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How to Get Prescribed Concerta From Your Doctor, How Does Concerta Work In The Brain?

How to get prescribed Concerta from your doctor can be something of an interesting task indeed, and one that can seem particularly daunting if you are a first timer looking to get ADHD medication, for whatever the reason may be. While Concerta may not be the strongest or longest lasting of ADHD psychostimulant medications out there, it can certainly be effective for some people, as it is a new and improved type of extended release methylphenidate stimulant drug that usually lasts for around 6 hours on a standard 40 milligram dosage. The following blog post will look into how to get your doctor to prescribe you Concerta, and will show you the ins and outs of exactly what you need to do, from A to Z, in order to get your hands on a prescription for Concerta, a potent ADHD prescription psychostimulant medication. For more information on Concerta and a host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drug supplements, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.
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How to Get Your Doctor to Prescribe You Concerta, and Why The Way Of How to Get Prescribed Concerta Might Be a Lot Easier Than Getting Prescribed Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine or Focalin

Concerta is not typically going to be the go to ADHD drug for most users trying to scheme their doctors out of drugs, for this the liberty usually goes to Adderall, Ritalin or Dexedrine, but mainly Adderall, of which the drug can get you super high if this is what you’re aiming for and at the very least this drug can give you a very effective boost in work or school. While Concerta is also a potent ADHD psychostimulant, and is basically extended release Ritalin when you get down to the meat and potatoes of it, with the chemical name of Concerta being Methylphenidate, it is also somewhat weaker than Ritalin is because of how stretched out its release is, and Concerta is essentially the “joke medication,” of the ADHD psychostimulant world, right up there with synaptol and straterra, the non stimulant ADHD medications.

If you are taking Concerta as a Nootropic of sorts as a way to boost your cognitive functioning and help you to cram more work in while in college or while trying to improve your career and climb the corporate ladder, then while you will feel something of an effect off of it, you certainly are not going to get that cracked out, totally manic, I CAN CONQUER THE FREAKING WORLD type of feeling that you would get had you been taking something like Adderall or Dexedrine. Concerta will however prove a lot stronger than just something over the counter, like say the stimulant effects that Creatine, caffeine or preworkout powders would give you regarding a stimulant effect, as it is still a controlled, Schedule II prescription drug. For cramming, all nighters, or trying to push through final exams however, you may want to look into the amphetamine type branch of ADHD stimulants rather than testing out concerta, just my two cents.

Consider all of this, and wash it down with the fact that if you are a normal college student trying to get something from your doctor for ADHD, that Adderall or Dexedrine is going to be extremely difficult to get most likely because of how controlled and addictive it is, not to mention potent and in demand. If you have legitimate ADD or ADHD however, and you ask your doctor for some Concerta, or some Focalin, or some Straterra, or even MODAFINIL, you might knock his block off, as this is what people with actual experience with ADHD medication know to ask for, whereas asking for the more highly restricted types of drugs is more often than not likely to get you walking out of the doctor’s appointment with a lollipop and the number for a shrink so that you can “talk out your problems with ADHD,” which lets face it isn’t going to help you get that term paper done in time is it.

How to Get Prescribed Concerta By Your Doctor vs How to Get Your Doctor to Prescribe You Focalin

Getting prescribed Concerta by your doctor is actually extremely similar to how to get prescribed Focalin by your doctor, as both drugs are in the same methylphenidate family, both drugs are among some of the least addictive ADHD stimulants, and both of these drugs are some of the least asked for and most prescribed medications. From a doctor’s perspective, if you straight up go in and ask for Adderall, Dexedrine, Desoxyn, Dextrostat, and other related amphetamine based medications, there is at least something of a chance that you are faking in order to keep up your drug habit, unless of course you have a previous prescription for the drug.

But if you ask for Focalin or Concerta, which are basically more drawn out forms of Ritalin that are significantly weaker, then not only does it give off a green light for your doctor to prescribe the medication given that you have a medical or family history of ADD and ADHD, but also does it not give off any green flags that you may be trying to scheme him or her for drugs, as is the case with a lot of people who just ask for Adderall or Dexedrine, dextroamphetamine based medications, straight up.

How to Get Prescribed Concerta vs How to Get Prescribed Dexedrine

Now for this paragraph, I should mention that getting prescribed Concerta from your doctor is a whole different animal in comparison to how to get Dexedrine prescribed. With Dexedrine, even if you have a previous medical history, and if you legit have ADHD, you are still going to want to plan out exactly what you are going to do to get Dexedrine, not to sound overly Machiavellian and crazy, but this is just the simple truth. Seriously, if you want a prescription for Dexedrine aruably the most powerful out of all the ADHD medications out there, literally get out a sheet of poster paper How to Get Prescribed Concerta By Your Doctorand a pen and start mapping out how you think every single point of the appointment should go, vs how you think it is actually going to go, and put contingencies and back up plans in place in order for you to manage the flow of the appointment.
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I only say to do this because some doctors can really get crazy with suspecting that you are lying to them in order to get drugs, and if you get caught doing this, you can get written up for drug seeking behavior, which is going to be the least of your worries as this is actually a crime, so always be cautious when attempting this unless you are doing it for a real reason like ADD or ADHD.

How to Get Prescribed Concerta vs How to Get Your Doctor to Prescribe You Adderall

These are going to be two totally different animals completely, as getting prescribed Adderall from your doctor is likely one of the most difficult things to do. With Concerta, as is true with just about every single ADHD medication out there, you are going to have much better luck overall if you go to an MD right up the road from your house, than you would if you went to a PHD shrink psychologist, as these guys are going to put you through an insanely rigorous testing process, and are going to cause you to freak out in the room if you are lying, as for the most part they are going to see right through your bullshit, their job is to basically treat you like you are a mental illness patient, and it is for this reason that an MD is always the way to go when you are trying to get your hands on any ADHD medication, no matter what they type of drug is. With Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine, Focalin and Dextrostat, I would say that this is all very much the same, and that you are going to have your best luck by far when going to an MD over a Psychologist.

As far as getting a prescription for Concerta goes vs what is likely to occur if you ask for an Adderall prescription, the two are really completely different animals, as no drug addict is going into his shrink to try and get her to write him a prescription for Concerta, so you’ll almost never be flagged by the doctor. With Adderall however, not only does it have an incredibly high street value, which is a cause for concern by certain doctors and Psychologists out there, but also is it extremely addictive, does it cause noticeable problems like weight loss, tweaking and addictive behaviors, and it can cause a nasty withdrawal syndrome that can make you do almost anything to get your hands on the drug, you will have a much easier time getting your hands on Concerta than Adderall if you are seeking out a legitamate prescription for ADD or ADHD.

How to Get Prescribed Concerta By Your Doctor The Right Way, What You’ll Likely Need to Do and Say While In The Doctor’s Office

So, we’ve gotten it out of the way that the absolute best way for you to get your hands on a bottle of Concerta is for you to go and see an MD rather than a traditional psychologist, of which your odds are going to decrease signifiantly if you go to one, check. Next, you’ve mapped out your game plan of what you are going to say and exactly what you would like to happen, and you have gone through every single possible scenario in your heard about a million times, check, check, check. Now it comes time to actually make the appointment, go ahead and Google search for any MD in your area, my recommendation would be to find one as close to your house as possible, since you might be going here on a monthly basis in order to receive follow up appointments, and aside from this, since you may be nervous on the car ride up, it will be better to just get it out of the way and not have as much time to think it over.

Once you are actually in the doctor’s appointment, here is what is likely to happen. You walk into the doctor’s office, he or she shakes your hand, and you sit down for about five minutes while you wait for him or her to get everything ready. While you are alone in the room, I would personally take this time to keep your composure, and to make sure that you are as clear headed and non-reahearsed sounding as humanly possible. Normally once the doctor walks in, they are going to ask “so what can I do for you,” or something of that nature, of which you are going to want to say that you are in for ADHD, and that you are having a hard time focusing at work. My advice to you, whether you actually have ADHD or not, is for you to act like this is your last hope, tell her that you are unable to work at the pace they would like and that you are on the hot seat about to get fired if something doesn’t change, tell her that you have just started a new MBA program while still in a fulltime job as you are being vetted for a new management position and that because of this ADHD that you’ve had your whole entire life, you will never make it without some help. If you have a previous diagnoses of ADD or ADHD, then this will be the easy part, as they will usually pull your medical history and will see what types of medication that you’ve been taking, and if you have any prior history, will normally give you what is on the sheet of your past medical diagnoses.

Why This Method of How to Get Prescribed Concerta By Your Doctor May Not Necessarily Be The Safest Method of Doing Business With Them

There are a number of reasons I could list here as to why this specific method of how to get prescribed Concerta by your doctor is a little bit shady at worst, and somewhat unethical at the least, however I’ll spare you the details of a moral conscience for what is instead a possibly better tactic for getting your hands on Concerta. Concerta, being one of the most powerful Nootropic Smart Drugs currently out there, in fact allows users to improve their focus, mood, memory and overall focus, in the case that they are diagnosed with ADHD. If you really want to get your hands on a bottle of Concerta because you actually have ADD or ADHD, then your best course of action, depending on the doctor that you are going to, may be to not say anything at all, tell them that you need help with your ADD or ADHD and ask him what he thinks, normally he will start rattling off names of ADHD medications, and you can tell him what you read online regarding Concerta being one of the safer types of medications, and in fact can get it this way.

How to Get Concerta, and Why Getting a Concerta Prescription Is Going To Change Your Life, Both For Better and For Worse

Once you actually have access to a bottle of ADHD medication just sitting in your desk drawer in a way that is entirely legal and non sketchy, it is really a life changing moment for those of you that may actually have ADD or ADHD. No longer do you have to pound copius amounts of caffeine or stay up all night worrying about how the heck you are going to get that spreadsheet of yours done at work on time, or of how you are going to study for that final exam. For someone like me that has dealt with ADD and ADHD for his entire adult life, I can tell you that their is a certain mental and even financial comfort to having the answer to a lot of your focusing and work life problems sitting in a desk drawer. My only advice to you, don’t become dependent on it, instead take the drug only as you absolutely need it, and never take more than your prescribed dosage.

How to Get Prescribed Concerta By Your Doctor When You Don’t Actually Have ADHD (You know…”on paper”), and Why an MD Is Always Better Than a Shrink

For those of you that are going to be going this route, while I would like to take the start of this paragraph in order to strongly advice you not to do this, as it may actually do you much more harm than good over the long run, aside from this however, if you are going to be doing this your best route is absolutely to see an MD type of doctor rather than a psychologist or a psychiatrist. The reason for this is that the testing is much less rigorous, you are much more likely to get the medication with just basic monitoring of your weight and some regular monthly check-ups, and it is much more likely to be a cheaper and more cost effective long term gig.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Prescribed Concerta By Your Doctor, and Why You May Not Want to Do This Long Term

In summarizing, the best way for how to get prescribed Concerta by your doctor is absolutely to number one, have ADD or ADHD, and number two, to have a legitamate, prior diagnoses for the disorder or illness. Aside from this, whether you are trying to get ADD or ADHD medication for the very first time, or whether you are an experienced pro at this and are trying to get back a prescription that you threw away for whatever reason, going to an MD rather than a psychologist is always the best way to go, especially if you already have a previous prescription for the drug, but again please only do this if you actually have ADD or ADHD and are actually in a serious need for the medication, for those of you that aren’t, Nootropics can serve as a much safer and more viable alternative for general cognitive enhancement. For more information on Concerta and loads of other ADHD prescriptions, Nootropics and Smart Drugs found online and in person, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the articles, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it here first at Nootropics





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