Cognitex Review, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects Long-Term

//Cognitex Review, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects Long-Term

Cognitex Review, Benefits and Dosage, What does this LifeExtension Brand Nootropic Do?

What is Cognitex, why should you use it, what nootropics is it most like, and how does this drug stack up to other “nootropic Smart Drugs” that are on the market, including powerful supplements like Noopept, Adrafinil and Fladrafinil. This blog post will serve to illuminate all of the great ways that Cognitex is a Smart Drug from a large brand name company (In LifeExtension) that stacks up to many of the other popular Smart Drugs on the market. Let’s get started!
Cognitex Review

Cognitex Ingredients, Our Review of the Cognitex Formula

Cognitex has a unique formula that the company has been kind enough to explain on the back of their bottle, as well as on their website. The gist of the ingredients that the Cognitex brain supplement contains is

Gastrodin-Enhances circulation and circulatory effects in the brain and on the heart. Helps to fight inflammation and protect the cells, brain and heart, from oxidative damage.

Vinpocetine-Vinpocetine is often talked about as a potentiator nootropic drug, as it has been shown to significantly potentiate other nootropics, comparable to other Smart Drugs such as Choline and Piperine. It is a naturally derived plant-based nootropic drug that is specifically made to improve blood circulation to the brain. If Cognitex has Vinpocetine in it, along with a stack of 100% all natural compounds, it’s got my vote as a great supplement!

Pregnenolone-Is a hormone replacement supplement, helps to lower estrogen levels, improve the levels of testosterone in the body, and helps increase energy levels and lower anxiety.

Hops and Rosemary-An all natural nootropic supplement that is great for overall healthy brain function..and because of the essential rosemary, MEMORY!

Cognitex ReviewWild Blueberry Extract-Helps reduce stress and improve memory.

Phosphatidylserine-Has great immune boosting properties, also serves as a neuroprotective compound that protects brain cells.

Ashwagandha-An adaptogen nootropic drug, Ashwagandha helps the user to think more clearly, lessens anxiety and has a signficant mood boosting property to it.

Grape Seed Extract-Supresses inflammation and helps with blood vessel health.

LifeExtension Cognitex Review

Having personally taken this supplement myself, I can give an unbiased review of the product. I also am not an affiliate marketer for this specific product, so I have no reason to rave about this product to you. Having personally taken this product myself, I can personally say that it feels something like Piracetam, Optimind, or Alpha Brain. I compare it to these supplements because their effects are all somewhat subtle, and they all are similar in effects to what Cognitex feels like. These supplements, ironically, also have a similar price range to Cognitex.

For a comparable nootropic in Piracetam, checkout the following video:

Cognitex Review

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What is Cognitex?

It is a stack of compounds, all-natural, that pegs itelf as a nootropc. It is basically a large scale company trying to capture a piece of the nootropic, Smart Drug, Brain-Supplement, Neutraceutical market on Amazon and Google SERPS, and succeeding at it big time both via their marketing efforts and their overall product formulation blend. With LifeExtension, which is a large scale company, effects are always going to be somewhat subtle in comparison to what you can get on the big time nootropic websites, such as




Absorb Health

Cognitex Review
Since these are privately owned companies, and LifeExtension is large scale-they don’t need to take the risk of selling high powered nootropic products so instead, to capture a piece of the market with little to no risk, they create natural and subtle blends.

Cognitex Compared to other Popular Nootropics

The following are the most popular and powerful nootropics on the market. Quite frankly, a natural, big-company supplement product like Cognitex gets its ass kicked by other supplements like Adrafinil or Phenylpiracetam, which are the “real nootropics” as I call them, raving about their potency. However, for the more subtle racetams, such as Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam, it actually comes pretty close.

Piracetam-Piracetam is the original Smart Drug, and its original because it was the first actual Smart Drug ever to be created. Made in the 1960’s, Piracetam helps the user to improve memory, mood and focus. Throughout these comparisons, Piracetam will be used as a base from which to compare other nootropcs.

Aniracetam-Aniracetam is around five times stronger than Piracetam (there’s that base comparison I was talking about;) It also has a unique effect that many other nootropics don’t, it helps to lower anxiety in the user, which if you’re under a lot of stress, can really have a beneficial effect on performance.

Pramiracetam-About 30 times stronger than Piracetam. The most powerful of the simple racetams (that aren’t binding to any additional molecules, aren’t technically peptides and aren’t technically Ampakine nootropics.)

Oxiracetam-15 times more powerful than the original racetam, often times called the “speedy racetam” for how it improves focus and energy levels.


What Popular Nootropic is Cognitex Most Like? Alpha Brain!

Alpha Brain is a potent brain supplement that is made by Onnit inc. Alpha brain contains much of the same effects as Cognitex, both are subtle, both are effective, and quite frankly both are a bit overpriced. Sign up for our email list and we’ll show you how you can get cheap Nootropics that actually work!

Review of How to Use Cognitex

Take Cognitex 1-2 times per day in a dose of one to two capsules daily. Cognitex has some mild side effects, but most don’t occur in the users who take it, even those who take high dosages and of whom use the drug quite regularly.

Cognitex Review of Price

Typical Cognitex price ranges are from $29.99 to $39.99 per bottle, for a 60 capsule bottle of soft gels.

Does Cognitex Come in Powder? Cognitex Review of Bulk Powder

No. Capsules only at the moment, stay tuned for more updates on bulk powder Cognitex.

Where can you Buy Cognitex

On, Cognitex can be bought. I believe there are even coupons available for the drug on their website.

Side Effects and Dangers of Cognitex Review and Dosage



Increased thirst

This is not a full list of all side effects that may occur when using Cognitex.

Final Thoughts on Our Total Cognitex Review

Cognitex is a powerful yet subtle nootropic with a wide range of cognitive benefits. While it is not as strong as some of the real nootropics that we advertise for on this website, it’s not bad for a big company type blend. If you’ve been wanting to try it for a long-time, I won’t talk you out of it, other than to say that real nootropics like Adrafinil and Piracetam are a much better bang for your buck, or use of your money..however you’d like to put it! Subscribe and get a free sample of nootropics, that’s right…a FREE SAMPLE OF NOOTROPICS WORTH $50.00, so that you can try before you buy and use your hard earned cash. For a limited time, take advantage of this opportunity now!



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