MDMA Modafinil, Why Modafinil and MDMA Shouldn’t be Stacked

//MDMA Modafinil, Why Modafinil and MDMA Shouldn’t be Stacked

MDMA Modafinil, Why Modafinil and MDMA Shouldn’t be Stacked

MDMA Modafinil Laws, Regulations and Restrictions, and Why Modafinil and MDMA Should Not Be Stacked

MDMA, known in pure form as Molly, and in pills or tabs as ecstasy, has been widely used since it began growing in popularity during the 80s and 90s in the club scene. With a close chemical resemblance to hallucinogens as well as stimulants, Molly, ecstasy, and MDMA can all produce feelings of increased energy, emotional warmth, time distortion, severe emotional and/or spiritual mood swings and occurrences. Molly also has caused hallucinations, and all different types of good and bad feelings, most of which are associated with pleasure. Molly can be a lot of fun in the right situations. But, she also has a dark side, for more information on the MDMA Modafinil laws, regulations and restricions, subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

Other popular Nootropics that some users are also going to be stacking atop MDMA include the following:






CDP Choline

Alpha GPC Choline


Uridine Monophosphate



Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside


And a host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drugs found on the web.


The MDMA Modafinil Laws and Reegulations, why Stacking MDMA and Modafinil is So Dangerous

One of the main downfalls of MDMA is its potential for addiction. Anything that creates addiction is just MDMA Modafinilputting one more weight on you, and one more negative thing to fight later on in life, when you are ready to grow up. The problem is, your life was going to be about way more than that. It’s a known fact that the more habits we have that are “habit-forming”, the less control we have of our lives later in life. Not being in control causes very negative thoughts and feelings that feel horrible to carry around with you. Not to mention the fact that addictions are a constant drain in your budget. Who wants to be depressed all of the time because of their failure, and then be broke as a joke every day to boot? Gross.


A Few Words on Addiction To The MDMA Modafinil Uses


The fact is, most of the people that suffer with addiction nowadays have either beat it, are in the process of constantly fighting it, or are or are “down in it.” The sad part is, most of the heavy drug users in the world are not only stuck being someone they hate for letting it beat them, miserable and depressed about the decisions that they’ve made in her life, but they’re stuck with drug habits that they’ve grown to hate. Half the time, they don’t enjoy their highs anymore and just want them to go away. If they had used Modafinil alongside MDMA in an MDMA Modafinil stack, the serious problems and side effects that this drug would cause overall due to the stack combination would have really been incredibly dangerous.


That being said, when you read about the negative effects of Molly online, you’re reading mainly nausea, racing heartbeat, fear, vivid hallucinations, and the like. People have actually died from taking Molly though, because they dehydrate and overheat at the same time. These drugs are very dangerous, and even if you have a good source, you can still suffer from pain, discomfort, fear, nausea, or all the above If he had and that’s not even get into the fact that you could end up torturing yourself to death by getting in the habit of taking and depending on drugs. With Regards to the MDMA Modafinil Stack, these drugs will never mix well together as they are both powerful stimulants, and as such serious problems can occur.



What Does Molly Do, and What Does Modafinil Do With Regards to The Modafinil and MDMA Stack?


 Molly tricks the human brain into producing mass amounts of chemicals that are already made in the brain, causing extreme peaks of emotional, spiritual, and physical feelings. It’s kind of like when you tune up a car, and it tweaks out all your systems, or if you go into the car audio place to get your stereo tweaked out and tuned. The problem is, the people that are making this drug are not doctors, they don’t know what needs to be tweaked out in what could be turned down to get the right feelings. If you are looking at the MDMA Modafinil stack, know that these drugs are going to contradict each other to a very similar degree, and that the side effects can actually be quite brutal.



Serotonin – Serotonin affects your mood, your appetite, your sleep, and many other functions. Serotonin also triggers hormones cause sexual feelings and peaks.

Norepinephrine – Norepinephrine increases the heart rate and the blood pressure, and it can cause problems if you already have heart, blood, or circulatory problems.

Dopamine – Dopamine causes surges in emotions, along with euphoria and increased energy levels.


Molly’s Sweet Side, and Why The MDMA Modafinil Stack Has No Sweet Side!

It’s understandable to be interested in anything that people are saying makes you feel incredible. What i don’t get is how we only have one life to live, and so many people are willing to chance it. Molly has a sweet side that attracts people to it by promising them euphoria, great sex, and more personal fun with their friends, music and any other type of experience. But if you end up losing all that, what’s the point? All drugs are, in the end, is a bunch of people that are not happy enough with their lives, that are willing to chance it for a cheap thrill. 90% of the time we end up finding out the hard way that we didn’t want to do that.

Please use responsibly if you have to do Molly or MDMA, and keep your eyes and your mind on who you are, what makes you feel the best, and what all this could cost you in the long run. In the end, we end up wearing all the things that we do early in life, and you want to have memories that STILL feel good.Look at Charlie Sheen… Do you think that feels good? Anyhow, do not do the MDMA Modafinil stack especially, as these two drugs do not react well together at all, and by using them in conjunction you are putting yourself at extreme risk for heart attack, stroke, and a whole host of other problems.



Molly’s Dark Side, and Why The MDMA Modafinil Stack is So Dangerous


The effects of Molly usually last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, which can fly right by if you are having a good time. However, when you start feeling in some of the negative side effects, 3 to 6 hours is a very long time to have to stay miserable. Some of the negative side effects from Molly include nausea, severe muscle cramping, involuntary teeth clenching, sweating, chills, blurred vision, extreme peaks of fear and/or depression, and even death. In the end, Molly tricks you into thinking that you have an excellent time, and then either hurts you, makes you sick, or tortures you, and possibly to death for the rest of your life. I don’t know about you, but I need a little bit more than that, being that I didn’t already have anything negative in my equation before I started here. Don’t gamble with your lives, and even if you do gamble with your life, don’t gamble with being drug through the next 60 years of it unhappy. With regards to the MDMA Modafinil stack, since Modafinil affects histamine in the brain, it can keep a user awake way too long, even after he is super tired, burnt out, exhausting and crashing from all of the Molly, do not mix these two drugs together, as the pain and the side effects of doing so are simply not worth it.



Summary of The MDMA Modafinil Dangers and Laws Regarding The Stacking of The Two Drugs, and Why You Won’t Want to Be Stacking Modafinil and MDMA Together

In the end, if you put aside the fact that you could be sold bleach or something that kills you… and… you put aside the fact that you could puke and not have fun, you are still looking at the fact that any hard addictive drug could potentially ruin your whole life. Yes, you can have a lot of fun on Molly, MDMA, or ecstasy pills. But the fact is, it’s irresponsible, it’s illegal, and is dangerous. You shouldn’t have to hurt yourself to have a good time, because wherever we come from, and no matter what you believe, we have poof all around us that life is beautiful. We will have proof in our faces every day for the rest of our lives that people are capable of great and magnificent things on this earth. If you want to lose all of that just to get your rocks off for a couple hours, and maybe not even enjoy it… and then… possibly get tortured for the rest of your life for your decisions, I’ll just go say it how I feel it here… You must not have any idea what this life is worth, or what we are capable of, and what our accomplishments can feel like this life. Chase your dreams… Not these idiots. Regarding the Modafinil and MDMA stack combination, don’t do it, just don’t, your heart and your brain will punish you severely if you do. For additional details and information, subscribe to our blog and comment for your free sample!



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