Armodafinil High, Can this Potent Modafinil Upgrade Cause a Type of Drug High

//Armodafinil High, Can this Potent Modafinil Upgrade Cause a Type of Drug High

Armodafinil High, Can this Powerful Modafinil Upgrade Give Users a Type of High?

The Armodafinil high is something that is not often talked about on most nootropics blogs, which is why I felt a need to bring it to the attention of my mainstream Google audience. If you haven’t read much about Armodafinil or haven’t hard of it at all and are curious as to what makes the drug so special, Armodafinil is an upgraded pharmaceutical version of Modafinil that has been touted as being 2 to 5 times stronger than the original drug. This post will go over how Armodafinil can get you high, and why you should or should not try to use the drug for this purpose. Don’t forget, subscribe and get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Armodafinil is an analogue of Modafinil, and has many other potent nootropic analogues you can further read about at these URLS, including Adrafinil and Fladrafinil.

What is the Armodafinil High, and is the Euphoria Significant?

Now, when I say that Armodafinil can get you “high” I don’t mean in the sense that something like an illicit, prescription (well it is prescription..but I digress), or something like Marijuana or Alcohol gets you high, I mean a high like that of a manic euphoria you can use towards productivity and work, as this is a Smart Drugs and nootropic blog after all! Armodafinil, while not typically used for this reason, absolutely can get the user taking it high, in a kind of manic, productive euphoria not unlike that of the movie Limitless (obviously it’s not this strong, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.)

But just how exactly does the Armodafinil high occur in the brain?

How Armodafinil Increases Motivation

Armodafinil produces its high and gives users increased motivation, by significantly enhancing the activity of certain receptors in the human brain, namely potent motivational and action neurotransmitters such as

Dopamine-Dopamine is the primary motivating and pleasure neurotransmitter in the brain, and it is very effective at improving cognition and productivity, which is why so many nootropics activate it. Dopamine is released naturally in activities like sex, exercise, eating, sleeping, making money, accomplishing something, hanging out with friends, etc. Nootropics hack into this reward center, and help the user to have this level of dopamine on a whim, making them incredibly effective.

Serotonin-Serotonin is the relaxant neurotransmitter, however in low dosages and mixed with dopaminergic drugs, it can actually create a stimulant sort of effect.Most molecules aim to activate dopamine and then hit serotonin receptors at least a little bit, as it can help to give added clarity to dopamine.

Histamine-As Armodafinil isn’t technically a “stimulant,” nootropic drug, and is instead a wakefulness-promoting agent, histamine, the primary wakefulness neurotransmitter, definitely should be activated. Histamine is weaker than dopamine par for par, however is stronger at overall wakefulness, and is less addictive, it also lasts longer and doesn’t build-up tolerance the same way that dopamine does.

Norepinephrine-Norepinephrine receptors are usually activated when dopamine receptors are, just as a complement. When you think of the physical stimulation that stimulant drugs and energy drinks that contain caffeine give you, that is norepinephrine working its magic in your brain, and its addition to receptors activated by Armodafinil make it a truly potent nootropic. This neurotransmitter is often called simply “adrenaline.”

The action on these neurotransmitters also causes any of the side effects, euphoric highs, crashes and increase in hunger or thirst (a temporary homeostasis imbalance) that may occur whilst using Armodafinil.

Armodafinil Benefits and Where you can Purchase

Benefits of Armodafinil include increased mood, memory, focus, motivation and increased clarity of thought. Armodafinil will signficantly increase productivity levels, and will also improve your ability to think more clearly by stimulating your brain. With all of the extraordinary benefits that Armodafinil offer, you may be asking yourself just where can you get this amazing drug? While it is very difficult to find…since it’s prescription only and is usually only available by a doctors prescription, you can usually find this drug at many subreddits on Reddit, as well as the following websites (*Edit, has been closed down…looks like they made a ton of money than quit haha, smart guys)


For where to read more articles about Armodafinil, you can checkout the following nootropics blogs (hey that’s me)

-Google Search

Armodafinil also has many research studies done on its proving its effectiveness, and

Armodafinil Dosage in order to get an “Armodafinil High”

Typical dosages of Armodafinil range from 150 to 200 milligrams one to two times daily. Armodafinil shouldn’t really be taken on a regular basis, and should actually be taken infrequently and on a more as-needed basis for best effects. Armodafinil will slowly develop tolerance if you use it regularly, so it’s best to take a holiday from this drug whenever you start feeling like you’re in need of more of it to achieve the same effects. It is recommended that a low dosage, the minimum effective dosage of around 100 milligrams, is taken as a starting dosage if you’re a newbie to Armodafinil (or just to Smart Drugs and nootropics and general and the mechanisms by which they work), just to be safe and mitigate the risk of excess side effects. If you want a kind of Armodafinil high whilst taking this potent Smart Drug, take it in a dosage range of 1-200 milligrams at a time, and be sure to dose infrequently in order to keep your tolerance down. The euphoric high occurs when you’re receptors are still fresh to the drug, so infrequent, short-term use if the name of the game if you’re trying to use Armodafinil to get a manic Smart Drug high.

Armodafinil Side Effects, Does the Armodafinil High Have Downsides?

Speaking of side effects, with all of its awesome benefits, Armodafinil has its fair share of downsides just like any drug or supplement you take. While these are mild at worst, they aren’t without notice, and can typically include

-increased thirst




-loss of appetite

Long-Term Use of Armodafinil for the Armodafinil High

Armodafinil HighLong-term use of Armodafinil, while you will find reviews on this subject, is really not recommended. Armodafinil is a very potent stimulant drug, and as such can have side effects if taken on a very regular basis. Withdrawal, potential for mild stimulant addiction, and a host of other negative factors can occur if this drug is taken and used for an extended period of time.

Armodafinil Overdose Symptoms

If you notice any of these symptoms while taking Armodafinil, stop taking Armodafinil or at the very least lower your overall dosage.

-Extreme Migraine

-Dizzy Spells



-Skin Rash

These are very rare side effects, and I personally have never heard of these occuring in any users who take the drug on nootropics forums like Longecity and Reddit. However, in extremely rare cases, anything can happen.

How to get your Doctor to Prescribe you Armodafinil

Armodafinil is prescribed for ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder, narcolepsy (it’s main use), chronic obstructive sleep apnea (second most popular use of the drug, as disrupted sleep leads to drowsiness during the day, of which Armodafinil helps to curb.) It also can be prescribed for fatigue, worker-shift sleep disorder (working irregular hours and flying on a regular basis) and in some very rare cases (like you get a super chill doctor who knows about nootropics and is a big fan of them himself…happened to a friend of mine who also owns his own nootropics website) for use as a “Smart Drug,” and for cognitive enhancement.

Research on Armodafinil

Armodafinil has decades of clinical trial research to back its effectiveness as a nootropic, it is FDA approved and has been around for decades as an improved form of Modafinil.

Final Thoughts on the Smart Drug Benefits of Armodafinil, and Whether they Cause an Armodafinil High

The Smart Drug benefits of Armodafinil are entirely unprecedented when compared to other nootropic drugs, and as it is prescription strength and FDA approved, you get clean, practically side effect free, amazing cognitive enhancement. The Armodafinil high is known to frequently occur the first few times you take the drug…and should occur very regularly if you take the drug on an infrequent basis (have drug holidays, maintain a good sleep pattern and healthy diet, etc.) you’ll always get a good buzz off the drug. Armodafinil is one of the most powerful Smart Drugs on the market, but since it’s prescription only, you may want to stick with some good alternatives like Adrafinil, Hydrafinil, Fladrafinil, Flmodafinil, Phenylpiracetam, and Pramiracetam. These are all legal Modafinil analogues and/or legal Racetam Smart Drugs of which have proven effects on boosting cognition. New to nootropics and want to see what all the buzz is about? Subscribe and get a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! Sign-up via our pop-up and we’ll show you how!

Hope you enjoyed!





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