How Long Does Zoloft Last? Is it Possible to Get High Off Zoloft?

How Long Does Zoloft Last, and Is It Possible to Get High off of Zoloft? Dangers of The Zoloft High Zoloft, the absolute mother of all SSRI antidepresant medications, a drug that is freakishly addictive, one that has been around since what seems like since the battle of Waterloo (Napolean for those of you that don't get the joke, like 1815), and a drug that really gets quite a bad rap due to its addictiveness and negative stigma on depression. Tell anyone of your friends or family members that you are taking "Zoloft," that had no idea before, and instantly you are looked at as almost an entirely different person. What if I were to tell you however, that Zoloft is actually something of a good drug, that it is something that the majority of people don't use to get a Zoloft high from (there aren't huge numbers of people out there snorting Zoloft like they're snorting Adderall or Vyvanse, that much I can tell you,) and that instead most of the people that take Zoloft actually need it for depression or bi-polar disorder, and as such the drug is a help to more people than it hurts. In [...]

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