Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Benefits, Dangers and Spinal Chord Fluid Myths

//Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Benefits, Dangers and Spinal Chord Fluid Myths

Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Do the Potential Benefits Outweigh the Huge Risks?

LSD, also known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is a hallucinogenic, schedule I illegal drug that often is talked about in the form of Microdosing LSD for the mild nootropic or Smart Drug effects that it can incude in its users. While LSD is not typically sought out for its nootropic benefits, and is instead primarily used by those who are looking to trip, hallucinate, experience higher degrees of reality (or lower depending on how you wanna look at it). Other hallucinogenic and psychidelic drugs that induce a kind of nootropic effect, no matter how mild, include psyilocybin mushrooms, research LSD chemicals including 25i and 25b, and a host of other intoxicants.

While on the surface it may seem like taking LSD and even just microdosing LSD may seem counter productive to rational thought and thinking, there is actually some precedent that it may help improve perspective, enlighten mood, memory and focus, and allow a user to think more clearly while on it. The following opinions and views are at the discretion of the writer(s) of this blog and do not reflect medical advice that you should follow. This is an informative article and I actually 100% DO NOT RECOMMEND that you do this under any circumstances.

Personally if you use LSD looking for a nootropic effeMicrodosing LSDct I think that you’re a complete idiot and should take a look in the mirror more often. This is simply an informative article about an undermentioned topic that has gained traction in recent years on popular forums. 
Now that we’ve got
that out of the way, let’s get this started shall we? Microdosing LSD and its dangers, stupidity and subtle benefits, off we go!

What is Microdosing LSD?

Microdosing LSD is when you take an insanely small dosage of LSD, also commonly known as acid, in order to induce a brain-boosting or cognitive enhancing effect on the user. I actually know someone who has done this successfuly in studying for a calculus mid-term, however he was a freak of nature and you should absolutely never, ever do this. So what exactly is Microdosing LSD, what does it do, and why do some people consider it to have nootropic effects? LSD is typically use to trip, to get high, and to induce hallucinogenic effects, yet also has many uses as a possible nootropic.

LSD, when taken at a low dosage, can induce a kind of stimulant effect not unlike that of “speed” or amphetamines, which have a very potent Smart Drug effect in themselves, though very dangerous. LSD, like amphetamine, also has effects on the brain’s neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and while this is normally leveraged at a high dosage in order to induce a trip, a higher state of being, or intense hallucinations and beliefs about ones self and the environment around them, it can also be microdosed in an effort to create a mild high and improve focus.

While a normal dosage of LSD may be something like one tab at a time, which is about 100 micrograms a microdose is significantly smaller, around 1/10 to 1/25 of a tab, our about 10 micrograms. There are even reviews on popular news outlets of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who have tried this to improve mood and creativity, with one female tech entrepreneur in her 20’s taking 10 micrograms a day for 2 weeks straight.

In this experiment, her results were as follows: (she goes on to mention at the end of the article that she tried both LSD and mushrooms, and that Modafinil, with regards to cognitive enhancement effects and overall euphoric “high” was significnatly stronger…it’s also FDA approved and is likely a much safer option.)

-On day one, she tested the product, then cut the tab into ten individual strips, put it into a shot glass with water and let it sit overnight.

-The next day she started with 5 micrograms, nothing happened, so she increased the dosage to around 15, she felt some mild anti-depressant effects, and still nothing happened.

So the day after she upped the dosage to 20 miligrams, and this was where she, as the microdosing LSD user, started to notice some pretty extraordinary events. She felt very euphoric, happy and talkative, and from her experiences it also kind’ve sounded like what a mild amphetamine feels like….either that or that first scene from Limitless when he takes the pill and everything’s distorted.

For the remainder of the next week and a half, aside from tolerance breaks here and there, she continued taking dosages of about 20 to 30 milligrams per day, and said that after the experiment she would definitely do it again, just because of how productive, happy, talkative, euphoric and calm she was. She said it didn’t quite feel like manic energy, which is why I brougth up ths Limitless video^^Obviously it’s not that but.anyway that was the first thing that came to mind.

Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, are the risks dangerous?

Yes absolutely. The girl in the review that took it for 2 weeks straight and even mentioned that she would continue taking it regularly after that, well she’s quite frankly playing with fire. Don’t do this, but I guess if you’re going to take LSD anyways, at the very least make sure to take a very low dosage of it.

What does LSD do in the Brain?

Increases dopamine, norepinephrine and seratonin, these are happy chemicals which is why our reviewer had such a stellar reaction to even a low dosage.

When was LSD Invented?

Dangers of Microdosing LSD

Addiction, withdrawal, overdose, criminal charges, hallucinations that last for awhile, getting LSD stuck in your spinal fluid so that when you crack your back you get high. Not sure if this is a myth or not but I’ve heard stories that sound damn accurate.

MicrodosingLSD on the BrainProTips Blog

There’s a blog that I frequently read called brainprotips, which is where I got the idea for this blog post after he wrote one it on himself. The author is an online friend of mine who I’ve done business with in the past, and he runs some really great, high traffic blogs. I read his content though because I think he does a great job writing. In his blog he says:

“Very awakening and energizing, not unlike Modafinil. It is not too stimulating like amphetamine. Very clean and uplifting.”

I believe he read the same review I did on Microdosing LSD.

Microdosing LSD Reviews on Erowid

Erowid is also chock full of reviews on microdosing LSD, give it a look when you get a chance it’s got some really interesting experiences if you’d like more information.

You can check more of these out here:




How to Microdose LSD and Nootropic Smart Drug Alternatives

Cut a tab into 10 strips, then take 1 or 2 of the strips. Nootropic alternatives to the type of cognition benefits that you might get with LSD include







Any nootropic is going to give you very similar effects, but these will get you closest. For a super-powered nootropic that can give you a kind of “night-trip,” that is both 100% natural and completely legal.

Read more about the dangers of LSD at the following articles


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Dosage of a Proper LSD Microdose

10-20 micrograms at a time, with a maximum dosage at 30. Anything over this and you’re looking at getting into “trip” territory.

LSD, the Quintissential Psychidelic that Really Shouldn’t be Messed With

Overall I don’t recommend this, there are plenty of other Smart Drugs out there that have great effects on cognition, such as Modafinil, Adrafinil and Phenylpiracetam or Fladrafinil.

Does an LSD Microdose really Store Itself in Spinal Chord Fluid for Life?

This is a myth.

Microdosing LSD Long-Term

While the person in our article did this, this is really not recommended. I mean come on, taking LSD on a regular basis? That’s a little bit too much honestly.

Microdosing LSD Short-Term

If you’re gonna do it at all, which I really don’t recommend, this is absolutely the way to do it. Do it a few times then you know….stop…or at least stop for a few months, more on this in the closing.

Final Thoughts on the Dangers and Potential Nootropic Benefits of Microdosing LSD

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