Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, How to Combine to Make This Card

//Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, How to Combine to Make This Card

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, How to Combine to Make This Card Via Polymerization and 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons In Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links!

Now I know what you’re thinking if you’re a regular reader of this Nootropics blog and you’re looking for information on the latest brain supplements and Smart Drugs “has this guy lost his freaking mind? Blogging about Yugioh on a Nootropics website?” You’re not totally wrong, however one of the perks of being an entrepreneur, and the reason why I crave it so much, despite the downside of working insatiably in a never-ending fashion, is that I have the freedom to do whatever the heck I want, whenever I want to, even when its something like writing a blog post about a freaking fusion-summon Yu-Gi-Oh card on what used to be an online supplement company’s blog! Truth be told, I’ve been looking to get into a brand new niche market, as I think I see the potential for monetary gain in the Yu-Gi-Oh affiliate marketing niche, as well as for the simple fact that I am getting BORED of writing about Nootropics, I’ve been in the game for nearly 6 years now, so its really getting time for me to automate this website and put this old horse out to pasture! She will serve me well as a passive income source for generations to come, and I will always remember her and continue to add posts to her when it seems in my heart to do so. For now however, I must evolve out of an over-saturated market, and look for new financial opportunities to willing court the fate of my own life, and to do that, I may have to embark on an unconventional path, with all of this in mind, enjoy this awesome blog post on the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

But why not write this post on a brand new website you ask? The answer to this is, I’m going to, and in-fact, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, be sure to check out Blue Eyes Shining for my brand new domain and accompanying Youtube channel! While this is in the process of getting set up however, I thought it would be fitting to see if my assumptions are correct, and of whether or not this is a viable market to compete in, by seeing how the keyword competition is, and of whether or not this blog post actually ranks in Google, so on that note, here goes nothing, get ready to hear and read about the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, one of my favorite cards in the game!

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And literally 22,000 other Yu-Gi-Oh cards, oh man this is gonna be a truly awesome and fun new business for me to run, here goes nothing, on to the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

How to Summon the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Without Any Blue Eyes White Dragons On The Field

So, most of you that are reading this have probably heard of Yugioh duel links by now, and if you haven’t, you should totally go and download it, as it is essentially every single Yugioh video game that you grew up playing when you were a kid all packed into one game, it is also free an App on your phone, has nearly 75,000,000 downloads! And holy macrol is it FREAKISHLY ADDICTING! Seriously one day I sort of lost track of time and played for like 14 hours straight-worth it!

Anyhow, so in the game, summoning Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, one of the most powerful monsters in the game by far, isn’t exactly as easy as it may seem, you can’t just tribute three monsters, and you can’t just have three Blue Eyes White Dragons in your deck. Instead, what you’ll need to do is actually gather three Blue Eyes White Dragons, either in your deck, your hand, or your extra deck (there are other substitute cards for this that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now, such as Kaibaman etc. that can take the place of a Blue Eyes when combining to make BEUD) as well as Polymerization, and you’ll need to draw or have all of these present on the field. Getting Polymerization is fairly difficult, and the general consensus is that you’ll need to duel either Joey Wheeler or Seto Kaiba, as well as possibly Mokuba, just about a million times before you get your hands on it.

You can also buy it from the card trader but they rarely ever have it. Getting three Blue Eyes White Dragons is equally as impressive of a feat, in that you can get one by using Seto Kaiba as a character, and another by defeating the Mokuba challenge, and finally another one by either the card trader, Kaiba or Mokuba, though these are very difficult to get as well and require a lot of dueling. You can however use the auto-dueling mode in order to win duels rapidly and passively, and in order to make it a lot quicker to get your hands on all of these cards!

Other Powerful Dragons That Far Surpass The Awesome Might of The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

While the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is surely a powerful card, there are a myriad of other dragons that can destroy it and of which surpass it in power, including:

Five Headed Dragon

Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Slifer the Sky Dragon

The Winged Dragon of Ra

Rainbow Dragon

And a host of other similar and related Dragon-Based cards, read on or subscribe to our blog for more information!

Why The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Really Isn’t All That And a Bag of Chips, and Why I Can Crush It With My Deck Every Single Time With Just 1 Magic Card!

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is a pretty powerful card indeed, as far as attack points goes, it does however, have its weaknesses. Anyone with something as simple as Polymerization and a handful of dragons in their deck can create five-headed dragon and crush it, and with Buster Blader + some power ups can actually do the exact same thing. With regards to basic cards works, if I draw just one single card, Riryoku. What this card does is half the attack of the monster in play, and add it to my monsters attack. So let’s say I’m playing Skull Red Bird on a mountain terrain that I start out on, it’s at 1750 attack points, and lets say my opponent is Seto Kaiba, and that he summons Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon miraculously on his first turn. I play one Riryoku alongside my pitiful Skull Red Bird, and now the playing field goes to this: Skull Red Bird 1750 + 2250 (1/2 of BEUD attack points) attacks BEUD which is now a measly 2250 points. This not only allows me to wipe out his monster, but leaves him with 1750 Life Points worth of damage. A good card, however not one that is going to pull an Exodia and win the game for you necessarily!

What Are The Best Power Ups for The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon? And How to Turn This Into a Blue Eyes Shining Dragon!

Lucky Iron Axe



Dragon Power Ups

Any trap-card power ups

Mountain terrain magic card

Monster Effect Dragon Cards

One of the cool effects that you can do only with Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is sacrifice it in order to make the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, the super cool card from the Yu-Gi-Oh Pyramid of light movie! The necessary contribution in order to summon the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon is to sacrifice one Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which means you automatically have 4 monsters in your graveyard by the time you summon this monster, which means that it starts out at 4200 attack points, not bad for a monster that also is not allowed to be targeted with monster effects or magic cards, and which has the effect of destroying any card on the field that you want, it also powers up 200 points extra for the mountain terrain, so this would start for me at 4400 attack points, plus another likely 6 dragons that I used to sacrifice for my original Blue Eyes White Dragons, which could possibly lift this up to an initial attack power of 6200 attack points! End Rant, my point is, that in the world of phone app dueling via the $1,000,000,000.00 App Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, don’t discount the Blue Eyes White Dragon, as it can actually make for a pretty darn powerful deck!

Final Thoughts On The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and Why It Is Freaking Awesome!

In short, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is pretty darn cool, and I would recommend a polymerization strategy with this in it for any player who is looking to make a Seto Kaiba type deck with some super powerful dragons in it. For more information on the Blue Eyes White Dragon, on Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and on a host of other similar and related Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and for tons of Nootropics and Smart Drugs, subscribe to our blog for free samples and weekly discounts, and be sure to look into our new website for tons more Yu-Gi-Oh card blog posts. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics







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