How to Fight Back Against Net Neutrality Repeal, and Why I’m Praying We Don’t Go Out of Business on December 14th

//How to Fight Back Against Net Neutrality Repeal, and Why I’m Praying We Don’t Go Out of Business on December 14th

How to Fight Back Against Net Neutrality Repeal, and Why I’m Praying We Don’t Go Out of Business on December 14th! [Don’t worry we will continue to push Onward in Spite of all Opposition!]

So, I’ll try and keep this post as short and sweet as possible, since this strays heavily from our usual topics of drugs, Smart Drugs, Nootropic drugs, legal drugs, occasional sex articles and drugs for better sex, and then more articles about Nootropics, you know, the fun stuff that you all typically come here, to Nootropics, to read about! I’m writing this article today in order to convince my 400-500 or so visitors that land on this blog every single day (and growing, thanks guys, lets keep pushing!) to give the FCC or Congress a call, and to let your voice be heard against Net Neutrality. If you don’t know what Net Neutrality is, stick around, as it is something that I think a lot of people are confused about, but that is vastly important to understand, as it is quite literally corruption on a truly unprecedented scale, such that the likes of the United States of America have yet to see! For more information on Net Neutrality and a host of other similar and related Nootropic and Smart Drug topics found on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

Other popular internet companies that are also blogging about this and similar and related issues include the following:

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These are each websites where you can vote to keep net neutrality at, and I urge you to do so before the vote on December 14th in the afternoon.

Now Let’s Get to It, Net Neutrality, What It Is, and How You Can Fight to Keep The Internet Free, Informative, and Open!

Now while I don’t typically write about politics on my blog, as I feel that that is probably just about the fastest way possible to lose a potential customer (you get one guy who is alt right and you say you are a leftist on social issues, or vice versa etc. that is a potential Adrafinil sale right out the window!) However in this case, since the vote is tomorrow, and since I had a sudden urge of passion and inspiration to write about how Net Neutrality is likely to affect me from the perspective of both an online business owner, and a middle of the road moderate who happens to see politics from the viewpoint of both sides of the isle quite frequently, I wanted to get the word out there of what is likely to happen to not just online business owners, but ALL US small business owners, How to Fight Back Against Net Neutrality Repealforeign business owners, and even just regular, everyday customers of this beautiful internet that we call the World Wide Web. And by the way, just for those that are wondering, the vote is tomorrow, December 14, 2017 in the afternoon sometime, and it is likely to pass 3-2 for the repeal of net neutrality, the actual roll out will likely be done gradually, so as not to startle anyone right away. There is also currently around an 87% total approval of keeping the internet the way that it is right now, and this is coming from Congressmen and Senators from both sides of the isle, however the FCC chairman has total power and control, so our precious net neutrality is likely gone tomorrow.

How to Fight Back Against Net Neutrality With Phone Calls, Emails, and Voting Online

So, the way that you can fight back against net neutrality is by going to any number of top websites that are harassing Congress to keep net neutrality the way that it is now. These include the websites listed above in this article, but mainly “” the primary and biggest anti net neutrality repeal website. Net Neutrality and the repeal of it is incredibly scary, because it is causing a free and open internet to be a thing of the past, is likely to cause problems with literally every single small business out there, (as all of them have websites that either make sales, get traffic, or just simply improve their brand. I worked a summer job a few years ago at a small boating company, one that was about as brick and mortar as it gets, and even they were getting hundreds of visitors every single day to their website. Net Neutrality is going to hurt all small businesses, not just internet companies.) Net Neutrality is also going to hurt the consumer, in ways that most people can’t quite grasp yet, as the concept of net neutrality is rather confusing, as your content will be more expensive, less available, freedom of information and fast speeds are going to be nowhere near what they are now, and the internet is going to be all around shittier in general, read on for more details.

What The Heck is Net Neutrality Exactly?

Net Neutrality is basically what keeps the internet free, fair, information heavy, and full of nothing but freedom, business opportunities, and information at your finger tips. Because of Net Neutrality however, the FCC wants to take all of this away from you, and in fact is going to take it away from you today, on December 14th, 2017, which is why I am writing about this. Once Net Neutrality gets repealed, it is going to be a difficult one to bring back, the internet is going to be costly both as a business owner and as a consumer, and in fact everything that you normally do on the internet, from Google searching facts about Weed, to watching your favorite types of kinky BDSM pornography, to watching Netflix, Youtube videos, or finding random, small business niche websites like ours, is going to either cost more money, be a lot slower, have less in the way of content, and will generally be lower quality overall!

Why Am I Writing About This Right Now? The FCC Vote On The Net Neutrality Bill Tomorrow!

The FCC vote on Net Neutrality is today, and is actually hours from the time of me writing this (sorry I wrote that sub heading last night:p) and while you can still go to the websites listed above to vote, you can call your Congressman or Senator and let your voices be heard, or you can email or call the FCC as one final, last ditch effort to do your part in keeping the internet free and secure, it unfortunately looks like Net Neutrality is going to be repealed,and in fact is going to cause some serious problems with my online business, and with the internet and brick and mortar stores from accross the nation! Fight with all you can in a way that is politically savvy, vote and let your voices be heard now!

Is Nootropics University Likely to Go Out of Business? Probably Not (Not By a Long Shot) But We May Experience a Dip In Traffic and an Increase In Costs, As Will Many Other Small Business Owner’s On The Web

While I don’t think we are going to go out of business, we are definitely going to take a hit in sales, in gross revenue, in customer retention, in server costs, and in our ability to scale and grow as a company over the long term. My main fear is that our website is going to be slowed down on all of our readers computers, that we will be out-competed by the bigger companies in the Nootropics niche, like Absorb your Health, Powder City, Peak Nootropics and Nootriment, who can afford to pay the possible hundreds of dollars a month in server fees, (love you guys, and no hard feelings, but come on y’all are banking right now) and are going to be able to beat us in the speed of their website, getting the customers first! While this will cause us to take a hit, I’ve been at this game for nearly six years now, and while I know that I will always push through, man is it going to be one heck of a mountain to climb.

Final Thoughts on Net Neutrality, and How to Fight Back Against Net Neutrality and Let Your Voice Be Heard by the FCC!

All in all, if you want to help keep the internet the way that it is, and to make one last ditch effort to do your part, call the FCC, call your Congressman, Tweet about it, go on Facebook and post it, etc. etc. Whatever it is, every little bit counts, as we are already starting to see by the many numerous GOP members of the Senate who are coming forward in support of net neutrality.



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