Alpha Brain Review, One of the Best Choline Supplements on the Market, Scam Warnings and Dosage

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Alpha Brain Review, One of the Best Choline Supplements on the Market, Scam Warnings and Dosage

Alpha Brain Review, One of the Best Choline Supplements On the Market from Onnit Labs, Dosage and Side Effects

If you’re reading this article, it’s very much likely that you’ve heard of the Smart Drug and nootropic brain supplement Alpha Brain, and that you’ve seen all of the Alpha Brain Review material that the company has online raving about their product. I’ll hand it to the guys over at Onnit, their advertising, SEO and branding team knows their stuff, and they’ve managed to turn what was once a small Joe Rogan add, with him promoting a supplement online and in his podcasts, into a multi-million dollar online supplement brand, likely worth almost $100,000,000.00 in net market capitalization.

This article will not only go over the company Onnit as a whole, but also will look at the owners, their prime supplement Alpha Brain, the ingredients the supplement has, and whether or not it is one of the more effective supplements that you can get for your money. Having taken not only Alpha Brain, but also nearly any other nootropic that you can think of, I think I’m just the man to give you my Alpha Brain review in full-measure, enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and be sure to comment down below with any questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

What is Alpha Brain? My Review of a Growing Brain Supplement Trend

Alpha Brain is a nootropic brain supplement made by Onnit labs, and while it is absolutely an effective product and stack, it is honestly more overblown hype than anything with regards to the supplement stacks efficiency. While yes, Alpha Brain’s ingredients do make it something of a nootropic, with a good choline source, Huperzine A, Bacopa Alpha Brain ReviewMonnieri, and a host of other natural herbs and nootropic products, it is actually incredibly expensive, and there are tons of other nootropics that are more effective that you can get at a much cheaper price. What makes the supplement Alpha Brain so expensive is the companies excessive branding and serial marketing tactics. No matter how you take the product, maintaining a proper food, water and exercise program are a must while using Alpha Brain.

Their supplement has such an allure of “credibility”and so much false-advertising and branding behind it’s use, that it is made to convince users that if they take Alpha Brain, they’re going to get a “Limitless Pill” type effect, and this is simply not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I like Alpha Brain, it’s a decent supplement, and it definitely has its cognitive enhancement and psychostropic properties that work well in individuals who take it, however there’s no doubt that it’s expensive, and that there’s a host of better alternatives, both in price and in potency and length of duration of action.

These include:












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and a host of other quality products.

Alpha Brain Review Logs on Popular Smart Drugs and Nootropic Supplement Forums

Alpha brain review logs are plentiful on other nootropics websites on which the supplement is either raved about in its effectiveness, or simply told the truth about with mixed reviews. Common nootropic review websites where the drug Alpha Brain is talked about are

-Longecity-Longecity has a lot of mixed reviews about the drug, links with testimonials about the drug can be found here:

-Reddit-Reddit, much like Longecity, has some really choice words about Alpha Brain. Quotes, reviews and links here:

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And a host of other credible and reliable nootropic supplement companies.

Many of the Alpha Brain reviews in these online blogs and websites include positive remarks about the drug, such as

Alpha Brain Review of Dosages and Ingredients in Alpha Brain

The usual dosage of Alpha Brain is around 1-3 capsules daily, and as it has no real stimulant nootropics or supplement in it, like many caffeine pill and pre-workout products do, a risk of overdose is very mild if at all. With this fact in mind, the main ingredients that Alpha Brain contains are:

GPC Choline-GPC Choline is short for Alpha GPC Choline, which is an incredibly potent form of choline, and is likely the most potent source of choline currently available.

Huperzine Serrata (.5% Huperzine A)-Also known as Huperzine A, great for improving mood, memory and focus, and for helping to improve stress levels overall.

Vinpocetine-A fantastic potentiator nootropic drug, Vinpocetine helps users increase the effects of other Smart Drugs. It mixes with the rest of the blend very well to potentiate it. Alpha Brain, because of the compounds that it contains in it, helps users to potentiate the effects of other drugs, so when it’s taken with something like BulletProof Coffee or plain old Caffeine, or even something like Modafinil, it can really work wonders on the overall cognitive nootropic effect on the user.

There is even a Joe Rogan podcast (I believe it’s the one where Tim Ferriss is on it) where they talk about the supplements that they’re taking, and I believe they both mix together Alpha Brain and Bulletproof coffee. Within about thirty minutes after the supplements kick in they are absolutely wired, and they’re rambling like crazy fast! You can watch this video below, I believe it’s about 15 to 20 minutes in…if it’s not then it’s the second podcast where Tim Ferris is on the Joe Rogan Podcast. It’s actually a very interesting podcast overall, so feel free to chill on our blog for two hours and watch it, and don’t forget to become a reader and subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars while you’re at it!

AC-11-A great nootropic for brain energy levels as well as physical strength.

Bacopa, 20% Bacosides-Herbal memory boosting nootropic that is one hundred percent and entirely natural.

Pterostilbene-A potent immune system booster and anxi-oxidant, makes you feel good and healthy!

Mucuna Pruriens (50% L-Dopa)-The natural plant where L-Dopa comes from. If you don’t know what L-Dopa is, it’s the strongest dopamine-creating amino acid in existence. When the brain creates it’s natural stores of dopamine, it does so by breaking down amino acids and proteins into the neurotranmsitter itself. It does this via a specific chain, of which is phenylalanine>>L-Tyrosine>>L-Dopa>>and then dopamine. L-Dopa is the most powerful and quickest way to getting straight dopamine into your brain! Great for mood, memory, energy and focus levels overall.

GABA-A great nootropic for anti-anxiety and for chilling out the user.

Oat Straw (10;1)-This product was actually one that I personally had to do some extensive research on, as I had never heard of it before! Oat straw it an entirely natural brain nootropic supplement with effects such as reduced nerves and anxiety and stronger physical health and bone functioning. It is totally natural and is commonly used by athletes recovering from injury.

If you’ve ever seen how professional athletes that have had a lot of surgery on their joints and ligamnets use supplements such as “Shark Cartilage” (I know for a fact that the WelterWeight Champion of the UFC uses this regularly, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre), Oat Straw does much the same with regards to its benefits and effects. It doesn’t surprise me that a sports company with a UFC commentator as their spokesperson has put this in their ingredient list!

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL)-Great for overall health, mood and energy levels long-term. A natural, essential vitamin, found in almost every single multi-vitamin complex drug.

Alpha Brain Review of Dangers

There are actually very little dangers that I can think of if you decide to use Alpha Brain. The few that come to mind with this supplement include choline overdose if you take like a crazy excessive amount (you would probably have to take like 20 pills or something in all seriousness.) Aside from that, overstimulation and burnout are another factor, if you’re not eating or sleeping properly while taking Alpha Brain, you can “go too fast” and have a crash and burnout after the Alpha Brain wears off. Aside from this, Alpha Brain is actually a very safe supplement and is one of the better stacks on the market that’s currently sold.

Read more about burnout and research on nootropic safety here:

Alpha Brain Review of Proper Clinical Trial Research About the Supplement and It’s Derivatives

Alpha Brain review logs online are in all honesty mixed and not just in the fact that some articles are sold that the product is good, while other articles say that the drug is a scam. The articles currently online that review the Alpha Brain nootropic supplement all seem to have mixed opinions about the drug much like I do. Half of the article talks about how it’s not the best supplement for your money, or that the product is incredibly expensive, while the other part just simply has to give the supplement credit for it’s brilliance in the ingredients chosen.

Alpha Brain ReviewMy own personal verdict on this subject is that if you’re looking for a natural and effective nootropics stack blend, Alpha Brain is your man…as long as you’re willing to open your wallet in order to get a decent product! If you’re looking for something cheap and potent however, you’re better off going with something like Phenylpiracetam or Adrafinil or even Pramiracetam or Piracetam!

Alpha Brain Review of Scam Warning’s Online

Most of the scam warnings are in all honesty either the few people that have had bad reactions with the supplement, or with people of who have supplement blogs that are trying to get traffic. I know personally that one blog that does this is, and that they are ranking in Google for their Alpha brain scam article and getting loads of traffic and website exposure from this, so always keep this in mind when reading negative articles about supplements.

Credible blogs that tell both sides of the story (both the good and the bad) as well as the online forums that give real user testimonals about the product, as well as your own personal experience with a product is always the best way to tell what is fact and what is fable when reading in the online world. I tell you what writing a nearly 5000 word blog post on Alpha Brain definitely has to give me some credibility on the subject, I wish that I was on Alpha Brain right now, it would probably make this article even better, and would get it done a heck of a lot faster!

Alpha Brain Review of Free Samples and Prices Per Each Outlet

My Alpha Brain review of their free samples is that I like the branding and marketing strategy and that I really like the fact that they give you 100% legitamate and free Alpha Brain just for signing up for their website!  Alpha Brain free samples come in sizes of 10 to 20 pills and have the same dosages as if you had bought the product.

Alpha Brain Review of Benefits

Alpha Brain benefits are actually very potent and noticeable, and for best effects should be blended with something like Coffee, Modafinil or Adrafinil. Alpha Brain is a very widely known nootropic drug, and can be used to improve cognition, focus, memory, ignite euphoria, and to serve as a cognitive enhancer to power up any nootropic stack overall. While it is a bit overpriced in my honest opinion, it does in-fact have very reputable benefits, and loads of clinical trial reserach to back its legitimacy.

Review of Alpha Brain Side Effects

Alpha Brain review logs of the side effects that the drug can cause do in-fact exist online. The few side effects Alpha Brain user testimonial reviews state that the drug has the potential to give users are, headache, because of too much choline, increased thirst, increased or decreased hunger, and jitters. If you are experiencing one of more of these side effects while taking Alpha Brain and you find them intolerable, the best course of action would be to lower your dosage. At the standard recommended dosage of 1-3 capsules per day, these side effects rarely occur.

Final Thoughts on Our Full-Scale Alpha Brain Review

As you can see from the length of this article, I believe in the benefits of this product, but also feel there are some better alternatives out there. For a free sample of Alpha Brain, be sure to subscribe to our website, and we’ll show you how you can get the product for free immediately after signing up! Comment down below with any questions, comments or concerns and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Until next time, you heard it here first at Nootropics





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