How to Increase Sexual Energy, and What is Sex Energy?

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How to Increase Sexual Energy, and What is Sex Energy?

How to Increase Sexual Energy The Right Way, What is Sexual Energy?

The following article may seem a bit controversial to some of our readers, however it is anything but this, and throughout the duration of this article, we will be showing you how your own, natural sexual energy, may just be the most powerful nootropic of them all. For the most part, the way of how to increase sexual energy, is just to either withhold sex, or withhold orgasm for long periods of time, which allows this to build up and recirculate in the body and mind. This energy, which is typically build up through the storing up of either semen (if you’re a boy,) or vaginal fluids if you’re a girl, can be immensely powerful to the user, and when built up over very long periods of time and allowed to truly grow and prosper, can be channeled into any creative pursuit that you intend. This article willshow you how to increase sexual energy in a way that is entirely proper and natural, and will also mention some proper nootropic supplements that can get you there faster. For more information on this and other similar and related topics, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response!

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How to Increase Sexual Energy Naturally, In Comparison to the Use of Supplements

Increasing sexual energy is actually not a hard feat to accomplish, though it is not necessarily that easy entirely either. Sex, as we all know, can be messy, nasty, full of problems, and can easily cause one to feel insequre about their abilities to perform, as occurs most often in men. Through the use of increasing your sexual energy however, you can significantly jack up your sexual performance, have better erections, last a lot longer in bed with your woman, and have more thrusting power in your hips while you’re humping during sex.

The best way’s that I have found to increase your sexual energy come in a variety of categories, of which we’ll call, Nofap, Sexual Supplements, Erectyle Dysfunction Pills, and finally surgeries, of which I really do not recommend as the safety and effectiveness of most sexual surgeries, such as in the cases of penis enlargment etc, are not always very well tested. So without further ado, let’s dive into the categories:

Nofap-Nofap is the name of a subreddit group of men that has literally just crossed the 100,000 members threshold, and is something that I will look into in greater detail later in the article. Basically the men and women on this subreddit will go to great lengths to not have sex, masturabate, have orgasms, and similar and related tactics, in order to bottle up their sexual energy and aggression, and use it to acheive their goals in life. I can say for certaintly that I have done this many times in my life, and have gotten on streaks that last around 40 to 60 days without orgasm, and that without a doubt, it works, and it works extremely well.

Sexual Supplements-Some of the top sexual supplements that you can buy are those that move blood to the penis, and that also allow the user to have more stamina in bed. Among these are Estenze, Rhino 7 pills, of which out of these Extenze is my own personal favorite since it literally lasts for like days at a time, and in my opinion is just as strong, if not more so than Viagra and Cialis. This article will also talk more about the best sexual supplements that you can use to increase your overall sex energy, in later paragraphs within this article.

Erectyle Dysfunction Pills-These are typically the best of the best that you’re going to find when looking for a quick way to increase your sexual energy and performance, and usually consists of Viagra, Cialis, generic forms of both of these drugs, sometimes Extenze fits into this category, and a host of other prescription and over the counter medications for the purpose of increasing the ability to get an erection during sex and other activities. These work, and they work great, as someone in his 20’s that has taken these, I can tell you that without a doubt, if you’re having sexual problems, or just want to impress your new lady friend with a brand new sexual experience, this stuff is going to literally blow her hair back.

Surgeries for Penis Enlargement and For Women-Not recommended, but I know there are some things out there that exist to enhance your sexual organs with this type of thing.

One of the funniest videos that I watched about sexual enhancement comes from SNL, Saturday Night Live, and features Dwayne Johnson trying to get an off-label and unknown male enhancement drug. While it’s not 100% relevant to this article, it came to mind and it’s totally hilarious, so here it is.

Occasionally, some users that are into nootropics, are also going to be trying out some of the more popular Smart Drugs that are currently on the market in order to improve their sex lives, and among these include:









Alpha Brain

The Ciltep Nootropics StackHow to Increase Sexual Energy







Fish Oil

Maca Root

Saint John’s Wort

And a host of other similar and related nootropics and herbal supplements, subscribe for more details.

How to Increase Sexual Energy with Nofap, and Why It Is Single Handedly the Best Way to Increase Your Sexual Energy

If you haven’t heard of nofap yet, you can read up some of the links about it at the bottom of this paragraph, and I’ll also be sure to include some Reddit reviews about the practice so you can see exactly what it is, and about just how dedicated some people get to nofap. Nofap basically means exactly what is sounds, not fapping, or masturbating for long periods of time, in order to store up sexual energy and increase your overall zest and gusto for life, as a result of the increased sexual energy. Some people have been known to go for months, or even years without having an ejaculation, let alone touching their genital area, instead entirely ignoring it and letting the sexual energy build up every single day! I can attest to the fact that if you’re trying to get more motivated, and if you have a seriously huge project at hand, like if you’re trying to get a promotion in a high pressure sales job at work, are trying to scale your own business or internet company (which I can say is very difficult in and of itself,) or are trying to write a book or do any number of other daunting feats, you may want to consider storing up your sexual energy for a little while.

The way that nofap works, is that most users will try to build up their sexual energy gradually, and I’ll be honest, a huge chunk of the people on this forum really need Nofap, in that they are chronically addicted to porn, and have attained porn induced erectyle dysfunction as a result of their chronic porn use, with some users masturbating to porn as much as 3 to 5 times daily, completely exhausing their sexual energy in the process. Some however, use it how it was supposed to be intended, to better themselves in their lives, whether that’s by going on more dates, being more assertive while dating, using it to do things like grow their business or other related goals that they have in life, and to generally make themselves a more well rounded individual.

Here are the links as promised, enjoy:

As you can see, sometimes it can get a tad ridiculous, however for a lot of users, it can really work, and works in a way that is safe and effective over the long term, and to that I say, kudos!

How to Increase Sexual Energy With Supplements Made for Male Enhancement, and Why I think Extenze and D-Aspartic Acid are the Best

The top supplements on the market overall, (legal or otherwise, as always my loyal readership, I give it to you straight up,) are as follows, in no particular order.


Cialis (Tadalfil)


D-Aspatic Acid

Yohimble Extract


TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Ganja, and Mary Jane

Alcohol, especially certain forms of liquor and wineHow to Increase Sexual Energy

Eurycoma Longicolia Extract

Pasak Bumi Supplement

Diindolymethane (DIM), Also helps with overall acne and skin care health to a very significant degree




Shout WU Pian (it’s a real thing look it up, I’m really not just making these up as I go along here)

Polygonum Multiflorum

N-Methyl D-Aspartic Acid

Icariin 50% Extract

Horny Goat Weed

Tongkat Ali

DIM Plus

And a host of other similar and related nootropics, Smart Drugs, and general herbal supplements for increasing overall sexual energy and boosting your sex drive as you age, or even as a youngster!

How to Increase Sexual Energy Naturally By Withholding Orgasm, and What is the Basic Concept of Tantric Sex?

The basic concept of tantric sex, while somewhat similar in its overall aim or goal as nofap is, is widely different, and in my own personal opinion, is actually much more powerful. Practicing either will show you how to increase sexual energy in a way that is way better than whatever you are doing before, however in my personal opinion, the main difference of these, is that one is more short term and the other is much more long term. Tantic sex, generally speaking, is also going to be a heck of a lot more fun than nofap, in that you can have sex while practicing tantric sex, and because in fact the name of the game is to have as much sex as your heart desires, and to just not finish, or have an orgasm at the end of each session.

Nofap, for the most part, if you’re doing nofap hard mode, and are very much dedicated to the practice, then you are typically going to be refraining from any and all sex and masturbation. I’ll be honest though, while it may not seem like it, going two to three weeks at a time without sex can actually be somewhat…well fun. When you go weeks and weeks without touching yourself and releasing your build up sexual energy on a day to day basis, instead of just walking around feeling okayyy during the day, you feel really euphoric, you’re a lot more whip smart than usual, and you have that cutting through drive and energy that it usually takes in order to do more than just get by in life, and to really fight for and reach towards your goals. Tantric sex generally builds up your sexual energy in much the same manner, however it gives you short burts of it, followed by crashes, rather than just a steady stream of it. Nofap is the How to Increase Sexual Energymarathon, and tantric sex is the sprint, and for the most part over time, nofap is going to become a lot more powerful with regards to pent up sexual energy than tantric sex ever could.

Nofap vs Tantric Sex, and Which Works Better for What You’re Looking For With Regards to How to Increase Sexual Energy

If you need a boost in sexual energy like right now for maybe a big job interview or presentation that you have tomorrow, then maybe consider tantric sex as an option for you. Tantric sex, after just like a one hour bout of it, will have you bouncing around like a jack rabbit (after an initial nap that is,) and you’ll be a lot more sexually charged and aggressive tomorrow than you were today! With nofap, it can take a bit more time, however if you’re basically on a hard flatline in nofap, where you haven’t touched it in weeks and weeks at a time, and you are feeling very motivated and sexually enhanced as a result of this, the best practice for you at this stage may be to just continue on with Nofap, because once again, over the long-term, it will give you the better bang for your buck. To learn more on how to increase sexual energy, you can subscribe for weekly newsletter updates on both this and all things nootropics, and you can tune in for future articles on Tantric sex. The best way to learn how to increase sexual energy overall, is to be sure to always try out both nofap and tantric sex to see what is right for you before you make a decision.

How Some Nofap Reddit Guru’s Say They Have Used Meditation to Make Their Nofap Streaks Last For Weeks, Months or Even Years At a Time, and How to Increase Sexual Energy Long-Term

Now I’ll be 100$ honest here in saying that if you are trying to learn how to harness and of how to increase sHow to Increase Sexual Energy with Really Hot Sexy Women Pornexual energy via the nofap way of life, that meditation can really make a big overall improvement in the way that your brain functions, releases stress, and keeps fixated on thoughts that are not sexual in nature. The real way that nofap and the transmutation of sexual energy works, is that you are supposed to entirely take your mind off of the subject of sex for however long you need in order to work harder and do better at work, school, on your business, etc. By this rationale, you won’t be quite as hungry for sex all the time, but will instead be regularly transmuting that drive, energy, ambition and mental power into something that you can use to better your life and career.

Final Thoughts on How to Increase Sexual Energy and How You Can Use a Combination of Supplements, Drugs, Meditation, Tantric Sex and Nofap, to Give Both Your Sex Life and Creative Pursuits New Meaning

In short, both tantric sex and nofap are great paths that you can take to learn how to increase sexual energy and your overall drive and zest for life on a day to day basis, and I would recommend giving both of them a try in order to see which one works better for you overall. Nofap is great for long-term sexual energy enhancement, and if you can go long periods of time with it, can really be a fantastic way to get ahead in work, school, and your love life. At the same token, sexual energy transmutation via Tantric sex is another great way to get your sexual energy really jacked up now for exactly whatever it is that you need to get done on short notice. Both ways are very effective for boosting your energy levels and mental intelligence levels, and I would recommend that you experiment with both of them in order to see which one works right for you. For more information on this and other similar and related issues, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and ideas on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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