Is Donald Trump on Adderall? His Behavior Says Likely Diet Speed..

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Is Donald Trump on Adderall? His Doctor and Behavior Say Its Likely Diet Pill Speed…

Is Donald Trump on Adderall, and wouldn’t this be bad for the country and the world? While his behavior may look like it sometimes (although Marco Rubio is far more likely to be on Adderall given his excessive sweating, constant need to drink water, and robotic style of speaking) it does however look like Donald Trump may be on some kind of diet speed, or diet pills that resemble adrenaline and norepinephrine, such as ephedrine. This blog post will look at what kind of medication Donald Trump is likely on, if it could be affecting his judgement given the assumption that he may’ve been taking this medication for decades on end, and will look at other past Presidents and world leaders of whom have also taken either diet pills and amphetamines, or similar drugs of the same chemical make-up. Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00, they’re not exactly Noopept or Fladrafinil or even Phenylpiracetam for that matter, but they’re not bad as a free, naturally enhancing brain drug!
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What is Adderall?

Adderall is a powerful ADHD psychostimulant that aside from its use in aiding attention deficit disorder, is often prescribed (or taken without a prescription) off-label as a diet pill, in an effort to help individuals to lose weight. It is also often used for Narcolepsy, worker-shift sleep disorder, a medical disorder that basically means that you work erratic hours, fatigue and for those who are looking to work more hours ( for this, and only if you’re either really good at convincing your doctor or have a really chill guy as a physician.)

So, why do I think that Donald Trump, otherwise known as POTUS, Mr. President, and “The Donald,” may be on Adderall? Well his erratic behavior for one, for another internet news articles that say he is on some kind of “diet speed,” (so probably not brand name Adderall, but a kind of ephedrine that’s damn close..which is actually pretty scary). The following articles will shed more light on the subject that I am talking about so you don’t think I’m some wack conspiracy theorist blogger or something..I’m a supplement/drug blogger, way more money lemme tell ya;)
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Anyway, read the following links, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Basically Donald Trump’s medical reports state that he is mildly Obese for his height and age, which means he has been prescribed diet pills, which have effects similar to that of speed. He also has been taking them regularly for DECADES, that’s right…decades. If you’ve ever seen that movie “Requiem for a Dream,” then you know what regular amphetamine use like that can cause..check out this Youtube video clip for a reminder:

The dude did become President of the United States…so obviously he knows how to manage his dosage at least reasonably well, and he likely can afford a good Doctor to supervise his usage with the $3,700,000,000.00 net worth he currently is sitting on right now….man just looking at that number makes you feel good doesn’t it?

Anyhow, here’s those links I was talking about, Donald Trump’s medical records clearly show that he has been taking such diet pills for decades. More specifically, he is been on them since at least 2014…but likely a heck of a lot longer.

So yeah it’s not just me….the dude is literally on speed.

Donald Trump’s Behavior

Well with his erratic, sometimes insane behavior at debates and rally’s and such (though he does have 4 Billion dollars, is way better than me, is the President of the United States and is funny as hell for most of them) it actually Donald Trump is on Diet Speed and Amphetamines, is It True?resembles that of amphetamine induced behavior and mania, especially if you’ve ever watched Donald Trump when he’s talking and he goes off-script, rambling for long periods of time, picking random topics, and charging after them in extreme focus with seeing ease.

This is because when you’re on diet-speed, your brain is literally flooded with more dopamine than the average joe, norepinephrine too, this is how it raises your heart rate, energy levels and metabolism, via neurochemicals in the brain, and any drug that is messing with this area is also affecting anyone’s mental state, I don’t care if you’re Donald Trump or Jimmy the Peanut Farmer (didn’t he become President too?) excess dopamine absolutely can lead to erratic decision making. Believe it or not however, Donald Trump isn’t the first head of state in the world to be on speed full-time, and likely won’t be the last. Among some of the others include good old Adolph hitler (see: as well as the beloved John F. Kennedy (see:
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Read on for more info…scared yet? Don’t worry his approval ratings are only at 38% right now, you can thank Jeff Sessions for that, so his Presidency may not be lasting very long anyways. Still, for a head of state that’s on phentermine, as a dedicated nootropics and supplement blogger, I figured that deserved at least 1500 words!

Donald Trumps Medical Records and Obesity Diagnosis

He and his own doctor actually admitted to it via release of his full medical records that he has been taking phentermine, a powerful diet drug that is pretty much only prescribed to celebrities now adays, and that he is taking the drug for obesity. (you can download the full PDF for it here:

Anyhow, so yeah POTUS is on speed, he still good though, but why would diet pills really be an issue, and how are they like Adderall and amphetamines aren’t they totally different? Well yes, they’re a lot more mild than something more to the point like direct ADHD psychostimulants Adderall and Ritalin are, however they still carry a nice punch and a kick in the pants just like amphetamines do.

Why Diet Pills are Just like Adderall or Amphetamine

Similar compounds, with around the same strength actually. Both significantly increase energy levels, erratic behavior, heart rate, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and a handful of other neurochemicals found in the human brain. When these build up, psychosis can even result after long-term use. I’m not saying that this is necessarily the case with Donald Trump, however it absolutely makes you think a little bit.

Should we Be Worried if the Leader of the Free World is on Diet Speed

Yes, horrifiyingly worried. Or maybe it’ll be totally fine, it was fine with JFK…Hitler not so much but…yeah maybe it’ll work out.

This isn’t like Your Usual Posts, Why did you Decide on This Topic?

Honestly when I read that he was on diet speed I gave the drug phentermine (exact brand name of the drug he was taking) I thought it was very interesting that the leader of the free world was on speed, it seemd shocking and worriesome, but also made sense to me given his erratic behavior in speeches and debates that I’ve seen so far. So I decided to write an interesting blog post out of it. I thought it’d be fun to right, and even though it may not get much traffic, that I could make something useful and informative or at the very least something thought provoking and fun to read for my future and current reader base.

Donald Trump Phentermine Diet Pills, Diet Speed, Obesity pills for Weight Loss

Types of Diet Speed




ADHD medications

Caffeine Pills





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Phentermine is one of the more popular one’s among celebrities, so this doesn’t surprise me at all that it is Donald Trump’s drug of choice, him being the powerful and most popular celebrity right now.

Final Thoughts on Donald Trumps Behavior, Diet Speed Theories, and the Comparisions to Adderall

Does it worry you that the President may be on diet speed (*is on diet speed)? It worries me a little bit if I’m being totally honest, comment down below with your thoughts and theories on this issue, I’m very interested in hearing other users opinions on the matter, so I’ll get back to you almost immediately! And don’t forget, subscribe and get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Absolutely free, just put in your email and become a reader, join the club, get free drugs, simple as that, an all-natural nootropic Smart Drug at a $50 value, absolutely free. Hope you enjoyed, I’ll be honest it feels good to publish this post and to get this off my chest finally, this was fun to write:)




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