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Donald Trump Drugs, Is Trump Doing Prescription Drugs? Records Show He Is!

Donald Trump Drugs, Is Donald Trump Doing Prescription Drugs In the Oval Office? Medical Records Show That He Is, and Here's Why It Should Scare the Hell Out of You! This article will look into Donald Trump drugs and prescriptions problems, and will let you know why you either should or should not be worried about the fact that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is taking prescription medications in order to lose weight, stay healthy, and get through the day. And if you think I'm making this up, check your facts, in Donald Trump's medical records that he was forced to release to the public, his doctor has disclosed that he is in fact taking a known diet pill for weight loss known as Phentermine, a known diet speed, and something that is similar to amphetamine in its molecular structure as well as effects on the brain and body. The following article will look at whether or not the President of the United States, Donald Trump is taking Phentermine, a powerful and long acting type of diet speed, and of why exactly this should worry you. For more information on this and other similar and related [...]

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Noopept MDMA Stack Combinations, What are Noopept and MDMA Like?

Noopept MDMA Nootropic Stack Combinations, What is the Noopept and MDMA Stack Like? The following is going to be something of a high risk article for me as a blogger, but it is going to be something that is entirely honest, and is also something that I have been really wanting to write for a long time. I have been in the niche of nootropics for nearly a decade, and out of nothing but purely self interest, have also researched the rave scene, party drugs, and the rave culture. Naturally, I stumbled across users who were frequently using the Noopept MDMA nootropic stack, and who were combining Noopept and MDMA together in conjuntion in order to increase the effects of either drug. This worries me, and I know for a fact that users also do this with Piracetam and MDMA, Aniracetam and MDMA, and a host of other similar and related nootropics and Smart Drugs that they are going to commonly stack with MDMA, however doing this is incredibly dangerous, and can really cause damage and harm to your brain over the long term, the following article will serve to explain the possible risks and rewards of taking a [...]

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Snorting Phenibut, And The Addiction, Tolerance and Overdose Risks Associated With It

Snorting Phenibut, And the Addiction, Tolerance and Overdose and Withdrawal Risks Associated With Doing So Developed in the Soviet Union in 1960, Phenibut is a drug that has changed the lives of those who suffer from anxiety and many other ailments. Also sold as Noofen and Citrocard, its main benefit is that it improves neurological functions. Phenibut is one of the most popular and strongest nootropics currently available for sale in the online market, and for most users, it is going to significantly reduce anxiety, provide them with a very noticeable euphoria and type of downer high, and will produce as very noticeable effect on both their body and mind. The topic of this article is going to be that of snorting Phenibut, something that is extremely dangerous and that can cause addiction and tolerance to the drug to rapidly develop, but that is nevertheless something that is done quite often in the nootropics community by those users taking the drug. This article will seek to educate about this hugely improper use of the product, and will explain to all users reading this why this is a bad idea, and why a temporary high usually only leads to addiction, [...]

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Nootropics Drug Test Results, Will Nootropics Show Up on a Drug Test like Alpha Brain, Adrafinil and Sunifiram?

Nootropics Drug Test Results, Will Nootropics Show Up on a Drug Test? Do smart drugs actually make people smart? Can these drugs enhance a person's mood or help them to overcome anxiety? Some medical researchers and consumer buyers would say yes they do work. But Will Nootropics show up on a drug test? This article will go over users nootropics drug test results, and will let you know if you need to worry. Unfortunately, other people are not convinced about the effectiveness of smart drugs which are also called nootropics. Regardless of the facts, some companies manufacturer and sale smart drugs to consumers. The following information is a list of some major nootropic brands that people can use for improving various brain functions. Sunifiram Sunifiram is a forceful memory booster and cognitive enhancer. People that buy Sunifiram should start to feel its effects shortly after taking this smart drug. It can also change improve a person's mood and personality. Sunifiram capsules can be purchased from health stores and retail outlets. Consumers can also order this substance online from companies that offer this product. Noopept Noopept reviews typically promote this product in a positive light. As a smart drug noopept [...]

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Candy Flipping Review, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs

Candy Flipping, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs What is candy flipping, what does the slang mean, does it put holes in your brain or cause brain damage, and what brain receptors does it act on. In this blog post review of Candy Flipping, we look at all the different user reviews and experience reports on the phenomenon, as well as explain what the heck candy flipping exactly is. I'm also realizing that this is becoming more of a high risk blog, but it is getting traffic I guess so here goes another awesome blog post! What exactly is candy flipping? The term candy flipping was first coined by the British in the underground night club scene, when the surge of both drugs started to become more and more increasingly popular. Well candy flipping is the slang term used when a party-goer combines LSD with MDMA, also known as Methylndioxymethamphetamine, or Ecstasy, or Molly. Before we get into it, don't forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics and Smart Drugs worth over $50.00! If you're new to the nootropics game, nootropics are a kind of 100% legal herbal supplement that are used to enhance your [...]

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Is Donald Trump on Adderall? His Behavior Says Likely Diet Speed..

Is Donald Trump on Adderall? His Doctor and Behavior Say Its Likely Diet Pill Speed... Is Donald Trump on Adderall, and wouldn't this be bad for the country and the world? While his behavior may look like it sometimes (although Marco Rubio is far more likely to be on Adderall given his excessive sweating, constant need to drink water, and robotic style of speaking) it does however look like Donald Trump may be on some kind of diet speed, or diet pills that resemble adrenaline and norepinephrine, such as ephedrine. This blog post will look at what kind of medication Donald Trump is likely on, if it could be affecting his judgement given the assumption that he may've been taking this medication for decades on end, and will look at other past Presidents and world leaders of whom have also taken either diet pills and amphetamines, or similar drugs of the same chemical make-up. Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00, they're not exactly Noopept or Fladrafinil or even Phenylpiracetam for that matter, but they're not bad as a free, naturally enhancing brain drug! What is Adderall? Adderall is a powerful ADHD psychostimulant that aside from [...]

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Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Benefits, Dangers and Spinal Chord Fluid Myths

Microdosing LSD as a Nootropic, Do the Potential Benefits Outweigh the Huge Risks? LSD, also known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is a hallucinogenic, schedule I illegal drug that often is talked about in the form of Microdosing LSD for the mild nootropic or Smart Drug effects that it can incude in its users. While LSD is not typically sought out for its nootropic benefits, and is instead primarily used by those who are looking to trip, hallucinate, experience higher degrees of reality (or lower depending on how you wanna look at it). Other hallucinogenic and psychidelic drugs that induce a kind of nootropic effect, no matter how mild, include psyilocybin mushrooms, research LSD chemicals including 25i and 25b, and a host of other intoxicants. While on the surface it may seem like taking LSD and even just microdosing LSD may seem counter productive to rational thought and thinking, there is actually some precedent that it may help improve perspective, enlighten mood, memory and focus, and allow a user to think more clearly while on it. The following opinions and views are at the discretion of the writer(s) of this blog and do not reflect medical advice that you should [...]

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