Creatine IQ Benefits and Dosages of Creatine to Use for Long-Term Brain Power

//Creatine IQ Benefits and Dosages of Creatine to Use for Long-Term Brain Power

Creatine IQ Benefits and My Experience With Creatine for Long-Term Brain Powder

I thought that I could use Creatine to improve my body, but when I read about the amazing Creatine IQ benefits that Creatine can have on the mind overall, I was super excited to see how much it could really help my memory, mood and focus capabilities. When I first started using creatine I grabbed a bottle of creatine monohydrate powder from GNC down the street and poured 10 mg into a water bottle and shook it up. It was tasteless, but it felt like I was drinking saltwater. It went down smooth without a problem, and I waited for the effects of it to kick in.

I wasn’t experiencing any effects after an hour of taking it, which due to my inexperience meant it wasn’t working, so I forgot about it and went to a conference I had scheduled with my teacher. As I arrived I was greeted by a line of my fellow classmates waiting for the professor to finish with the next kid who nervously handed her his essay.

I stared at the kid and then looked back to the group of kids in the class I typically hung out with. I noticed something upon turning my head. My vision seemed to be restricted, something commonly referred to as tunnel Creatine IQvision. I was wondering why this side effect had happened, I had followed everything on the bottle, or so I thought. On most bottles of creatine it stresses that the substance should be taken with plenty of water. I, being the genius I was, had forgotten to drink water.

Creatine IQ Benefits Dosage and Side Effects on the Brain of The Gained Creatine IQ Benefits

I went and got a cup of water from the coffee shop nearby, and after drinking it down in two gulps, returned to the line to get another cup of water. I found that it was nearly impossible to feel hydrated, no matter how I tweaked the dosage I would always get the same feeling. Although my perpetual thirst plagued me, I was able to get rid of my tunnel vision and continue through the day normally. I would wake up each morning at 6, go to the gym for about an hour after drinking a bottle of water mixed with 10-15 mg of creatine, and have a breakfast at a nearby restuarant.

I managed to gain the weight that I had desperately wanted to since I had been as thin as a twig for nearly my entire life. I continued to drink close to two gallons of water a day which kept me hydrated and prevented any tunnel vision. When I went to the gym to lift I found that the weights would go up much easier than did previously. 25 pounds on each arm went to 30, 30 went to 40, and eventually I felt like the strongman. I didn’t have a single side effect that was bad, however, there were some that were nuisances. Having to drink 2 gallons of water each day was obviously not a plus, and when you drink that much it’s inevitable that you’ll be running to the bathroom every ten minutes. Creatine IQ benefits however are unprecedented among users.

I felt healthier and cleaner, and I loved the side effects that it was intended for. I headed home for a week during the middle of the semester and I didn’t want my overprotective parents finding out that I was taking the supplement; I didn’t want to risk them asking questions about whether it was “safe” or “legal” although, unbeknownst to them, it is found in red meat. I found that after a few days of not taking creatine it seemed my muscles were fading away no matter how much I lifted. I later discovered this was not muscle deteriorating, rather, water exiting my muscles. Creatine, had taken my muscles and made them look bigger and made me feel stronger, but long term it was definitely lacking.

I decided to try experimenting to see what would happen if I took creatine without working out. I got back, took 10 mg the same way I had always taken it, powder mixed in a water bottle, and went to the movies with my friends. I kept drinking while there, obviously upsetting the movie theater employees who needed to keep getting me water, and my friends who I needed to continually climb over to get water, or to go to the restroom. Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with any lingering quesions and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Word to the wise, if you are using creatine properly and drinking as much as you should be, try to avoid the movie theater. Regardless, I came home that night to find that I had gone from having abs for much of my young life to now having what seemed to be a beer gut. Luckily my roommate was not home because I was absolutely shocked at how the water had built up when not working out. I figured that some of it would go to the rest of my body, but it seemed to go straight to my stomach. After that shocking turn of events I stopped using it and returned to a normal gym routine without creatine. I would use it again, but I often don’t have time to continue drinking so much water and dealing with the repercussions of drinking gallons at a time.

Why and How you Should be Using Creatine to Increase your IQ

Many notable entrepreneur’s have done this in the pursuit of increasing their IQ, including Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris. IQ score, also known as Intelligence Quotient Score, is a score used to assess overall Smarts as well as a combination of fluid and crystalized intelligence. By increasing ATP stores in both the body and mind, it makes users more resiliant, focused and intelligent overall. I used it with great benefits on the body and mind, and most have said that they were able to increase their IQ by as much as ten points!

Side Effects of Added Creatine IQ Points

As I mentioned in my experience with the supplement, if you do not drink enough water dehydration is unavoidable. With dehydration comes tunnel vision. As you continue to use the supplement, you may experience frequent urination due to your increase in water intake. It is highly recommended that you drink at least a gallon of water each day when using ten milligrams of the supplement. I used a lot more than was necessary, but that was to avoid Creatine IQpossible kidney damage that would result from chronic dehydration. I was more afraid of that long lasting effect of the supplement than any other. However, this seems to be the only side effect of the product that will have long lasting effects. All others are temporary and highly treatable.

My Goals When Using Creatine, Using A Creatine IQ Boost for Muscle Memory

I wanted to gain muscle mass and feel stronger in the gym, creatine helped me acheive many of the goals I had when taking the supplement, however, I did feel that it was a bit of an impedement in my social life.

It may also have been a bit of a dealbreaker on a few of my dates when I had to scurry off to the bathroom every ten minutes. Moreover, when working out and taking creatine regularly I was impressed with the growth that I experienced, although it lasted only as long as I continued to drink massive amounts of water and take the supplement.

Companies That Sell Creatine, and How to Increase IQ Via the Creatine IQ Benefits Long-Term

  • GNC General Nutrition Center
  • Powder City
  • Powder City review sites
  • Smart Drug for College
  • review sites
  • Life extension, loads of Creatine IQ increase reviews
  • Bodybuilding Dot Com
  • Nootropics Farm
  • Nootropics Network
  • Nootropics Vs Piracetam, the Creatine IQ benefits are amazing when stacked with these.

Commonly Stacked with Creatine to Increase IQ Even Further

  • Piraceteam-Piracetam is the original nootropic drug and helps users to improve mood, memory focus and energy levels. Most other supplements that are in the nootropics space originated from Piracetam.
  • Aniracetam-Aniracetam is five times more powerful than Piracetam and also has an added anti-anxiety effect that Piracetam lacks.
  • Adrafinil-Adrafinil is a very potent pro-drug and Modafinil analogue, it is a pro drug of Modafinil, meaning that it physically metablizes to Modafinil in the liver.
  • Noopept-Noopept is a peptide based and Ampakine nootropic drug. It is around one thousand times more Powerful than Piracetam on a dose by dose basis, and has a dosage of only around ten milligrams.
  • Uridine monophosphate-An extended release form of CDP Choline that is just as strong but that lasts significantly longer overall.
  • Ashwanganda-An extremely potent quintissential adaptogenic nootropic drug, it is a powerful Smart Drug because it lowers stress and anxiety levels and helps users to have less worries during the day, and to take the edge off of taking stronger supplements.
  • CDP choline-One of the most popular forms of CDP Choline currently on the online market.
  • Centrophenoxine-A unique form of nootropic choline with an added DMAE isomer added to its molecular structure.
  • DMAA-Preworkout supplement, stacked with Creatine for Additional gains

Conclusion on Using the Creatine IQ Benefits for Increased Intelligence

Creatine is really an interesting supplement, one of the most versatile ones as seen by what it can be stacked with, and the Creatine IQ benefits are practically Limitless if the drug is taken on a ver long-term and regular basis. It gave me many of the effects that I desired as well as a few that were unexpected. For all articles on noopept and other nootropic supplements subscribe here to Nootropics University, get fifty dollars worth of free nootropic supplements when you subscribe. If you want to use Creatine to increase your IQ, take it from my story, the drug is incredibly potent and will improve your brain power, there are even notable entrepreneurs that rave about using it long-term for this reason!



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