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Hydrafinil can best be described as an eugeroic drug which is very similar to medical drug called Modafinil and Adrafinil and acts as wakefulness boosters or enhancers. The word ‘eugeroic’ refers to the words cause of good wakefulness and arousal. They act in a different manner than ordinary stimulants. The difference between stimulants and eugeroic drugs are stimulants usually cause one to be alert, focused and motivated while eugeroic drugs tend to cause wakefulness and help restore restfulness especially those with sleep depravity.
Hydrafinil drug was and is manufactured by the Cephalon biopharmaceutical company which proved that Hydrafinil drug was much more advanced than the Modafinil and Adrafinil drug and was much more advantageous.


Hydrafinil can also be referred to as the 9-fluorenol drug. It is also a metabolite of Modafinil mostly but is proven to be 39% more efficient and effective although there is a difference in their mechanisms of actions. The main difference between the two is Hydrafinils’ life span is shorter than Modafinil. It lasts only 6-8 hours.




  1. Increase attention- Hydrafinil boost the brain cells making them to be more attentive and sharp thus increasing ones attention.
  2. Better focus on projects- since one becomes tireless after taking the Hydrafinil drug it enables him or her to be able to focus better on their projects at hand.
  3. Improved short term memory- Hydrafinil drug attacks brain memory cell and accelerates how it normally functions thus altering the storage capacity and remembrance until the drug wears off. Enhances remembrances of short memory.
  4. It has minimal side effects- the side effects are usually very minimal unless the drug is overdosed or taken without need to or prescription.
  5. Less addictive- it is known to be less addictive to patients who need the drug for certain medical conditions. Recent studies relating to human consumption show that it is less addictive since it does not have the chemical agents to help boost addiction.
  6. In expensive- Hydrafinil drugs are usually sold at a very cheap price per gram by different vendors online and it is easy to access
  7. Mood enhancer- numerous Hydrafinil users believe that the drug enhances their normal state of mind to a more prominent degree level state of mind which relatively enhances the mood of the person using the drug.
  8. Less stimulating- most users state that Hydrafinil is usually less empowering unlike other eugeroic. This will imply that it rarely causes tension, jitters and other different adverse reactions


DOSAGE of Hydrafinil

Hydrafinil is proven to be twice as strong as Modafinil which mean that the dosage that should be taken should range between Hydrafinil50g to 100g which would last for about 4 to 6 hours. For people under doctors prescriptions Hydrafinil drug should be taken 1 to 3 times per day. Hydrafinil drug can be compared here mostly by the drug Adrafinil but with very minimal side effects.


SIDE EFFECTS of Hydrafinil


Hydrafinil has very minimal side effects. The most common side effects are


  1. Contraindications- the drugs that combine or mix with Hydrafinil are not yet fully understood. So if you are using a different supplement or your on medication, the mixture of hydrafinil drug and the other supplement may cause very adverse effects on the taker.
  2. Adverse reaction- research has proven that when an hydrafinil drug is taken in large quantities may cause the person to have very adverse reactions which may cause many fatalities.
  3. Agranulocytosis- a hydrafinil drug can induce granulocytes deficiency in the bloodstream thus increasing individuals’ susceptibility to infection.
  4. Carcinogenic- this is a disease that is caused by using a 200mcg of a hydrafinil drug which is a bad side effect.
  5. Hepatotoxic – manufacturers of the drug have proven that the drug is likely to induce hepatotoxity which is similar to liver damage when used badly.
  6. Mutagenic- hydrafinil drug is filled with contents that are believed to be responsible for the sudden mutation of ones DNA thus increasing ones susceptibility to different various form of cancers.
  7. Neurotoxic- her hydrafinil is believed to be able to produce neurotoxins which are believed to be responsible to the killing of the brain cells which compromises how the brain functions.
  8. Skin conditions- Hydrafinil cause a serious medication referred to as the Stevens Johnsons Syndrome (SJS). Its symptoms are usually characterized by the following symptoms: swelling. Red/ purple rash, blisters and flu like symptoms



RESEARCH on Hydrafinil


History of hydrafinil shows that the drug was first invented in the year 1970 by the company Cephalon which was to be taken after eating because the brain could be stimulated easily with sufficient energy in the body. The company Cephalon investigated hydrafinil was compared to the popular eugeroic drug Modafinil. Their difference was very minimal and noticeable. Mostly hydrafinil is taken mainly 50 mcg to 100 mcg of the tablet.


WHY 50 MILLIGRAMS IS BEST When Using Hydrafinil

50 milligrams of hydrafinil usually contain dopamine and norepinephrine, which is generally a stimulant. It is best to use 50 milligrams of hydrafinil because:

Hydrafinil Dosage

  1. It has balanced nutrients- its multivitamins have very well balanced multi nutrients like vitamins A of B6 and others in surplus like magnesium which are very important.
  2. High quality- nutrients usually come in different forms which react differently inside ones body. 50 milligrams of hydrafinil is made to be a drug of very high quality because it contains generic vitamin B which reduces the risk of getting cancer.




There are many day to day websites that sell hydrafinil drug online. Some of this website includes:

  1. smartdrugsforcollege.com
  2. Modup.net
  3. NHNC.com
  4. Noonauts.com
  5. Alichemy.eu
  6. Alpinetech.com
  7. Ceretopic.com
  8. EC21.net
  9. Glongoo.net





A long-term use of hydrafinil drug is strictly not recommended at all or means. It is a very powerful stimulating nootropic drug which should be and might be cycled on and off with almost no side effects. It stimulating effect, addiction and tolerance can cause an increase in its side effects if taken for a while.



Hydrafinil is legal to be used, bought and possess. It is currently inspected and regulated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It has been submitted for certain clinical usages requiring specific prescriptions.



A hydrafinil drug should be taken in a powder form by taking about 50 milligrams to 80 milligrams singly serving. Typically after taking the drug, the service lasts for about four hours and it is mainly up to the user of the drug to determine whether they would want to take more of the drug or not.




Hydrafinil has helped improve brain function after usage in different many ways. They include:


  1. It has helped the brain to be able to remember short term memories.
  2. Helped improved the brains way of thinking making one smarter.
  3. They stimulate mental activity
  4. Help deal with inattentiveness of the brain making it to be more reactive
  5. Help deal with mood swings
  6. Help reduce tantrums of the brain cells
  7. Improves memory productivity



Hydrafinil is a chemically also known as 9-fluerol synthesized as an eugeroic promoting wakefulness and alertness. It is mainly a metabolite if Modafinil and Adrafinil while Adrafinil can be defined as a type of nootropic compound which is a prodrug for Modafinil thus meaning its supplementations may lead to an increase in the concentration of Modafinil in the human body.



Modafinil can be defined to as a wakefulness-promoting chemical eugeroic mainly used for treat specific disorders such as work sleeping disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness associated with sleep apnea obstructiveness and narcolepsy. The main difference between hydrafinil and Modafinil is that a Hydrafinils drug though a metabolite of Modafinil is proven to be 39% more efficient and effective than the Modafinil drug even though their mechanism actions ae not the same.








Armodafinil is usually used when thing start to be more complicated. The word Armodafinil can also be referred in its chemical name known as R-Modafinil. Armodafinil consists mainly of two basic different molecules. One is a mirror image of the other. R-modafinil is one of the two options and S-modafinil is the other option. The S and R abbreviations stand for ‘sinister’ and rectus meaning right and left.

The difference between a hydrafinil drug and an Armodafinil drug is a armodafinil drug is mainly comprised of an R- isomer and S isomer whereas a hydrafinil comprised only with the R-isomer.

Despite very similar half-lives, the plasma concentrations in armodafinil drug administration are at a higher rate in day time than those in hydrafinil administration being milligram to milligram based. This will suggest that an armodafinil drug is the improved and stronger version atleast when the basis is on wakefulness or body stimulation.


Hydrafinil drug can be very harmful when taken in large quantities or overdosed without using medical prescriptions. Some of the dangers can be:

  1. Brain damage
  2. Cancer
  3. Can be addictive if overused
  4. Can cause stress and depressions
  5. May alter the brain cells and change your way of thinking to become slow
  6. Headaches
  7. Thirstfulness causing dehydration
  8. Inability to sleep
  9. Jitters due to high consumption used


Using the best prescribed dosage by the drug user is the one that benefits them most typically ranging from 50-80 milligrams in each serving.


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