Kratom Adderall Stack Risks and Why You Should Never Risk Overdose and Do This!

//Kratom Adderall Stack Risks and Why You Should Never Risk Overdose and Do This!

Kratom Adderall Stack Risks, and Why You Should Never Risk an Overdose and Do This!

The Kratom Adderall stacking risks are very real, tried and true, and one should never stack Kratom on top of Adderall, or vise versa, due to the extreme risk of what could happen with regards to side effects, overdose, stomach aches and nausea, and other similar and related problems. For both Kratom and Adderall, each of these drugs can be nothing short of a miracle for those that need it, for those with a mild opiate dependence or chronic anxiety, Kratom can be a legal, over the counter life saver. For patients dealing with ADD or ADHD, Adderall can feel like the one thing that can lead to them being able to live a normal life, as it can mean that these patients are finally able to focus on the work at hand, these are the individuals that Adderall was made for, and these are the only ones that should be taking this medication! With regards to stacking Adderall and Kratom however, just don’t do it, the risks far outweigh any possible rewards, and quite frankly, since one is a downer and one is an upper, the risks can be very high with regards to your overall health! For more information on stacking Kratom and Adderall, plus tons of articles on all things Nootropics and Smart Drugs found on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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Kratom Adderall Stack Risks Long Term and Short Term, and Why These Two Drugs Should Never Be Taken In The Vicinity of Each Other

Now, why exactly did I choose to write about the Kratom Adderall stack, why do I think that this is such an interesting topic, and what specific experiences do I have with using Kratom and Adderall together, who do I know that has done this, and/or, what have I found on the internet so far with regards to who uses these two drugs at the same time. I chose to write about the Adderall and Kratom stack for multiple reasons, one, as a warning article for those that are thinking of trying this out, to show them the possible dire effects that can occur if they are to use these two drugs together, or even worse, if they are to God forbid use two of these drugs together in high dosages, or in moderate dosages that don’t agree with them!

Aside from that, in all honesty, this keyword had very low competition, isn’t one that is written about a lot, gets a decent amount of traffic, and is something of an “opening” in the market sector that I thought I could exploit. Adding to that, I personally love writing about Adderall for some reason, probably because of my somewhat shady past with using the drug, and quite possibly because I have been forced to take sometimes huge amounts of the substance in order to get through my difficult classes in University. So I’m writing this blog post as a warning, as a business move, and, mostly, because it seemed interesting to write about, but also, because I think that I can use this to tell you a story! I actually know someone (not personally, but I have done business with them online before) that has taken Adderall and Kratom together, and the story is not a happy one, more on this in the next subheading.

The Kratom Adderall Combination Addiction Dangers and Risks, and Why Combining Two Powerfully Addicting Drugs Is Never A Good Idea

So, I won’t name this person by name, as I don’t actually know him personally and don’t want to divulge his identity. He did however, happen to purchase my old internet company for a considerable sum of money, and got me out of something of a financial jam that I was in at the time, with over $30,000.00 in debt that I had no way of paying off (when you have an online business that is making you $4000 per month SOMETIMES and other times ZERO, and you’ve got maybe $800 in the bank, rent to pay, college tuition coming up, you’re hungry, and you’ve got $20-30,000 in total debt that you’re staring at..and then someone offers you over $50,000 for your little..sometimes dinky online business…yeah it’s time to take the money and start again.) So the dude is tops in my book!

With this being said, through a handful of email chats while going through the sale of my company, we discussed a handful of things, like his family life, his habits with drugs and Nootropics, and how he uses stuff like Tianeptine and Kratom on a very regular basis, and of how he has a prescription for both Adderall and Ritalin, and of how he uses each drug occasionally when he needs to get a lot of stuff done. Given the fact that I know he takes Kratom every single day, I think it is totally true that he has taken Adderall and Kratom at the same time, as he said that one day he felt a little bit “weird” during one of our email conversations. He said that he was “getting tons of work done” thanks to Santa’s little helper (not hard to put that one into context…man that should really be a street name for Adderall….or Cialis but that’s another story).

Anyways, he said that his heart felt funny, and that he was super stimulated but also feeling somewhat down and depressed, sounds like an Adderall and Kratom stack to me, and not one that I would ever personally want to try. To put that into perspective, and to try and give you some additional details as to what he may have been feeling at the time, since I have taken both Adderall and Kratom, just at separate times, here is what he was likely feeling while this was happening to him. Picture it now, you are addicted to Kratom just like you would be a mild opiate addiction, and you are running a gigantic, multi-million dollar per year online business that is extremely stressful yet euphoric to run. You take your morning dosage of Kratom to help and stave off the sniffles and the headache that you have been feeling since you woke up, and immediately the pain that was starting behind your eyes dissipates, and you start to feel like yourself again. Being April, it is tax season, so you need to file, it is also freezing cold outside, so you need to shovel some snow, and finally, you have been looking at acquiring a few companies that you found in the E-commerce space that are in your niche, the story continues in the next paragraph.

What It’s Like to Have a Kratom Adderall Addiction, and What Mixing a Potent Amphetamine With a Strong Opiate Alternative Feels Like

So, given the fact that you are going to need to get more work done than usual today, you pop a 30 milligram XR Adderall that you have been prescribed for awhile, but that has really been just sitting in the drawer untouched for the past month or so, already being hooked on Kratom, you don’t want to add a powerful amphetamine addiction to the mix, so you try and keep it to only whenever you really need it to get some work done. The Kratom has already kicked in and full, and you are feeling somewhat laid back and normal, and all of a sudden, the Adderall that you took an hour ago beings to kick in.

You need to use the bathroom more often than usual, you need to constantly be drinking water, you try to eat something before it fully kicks in because you realize that you have NO appetite at all, and that your blood sugar is going to be totally screwed for the rest of the day if you don’t get some food in your system now, and finally, you are LASER FOCUSED WITH INSANE PRECISION AND HAVE MORE IDEAS FLYING THROUGH YOUR HEAD THAN YOU KNOW HOW TO MANAGE! You also find that if you are not working on something, that you are somewhat agitated and pissed off, not bad if you really want to feel like a Warrior today and get tons of work done, but freaking annoying if you need to take a break for some reason. More in the next paragraph.

What a Kratom Adderall Overdose Looks Like, and Why This is Something That You Definitely Shouldn’t Attempt

So you are getting loads of work done, but also find that your anxiety is sky high, and that you are breathing much faster than normal, your adrenaline is pumping akin to if you were running away from a 1000LB lion scared for your life, and if you had checked your heart rate, it is likely somewhere around 100 beats per minute (it would normally be closer to like 130 or 150 BMP, however the Kratom is keeping this a little bit mellow.) Occasionally you feel like you need to take a deep breath from exhaustion, and because of the drug cocktail, but overall, you don’t feel overly bad, and so you press on.

This is where your risk of overdose from both the Adderall and the Kratom together kicks in, your heart is being pressed in two different directions, the brain is sending signals to it to speed up significantly, from the Adderall, and it is also telling it to mellow the heck out, from the Kratom, so it is trying to maintain as healthy of a balance for you as possible without going crazy. Eventually, your brain may start to realize this, and if your mind realizes this (if YOU realize this) your adrenaline may spike in fear, and the Adderall may overtake the Kratom, which can be a very scary moment indeed. So, in-short, if you don’t want to feel like this, stick to taking either JUST Adderall, or taking JUST Kratom, your body, your mind, your heart, and your future self will thank you!

How Some Users Feel that the Kratom Adderall Stack is Useful, and How These Two Smart Drugs Complement Each Other

There are some forum reviews on the web that advocate for the Kratom Adderall stack, saying that the Kratom helped them to mellow out their Adderall dosage or their Adderall addiction, and that is did more good than harm. I caution you against listening to these forums, as taking these two drugs together, from 90% of the articles, blog posts and forum reviews that I have read out there, not to mention from my own friends story up above, and with my experience with both drugs, can be very dangerous, and almost always has more cons than pros. Below, you’ll find a description from one Redditor who did this, and is just one of the many reasons why I don’t advocate for this at all.

There is also a lot of research on this which you can find here:

**As a general note, Adderall is a Schedule II Prescription drug in the United States, and requires a legitimate prescription from your doctor in order to get your hands on it, while Kratom is 100% legal to purchase in most states in the US (make sure to do your own research before purchasing, as in some states like I believe Arizona, North Carolina, etc. has it still being illegal, especially with the ongoing Salmonella outbreak of the drug), things to keep in mind before ordering either of these drugs.

Kratom Adderall Rules, Regulations and Restrictions, Do You Need a Prescription to Get Adderall, and Do You Need a Kratom Prescription?

You need a prescription to get Adderall, as it is a schedule II prescription drug in the United States, as well as a very controlled substance. See our blog for more information on Adderall, how to use Adderall properly, and on what exactly Adderall does in the brain for more information on this. With regards to Kratom,the laws, regulations and restrictions on this drug are a lot more laid back than they used to be in recent years, and in-fact Kratom is nearly entirely legal in the United States, with only a few lingering states holding out and keeping Kratom illegal. With the current Salmonella outbreak of Kratom going on in the United States however being linked to what are now multiple dispensaries, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not this is going to change anytime in the future.

How a Kratom Adderall Stack Compares to a Phenibut Adderall or a Picamilon and Adderall Stack, and Why Kratom Is Among the Most Dangerous

Now I haven’t done the Kratom Adderall stack myself, as I felt it was going to be too risky, and because by the time I really knew what Kratom was, I was already in my mid-20’s, already pretty much knew what worked with regards to drugs and supplements, and wasn’t really in the mood for experimenting with new drug cocktails or Smart Drug stacks, I got all that out of my system when I was like 18 or 19 years old. I have however, done a Phenibut Adderall stack and a Phenibut and Modafinil stack when I was like 21 years old, and it is something that I absolutely DO NOT recommend under any circumstances. I didn’t like have any overdose or anything, but even while I took a low dosage of Phenibut, at the 500 milligram mark, about 12 hours after I had took a simple 5mg Adderall Instant Release pill (I really thought that it was long gone) to help me sleep, I had a miniature anxiety attack, I had to take deep breaths for a little bit, I got a massive headache, and I had some really horrifying nightmares that would make the boogie man crawl back into his shell. Combine this with the horrible reviews that I’ve read about the Adderall and Kratom stack on the web, and the even worse reviews of the Phenibut Adderall stack online, and I’d tell any reasonable person to stay as far away from this stack as possible.

The Kratom Adderall Stack vs the Modafinil and Kratom Stack, and Why The Adderall and Kratom Stack Is So Much More Dangerous

While both of these aren’t necessarily going to be stacks that I would really recommend, as both the Kratom Adderall stack and the Modafinil and Kratom stack mix a potent prescription stimulant medication, with a very powerful opiate look-alike drug, personally, I would say that the Modafinil and Kratom stack is a lot safer, only because Modafinil is a significantly weaker stimulant than Adderall is. Stacking a powerful stimulant with a downer is usually only going to lead to problems, and even if the case is that “you can handle it” or if it’s a low dosage of each drug, in both the long term and the short term, it is very much an unnecessary risk, and not a calculated one. When stacking Modafinil and Kratom for instance, if someone were to do this by accident, provided that the dosage of each drug was moderate or low enough, someone could fully survive, and even have something of a decent experience with it, with likely at worst some mild heart palpitations, a nervous breakdown, or insomnia.

If someone were to accidentally mix something like 30 milligrams of Adderall with a cup of Kratom however, I would be very weary, and would offer to drive this person to the hospital straight away. Sitting here as I write this blog post, I am getting chills simply thinking about that scenario playing out in my head, as I have taken a 30 milligram Adderall before and know darn well how powerful it can be, and have also used Kratom extensively, and know how powerful IT can be, so in the case of comparing these two “Nootropic Stacks” if you can even call them that,, the Modafinil and Kratom stack is really going to be far safer, just because the Modafinil is a heck of a lot weaker.

Final Thoughts on the Kratom Adderall Stack, and Why This Is Something That I Definitely Don’t Recommend Anyone Uses

All in all, on the subject of the Kratom Adderall stack, Kratom and Adderall should never be mixed together, as this is not a Nootropic stack, and instead is a combination of a prescription drug and an over the counter opiod imitator, and in-fact can be extremely dangerous, whether you “know what you’re doing or not.” If for some reason however you decide to do this anyways, and I can’t stop you, a word of advice, take the lowest possible dosage of each drug, and only move from there, as this way you can at least gauge what the effects are likely to feel like, and you can stop yourself before anything serious happens. For more information on the Kratom Adderall stack, and for loads more articles on all things Smart Drugs and Nootropics, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics







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