Modafinil FDA Laws, Regulations and Overall Legal Restrictions

//Modafinil FDA Laws, Regulations and Overall Legal Restrictions

Modafinil FDA Laws, Regulations and Overall Legal Restrictions

Modafinil is an agent designed to encourage the brain to increase its productivity levels. It is a supplement that some use to replace other consumables like caffeine because it provides the same stimulation people seek. Positive reviews of Modafinil state that it offers users enhanced mental clarity in times when greater concentration is needed, while at the same time not negatively impacting sleep patterns. It is approved by the FDA, however the Modafinil FDA laws (Food and Drug Administration) are extremely strict with regards to actually getting the drug without a prescription, and it is currently a schedule IV prescription drug in the United States and in most other parts of the world. For more details and information about how the FDA regulates Modafinil and other similar prescription drugs for narcolepsy, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, checkout our categories on the right hand side of this blog post for hundreds of articles on all things nootropics, and comment down below with your thoughts on the issue and we’ll get back to you with a response inside of one business day!

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Benefits of the Modafinil FDA Rules and Regulations Long-Term


The reported benefits to Modafinil include an increased cognitive performance of users in mentally active tasks. It improves the wakefulness of users and therefore improves their attention span for daily tasks. Modafinil is often used for those with daily fatigue or chronic illness impacting energy during the day and helping with restful sleeping during the night. For those who have trouble sleeping, Modafinil enables a clearer mind for improved concentration and memory.

Dosage of Modafinil Based on Federal FDA Guidelines and Restrictions


As with most supplements, the appropriate dosage varies per person. On average, however, 200mg per day is generally an accepted dosage. Seeking medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist is advised when attempting to take more than this dosage, or if there are any outstanding medical conditions.\

What are the Major Side Effects of Modafinil as Put out by the Modafinil FDA Regulations in the US


The drug should be used as instructed to reduce any potential side effects. However, there is a change for the following side effects to occur in some cases:


– Nausea


– Insomnia


– Dizziness


– Drowsiness


– Back and muscle pain


– Allergic reactions


It is therefore recommended to test a smaller amount of Modafinil before attempting the full dosage.



How to Use Modafinil Properly to Abide by the Modafinil FDA Rules


A user should not consume more than 400mg of Modafinil in a 24 hour period so as to reduce the chances of the body building a tolerance to the drug. The effects of an average dose will last effectively for approximately 12 hours so a dosage should be taken when the necessary tasks needed to be complete fall during that time. Modafinil is not a replacement for sleep, so remember to get a healthy amount of sleep when you can in addition to using the drug for waking hours.

Other drugs that the FDA also commonly talks about or that the FDA has looked at banning with regards to nootropics, as well as general Smart Drugs that help to potentiate Modafinil and Provigil include:

Piracetam-The original nootropic drug, Piracetam benefits users by improving memory, mood, focus and overall energy levels, and since its inception has literally created dozens of other potent nootropics in its image.

Aniracetam-Five times more powerful than Piracetam and with an added anti-anxiety benefit that Piracetam lacks, Aniracetam is also good for helping with public speaking and general motor skills.

Oxiracetam-Fifteen times more powerful than Piracetam, and is often times called “the speedy racetam” due to how it impacts dopamine and other stimulating receptors in the brain. A very popular and effective nootropic long-term, however does require choline in order for it to function properly.

Pramiracetam-Pramiracetam is around thirty times more powerful than Piracetam, is the strongest natural racetam on the market (meaning without any added molecules), and has very beneficial effects on the memory of users who take it.

Phenylpiracetam-Phenylpiracetam is by far the strongest Racetam on the market and is up there with some of the strongest nootropics on the market overall. Phenylpiracetam helps to benefit users by improving focus, mood, cognition and overall energy levels, both physically and mentally. In-fact it was even banned by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) when it was found that olympic athletes were using the drug in order to improve performance. If it’s strong enough to get banned by an olympic committee, then you know it’s a potent nootropic! I’m personally looking for Phenylaniracetam, Phenyloxiracetam, and Phenylpramiracetam to come out in the future to see just how strong Racetam’s can really get!

Adrafinil-A pro drug of Modafinil and potent Modafinil Analogue, Adrafinil is 100% legal to buy in the United States and in most countries abroad, it is cheap and effective, and is one of the more popular nootropics on the market today.

Hydrafinil-Quite possibly the most powerful nootropic every to graze the market. While it only lasts about four hours to Modafinil’s 12 and Adrafinil’s 8, it is four times stronger than Modafinil and ten times more so than that of Adrafinil.

Armodafinil-Twice as strong as Modafinil, very clean and efficient as a brain drug, however Modafinil FDA laws and general Armodafinil FDA restrictions put this as once again, a schedule IV prescription drug in the United States, which means that you can only legally get it and take it with a legitamate prescription from your doctor.

Fladrafinil-A legal analogue of Modafinil that is very high risk but that is said to be around 5 times more powerful. Dosages are usually around 30 milligrams at a time, and it is said to have a lot of side effects. This is a high risk nootropic drug that I personally actually would recommend staying away from.

Olmifon-Popular brand name of Adrafinil that is losing its gusto.

Memotropil-Brand name of Piracetam.

Carphedron-Brand name of Phenylpiracetam.

Adderall-An ADHD psychostimulant drug that is very heavily regulated by the FDA and other drug agencies like the DEA as it is very heavily abused, and as an amphetamine is highly addictive, even among those with ADHD (it works very good so it is very habit forming and easy to get dependent on.) I’ll be wrting future articles about Adderall addiction, how you can get off of it, and how you can fight it, so stay tuned for those in due time.

CDP Choline-The most popular and basis form of choline on the market. Not regulated by the FDA, over the counter supplement.

Alpha GPC Choline-The strongest form of choline on the market, much stronger than CDP Choline and commonly found at all nootropic outlets, in GNC, and in stores like Walmart and Target.

St. John’s Wort-Used for combatting depression and anxiety to a varying degree. A 100% natural nootropic, found over the counter, and legal to buy and sell in the United States as it is not regulated under common Modafinil FDA laws and restrictions.

Noopept-Said to be around 1000 times more powerful than Piracetam, becoming hugely popular in the US and is very safe and effective when used with choline and taken in proper dosages of 10 to 20 milligrams at a time, once per day in the morning.


Fasoracetam-One of the more potent and high risk Racetams on the market, Fasoracetam is around 500 times more effective than Piracetam as a nootropic and as a Racetam. Not much research on it but reviews on the forums generally regard it as safe, hard to find online but possibilities as a potential nootropic as further research is being conducted on the drug.

And a host of other related Smart Drugs and nootropic supplements, subscribe for more details.

Long-Term Use of Modafinil Based on Modafinil FDA Clinical Trial Studies and Longecity Reviews


The lower the dosage of Modafinil, the more effective it will be for the longer term. The body will build up a tolerance faster the higher the dosage. Many users have reported that there are few benefits to using an increased dosage, compared to the significant increase in the chances of negative side effects. Try to keep your dosage as low as possible and balance the increase with how much you are benefiting from it. Modafinil FDA regulations typically say that long-term use is advised against, and there is clinical trial research to show that it can cause Modafinil tolerance and Modafinil addiction to ensue as a result. You can get the research right here at the following .gov URLs:

The world’s first true “smart drug” enhances cognition and is deemed safe by health experts

Reviews of Modafinil Online Based on Modafinil FDA (Food and Drug Administration) RestrictionsModafinil FDA


Most positive user reviews praise the drug for allowing them to hold a high level of concentration for a longer amount of time during the day. The reviews submitted for the drug online are mostly positive, with very few stating dangerous side effects. Most reviews state that the benefits of the drug in helping with their sleeping disorders outweigh the minimal side effects that sometimes occur, such as a lack of appetite.


Modafinil as a Smart Drug and the Modafinil FDA Laws Against it Without a Prescription


Many have praised Modafinil as being a “smart drug” by online user reviews and the sensationalizing of media outlets. The increased cognitive function that this drug promotes has others claiming it makes them smarter and better at their jobs. Some compare it to the movie “Limitless” in which a man becomes increasingly addicted to the drug to improve his job performance and mental capacity. Obviously Modafinil is not the fantasy drug that is portrayed in the movie, but the idea remains the same. The purpose of the drug is mainly for those who have sleeping difficulties.



Final Thoughts on Modafinil and the General Modafinil FDA Laws, Regulations, Rules and Restrictions


Modafinil may have been advertised and spread as some kind of ‘super smart drug’, but with its high cost and potential drop off of benefits with higher doses, Modafinil will probably remain a drug made for those who need assistance in concentration and improved sleeping patters. However, those with a high income and a need for greater mental cognition for improved job performance will continue to use this as a ‘super drug’. For more information, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your questions or concerns related to nootropics and we’ll get back to you within a business day. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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