Is Creatine Steroids? And Is Creatine Safe to Use Long-Term

//Is Creatine Steroids? And Is Creatine Safe to Use Long-Term

Is Creatine Steroids? Is Creatine a Type of Steroid and Is Creatine Safe to Use Overall?

Creatine has widely been accepted as a newer and much safer alternative to that much reviled drug, anabolic steroids. I’m sure it is not news to anyone who is reading this that anabolic steroids are a health hazard and as much as certain people like to believe there is such thing as a healthy steroid, there is not. With regards to the question of “Is Creatine Steroids?” The answer is that no, Creatine is not, not even in the slightest.

Anabolic steroids alter muscle growth in a irreversible and dangerous way, whereas creatine simply increases water supply and ATP amounts in cells. This increase in ATP gives the user more energy during lifting which allows them to get another rep in or ten more pounds up. Creatine, although relatively safe when compared to anabolic steroids, is far from foolproof. Of course, like every supplement, creatine has it’s fair share of downsides. One must drink gallons of water when taking creatine to prevent dehydration which could lead to possible kidney and liver damage, a small price to pay for many weight lifters looking for a healthy alternative to anabolic steroids. It should not come as a shock that steroids are simply fear-mongering. The repercussions of use far outweigh the benefits. For more information on the question of “Is Creatine Steroids?” Subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars!

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Is Creatine Steroids?Pramiracetam




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Is Creatine Steroids, and How Long Does Creatine Last For Regular Use?

This, however, is not the case for creatine. Creatine is a safer alternative to steroids, with much less severe side effects. Creatine benefits and side effects, when shown side by side with steroids, are obviously different. Creatine does not have as much of an impact on muscle growth as anabolic steroids do, when taking creatine you also do not need to change how you work out. When taking steroids, more noticeable results occur when doing 40-50 reps with less weight. This goes against what any physical trainer would tell you is healthy when lifting without any supplementation. With creatine the method of lifting is not altered from what would typically be used with only proper dieting and working out.

As far as the side effects of creatine are concerned, the worst that can happen is kidney damage, which can be avoided by proper diet and water intake. Steroid side effects, on the other hand, are simply dangerous. I’m sure many of you reading this have heard of the cliche side effects of steroids, shrinkage, rage and the likes. These effects are not entirely false, roid rage is very real, and details on something called creatine rage, although much less common, have recently come out. The effects of creatine are much more positive than those the user is subjected to when taking steroids.

So, in short, no, creatine is not steroids. It is not a safer form of anabolic steroids. It is, simply put, something entirely different. Creatine is not nearly as dangerous as it was once thought to be, or as so many mother’s worried for their teenager’s safety have heralded on different digest blogs. Creatine is the not a safer form, however, it is a safe alternative. With entirely different side effects and a seeming lack of research proving its danger, creatine is a dietary supplement which has shaped the weight lifting community. In short, to answer the question of “is creatine steroids?” The answer is that no, not by a long shot.

Creatine’s safety does not come from the fact that scientists worked day in and day out manufacturing some new checmical to replace the dangerous and life threatening anabolic steroids that so many gym-goers got into when they couldnt get enough mass from just proper diet and excercise, creatine is all natural. I’m not talking all natural like what you read on the side of a bag of chips or something. This substance is found inside of most red meats, yet another reason why steak is so good when working out.

Is Creatine Steroids? And Does Creatine Improve Gains?

Steroids, while they may be effective, will not give the results that you want. They are a plague to each and every gym. They are a substance that is destroying your body, not building it up. Steroids have side effects that are unspoken of when talking about creatine. It is simply an awful substance on the body, very toxic and very hazardous. Is Creatine Steroids?Whether or not creatine is the alternative for you, or whether you should stick to another dietary supplement or cut out dietary supplements altogether and simply go for a better diet and exercise routine are up to you and your doctor to discuss, but on behalf of Nootropics University, I would like to ask you, as someone who has experience with drugs, and supplements of all kind, please do not take steroids. There are substitutes that do not pose such a risk to your physical and mental health. This substance not only targets your body, it aims to change your body’s chemistry in order to achieve its goals. Causing awful headaches, organ damage, overall demeanor changes. You will not be the same human being after you take this. Avoid it at all costs, I promise you will have much better luck staying on a regular diet and exercise plan.

Is Creatine Steroids? Not Quite, But It Sure Gives You Gains Like Steroids!

Just don’t take steroids guys, look for better alternatives, try a healthy diet with exercise and I promise you will feel better and look better. Creatine is definitely a good substitute for steroids, and even though it may have side effects, it isn’t nearly as bad of a health hazard as Steroids are. For more information on this and other similar and related topics on other Nootropics and Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, or to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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