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Donald Trump Drugs, Is Trump Doing Prescription Drugs? Records Show He Is!

Donald Trump Drugs, Is Donald Trump Doing Prescription Drugs In the Oval Office? Medical Records Show That He Is, and Here's Why It Should Scare the Hell Out of You! This article will look into Donald Trump drugs and prescriptions problems, and will let you know why you either should or should not be worried [...]

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Noopept MDMA Stack Combinations, What are Noopept and MDMA Like?

Noopept MDMA Nootropic Stack Combinations, What is the Noopept and MDMA Stack Like? The following is going to be something of a high risk article for me as a blogger, but it is going to be something that is entirely honest, and is also something that I have been really wanting to write for a [...]

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Snorting Phenibut, And The Addiction, Tolerance and Overdose Risks Associated With It

Snorting Phenibut, And the Addiction, Tolerance and Overdose and Withdrawal Risks Associated With Doing So Developed in the Soviet Union in 1960, Phenibut is a drug that has changed the lives of those who suffer from anxiety and many other ailments. Also sold as Noofen and Citrocard, its main benefit is that it improves neurological [...]

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Nootropics Drug Test Results, Will Nootropics Show Up on a Drug Test like Alpha Brain, Adrafinil and Sunifiram?

Nootropics Drug Test Results, Will Nootropics Show Up on a Drug Test? Do smart drugs actually make people smart? Can these drugs enhance a person's mood or help them to overcome anxiety? Some medical researchers and consumer buyers would say yes they do work. But Will Nootropics show up on a drug test? This article [...]

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Candy Flipping Review, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs

Candy Flipping, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs What is candy flipping, what does the slang mean, does it put holes in your brain or cause brain damage, and what brain receptors does it act on. In this blog post review of Candy Flipping, we look at all the different user reviews and [...]

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Is Donald Trump on Adderall? His Behavior Says Likely Diet Speed..

Is Donald Trump on Adderall? His Doctor and Behavior Say Its Likely Diet Pill Speed... Is Donald Trump on Adderall, and wouldn't this be bad for the country and the world? While his behavior may look like it sometimes (although Marco Rubio is far more likely to be on Adderall given his excessive sweating, constant [...]

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Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Benefits, Dangers and Spinal Chord Fluid Myths

Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Do the Potential Benefits Outweigh the Huge Risks? LSD, also known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is a hallucinogenic, schedule I illegal drug that often is talked about in the form of Microdosing LSD for the mild nootropic or Smart Drug effects that it can incude in its users. While LSD [...]

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