Hydrafinil Dosage Recommendations, Side Effects, Benefits and Hydrafinil vs Modafinil

//Hydrafinil Dosage Recommendations, Side Effects, Benefits and Hydrafinil vs Modafinil

Hydrafinil Dosage Recommendations, Side Effects, Benefits and Hydrafinil vs Modafinil

[recent_products per_page=”1″ columns=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”] Hydrafinil dosage recommendations are typically going to differ significantly from blog to blog and from forum to forum. This blog post will aim to give you a fair glimpse as to what the best dosage of Hydrafinil is based on a broad spectrum of research studies and review blogs, and will serve to inform you should you choose to purchase the drug. This blog post will also help you to find all the websites that currently sell Hydrafinil online where you can legally buy the product, either in capsules or in powder. Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Other popular nootropics that are commonly stacked with Hydrafinil include Fladrafinil, Piracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept, and Sunifiram.

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What is the best Hydrafinil Dosage?

Hydrafinil is an extremely potent analogue of Modafinil and research chemical stimulant nootropic that should be taken in dosages varying from no more than 50 to 100 milligrams once per day. Hydrafinil is something of a different molecule than that of Provigil, Modafinil, Adrafinil or Armodafinil, and is unlike those drugs in that it only lasts for about four hours on a single dosage, not twelve to fifteen like those listed in the former. That being said it also has some pretty impressive effects that those other drugs do not including more energy, a stronger effect on the mind and body, and has significantly more euphoria when compared to other analogue drugs.


What is Hydrafinil?

Hydrafinil is a potent analogue nootropic supplement of Modafinil, that unlike Modafinil is totally legal to buy and sell online, and does not require a prescription in order to get. Hydrafinil has been shown in effective clinical trails to be as much as 4 times more powerful than Modafinil, Provigil or Armodafinil, and is much more euphoric as well. The only downside to taking something like Hydrafinil, when compared to the prescription drugs, is that Hydrafinil has a shorter duration of action, however you can simply redose as needed, as long as you’re staying within the 50 to 100 milligram dosing minimum for each cycle. Hydrafinil is often stacked with mild nootropic drugs, such as Piracetam, Aniracetam, CDP Choline, Centrophenoxine, and Alpha GPC Choline, these are all non-stimulant supplements that will not react adversely with Hydrafinil.

There are a number of stores where you can buy Hydrafinil online super easily, most sell powders but currently Smart Drugs for College is the top one I’ve found (and I’m not just saying that since it’s my former company;) that sells the drug in capsules. Thought Foods is also currently selling the drug in tablets, and I’ve read great reviews about the businesss overall product quality.


Stores where you can buy the nootropic supplement online are[recent_products per_page=”1″ columns=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”] Hydrafinil Dosage-Smart Drugs for College

-Thought Foods.Co.Uk


Absorb Your Health

-Nootropic Nation

-Peak Nootropics


-Powder City

-Nootropics Depot



And a host of other online shops. If you find some and they aren’t listed here, feel free to comment on the blog post with your thoughts of the new online store, and we’ll add it to the list! Don’t forget you can get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00 when you subscribe to our website! Try nootropics before you spend your hard earned money on them!


Hydrafinil Research

Hydrafinil actually does not have as much research backing it as a mainstream nootropic should, however I was able to dig up a few decent grade .gov research review articles on the supplement. These Clinical Trial Articles are as follows:





Also here’s a quick little video about Fluorenol and how it’s comparable to that of the drug in the movie “Limitless.” Not really relevant to the information portion of the article but I thought the song and video as a whole were pretty damn cool so that’s why I’m adding it in. I’m also a HUGE fan of the movie “Limitless,” (as you can probably imagine since I run a Smart Drugs and Nootropics Supplement blog) so that could also be why;)

How to use Hydrafinil

Okay, now that we’ve got the fun portion of this article out of the way, let’s talk turkey. Once you get your hands on this powerful nootropic supplement, what exactly do you do with it, and how can you properly use it.

Here’s my advice for how to use Hydrafinil dosage guidelines properly.

Take a low dosage of 50 milligrams the first time you take the drug.

-Never go above 50-100 milligrams on a single dosage

-Gain experience with other nootropics, such as Piracetam, Modafinil and Adrafinil first.

-Always do your own research

-Buy in Capsules vs Powder, as Capsules have less of a risk for an inexperienced users dosing errors. Powders are also messy and the taste is quite frankly disgusting.

Hydrafinil vs AdrafinilHydrafinil Dosage and Side Effects Recommendations

While Adrafinil lasts significantly longer than Hydrafinil does, by a factor of about 3 (12 hours to Hydrafinil’s mere four), Hydrafinil is by far and away the more potent nootropic by a factor of about ten! 4 times more powerful than Modafinil and Provigil, Hydrafinil is a cool ten times the strength of Adrafinil with regards to the dosage needed to derive effects from the drug, the euphoria and motivation the drug can give you, and the ability of energy and increased cognition in the brain that the supplement can activate. In-fact, Hydrafinil was actually first researched as a replacement for Modafinil back in the late 1960’s when the “afinil,” type nootropics were first invented, but was thrown out for being too strong! If that’s truly the case than you can imagine that this is a potent supplement indeed!

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Hydrafinil vs Modafinil

Hydrafinil is about four times stronger than Provigil, though Provigil’s duration is signif
icantly longer.

Hydrafinil vs Armodafinil

Hydrafinil is around 2 times stronger than Armodafinil. The difference in comparisons between Modafinil and Armodafinil with regards to Hydrafinil come from the fact that Armodafinil is a pharmaceutically upgraded version of Modafinil, and is already incredibly strong on its own, therefore Hydrafinil isn’t going to give the same marginal kick difference with regards to something like Wakelert. Armodafinil is actually the stronger of the two drugs overall since it lasts for around 12 to 15 hours overall, with some reports suggesting even longer! While Hydrafinil is
stronger for the four hours it lasts, it’s merely one-fourth of the mean duration of Armodafinil makes it an overall weaker drug in my opinion. Armodafinil is also FDA approved, Hydrafinil, unfortunately, cannot boast the same feature.

Hydrafinil vs Piracetam

Piracetam is a far weaker drug, and these two supplements are not even in near the same class. One is a very subtle supplement that requires a hefty dosage of choline to function properly, and has been researched as safe for nearly a century (talking about Piracetam here), while the other is a Research Chemical still undergoing trials, it does not need choline, and is a very potent stimulant nootropic.

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Hydrafinil Dosage Benefits at 50 Milligram Capsule Doses

50 milligrams is, in my opinion, the most beneficial dosage of Hydrafinil overall since it is the minimum effective dosage, and is the least likely to give you side effects or a bad reaction to the drug.

Hydrafinil Dosage Recommendations Per Each Forum

Longecity says to take 50 milligrams of the drug to start off.

Reddit claims 50 milligrams may be a tad bit low and that you can increase the dosage a tiny bit once you’ve got some added experience with the supplement.

Hydrafinil Dosage Reviews Overall

Most claim that 50-100 milligrams is the sort of “sweet spot,” with regards to dosing the drug overall. Never mix Hydrafinil with any other drugs or supplements, and always stick with 50 milligrams or lower to start. Only take this drug after you have done proper research with it and are an experienced nootropics user.

Hydrafinil Stores that Sell the Drug, What Hydrafinil Dosage is it Sold At?

Disregard the list above, as many vendors have discountinued the sale of the drug. The only stores that sell the drug now are

-Smart Drugs for College.com


If you find any others, please feel free to comment down below and let us know and we’ll update this list as soon as possible. Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00!

Hydrafinil Long-Term Use

Not recommended, can cause side effects, addiction, dependency, crashes and withdrawal symptoms. Irregular, short-term use on an as needed basis is the name of the game with strong supplements like Hydrafinil. This is also typically good advice for other stimulants such as Adderall, Modafinil, Armodafinil, Fladrafinil, Phenylpiracetam and Adrafinil. Sulbutiamine, Noopept and Sunifiram can also generally be included in this category.

Hydrafinil Overdose Symptoms

Heart Palipitations, anxiety, skin rash and feelings of a panic attack as well as sweating may occur in cases of an overdose. If you haven’t taken an excessive dosage, this should not happen.

Hydrafinil Sublingual Use

This is not necessary or recommended, as Hydrafinil is actually plenty strong as it is. It is also a different kind of isomer than that of Racetams that people use sublingually, and this will not increase the strength of the drug’s effects by any means.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hydrafinil Dosage

Overall, the best Hydrafinil dosage is hands down 50 milligrams at a time, so always start out with that and only move up to 100 milligrams as you feel your experience and tolerance level suits you. Be cautious, do your own research, and don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars! Try before you buy!

Until next time, you heard it here first at Nootropics University.com


-Nootropics University.com


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