and subreddit at the following links Forum Subreddit Review of the Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil has many benefits as a nootropic including improved memory, focus, mental energy, overall performance, motivation and euphoria. It’s so effective in-fact (the only other nootropics even coming close really being Armodafinil and Hydrafinil) that it has been deemed the “CEOs Drug”and is used extensively in Silicon Valley by high-stressed start-up executives looking to make a seven figure payday. Modafinil is even used by Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss, popular Biohacking entreprenurs who have each built multi-million dollar brands, resturaunts, products and Television shows. Review of Product Quality ReviewThere are loads of reviews of online, with almost 90% of them showing a positive review, giving legitamacy and credibility to their discreet product quailty. They are also all over Reddit and Longecity, and other online blogging websites, mainly other prescription websites, supplement blogs, and nootropic blogs and forums, and most have very good reviews with regards to the services that provides its customers. If you see negative reviews about the company on Reddit or other outlets, I can honestly say that you can ignore these, as it is most likely the company’s competitors trying to sabotage the company. I know people online who have ordered from the company and they say it is truly a great service that they provide.

Review of Prices at

Modups prices are typically around $1.00 per tablet, and this amount drops to about .75 each tablet if you buy in a bigger order, such as 180 tablets or more. Shipping costs are also very reasonable, with around $10 for standard 2-3 week shipping, and $20 or so for 7-day rush shipping. Reports show that the product is typically shipped directly from India.

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Discreet Packaging, Why your Package will Always be Safe and Effectively Shipped

They ship in a blank, brown envelope with practically no information on it, so you’re totally safe even if customs takes your product. If customs does seize the product, you’ll also receive a brand new parcel 100% free!

What Countries do they Ship Modafinil To? Review of Shipping

They ship Modafinil worldwide with what I believe is the exception of a few countries. If you are on one of their listed countries however, they’ll email you and work with you on options.

How Long Has Been in Business

They have been around for around half a decade, and are top notch with regards to quality in the industry. Their prices and discretion are something that you aren’t going to find from other vendors.

What is the Brand Name of Modafinil They Sell

They sell Modvigil and Modalert brand name Modafinil. They have also occasionally sold Armodafinil brands, such as Nuvigil and Waklert. Review

How can I get a Discount on Modafinil? The Magic of Paying with Bitcoin!

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin yet, it is an anonymous online cryptocurrency, and it’s literally magic! A currency that is solely online and that can easily be cashed in at dozens of outlets, and even ATM machines across the world. When you buy at with Bitcoin, you get a 33% discount! Yes, you heard that right…you get a THIRTY-THREE PERCENT DISCOUNT, that’s huge! If you’ve never used bitcoin before, it’s super easy to use, sign-up for blockchain, coinbase or any other bitcoin outlet that buys and sells bitcoin, purchase bitcoin, and then send it to Modup, then you’ll get your product shipped out to you instantly. And if there’s anything left-over, you can either withdraw it or put it towards another online purchase. review logs are also plentiful on the web.

The company has extensive online articles about how to purchase from them via Bitcoin:

You can read those links for more information on how to do this.

Final Thoughts on Why is the Best Modafinil Vendor on the Web has cheap prices, total discretion, a one-third discount when you use bitcoin, and high-quality product that can be shipped right to your doorstep in a flash. Checkout for more details on all things Smart Drugs!


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