Dexedrine vs Modafinil, And How Does Each Drug Stack Up?

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Dexedrine vs Modafinil, And How Does Each Drug Stack Up?

Dexedrine vs Modafinil, How Does Each Drug Work in the Brain Through Influencing The Neurotransmitter Dopamine?

Dexedrine can only be prescribed by a doctor and obtained from a licensed pharmacist. This medication has been approved for safe use by the FDA. Your healthcare provider will determine if Dexedrine is right for you by consultation, medical history, lab tests, and a few other factors. Dexedrine can be prescribed to treat a few different medical conditions. Dexedrine can be purchased at an online pharmacy or traditional pharmacy store. Prices for his medication may vary. It comes available with a guarantee, dosage instructions, secure packaging, consultation sheet on how to take it correctly. This article will look at Dexedrine vs Modafinil with regards to the benefits, side effects and dosages of each prescription medication, and will strive to do so as thoroughly as possible. For more information on these and similar and related Smart Drugs and nootropics, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the blog post, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response!

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Reviews of Dexedrine from Online forums Regarding Dexedrine vs Modafinil


Patients who have been prescribed this medication have rated and reviewed it in online forums. Many patients who have tried this medicine has rated it benefits as excellent. Those who have tried it for weight loss have had positive results. Those who have taken it for attention span or ADHD claim to focus more on tasks and report alertness.

When taken, the use of alcohol can cause interactions. Some side effects have been reported with this medication. Children have been prescribed this drug for ADHD and their parents state the medication has enabled heir children to focus on their work in school. On the subject of Modafinil, it is also frequently prescribed for ADHD, though it is not thought of as an ADHD medication as much as Dexedrine is, and is instead used most frequently for Narcolepsy and COPD, or Chronic Obstrutive Sleep apnea. As an off topic note, both of these drugs have been used by the United States airforce and other areas of the military in order to keep fighter pilots awake for long periods of time. Dextro amphetamine was originally used by the brand name “Dexedrine,” but has since been replaced by the narcolepsy drug “Modafinil”, in that Modafinil has been found to be nearly as effective, yet a lot safer and less addictive than dextroamphetamine was, as dextroamphetamine is actually incredibly addictive. In short, when debating Dexedrine vs Modafinil, Dexedrine is much more powerful, but also much more addictive and has way more side effects, Dexedrine is the drug of the past, and Modafinil is the revamped drug of the future!

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Dexedrine and Modafinil, with as powerful as they are in themselves, are actually very commonly stacked with a host of other related nootropics and Smart Drugs in order to jack up their potency. You should never start snorting Modafinil or snorting Dexedrine, and should instead only take the drugs orally as they were intended to be used, otherwise it can get very dangerous, and addiction can quickly ensue. The Smart Drugs that are most frequently stacked with these stimulants include:







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Side Effects of Dexedrine vs Modafinil

While many patients have no problem taking this medication,some do report mild to moderate side effects. Some of these side effects include hyperactivity, insomnia, increase arousal (wakefulness), high potential for misuse, hypertension, mood swings, and fatigue. If you take this medicine and experience any of the side effects, you should report it to the doctor asap. He may adjust your dosage or discontinue the prescription. This medication may work for you and it may not. Every individual is different and you should never share any medication you are prescribed with anyone else. Overdose symptoms increases with dosage.


Long Term Use of Dexedrine vs the Long Term Use of Modafinil


This medication has been researched and studied for effects on long-term use. It has been reported to cause in some patients vascular problems, Amphetamine psychosis, delusions and paranoia, and more. Your doctor may not prescribe long term use if you have a history of substance abuse. When a patent is prescribed Dexedrine, then they will be closely monitored by the doctor prescribing it. This monitoring may include lab tests and counseling. Lab Dexedrine vs Modafiniltests may be performed to monitor levels of this medication in the blood stream. With regards to Modafinil, it is a lot safer for long-term use than Dexedrine is as it is not as strong and, not nearly as addictive as the dextro amphetamine related compound Dexedrine is.  Long term use of Modafinil is not necessarily recommended, but is definitely a viable alternative to regular use of Dexedrine, which is actually strongly advised against.



Dosage of Dexedrine vs Modafinil


Indications, dosage, adverse reactions, pharmacology and more will be provide to you with the prescription. It is extremely important to follow your doctor’s orders to avoid overdose. The drug is prescribed for oral administration. Low doses include 2.5 mg to 30 mg tablets. ER extended release capsules are also available.

Compare this to Modafinil, where you can take a much higher dosage of the drug without any real dangers. Modafinil is typically taken in dosages ranging from 100 to 400 milligrams per day, with 100 milligrams serving as the minimum effective dosage and 400 milligrams as the maximum. Even the enhanced version of Modafinil, Armodafinil, is only taken in 50 to 200 milligram dosages, which means you have much more dosing leeway with that even than something like Dexedrine where the dosage is like five milligrams at a time.

In short, when comparing Modafinil vs Dexedrine, Modafinil is the clear winner with regards to safety, long-term brain enhancement, potency, beneficial effects, and lack of addictive qualities. Modafinil runs primarily on histamine, whereas Dexedrine functions on mostly dopamine, which is incredibly addictive by comparision. If you’re looking for good cognitive enhancement, stay away from Dexedrine, which is essentially just prescription speed, and stick with the well reserached and generally considered as safe Smart Drugs and nootropics, like Modafinil and Armodafinil, or other listed nootropics like Piracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept and Pramiracetam.

Conclusion On Dexedrine vs Modafinil, And How to Use Dexedrine vs The Proper Use of Modafinil, Provigil and Armodafinil

If you think you may benefit from being prescribed Dexedrine, then you should schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. Once you have been provided a prescription then you may choose to have it filled at a pharmacy of your choice. Dexedrine is available as an online prescription through a variety of online pharmacies. Dexedrine is now a days very rarely prescribed, and as such is difficult to get. Modafinil is one of the most popular ADHD and prescription drugs on the market however and as such should be one of the readily available prescriptions from your doctor. For more information on Dexedrine vs Modafinil and other similar and related Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response! Until next time, you heard it at Nootropics First!





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