Dexedrine Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Stop Them Via L-Tyrosine, Rest and Time

//Dexedrine Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Stop Them Via L-Tyrosine, Rest and Time

Dexedrine Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Stop Them Via L-Tyrosine, Rest and Time

Dexedrine is a stimulant used to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but is also prescribed for narcolepsy, a kind of sleep disorder which makes it difficult to stay awake during the day. Earlier this morning actually I wrote a blog post about a very similar topic to this one and it was about quitting Adderall, and how to quit Adderall through persistence, not giving up, L-Tyrosine, and strategic planning. Since Dexedrine is almost identical to Adderall in its overall effects, I imagine that this blog post will very much be similar to Adderall, and getting off of Adderall, and pushing through Adderall withdrawal. In this blog post, I talk about how to taper off Dexedrine as well as use the cold turkey method, how to avoid Dexedrine withdrawal and addiction before it starts, and the timeline of how long Dexedrine withdrawal and the post acute Withdrawal syndrome from Dexedrine is typically going to take depending on how high of a tolerance you have to the drug, and of how far along the addiction into Dexedrine you are. For more information on this and similar and related drug topics, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.

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What is the Perfect Dosage of Dexedrine to Avoid Dexedrine Withdrawal and Addiction Side Effects?

 The dosage will depend on the reason it has been prescribed. For Narcolepsy, the normal dose is 5-60mg daily in divided doses. For ADHD, you would start with 5mg once or twice a day but this can be increased by 5mg weekly until it is at the best therapeutic level although it is usually unnecessary to go above 40mg per day. The best dosage generally to avoid both addition and withdrawal from Dexedrine is around 5 milligrams, which is the minimum effective dosage, so be sure to talk to your doctor before increasing this dosage even slightly.

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Side Effects of Dexedrine Withdrawal on the Mind and Body

 As with all medications there are some side effects and withdrawal if discontinued without medical supervision. However, withdrawal is usually only if it has been used regularly for long periods or high doses. Withdrawal symptoms can include tiredness, mood changes and sleep problems. To stop withdrawal symptoms the dose can be reduced gradually over several weeks. Dexedrine is a drug of abuse and prolonged use can induce addiction or dependence, however if it is prescribed for a specific reason this is unlikely. Studies show that if a person taking Dexedrine has a history of alcohol or substance misuse they are more likely to become dependent on the drug. If it taken as prescribed the chances of becoming addicted are very low. Don’t increase your dose without your doctors’ advice. Plus, as with most medications, prolonged use can make it less effective so if you feel this is the case talk to your doctor straight away.

Long-Term Use of Dexedrine, and How It Can Lead to Dexedrine Withdrawal and Addiction


As stated previously, prolonged use of Dexedrine can increase the chances of dependence and lead to abuse. Although this is rare for people who are prescribed it by a physician. Close monitoring by your doctor should also highlight if the Dexedrine has reduced effectiveness due to prolonged use. Long term use of Dexedrine can significantly exasperate Dexedrine withdrawal and addiction, and for this reason I would not recommend long term use of this drug by any means, as it is very risky and addictive, as an amphetamine based drug.


How to Use Dexedrine Properly to Avoid Dexedrine Withdrawal In Its Entirety Before It Starts

This drug can be taken with food but it is not necessary. Take it 1-3 times daily. The initial dose should be taken when you get up in the morning and equally spaced 4-6 hours throughout the day. Due to the nature of the medication it can cause some problems with sleep if it is taken too late in the evening before you want to go to sleep. Liquid forms of the drug should be carefully measured with a measuring pot or spoon provided but don’t use a spoon from your cutlery draw as these are not accurate enough. As your doctor will be monitoring your response to the drug and adjusting the levels he or she prescribes you will both determine the optimum dose for your needs. Remember to take the medication as prescribed at regular intervals to get the most benefit. Take it at the Dexedrine Withdrawal and Addictionsame times every day due to the half-life of the medication. This means there will always be a certain amount always present in your system. If you miss a dose this can drop and you will not feel the benefit.

The Stages of Dexedrine Withdrawal, and How to Ride Them Out With Your Warrior Spirit

I talk about my mindset on this extensively in one of my previous blog posts, and to sum it up, I generally recommend, as a good way to get off of ADHD medications, since it is not technically one of the more serious addictions to have in the grand scheme of things, and since a little withdrawal won’t hurt you, to fight through the addiction, but also to be realistic with it. Instead of crying about it, adhering to the twelve stages of self acceptance or whatever they teach you in rehab, I recommend treating it like a war, and fighting against the addiction through a combination of cold turkey and tapering withdrawal methods, this way you can still function at work or school, yet are able to detox from the drug as rapidly and efficiently as possible. I outline this in further detail in this blog post on how to quit Adderall effectively.

As for the stages of Withdrawal, they are as follows:

Days 1 through 30-Days one through thirty are the acute stages of Dexedrine withdrawal, and typically the worst is all over after around thirty days.

Days 30 through 90-After about three months, most of the major withdrawal symptoms, such as tiredness, depression, anxiety, decreased desire to participate in social activities, increased appetite, and general weight gain, have passed. You will start to feel almost totally normal in this stage, and will also begin your entry into PAWS, or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, the next phase of Dexedrine withdrawal. This is categorized by small bouts of depression and withdrawal that will spring up from time to time, do not take Dexedrine again or you will lose progress, instead, just keep pushing all the way through and eventually the pain will subside.

Three to Nine Months Into Withdrawal-This is the stage at which most users that are going through withdrawal get back to 100%, and usually PAWS will only last into the next stage if the user is very heavily addicted.

Nine Months to Two Years Into Withdrawal From Dexedrine-And now for the final stage, where everyone, no matter how fall you had fallen into the path of Dexedrine addiction and Dexedrine withdrawal, gets to the point where they are fully recovered, and 100% clean. At 2 years, even those who were heavily abusing the drug for years and years on end are past Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, and are at the other side of the tunnel with regards to freedom and sobriety from Dexedrine addiction and withdrawal.

So there you have it, ride out the stages of withdrawal and addiction to Dexedrine, and in no time, you’ll be your old self again!

Reviews of Dexedrine from Online forums, and How to Get Over Dexedrine Withdrawal

There is a consensus by people who have been taking Dexedrine for several months or years that it is effective if taken as prescribed and monitored. Many have found it is life changing if taken properly. However, there are reports that illness or increased stress can cause the drug to become ineffective, at least during the illness or increased stress. Its effectiveness returns once this has passed. You should be aware of this if you are taking it for a prolonged time as we all become ill and stressed at times. Many people who take it for any length of time state they feel it does become less effective but this highlights the need to liaise with your doctor to maintain the therapeutic dose. The need to continually monitor how you feel when taking the drug is far outweighed by the positive aspects of the drug. It enables people to think more clearly, have increased energy levels, they also feel less stressed and more able to get on with their day to day routine and manage their workload.

Some patients have reported that there are differences in the effectiveness of the medication when they take a branded drug in comparison with the generic version. The reports of withdrawal from long term users can be disturbing. They can experience crushing sadness and depression. This can be avoided however, if the drug is reduced slowly under supervision of your doctor. You can read more about related reviews regarding Dexedrine withdrawal and how long it will typically last, right here at the following links, all of which are forum review oriented, or are related to .gov research studies on how exactly to get over Dexedrine withdrawal and addiction.

Conclusion On Dexedrine Withdrawal, Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, and How to Stop Dexedrine Withdrawal Before it Stops

Dexedrine is a powerful medication and if prescribed and monitored carefully can change people’s lives for the good. It is highly effective treatment but as with all drugs there are side-effects and some cause for concern. However, for those who take it has had an overall positive effect on their lives making them calmer, more able to live a normal life with their families. Use Dexedrine responsibly, and be sure to always take a low dosage of Dexedrine and to never take it on a very regular basis unless it is strongly encouraged by your doctor or physician, and even in this case I would recommend using it sparingly and being sure to always take weekend breaks, and supplement decent quantities of L-Tyrosine or N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine on the weekend. For more information on Dexedrine withdrawal, the withdrawal from Dexedrine and how long it lasts, and how to get over an addiction to Dexedrine, as well as viable nootropic stimulant alternatives to the dangerous and addictive ADHD psychostimulant drug, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response! Until next time, you heard it here first at Nootropics





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