Fladrafinil Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects and Review

Nootropics have gone under the microscope, as colleges want them banned in their institutions as it gives the users an unfair advantage over those who don’t. Business leaders have been quoted as using them and even during the election accusations of using these pills are being bandied about. Fladrafinil is a very widely used Smart Drug on the web.
Today, in spite of all the controversy they are being used in Asia and the EU and if American companies want to compete as well as America’s students in this Global village we need to understand this technology and embrace it as it is already part of America’s culture. With that in mind, we are going to look at Fladrafinil, which is a newer way to get the benefits of Modafinil without having to have a doctor fill out a prescription. You will learn about the benefits and the uses of this supplement.




What is Fladrafinil?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the new “Brain Pills” and “Superman Drugs” You might think it’s a farce or a stunt. But, if you were to visit Wall Street, you would see many a trader popping a pill with their Latté or Cappuccino.




They are not taking anything illegal. However, they are taking pills that make them more alert and more focused than you or me without years of specialized training or mind skills learned in the Far East.




They then can hit the trading floor or their counterparts on Madison Avenue do multi-million dollar trades or are dealing with international marketing worth billions. In fact, many top-level execs are taking these pills to give them a strategic edge over the competition.




One of the New Wave of these pills is Fladrafinil, which is a synthetic drug derived from the discontinued French drug Adrafinil and like the schedule IV drug Provigil, which the Military uses for its “Super Soldiers”.




You stay awake longer have better concentration and you can function in top form for extended periods of time.




So, it has been created as a Next-Gen drug and is more effective than its predecessors are with fewer side effects as well.

Benefits of Fladrafinil


Aside from its many uses that the military likes along with business types, it is also highly useful for students in a university. It improves concentration, increases memory retention, and reduces fatigue.




It also is a mood modifier and those who take it can take exams without anxiety. The people who use it wouldn’t be getting their high marks without the help of “CRL-40,941”, another name for this Nootropic wonder.


The various formulations of the drug make it in 100 & 200mg tablets. The dosage various on your tolerance to it and when the benefits become apparent, however, the 200mg tab seem to be the median line.




Many who wake up at 5 am and take Provigil before going in to work at major firms in New York have switched to this more effective version.




Side Effects of Fladrafinil


All the available literature says the drug has virtually no side effect but CYA by mentioning possible dizziness or nausea. Headaches are also mentioned but as it is accelerating your cognitive functions this could be due to acetylcholine depletion. Many stack it along with B-12 together with Fladrafinil to compensate should it occur.




Uses of Fladrafinil


Fladrafinil has many applications and those are a few to which it mostly used for.




Business/Study drug Fladrafinil


  • Focuses concentration


  • Better cognition


  • Increase memory retention


  • Increases productivity for long periods of time


Night workers Fladrafinil


  • Allows for wakefulness and alertness an extended period of time and prescribed for 2nd and 3rd shift workers


Military Fladrafinil


  • Alertness


  • Wakefulness


  • Concentration


  • Extended periods of activity without sleep

Medical –


  • Sleep disorders


  • Potential for aiding Alzheimer’s patients


  • Multiple sclerosis improvements



User Reviews of Fladrafinil


  • Powerful




  • Helps me work longer and I make fewer mistakes




  • I don’t get angry or jittery anymore


  • I don’t need to have a doctor write me a script to use it for my school work


  • My mind is clear and I can work all day and night if I have to to get the job done




  • My trades win and I of course profit as the result


  • I make better decestions and I suffer fewer distractions in the office during the day


Research on Fladrafinil


This supplement is an artificial form of Adrafinil and you can find out more here with 20 citations of studies done. https://examine.com/supplements/adrafinil/ Inside your body you do the conversion to Modafinil and you can find 73 citations to the studies here along with a summary of the results here. https://examine.com/supplements/Modafinil/ The drug Fladrafinil is a derivative of these and has 39-50% more effectiveness and has a calming effect that Adrafinil does not. Research is ongoing on these and the other 120+ currently known Nootropics on the market today.








Reviews on Longcity


  • It has only 5 hrs half-life and Modafinil 3hrs, which may be too short for some without stacking or pacing your intake




  • In the United States, Adrafinil is currently unregulated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not approved it for any clinical uses. So drugs like Fladrafinil come under this same heading
  • Works the same only better than Modafinil




  • No problems with my sleep


  • No anxiety and my blood pressure is only slightly elevated at times




  • Fladrafinil has the same effects with Modafinil and Adrafinil




  • When I am on Fladrafinil I type pretty fast at least 100 wpm
  • Costco’s generic seems comparable to Modalert




How to use Fladrafinil


People usually take Fladrafinil with food and drink early in the morning. 100 or 200mg is the usual dosage though higher dosages are taken who have a tolerance for the drug. This all depends on the bodyweight of the user.

4mg/kg of bodyweight is used in sleep disorder patients. Your dosage will depend on the need. The effects can take after 1 to 7 days of use and 3 to 5 months is the usual time of usage before abstaining from use for 30 days before resuming taking it.
Fladrafinil Benefits and Dosage vs Adrafinil

Long-Term Use


As mentioned earlier 3-5 months is the amount of time recommended. However, there is evidence that many have been taking this drug for years in and its use has been documented in Europe for decades since the French firm Cephalon marketed the original formulation.




Short-Term Use

One to two tablets a day gives the user the previously mentioned benefits. No adverse problems have been reported and students in the EU and Asian have used it its predecessors for decades with no reported problems.






Going beyond the doses mentioned in this article are not recommended except under a doctor’s supervision. 600-1200mg doses are prescribed for certain medical conditions. This supplement responds to stacking with B-12 and Acetylcholine being two supplements paired with it to help on its uptake and compensate for the increased mental activity that results from its use.




Fladrafinil vs. Adrafinil

Fladrafinil is a better variation of its predecessor by about 40% that when it is converted in your liver to Modafinil you get a more refined and powerful boost to your studies and this drug doesn’t make you nervous or irritable, which was a complaint about Adrafinil.




Fladrafinil vs. Modafinil


Fladrafinil breaks down into Modafinil as mentioned. However, Provigil is the market brand of the product. It has been used for years and is one of the Military’s secrets to creating super soldiers ala Captain America. Fladrafinil is made to replace or supersede Provigil and it does the same thing without the irritability or addiction that were problems with a drug that lets pilots fly sortie after sortie in war zones like Iraq during the Gulf War and currently over Hot Spots in Syria and over Yemen. The Soviet pilots use the same or similar drugs for their troops as well.






Other Modafinil Analogues


Since Modafinil is a schedule IV drug and the demand is so high for it for its various benefits in the business and college world Modafinil Analogues exist in quantity both to get around existing patents and the FDA watchdogs who want to keep it out of everyone’s hands except those whom a Doctor prescribes it for.




Strangely, since its Nootropics abilities were publicized doctor’s prescriptions for the drug have ballooned with an increase of over 80% in the last few years and companies have gotten it for their workers as well.




Alertec, Modavigil, Hydrafinil as well as many others, Reddit and Longcity have Nootropic forums that talk about these drugs and how to use them.

The sad thing is Amazon has banned most of the Nootropics that have been in use in the EU for decades.




However, you can get the following:




  • Melatonin – useful for synchronizing your circadian rhythm and improving sleep quality


  • L-theanine – relaxed concentration without sedation.


  • CDP-Choline – all-purpose cognitive enhancement


  • Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) – neuroprotection and mitochondrial enhancement


  • Vitamin D3 – a potent neurosteroid


  • Bacopa Monnieri – neurotrophic support, dendritic remodeling


  • Ashwagandha – adaptogenic stress mitigator


  • Uridine – pro-dopaminergic effects


  • L-tyrosine – pro-dopaminergic effects


  • Curcumin – Neuroprotective antioxidant with antidementia properties


  • Cacao – improves blood flow to the brain

But, as of this time, there is little chance of purchasing Fladrafinil there.




Final Thoughts on Using Fladrafinil


Here is a better way to get the benefits of Modafinil without the hassles. If you were to be stopped by the police and you had two tabs of Modafinil this would be a violation of the Schedule IV DEA Drug Schedules. However, Fladrafinil is not even listed as a drug. It gets metabolized in your body and becomes Modafinil. So, you are carrying a supplement, which as yet has very little regulation. Ordering it from abroad, however, is the only way to obtain it here in the US.




The supplement then has a better tolerance too. You don’t have the irritable feeling and jitters that some may experience. You get 10X the effect for a comparable dosage of the analogs and this can mean less expense and fewer amounts of the supplement to get the same benefits. So, Fladrafinil gives you a Triple Win and you can then get ahead in business, school, and at other jobs where focus and productivity are required.




So, next time you are looking to add to your Nootropic cornucopia think of Fladrafinil as a replacement for prescription drugs.




Nootropics can make you more productive, improve your lifestyle and make your job simpler all at the same time.


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