Candy Flipping Review, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs

//Candy Flipping Review, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs

Candy Flipping Review, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs

Candy Flipping, The Risks, Rewards and Dangers of Mixing Drugs

What is candy flipping, what does the slang mean, does it put holes in your brain or cause brain damage, and what brain receptors does it act on. In this blog post review of Candy Flipping, we look at all the different user reviews and experience reports on the phenomenon, as well as explain what the heck candy flipping exactly is. I’m also realizing that this is becoming more of a high risk blog, but it is getting traffic I guess so here goes another awesome blog post! What exactly is candy flipping? The term candy flipping was first coined by the British in the underground night club scene, when the surge of both drugs started to become more and more increasingly popular.

Well candy flipping is the slang term used when a party-goer combines LSD with MDMA, also known as Methylndioxymethamphetamine, or Ecstasy, or Molly. Before we get into it, don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics and Smart Drugs worth over $50.00! If you’re new to the nootropics game, nootropics are a kind of 100% legal herbal supplement that are used to enhance your overall brain function, and they work damn good, subscribe now and try before you buy! Other popular and talked about nootropics include Fasoracetam and Fladrafinil, read on for more information!

What is Candy Flipping? (PS. That Image is So Trippy Right? Don’t Stare at it for Too Long 🙂

Candy flipping is the term used to describe it when someone combines MDMA and LSD at the same time, this is typically done by partiers and rave-goers. Now while I’ve never tried this stuff before, I did have a girlfriend who was really into it while in College (ahh…good times), and I remember her saying it made her feel more in-love and Candy Flippingconnected or something. Anyhow, my research on this phenomenon is that it is actually incredibly dangerous to combine these two drugs, and that this Candy Flipping Combination is definitely something that you should steer clear of. Not only is this a combination of two different illegal and illicit drugs, but also is it super dangerous for your heart and your brain…two organs of the body that I think most people would consider somewhat important.

Mixing LSD with MDMA

Mixing LSD with MDMA can be incredibly dangerous, especially to users who are either inexperienced to the combination, or of who already have a tolerance to the combination. Now aside from the dangers, here are what many users report to have experienced during their “Candy Flip.”

Coming Direcly from Erowid valve and Bluelight forums here (I can’t give you my personal experience on this combination since I have yet to feel crazy enough to try this combination yet), here is the good stories that users say Candy Flipping did for them…we’ll look at the bad effects in the next section.

One experienced user on Erowid said that “I personally call this a bliss flip, which is basically waiting for one to kick in before taking the other.” The user went on to state that if you take both at exactly the same time, rather than using this sort of a method of ingestion, that “you’d better be ready to hold onto something because of the intensity of the come-up.” Take this with a grain of salt since it is just one user on Erowid Vault, however, he may be onto something here regarding safety. With regards to total safety, your best bet is to not even try either of these drugs, let alone in conjunction, however waiting for one to kick in to see how it affects you, and then adding in the other more gradually (at least make sure to eat and drink on this combination and to take the lowest effective dosage possible for each drug) is likely a better bet than taking them both all at once.

And now for the bad experiences, one user on Erowid wrote that: “It gave me headaches, made me feel nauseas and made me throw up. The MDMA nausea and LSD nausea has become very readily apparent, and was actually beginning to make me feel very sick. I felt feverish, my body was overheating, and to top it all of all of my senses were jacked up and I was hallucinating whilst all of this was occuring.”

As you can see, the bad far outweighs any of the good with regards to this combination, and even the good review shows many of the dangers and side effects that this potent drug combination can have. Best to steer clear of Candy Flipping at all costs.

How to Candy Flip, Candy Flipping in the New Millenium

Nowadays, Candy flipping is done mainly at raves, EDM concerts, and other music festivals of the sort. Common places where I’ve heard of friends or internet junkies candy flipping include:

Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida

Bore-Gore (In-fact I had a girl friend who told me she candy flipped here…ahh how fun college was.) She said evidently it made sex way better, made the festival way better, made her sweat like crazy, and then at the end of the festival she had to go to the hospital…..pros and cos ladies and gentlemen, just like with everything else.

Flux Pavillion

EDM Concert of Your Choice

Candy Flipping was also a very popular thing while I was in college among many of my Fraternity brothers, we even had one kid in our dorm (what a nut, I’ll never forget him) who would just take the crap for fun while sitting in his dorm room. Now I was never personally into psychidelic drugs, however I can’t deny that they are powerful indeed. It’s all about the time and the place of use, do your own research, and never….ever combine drugs…and especially not these two.

Why NO ONE should Candy Flip Ever

Dangerous, it’s the mixing of two illicit substances, and I personally know people of who have gotten sick from taking the drug.Candy Flipping LSD and MDMA

What is LSD?

LSD is also known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. LSD is a very powerful psychoactive drug and has been around since the early 1900’s when it was first synthesized by a crazy Bulgarian dude in a lab (I think I read that somewhere…). Anyhow, it’s been very heavily researched and has actually been shown to be significantly effective for certain things, including PTSD in a psychological setting (I’m speaking purely in the name of therapeutic research here. Do not try this, I”m a supplement blogger and not a doctor.)

What is MDMA?

MDMA is also known as methylndioxymethamphetamine, ecstasy, Molly, or a host of other street names. It is very dangerous, and it too has been researched for decades, however it was never approved and instead made an illicit substance because of it’s extreme dangers. It was originally thought to have some beneficial effects, however it was banned because it was found to be very addictive, neuro-toxic, and it was found that it turns your serotonin receptors into like little tiny wilted flowers (I’m quoting Tim Ferris here from one of his videos with Joe Rogan I believe.;).

LSD Dangers

Overdose, twitches, overheating, getting LSD permanently lodged in your spinal chord fluid, having a bad trip, psychological damage.

LSD Research

There’s a lot of research on LSD, both good and bad….although mostly bad. We’ll get back to Candy Flipping in and of itself in a moment in the conclusion paragraph, but for right now, let’s just look at each drug seperately.

Here’s the Run-down on the research behind LSD

MDMA Benefits

Benefits are said to include increased emotional connections, euphoria and increased sensitivity to touch, smell and sounds.

MDMA Research for Anxiety and PTSD

MDMA also has a lot of research behind it showing it may be effective for PTSD, though the dangers far outweighed the risk in a psychological and clinical trial setting, which is why these experiments were discountinued.

*update, the last URL shows that a trial for it was just approved!

Final Thoughts on a Candy Flip, Candy Flipping, and the Extreme Dangers of Combining Both Drugs

As you can see, Candy Flipping is very dangerous and should never be attepted. Both drugs have been very regularly tested and have proved conclusive for being dangerous, deadily, causing brain damage and causing heart palipitations. Your best bet is to steer clear of these individually and to especially steer clear of these candy flipping together. Until next time, you heard it here first at, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00!





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