How Long Does Adderall Last at 10 milligrams, 20mg, and 30 and 60 milligrams?

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How Long Does Adderall Last? Benefits, Doses and Addiction Risks at 30 and 60 Milligrams

How long does Adderall last among users of all different experience levels, among those who are addicted to, or snort or abuse Adderall, and among the average user of the drug? The following article will serve as a 5000 word+ guide for nearly everything you could ever need to know about how long Adderall lasts, how to use Adderall properly and extend its duration of action, and of how to stay on Adderall’s good side, using it to your advantage (whether you’re using it for Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, or whatever other reason), rather than letting the drug toss you around.

Adderall is really a truly amazing pharmaceutical drug, however it can be extremely dangerous if you let it control you rather than controlling it. How long the drug lasts is a huge factor that causes many users to take more and more of the drug at a time, leading to a build-up of toleance, withdrawal symptoms and addiction. The goal of this article is to help avoid this, and to serve as a guide for the proper use of Adderall, whether on a long-term basis or for infrequent use. Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, as well as weekly newsletter updates about all things nootropics!

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How Long does Adderall Last Among New Users?

Adderall will last for the longest amount of time on a dosage per dosage basis, among new, inexperienced users. If you’ve only used the drug a handful of times, and are in-fact still in the newbie stage of the drug where you still get an insane euphoric high every single time you take the drug, then the drug is going to last a heck of a lot longer when compared to someone who’s been taking the drug for ADHD, every single day for the last six years. When you first start out using Adderall, the drug is going to be incredibly strong, and if it’s your first time every using an How Long does Adderall Last?amphetamine, or any drug for that matter, you may be pretty shocked at how potent this stuff is (even if yes…college kids are popping this stuff like candy), so always do enough reading before taking the drug.

Back on the subject of duration of action, when first starting the drug, you have no tolerance, so on a dosage by dosage measure, if you’re of average body weight and are in fairly good health, here’s how long you can expect Adderall to last overall:

10 milligrams-This should last somewhere between 6-9 hours if it’s your first time, or if you’re very new to the drug. While most reviews and online forums may have people saying it’s only going to last 4 hours, if you’re brand new, double it. On top of this, it will “start” to wear off in around 9 hours, it may not be 100% worn off for even longer so if you take it at 1pm, don’t plan on sleeping until late, best be is to take as early in the morning as possible. This is for Adderall XR (extended release), for IR, instant release, the duration is much shorter, so expect maybe 6 hours or so.

20 milligrams-Expect 8 to 11 hours for your first time with XR, maybe 6-7 with IR. Take at least 12 to 13 hours before going to bed if you plan on sleeping that night, again, best bet is to take really early in the morning.

30 milligrams-With this dosage, the magnitude of the effects are actually really going to surprise you, especially if it’s your first time taking the drug. The first time SWIM took this (look up SWIM if you don’t know what it means…), it lasted somewhere around fifteen to sixteen hours. The drug was taken at around five o’clock in the morning, and didn’t wear off until like midnight around bedtime. That’s about 18 hours after the drug was taken, so a 17 hour duration. Sleeping was really easy after that…from what I heard. So expect something like this, along with feeling like a freaking King/Super Hero for your first time taking Adderall thirty milligrams. ***Do not start out with such a high dosage unless you’re in good health and have at least dabbled with a lower dosage of the drug first, it can be quite risky!

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You shouldn’t go any higher than these three for your first time, as side effects, overdose and addictions risks start to have higher chances at a higher dosage than this, especially if you’re a very inexperienced user. In general however, this is the duration of action and the effects that you can expect as a beginner taking Adderall.

My Personal Experience with How Long Adderall Lasts

For SWIM, as a newbie the drug seemed to last around 12-15 hours at a time at a dosage of Adderall 30mg XR, and as my tolerance to the drug gradually increased, the duration of action of the drug gradually got lesser and lesser. As tolerance increased, it became more readily apparent that I’d need to increase or even double up on my dosage in order to have the drug last all day. 30 milligrams soon became 60, and 60mg 70, this is how tolerance and addiction starts it’s a gradual and lethal process that can start to get very scary after awhile. Overall, how long adderall lasts is going to depend on your tolerance, experience level, and if you’ve been taking regular tolerance breaks.

Now that we’ve looked at duration of action, let’s look at how your tolerance and experience with the drug will affect how the drug’s brain benefits and stimulation work. For me personally, when I first started taking the drug, the effects were nothing short of amazing. It was literally just like the pill in “Limitless” where he takes it and the room turns a golden sepia, and he is suddenly thrusted into his novel at the computer. It was like jumping into a perfect manic state of being, and I was able to work for 12 to 15 hours at a time on whatever project or task I wanted.

After awhile however, the effects soon started to diminish, and more and more of the drug was needed in order to reach a similar effect, this his how tolerance, addiction, withdrawal, and the need for higher dosages start to occur.

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How Long does Adderall Last In Experienced Users?

In experienced users, as stated in the former, the duration of action of which Adderall lasts is going to be significantly shorter. This is because when someone is first starting to take Adderall, they have fresh receptors and neurotransmitters, just as nature intended. After you’ve taken the drug on a consistent basis however, your receptors start to get burnt out, little by little and then essentially go into “safe mode,” pumping out less dopamine than normal on a regular basis as a measure of caution in order to make sure that you don’t overload and “pop” your brain receptors indefinitely, nature may be smarter than we give her credit for, as this is truly quite an amazing defense mechanism!

When this kicks in however, your receptors are downregulated naturally, so you need to use the drug just to feel normal. In a sense this both protects the brain and destroys it, as makes sure that you don’t overload your receptors (to an extent..though it is still certainly possible to do this), however it creates a need for the drug if you are to have instant gratification with regards to the dopamine neurotransmitters in your brain. To put this into perspective, let’s say you’ve got University school and there’s a test coming up, or a paper that you have to write, or a large project for your full-time career that you need to get done in a jiffy.

If you’ve been taking Adderall say everyday for a month, or two, or three, or six, then if you suddenly stop taking the drug, your brain’s receptors are going to stay downregulated because it’s expecting you to keep taking your pill. All of a sudden your mind is going to go “hey where the hell is all my dopamine? I can’t make this excel spreadsheet right now, I’m exhausted and I’ve got no motivation, drive or focus,” this is another issue that causes users who take Adderall to become dependent on it, once you start, you can’t stop without going through withdrawal, and if you’ve got a competitive job or other project you’re working on, sometimes stopping and slowing down just isn’t an option.

Since the start of nootropics back in the 1990’s, and since they have really blown up in the past several years since the 2011 release of movies like “Limitless” and “Lucy,” they have commonly been stacked with Adderall, and while I don’t condone this in any way, shape or form, I cannot deny that unequivocally, people do this. The following is a list of many of the main Smart Drugs, Supplements, Herbs, and Nootropic Drugs that people use in order to make Adderall more potent, or to make it last longer.

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Piracetam-Piracetam is the original nootropic drug, and due to its beneficial effects in improving mood, memory, focus, clarity of thought, and strengthening stimulant nootropic drugs, it has since become very potent as a way to strengthen the effects of Adderall. It has nearly a century of effective research to back its effectiveness, and is typically taken in dosages of about 800 to 2400 milligrams per day.

Aniracetam-Aniracetam is a more powerful derivative of Piracetam that is about five times stronger and that also has potent anti-anxiety effects. Aniracetam is commonly used for its relaxant properties, as well as for its verbal fluidity. Typical dosages range from 700 to 2100 milligrams at a time, taken 1 to 3 times daily.

Oxiracetam-Oxiracetam is commonly called the “speedy racetam,” and is very powerful for aiding in memory, focus, mood and energy levels. It’s main function is on the dopamine and acetylcholine receptors of the brain, and it requires choline to function properly.

Pramiracetam-The most powerful natural racetam currently on the market, is around thirty times stronger than Piracetam with truly superb benefits on memory.

L-Tyrosine-Ahh, L-Tyrosine, one of my personal favorites when using Adderall on either a regular or irregular basis. L-Tyrosine is great for use with Adderall because it is actually one of the amino acids in the chain that literally creates the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. The chain is Phenylalanine>>L-Tyrosine>>L-Dopa, and then finally dopamine, and L-tyrosine can quickly restore dopamine receptors in the human brain that have been worn out from persistent Adderall use.

L-Dopa-Very similar to L-Tyrosine but also slightly stronger overall.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine-An extended release form of L-Tyrosine, basically L-tyrosine XR.

Phenylpiracetam-Phenylpiracetam is a very powerful stimulant nootropic drug and is basically Piracetam with an added Phenyl molecule to it, which makes it increase dopamine in the human brain. Phenylpiracetam helps users to improve mood, memory and focus, as well as overall cognition, and its potency makes it about forty times stronger than that of Piracetam, the original nootropic Smart Drug.

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Noopept-Noopept is an ampakine nootropic and peptide based nootropic drug that has been touted as being as much as 1000 times more powerful than Piracetam overall.

CDP Choline-Most popular form of choline on the online market.

Centrophenoxine-A potent choline source with DMAE added to the mix.

Uridine Monophosphate-an extended release form of CDP Choline.

Fasoracetam-Over 100 times more powerful than Piracetam.

Coluracetam-Over 500 times more potent than Piracetam, does not require choline in that its unique ability has a built in cholingergic response to the drug.

Ashwagandha-Popular adaptogen nootropic drug that reduces stress levels and increases the effects of stimulants overall.

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside-Another adaptogen nootropic that is more potent and longer lasting than that of Ashwagandha.

Fish Oil-Great source of choline and popular supplement, helps prevent heart disease, promote heart heath, and is overall a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. I take it daily and have for years, always have, always will!

Maca Root-Great for reducing anxiety and promoting sleep, relaxation and a healthy mood.

GABA-Primary relaxant neurotransmitter, reduces anxiety and can help users sleep.

Niacin-Improves mood, memory and focus.

Vitamin B12-Strongest essential vitamin currently on the market, commonly stacked atop stimulant nootropic drugs to make them safer, longer lasting, and more potent overall.

This is not a full and conclusive list of all the drugs and nootropic supplements that users take with Adderall in order to make it last longer or be more potent, but it should encompass all of the main products.

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How Long does Adderall Last as an Instant Release Tablet?

Instant release Adderall is short-acting in the general sense of the word, when discussing an amphetamine drug. Short-acting in this case refers to an average of about a 6 to 8 hour duration, as opposed to a more than 12 to 15 hour duration like that of those commonly found in extended release tablets and capsules. Once you get used to the drug (and assuming you’re not a first timer or extreme newbie) you can expect around 4-6 hours for a ten milligram Adderall IR Tablet, 6 hours for a 20mg tablet, and around 7-9 hours for a 30 milligram instant release tablet. An IR tablet is typically enough to get you through a full school or work day, while the XR Capsule will literally get you through the morning, work day, night, and leave you with a little bit of steam left to go at the end of the day. These are esimated times and do not necessarily reflect the exact effects that you will feel from Adderall IR Tablets.

How Long does Adderall Last as an Extended Release Tablet and Capsule?

How long does Adderall last if you take the extended release capsules? Adderall XR, or extended release capsules, last much longer overall, and the question of ‘how long does Adderall last” when we’re talking about Adderall extended release capsules, becomes an easy 10 to 15 hours depending on dosage and experience level. Ten milligrams should get you around 8 hours, 20 milligrams closer to ten, 30 milligrams will likely last about 11 to 12 hours, and if How Long does Adderall Lastyou’ve got enough of a tolerance level or experience to try sixty milligrams of Adderall at a time (not recommended except under heavy doctors supervision), then you can expect it to last from 16 to 20 hours.

How Long does Adderall Last at a Ten Milligram Dosage?

Ten milligrams of Adderall should last somewhere around 6 to 8 hours depending on whether the drug at hand is instant release or extended release.

How Long does Adderall Last at a Twenty Milligram Dosage?

How long does Adderall last at twenty milligrams overall? Twenty milligrams usually gets you about eight to ten hours. Subscribe for more details and information on this subject, plus a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars!

Here’s How Long Thirty Milligrams of Adderall Lasts, in Extended Release (XR) and Instant Release (IR) Forms

Thirty milligrams can easily get you 9 hours as an instant release tablet, and 12-15+ hours if you’re taking Adderall XR 30 milligrams. But just how long does Adderall last at higher dosages? We’ll take a look at this later in the article.

How Long Adderall Lasts vs How Long Provigil and Modafinil Lasts

While both drugs carry with them similar durations, let’s take a look at the differences in effects that the drugs both have by comparison to one another, and discuss why certain neurotransmitters or experience levels, as well as diet exercise and weight, may make one last longer than the other. Factors to keep in mind that may serve as variables when taking either drug include tolerance, one’s history of stimulant use, and how experienced a user is with either drug.

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As both are similar stimulant nootropic drugs and each drug will exhibit cross tolerance with one another, a tolerance to Adderall will cause you to need a higher dose of Modafinil and vise versa, however one can help to serve as a kind of “cushion” on off days from the other drug, most notably Modafinil as a cushion for Adderall withdrawal, since it is the weaker drug. What many users do, as per loads of forums and online reviews, is take Modafinil on off-days from Adderall, so that while they are still detoxing from Adderall and going through withdrawal, they are able to go to work and still function in their day to day activities. Caffeine is also used as a crutch in a similar manner, for more information on this and other anti-addiction tactics, subscribe and you’ll get instant updates to our articles, as well as a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars! Now, we’ll look at the question of “how long does Adderall last”in comparison to Modafinil, at each individual dosage.

Modafinil vs Adderall Dosages and How Long Each Drug Lasts at this Dosage

For this section of the article, let’s look at the main dosages of each drug, Modafinil and Adderall and go into how long you can expect each drug to last at each dosage based on your tolerance and experience level.

For New Users:

Modafinil 50 milligrams-Very low dosage, however if you’re new to using Modafinil and Provigil, expect at least a six to eight hour duation.

Modafinil 100 milligrams-8 hours+

Modafinil 200 milligrams-10-12 hours

Modafinil 400 milligrams: Twelve to fifteen hours, probably more if it’s your first time.

Adderall 10 milligrams IR: Six to eight hours

Adderall 10 milligrams XR: eight hours

Adderall 20 milligrams IR: eight to ten hours

Adderall 20 milligrams XR: ten hours

Adderall 30 milligrams IR: ten to twelve hours.

Adderall 30 milligrams XR: Twelve to fifteen hours, closer to almost 18 hours if it’s your first time, so be sure to take it super early in the morning and to give yourself plenty of work to do.

For Those Users with Much More Stimulant Medication Experience:

Modafinil 50 milligrams: If you’re an experienced user, maybe like 4 hours..if you feel it at all.

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Modafinil 100 milligrams: 4-6 hours.

Modafinil 200 milligrams: 7 hours or so.

Modafinil 400 milligrams: Still should last at least 8-10 hours, so not too extreme, although this is a high dosage so please don’t use this much Modafinil regularly.

Adderall 10 milligrams IR: Instant release Adderall is pretty short acting, especially if you’ve already got a prior tolerance to the drug. Adderall 10 milligrams IR should last around 4 hours.

Adderall 10 milligrams XR: Six hours.

Adderall 20 milligrams IR: 7 hours

Adderall 20 milligrams XR: Eight hours

Adderall 30 milligrams IR: eight hours

Adderall 30 milligrams XR: Ten hours

Well there ya have it, that’s pretty much a total chart with regards to how long each drug lasts when comparing Modafinil vs Adderall and their effects, length of action and benefits.

How Long Adderall Lasts at 60 Milligrams per Day, A Dosage that is Too High for Comfort, and that is The Highest Prescribed Dosage

Now at the Adderall sixty milligram dosage we’re talking about a different story with regards to how long the drug lasts, and strong it will be. Adderall 60mg is really a super extreme dosage and it is not recommended that this amount be taken under any circumstances unless you’re a truly experienced user or are under intense superivsion by a doctor. This dosage is usually only given to patients of who have been taking Adderall every single day for like a decade. Can be very dangerous and the risk of side effects, sleeping problems and a possible overdose are actually very likely if you don’t take good care to use carefully, legally, and only under doctor’s supervision.

How Long does Adderall Last with a Tolerance?

See above mentioned chart. Low dosages of Adderall if you’ve already got a tolerance to the potent dextro-amphetamine based stimulant, for the most part really won’t last long, especially if you’re taking instant release. Extended release capsules, L-Tyrosine supplementation, and taking plenty of off-days are really your best bet with regards to making your Adderall days count after you’ve been taking the drug for awhile.

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How Long does Adderall Last Among Adderall Drug Addicts? One of the worst Dangers of Adderall and Amphetamine Addiction Overall

One of the worst and scariest problems with Adderall among those who are addicted or at risk of becoming addicted to the drug, is that it doesn’t last very long at all at these types of dosages, especially if the user is snorting or using by other harder means of ingestion. Therapetuic dosages don’t work very well once a user is addicted to the drug, and it can be immensely hard to get off of the drug after users have been taking it for a long-time due to tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. I’ll be writing more posts about this phenomenon in the future, as I feel that this drug has a truly scary risk of addiction, and that not enough people know about this once it’s prescribed by their doctors.

How Long Adderall Lasts Among Users, Forum Review Logs, Testimonials, Video Experiences and Research

Video reviews of Adderall say that it lasts as much as ten to fifteen hours at a time, and Reddit, Longecity, and Bluelight reviews say much the same.

You can find similar online reviews and documents here, at the following URL’s:

As you can see, many of the reviews on this subject are very mixed, and some users say it is an amazing product with others saying it is incredibly dangerous.

How you can Extend Adderall’s Duration of Action with the Magic of L-Tyrosine, and Nootropics and Herbs Commonly Stacked with Adderall

This paragraph is going to be a bit long, so please try to following along. There is a way to extend how long Adderall lasts as well as lower your tolerance to the drug via L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and Mucuna Pruriens, which is basically an herbal supplement that contains L-Dopa. Now..why do these help with your Adderall habit? Well, think of Adderall as a powerful dopamine pump that shoots the neurotransmitter into the frontal lobes of your brain via unnatural and synthetic means. Well your brain has a finite amount of dopamine that it will allow you to use (synthetically that is) before it shuts you down by downregulating your receptors (this is what withdrawal is.) It’s synthetic mechanism of action comes by essentially hacking into your dopamine receptors, and activating it at higher levels, which your brain later has to replenish once the drug wears off.

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Well, dopamine is created by a certain chain of amino acids and proteins, that chain being Phenylalanine>>L-Tyrosine>>L-Dopa>>Dopamine. As you can see, by adding L-Tyrosine to your diet on off-days, via supplementation, you can speed up the rate at which your brain creates dopamine, and you can essentially increase your brain’s natural stores of dopamine, leading to much faster recovery and less tolerance overall.

So In Conclusion, Exactly How Long does Adderall Last, and How you can Extend It’s Length of Duration?

Boy that was long one, but man was it fun and informative! I hope you enjoyed and got a lot out of it, tune into the charts and columns up above for the answer to “how long does Adderall last” and comment down below with any lingering questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you within one business day! Also don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics and Smart Drugs worth over fifty dollars, plus instant updates to our newsletter!



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