Limitless Season 2, Is Limitless Season 2 Going to Be On Netflix and Amazon?

//Limitless Season 2, Is Limitless Season 2 Going to Be On Netflix and Amazon?

Limitless Season 2, Is Limitless Season 2 Going to Be On Netflix and Amazon In 2018 After House of Cards Kevin Spacey Scandal? Very Likely!

Limitless season 2 and its future as a whole was actually looking quite grim in recent months, however this blogger right here has a theory that could turn all of this around given the recent Kevin Spacey sex scandal that just came to light, where an actor came forward alleging that Spacey assaulted the man over 30 years ago at a party, and past this, Kevin Spacey, the lead actor of the hit TV series House of Cards (and my personal favorite show, I was so angry and sad!) didn’t even deny the allegations, instead apologizing for them! My take on this matter is that Netflix is likely to pick up Limitless Season 2 to gain more viewers and to compensate for the lack of subscribers that it is now going to have after the cancellation of House of Cards…call me crazy but I don’t think this is totally far fetched. In any case, both Netflix and Amazon have been chatting about a recent possible pick-up of the Limitless TV series for season 2, which each likely wanting to cash in on there share of the revenue stream from a TV show that boasted well over 5,000,000 views per episode in 2016. For more information on the Limitless TV series, what will likely happen to Eddie Morra, Brian Finch, Rebecca Harris, and Jared Sands, subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, the closest thing to NZT48, and be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response!

Limitless Season 2

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Limitless Season 2
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When is Limitless Season 2 Coming to Netflix and Amazon, and Is Its Release a Guarantee Yet?

Limitless season 2 has recently been petitioned heavily to appear on both Netflix and Amazon, starring the original cast of Bradley Cooper as Senator Morra, Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, Rebecca Harris, Jarrod Sands, Spelman Boyle, Naz, and the host of other characters that we originally saw in Limitless season 1. The original push for the continuation of the plot of Limitless season 1 comes after we are left with Brian Finch (spoiler alert here) having gotten the permanent NZT immunity shot from Piper Baird, his long lost love, and enabling him to now become NZT-abled permanently.

He is no longer in locks with the FBI, as they had fired him in a previous episode, meaning that he is now a free agent and can do whatever he wants, and he no longer is under Senator Morra’s thumb, begging for immunity shots from him on a regular basis. Jared Sands, after having gotten the immunity shot for himself, was also taken down by the FBI, and is likely to re-appear in season 2 as a type of informant, all in all, Limitless season 2 looks to be a very exciting series that could give fans something to look forward to every Wednesday night on whatever network picks up the show.

As good as this plot may sound, here is the problem, CBS has not renewed Limitless for season 2 on their network, and in fact has taken the show down after what they considered low viewing numbers (since when is 5,000,000 views per episode low) as well as because of how public opinion was perceived when stockholders found out that CBS was hosting a show that centered around a drug (oh how the mighty have fallen.) Put all this together, and it doesn’t look good for Limitless season 2 on CBS, however Amazon and Netflix are both looking into adding the show to their platform, rather than letting a potential multi-million dollar series fall through the cracks. My opinion and theory on this matter, is that Netflix will pick up Limitless season 2 sometime in 2018, why do I say this?

  1. Netflix already has “Limitless season 1” available to watch on their platform, so they clearly are not worried about stock holder perception of them picking up a series as controversial as the topic displayed in the Limitless TV series.
  2. Netflix just lost House of Cards after season 6, after Kevin Spacy is facing allegiations that he sexually assaulted a 14 year old over 30 years ago. To add insult to injury, Kevin Spacey, rather than denying these allegiations and saying that this was some nonsense hoax, APOLOGIZED for doing what he did and said that he was likely drunk at the time, Netflix was furious at his statement, and decided to pull the plug on House of Cards in order to try and maintain their public perception. I couldn’t believe it either, and I’m just as upset as you, House of Cards was by far my favorite show on television, but Limitless is my second favorite, so for me at least maybe we’ll get something of a silver lining here.
  3. Netflix has long been a part of the FANG (Tech stock term, refering to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) and absolutely wants to maintain its position in this, it knows the only way to do that for them is to compete to the best of its ability.

Limitless Season 2
Now, in other positive news, here is why Amazon may pick up Limitless season 2, but why Netflix is much more likely to given the news media circumstances that they are in at this moment in time right now.

    1. Amazon is a super powered giant with a raveging hunger to scale and win in every single sector and industry-What I have learned from watching some of Jeff Bezos’ and Amazon’s biggest moves lately (declaring war on Walmart, the $13,000,000,000.00 Whole Foods Purchase, their share price crossing the $1150 a share threshold) is that Amazon will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means getting the Government breathing down their neck because of how close they are getting to breaking the Sherman AntiTrust Laws.
    2. Amazon has been talking about picking up Limitless Season 2 for Months Now-Ever since CBS said that they would not be renewing Limitless as a tv series for the second season of the show, Amazon has been one of the top dogs among the chatter with regards to companies possibly looking to pick up, fund and produce season 2 of Limitless. With as aggressive as Amazon is becoming, and with them trying to compete with everyone from grocery stores, to in person book stores like Barnes and Noble, to finally even video outlets like Netflix, I would not be surprised if they wanted to get in on the action that is a second season of Limitless with millions of fans ready to watch the show.
    3. Amazon has just posted Limitless Season 1 on DVD and video for sale on Amazon Prime-Several months ago, Amazon prime has made Limitless season 1 available for purchase on Amazon video and among other vendors on the website, showing that Amazon is not afraid to make a profit even if it means being a tad bit controversial, look out for Limitless season 2 on Amazon, as while I’m not saying it is LIKELY that they are going to pick up season 2 of Limitless, it is definitely possible and maybe even PLAUSIBLE that they do so. No one would be surprised in the slightest bit, to say the least, and if anything their share price would actually increase a smudge from the newfound news!

Limitless Season 2

What is Likely to Happen in Limitless Season 2, Will It Show Senator Morra as President of The United States, or Will Our Friend Brian Finch With His New PermaNZT Immunity Take Him Down for Good?

There has been a lot of talk out there on Reddit and other popular social media websites that either Limitless season 2, should it happen, is going to eliminate Brian Finch and focus entirely on Rebecca Harris and Senator Morra, or that..worse yet, the show is going to take NZT48 out of the series all together in order to appeal to a broader audience, as evidently over protective mothers, parents and other individuals think that the plot of the show centered around a drug is a bad influence or something, which in my mind is absolutely crazy! This could however, likely be why outlets like Netflix and Amazon have yet to confirm with 100% certainty whether or not they are going to help renew Limitless for a second season, but alas, as I am not a spokesperson for either of these companies, I can’t say definitively as to whether or not this is the political calculus behind their decision making.
Limitless Season 2
My theory for Limitless season 2 however, is this. We start off right where we finished the last episode of season 1, Brian Finch has just taken his permanent NZT immunity booster shot, meaning that he can now take a Limitless amount of NZT with absolutely no side effects, no risk of withdrawal, and no other serious complications. From the looks of how season 1 ended, he is now entirely free from the FBI, however is choosing to work for them in order to more effectively help them track down criminals, however now they no longer have Brian under their thumb with threat of legal complications, and Senator Morra no longer has Brian under his thumb under threat of the booster shot. We also left off the ending of season 1 with a conversation between Brian and Rebecca, where the two characters are talking about how Finch is likely going to be accepted back into the FBI as a consultant, and that he is even getting his own team. They also mention that NZT is still on the streets due to the flood of the drug from Jarrod Sands in order to distract the FBI and take Senator Morra’s place as king of the hill. Sands has since been shot by Rebecca and is likely in custody, Senator Morra will probably be preparing for a battle with Brian or the FBI, and likely has fled the country after the press has started revealing that the FBI is investigating a sitting senator and presidential front runner, and our friend Brian Finch’s life seems a little bit more secure. Given the following scenario, let’s look at a few ways that Limitless season 2 could go, and of what could make for a really cool second season of Limitless.

    1. Senator Morra has not fled, but however is still running for President, and in-fact wins the election, giving him the power to pardon, to wage war, to make hugely powerful decisions, and also giving him all of the other amounts of intimidation and soft powers that being the most powerful man in the free world, and POTUS, President of United States, comes with. We begin our second season of Limitless with Senator Morra giving his inaugural speech after just having won the 2016 election, with enemies like Piper Baird, Jarrod Sands working with the FBI, and a now Permanent NZT enhanced Brian Finch alongside a team of cops closely on his tail. We move to now President Morra, with an approval rating of 50% and dipping due to the news coverage that the President of the United States is on NZT (this is actually the plot of what happened in the book that inspired the film Limitless, known as “The Dark Fields,” by Alan Glynn, thanks Alan! Actually in “Limitless” the movie, they even made Senator Morra’s book “Illuminating the Dark Fields,” to give some credit to the author) and we move to Edward Morra now in the situation room with Danny his chief of staff, and all of Morra’s core people. The rest of the episode sets the pace for a 20 episode season full of an all-out war between Finch and the FBI, and Eddie Morra and his Presidential team, similar to how we see Bobby Axelrod, a multi-billionaire criminal vigilante (He would be Eddie Morra in this case, basically super-powered, untouchable, and doing all kinds of shady stuff to get there) fighting chuck rhodes, who in this case would be Brian Finch (bureaucrat, works for the government to catch criminals, still bends and breaks the rules when necessary in order to catch them.) I think that this could very easily make for an interesting second season of Limitless, and could pave the way for multiple third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the show, as we could see Brian Finch run for office himself and try and take over the world, could see what Piper Baird is doing, etc. etc.
    2. Brian Finch gets into politics himself and decides to leave the FBI, or he decides to make Billions, or any other type of power-seeking activity that is fun to watch with the help of his Limitless NZT immunity-Watching our best friend of the series Brian Finch, now with the aid of the permanent NZT immunity shot, go up against our antagonist Eddie Morra in something of a political debate, or watching Brian work his way up the political ladder in a way similar to how Eddie Morra did it, could be a very interesting, House of Cards type of show.
    3. Rebecca Harris Gets on NZT Herself in order to more effectively aid Brian-This has actually been talked about quite a lot on the web in certain subReddits and other forums, as Rebecca Harris has huge popularity as a character in Limitless…and….if I can speak freely, Jennifer Carpenter is actually pretty hot, I think that this would be a really cool twist on Limitless season 2 that the creator’s could use if they are looking to weed out Brian Finch.
    4. The FBI Discovers how to Use The NZT Immunity Shot, It leaks to the Public and the Government, and the Public Now Has Both Knowledge and Access to Limitless NZT Immunity-Imagine a show that is an all out war for NZT and the NZT immunity shot, and I don’t mean just between a few characters who have secret knowledge of this pill, no I’m talking about between the entire world, or more realistically for the show, between the entire state of New York and the city of Manhattan, I imagine it would be something like that final fight scene between Bane and Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” could definitely be interesting.
    5. Senator Morra executes his “Plan” for the world, which could likely consist of (as seen at the end of Limitless Season 1, episode 12, “The Assassination of Eddie Morra,” when Piper Baird says that the world isn’t going to be able to just live their lives and will be a much different place) given the context clues, President Eddie Morra essentially getting the world, or at least the most powerful people in it, addicted to NZT, and using and blackmailing them to his whim, via hanging the immunity shot over all of their heads. This could enable him to get to a type of “Limitless” political power that we have yet to see so far on television, with him possibly controlling congress, the senate, every single private sector company and corporation on the DOW, all of the world’s resources, the presidents and world leaders of other countries, all of the world’s armies, etc. etc. etc. Given what Eddie Morra says in Limitless Season 1, Episode 19, “A Dog’s Breakfast,” when he gives Brian his last NZT pill, where he says “This fight, it’s not about whose gonna control this world, it’s about who’s gonna build the next one,” this very easily could be a plan that would work good with his visions and with the series, and I think all the fans would enjoy watching this quite a lot!

Limitless Season 2
Hopefully you’re liking my views on Limitless and the possibility of a Limitless season 2 so far, I don’t usually write fan fiction as you can probably see from my blog URL, however in this case I am making an exception as I am absolutely obsessed with the movie Limitless and the corresponding TV series. For more information on what you can do to make your brain super powered like Brian Finch and Eddie Morra when they’re on NZT48 using 100% legal Nootropic products, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response!

Limitless Season 2 vs Limitless Season 1, Why I Think That Season 2 of Limitless Could Seriously Whoop Season 1 of Limitless By a Long Shot!

At the end of Limitless season 2, we see Brian Finch with near super powers as he is 100% immune to the side effects of NZT48 after getting the permanent immunity shot from Piper Baird, a far cry from the dominated Brian Finch that we see in Limitless Season 1, who is essentially bound at the hip to Senator Morra, and who is bound by his demands no matter how insane they may get. With Senator Morra still currently out there, we could quite possibly still see a huge war between President Eddie Morra and the now totally Limitless Brian Finch, with the full power of the FBI and renewed friendship of Rebecca Harris and Boyle at his side. *update With this in mind however, from what I have been reading about Limitless season 2 on the internet, the future of the show looks very grim, with Netflix likely hedging their bets on scaling for a little bit and instead opting to play defence after the cancellation of House of Cards-I doubt a Limitless season 2 TV series about a drug would be what the company is looking for right now, no matter how many of hundreds of millions of dollars or millions of potential customers or subscribers it may cost them.
Limitless Season 2

The Characters of Limitless Season 2, Who Is Likely to be a Repeat Cast Member, Who is Getting Kicked Off The Show and Who Is Going to Be Brand New?

Here is who I think gets kicked off the show (I mean probably like…everybody since, well it is very likely cancelled, but that’s a story for another blog post) and who I think has a very good chance of staying.

Kicked Off

      • Jared Sands-He got shot at the end of season 1 by Rebecca Harris, and with the show already starting to downsize, his role with Limitless is very likely done.
      • Boyle-Never was really a huge role in the show, and while he’s had some good scenes, I think that it is probably time for him to move on.
      • The Janitor Guy-Kind’ve a funny side plot but not likely to return.
      • James Tech-I really liked him but unliktely to return in my own personal opinion.

Who is very likely or Guaranteed to Return Should the Show Get a Second Season?

      • Brian Finch-Although there have been some reports of the show replacing him, doubt it after the great job he did in season 1, he is the hero after all!
      • Eddie Morra-Can’t have a great hero show without an awesome villain, especially one that is about to become the President of the United States!
      • Rebecca Harris-Our hero’s best friend, she was also a huge role in the show.
      • Naz-Don’t see the boss of the FBI going anywhere on a crime show!

Sorry if I missed anyone, sick of listing characters and feeling too lazy to Google anymore of them!

Final Thoughts On Limitless Season 2 Coming to Netflix and Amazon, and How You Can Watch Live Streaming of Season 1 Live on Netflix Today for Just $7.99 a Month at The Cheapest Netflix Plan Subscription Rate

All in all, I think that the Limitless TV series really was a fantastic show and that with season 2 it could be one of the best out there! The movie Limitless and the TV series are something that we absolutely should not let parish, get the word out, tweet your support for Limitless season 2, and buy Nootropics from our banners and affiliate links off of this blog posts so that you can become Limitless yourself! By getting yourself the best in Nootropics and purchasing from online vendors, you also are keeping the Nootropics industry alive, and you are ensuring that you are able to continue buying Smart Drugs for years to come! For more information on Limitless season 2, plus all things Smart Drugs and Nootropics, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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